The 29 Best Affordable Sunglasses Brands

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A nyone looking for style, quality and value understands why identifying the most affordable sunglasses brands is so important. 

Shades are among the coolest and most iconic accessories a person can own: 

There are few better ways to instantly add a touch of attitude and mystery to your look than a good pair of sunglasses.

A man and woman wearing stylish sunglasses
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But even though high-quality sunglasses are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, big-name designer brands charge some pretty obscene prices for so-called luxury frames.

Brands like Persol, Tom Ford, Gucci and many others charge almost as much for designer sunglasses as other, more affordable brands charge for a full suit, which is nuts. 

(Especially since the raw materials that go into metal or plastic frames really don’t cost that much…)

Fortunately for those of us who are both style- and price-conscious, the eyewear industry has recently swelled with low-cost brands that offer stylish and well made shades at much more affordable price points. 

In this post we’ve rounded up dozens of the most stylish and affordable sunglasses brands that offer great shades at a reasonable price.

The Most Affordable Sunglasses Brands

Breaking Down the Best Cheap Sunglasses Brands for Stylish Shades ↓

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Logo

With a huge selection of well made, affordable and stylish sunglasses, Warby Parker has been my favorite eyewear brand for a long time now. 

In addition to offering affordable sunglasses and prescription lenses, they have a virtual try on feature that makes buying online easy, because you can get a sense of how well the frames will work with your face shape and style. 

Check Out Warby Parker ➤

American Optical

Americna Optical Logo

American Optical has been making eyewear since 1883.

(Or, to use the technical parlance of eyewear historians and other academics, “a damn long-ass time.”)

While they made their name making aviator-style shades for pilots, today the brand has expanded into a wider range of styles.

What’s cool about their frames is the the way they put a unique and modern spin on classic American styles like the aviator, clubmaster and wayfarer.

The result is some remarkably well made frames that are classic and well made enough to stand the test of time, but unique enough to stand out from some of the more common styles.

Check Out Tomahawk ➤


Look Optic logo

LookOptic is admittedly better known for their prescription frames, but it’s one of the best sunglasses brands if you want a classic style, without the classically high price tag. 

While they don’t offer nearly as many styles as some of the other brands on this list, each of their designs evokes the sort of timeless style that never goes of fashion, like the wayfarer shape for men and the classic cat eye for women. 

Plus, while their styles may be a bit limited, each pair is available in multiple different colors, so you can choose the one that works best for your personal style and tastes.

Check Out Look Optic ➤

Tomahawk Shades 

Tomahawk Shades logo

Tomahawk specializes in low-cost, high-style shades that work in a wide range of situations. 

They have everything from durable and sporty frames designed for outdoor activities to modern, high-fashion styles that look great with formalwear. 

What’s nice about Tomahawk is that, while the price is quite low, both the style and quality is fairly high, making them an excellent option for sunglass shoppers on a budget. 

Check Out Tomahawk ➤

Most Affordable Designer Sunglasses Brand ↓

Ray Ban 

Ray Ban logo

Italian brand Ray-Ban has long been known as one of the world’s best sunglasses brands thanks to their timeless and classic style. 

They pioneered a lot of the most iconic types of women’s and men’s sunglasses, which are often imitated to this day by other brands: 

Think classic Wayfarers, sophisticated Clubmasters and classic Aviators with gold frames, which have been staples of summer ever since Top Gun premiered in the mid-1980s. 

While their models are slightly more expensive than some of the newer, more affordable eyewear brands on this list, they’re significantly cheaper than other luxury brands like Persol (which is actually owned by the same parent company), while still offering excellent quality.  

Plus, you can find a lot of their most iconic frames on Amazon, where you can also get free shipping if you have Prime.   

Check Out Ray-Ban ➤

Diff Eyewear 

Diff Eyewear logo

In addition to a wide range of good sunglasses that are well made, modern and stylish, Diff is a great place to shop for shades because they also have a philanthropic mission: 

For every new pair you buy from Diff, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need, making them a good choice if you want shades that will make you feel as good as you look.

Check Out Diff Eyewear ➤

Vincero Collective

Vincero Collective logo

Vincero offers a wide selection of frames that put a modern twist on a classic look, making it a great option for those who favor a more timeless or vintage frame shape.  

Though they started with watches – I did a full Vincero watch review last year and was pretty impressed by their flagship Chrono S model – the company has since expanded to offer some pretty impressive eyewear.

Check Out Vincero Collective ➤

Glasses USA

Glasses USA logo

Glasses USA is admittedly not a brand in and of itself.

It’s an online outlet where you can find a huge selection of affordable shades, both from popular brands like Ray Ban or Oakley Sunglasses, and dozens of other brands you might not have heard of. 

In addition to some good prices, one of the big advantages of going through Glasses USA is the sheer variety they offer. 

Their large inventory means you can find a wide selection of frame colors and styles for both sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Plus, they’ve got options for polarized lenses that block uv light, protecting your eyes from the sort of long-term exposure that can lead to macular degeneration over time. 

Check Out Glasses USA ➤

Vint and York

Vint and York logo

If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses that’s modern and unique, Vint and York is an affordable and stylish option. 

They offer a variety of styles that span the design spectrum, from a classic round shape to funkier and less common designs, all available in a wide range of different colorways.

Check Out Vint and York ➤

Christopher Cloos

Co-owned by the controversial but undeniably stylish Tom Brady (whose name appears inside of the arm on most pairs), Christopher Cloos is a Danish eyewear brand that offers luxury sunglass styles at affordable prices.

The brand was founded in the South of France, and its designs have a sophisticated and refined aesthetic that look like they’d be right at home on the Mediterranean.

Check Out Christopher Cloos ➤

Prive Revaux

Prive Revaux logo

If you’re looking for sharp shades that will enhance your look without draining your bank account, look no further.

Another brand co-owned by celebrities, this one counts Jamie Foxx, Ashley Benson and Hailee Steinfeld among its owners, and offers styles fit for the red carpet.

Fortunately, while the styles look right at home on celebrity millionaires, the prices are more in line with what you’d find on the sunglass rack at your local pharmacy.

Check Out Prive Revaux ➤


Raen logo

Raen combines handmade frames – inspired by their home base in Oceanside, California – with high quality lenses, giving their shades both a stylish look and a good deal of protection. 

Their frames are inspired by classic designs like Wayfarers or cat-eye sunglasses, but have a modern spin that makes them feel fresh and unique.

Check Out Raen ➤

Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear logo

In addition to eyeglasses and blue light blockers, Liingo carries a pretty wide selection of sunglasses that are classic, well made and affordable. 

They also have a virtual try on feature that lets you get a sense of what the frames will look like on your face, and a free in-home try on option, so you can actually try the pair to make sure they’re a perfect fit.

Check Out Liingo Eyewear ➤

Felix Gray

Felix Gray logo

Felix Gray is an online eyecare company that offers a pretty good selection of sunglasses and blue light glasses. 

What’s interesting about them is that they categorize their shades based on the bridge of the nose (low bridge fit, high bridge fit, etc.), which helps you find a pair that will work well for your face.

Check Out Felix Gray ➤

Target Optical

Target Optical logo

Target Optical isn’t really a sunglasses brand in and of itself, but it’s the next best thing:

A good place to find a perfect pair of sunglasses for an equally excellent price. 

They carry shades from all the major designer brands, and as with everything else at Target, offer them at reasonable prices that are often lower than you’ll see at other stores. 

Check Out Target Optical ➤

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical

Zenni is another brand that specializes in eyeglasses but also offers a pretty wide selection of sunglasses at some very attractive prices. 

What’s cool about Zenni’s offering (beside the price, of course) is the diversity of styles they carry: 

They go beyond the usual black or brown color schemes to offer a wide range of different frame and lense options, including everything from gradient lenses to purple, blue, yellow, green and gray lenses.

Check Out Zenni Optical ➤

Maui Jim

Maui Jim logo

As you might have guessed from the name, Maui Jim was founded in Hawaii, where they know a thing or two about protecting your eyes from the sun’s uv rays. 

They offer a wide range of sunglasses that spans everything from a classic aviator style and practical wrap-arounds that work well for outdoor sports to more fashion-forward and luxury designs.

Check Out Maui Jim ➤


MVMT logo

Not unlike Vincero, MVMT is better known as an affordable watch brand, but has expanded to offer a line of good-looking shades. 

Most of their models put a modern spin on classic shapes, so it’s a perfect place to turn if you’re looking for a unique pair that has metal accents or quirky new silhouettes you won’t find anywhere else.

Check Out MVMT ➤

Frames Direct

Frames Direct logo

Frames Direct is another example of an online store that’s not a brand in and of itself, but carries a pretty wide selection of popular eyewear brands. 

They carry one of the largest selection of brands and eyewear manufacturers online, and offer some pretty great discounts:

Their deals range from 20 to 50 percent off more than 80 top brands, so they’re a good place to score a deal on some designer shades.

Check Out Frames Direct ➤

Costco Optical

Costco Optical logo

As with all things Costco, Costco Optical isn’t available to the general public: 

You’ll need to have a Costco membership to shop here. 

But if you do, you can find some killer prices (again, as with all things Costco)on some big-name brands. 

Their selection isn’t huge, but the prices are excellent, and they even have their own affordable line of shades that offers some unique styles and designs.

Check Out Costco Optical ➤

Le Specs

Le Specs logo

While the name sounds French, Le Specs is actually one of many Australian brands offering affordable, stylish shades.

It started back in 1979 on the shores of Bondi Beach, and has since become a favorite among a wide range of celebs, including everyone from Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik.

Check Out Le Specs ➤

Quay Australia

Quay Australia logo

The Australian brands just keep coming.

Quay is yet another stylish Aussie brand that offers fashion-forward, celeb-favored styles at prices the rest of us can afford.

They’re probably best known for a collaboration they did with Kylie Jenner a few years back.

But they’ve continued to distinguish themselves with a wide variety of both men’s and women’s sunnies, blue light and prescription glasses that use high-index lenses, which are thinner and lighterweight than traditional polycarbonate lenses.

Check Out Quay Australia ➤

Blenders Eyewear

Blenders logo

A funky brand with a cool story, Blenders was founded by Chase Fisher, a San Diego-based surf instructor who went from selling shades out of his backpack to running one of America’s fastest growing eyewear companies.

And there’s good reason for its massive growth:

True to its roots, Blenders’ aesthetic is inspired by surfers and snowboarders, and all their styles are embued with a casual and athletic sense of California coolness.

Check Out Blenders ➤

Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris logo

While Australia brands tend to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the affordable sunglasses space, British brands are also surprisingly well represented.

But even in a crowded space, Taylor Morris tends to stand out.

Their founding motivation is a rare blend of “British design, a love of timeless Hollywood glamour and a rock & roll bohemianism,” all of which results in sunglass styles that somehow feel both classic and of-the-moment all at the same time.

Check Out Taylor Morris ➤


Sungait logo

If you’re on a really strict budget but don’t want to sacrifice anything when it comes to style, Sungait is a great place to turn.

They offer a number of timeless styles that look a lot like more expensive designer options, but come at a fraction of the price.

Case in point: these Sungait Vintage Round sunglasses look like something Leonardo DiCaprio’s Great Gatsby might have worn, but cost just $16 bucks.

Check Out Sungait ➤

Archibald London

Archibald London logo

As its name implies, Archibald London is a UK brand, and its sunglass styles have a distinctly European vibe that’s a little more fashion-forward than other brands. 

Archibald puts a premium on craftsmanship, so while their frames are definitely a little more expensive than some of the other brands on this list, they’re also much better made, and provide great value for the cost.

Check Out Archibald London ➤


Covry logo

Covry specializes in making what they call “inclusive eyewear,” which means frames that are designed to fit all face shapes and sizes. 

As a result, they offer a wide range of frame shapes, including round, oblong and square frames that are designed to look good on all faces.

Check Out Covry ➤

Ace & Tate

Ace and Tate logo

Ace & Tate is another brand that’s based in the UK, but they sell and ship their frames worldwide. 

They offer a pretty eclectic mix of styles, frame designs and color options, so it’s a good place to turn for shades that are distinct from (and cheaper than) major designer brands like Prada or Oliver Peoples.

Check Out Ace and Tate ➤

Classic Specs

Classic Specs logo

Another brand whose essence is implied by its name, Classic Specs offers some vintage and timeless frame designs that will likely look just as good 10 years from now as they do today.

But the best part about Classic Frames might be the price tag:

Many of their models cost less than $100, making it a great place to turn for styles that look expensive, but won’t break the bank.

Check Out Classic Specs ➤

Jeepers Peepers

Jeepers Peepers logo

Another fashionable UK-based brand, Jeepers Peepers has been making stylish, affordable shades since 2005.

They draw their inspiration from vintage designs (and even have a separate website dedicated to hard-to-find vintage models from luxury brands), which gives their styles a timeless sense of old-school cool.

Check Out Jeepers ➤


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