The 17 Best Dr. Squatch Alternatives

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It isn’t hard to understand why guys might want to find some cheaper alternatives to Dr. Squatch.

As someone with a sensitive skin type that reacts poorly to harsh chemicals, I’ve gone on record stating that I’m a big fan of the organic ingredients they use in both their natural bar soaps and natural deodorant

Natural soap bars stacked on top of each other
Dr. Squatch – if he really is a doctor – makes some great scents, but he’s hardly the only one offering high-quality soap
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But while natural products are great, I also know that Dr. Squatch might not be for everyone. 

For one thing, Dr. Squatch’s soap bars are quite a bit pricier than the big brand soaps you’d usually find at major retail stores like the pharmacy or grocery store.  

For another, while ol’ Dr. S does have quite a few good scents, his ingredient list is hardly exhaustive.

(Plus, I don’t want to spread rumors or anything, but I’m also highly suspicious of his medical credentials.) 

Fortunately, success tends to spawn imitation. 

Nowadays it’s a lot easier to find a good bar of soap with natural ingredients (and a masculine scent) than it was when Jack Haldrup first launched Dr. Squatch in San Diego back in 2013. 

Below we’ve rounded up more than a dozen Dr Squatch competitors who offer masculine, natural grooming products that make a great alternative. 

The (Absolute) Best Alternatives to Dr. Squatch

Breaking Down the Best High-Quality & Natural Soaps Like Dr. Squatch

First Up:

The Top 10 Dr. Squatch Competitors

Overall Best Alternative to Dr. Squatch Soap ↓

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon soaps

Of all the Dr. Squatch competitors on the market, Duke Cannon is probably their closest rival in terms of both the quantity and quality of their offering. 

Duke is a great place to turn for a wide array of high quality personal care products that rival (and depending on your personal preference, possibly even surpass) Dr. Squatch’s products. 

The biggest difference between the two is that Duke Cannon isn’t all natural. 

While their skincare products and bars of soap use a lot of the same plant-based ingredients as Dr. Squatch – including everything from coconut oil and shea butter to sea salt and aloe vera – Duke Cannon doesn’t claim to be all natural. 

So if you’re specifically looking for an all natural alternative, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

But for most guys that’s not a dealbreaker, especially since they still use safe ingredients, make high quality products, and offer a price point that’s quite comparable to Dr. Squatch products. 

And like the good doctor, Duke Cannon’s soaps and body wash come in a wide range of different fragrances that you won’t find from the typical big-name soap brand, including alternative takes on some of Dr. Squatch’s favorite scents, like pine tar, bay rum, fresh falls and cedar citrus. 

Plus they have a wider range of hair care products and beard grooming supplies, which are conspicuously absent from the Dr. Squatch website. 

Check Out Duke Cannon ➤

Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra is a military-inspired men’s personal grooming company that offers another great alternative to Dr. Squatch bar soap and deodorant.

They field-test all of their products on active-duty service members or veterans, which (not surprisingly) results in some of the best soap and deodorant products on the market. 

Like Dr. Squatch, Bravo Sierra gives you the option to buy one-off products or score a deal by signing up for their subscription service. 

Their “solid body cleanser” is a no-nonsense soap bar made from pressed shea butter and oat kernel flour. 

Available in four different scents (or a completely unscented version), it softens and moisturizes skin while providing one of the best soap lathers of any bar on the market. 

Another nice thing about Bravo Sierra is that they put their money (or, I guess, your money) where their mouth is: 

In addition to field-testing their products on vets and active-duty service members, they also offer a discount to U.S. military personnel and their family members. 

Check Out Bravo Sierra ➤

Best Dr Squatch Deodorant Alternative ↓

Baxter of California

Baxter of California

While Duke Cannon probably makes the best bar soaps outside of Dr. Squatch, Baxter of California is another great brand that offers a wide range of grooming products, and their deodorant is a particular stand out. 

Like Dr. Squatch deodorant, it’s free of both alcohol and aluminum, two of the more harmful ingredients that have been included in mainstream deodorants for far too long. 

Instead, it’s made with tea tree and witch hazel extracts, which help eliminate odor and bacteria but won’t leave you with dry skin. 

And it uses a solid gel formula that’s free of color, so it won’t stain your clothes or leave a soapy white streak under your arms. 

The deodorant is the first thing I would recommend trying from Baxter, but they actually have a wide range of different products that are worth checking out. 

At the top of that list is a cedar-scented bar soap made with essential oils like jojoba oil and olive oil, which not only creates a good lather, but also exfoliates and hydrates your skin. 

Check Out Baxter of California ➤

Best Dr Squatch Cheaper Alternative ↓

Crate 61 Bar Soap

Crate 61 Bar Soap

Nowadays you usually have to pay a premium for anything that’s not mass-produced, which is what makes Crate 61 Organics such a rarity: 

Though they’re made with many of the same natural oils and ingredients used by Dr. Squatch and Duke Cannon, their prices are a lot closer to mass-market regular soaps than to premium specialty brands. 

While each individual bar of Dr. Squatch costs about 10 bucks, the same price will get you a three-pack of Crate 61’s vegan, all-natural soap bars (or you can double it to get a six pack for about 20 bucks).  

And since they’re sold through Amazon, you get free shipping if you have Prime, which helps keep the cost down. 

They may not have the heavy grit that Dr. Squatch is known for, but if you want to keep your soap all-natural, going with Crate 61 is a great way to score a deal on a good product. 

Plus they come in a range of fresh-smelling scents, including a brisk Alpine & Spice variety that makes a great alternative to Squatch’s popular Alpine Sage.

Check Out Crate 61 Bar Soap ➤

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner must have gone to a cheaper medical school than Dr. Squatch, because his deodorants are quite a bit less expensive. 

(Although, as a sasquatch who made it into med school, wouldn’t Dr. Squatch qualify for some kind of bursary? But I digress…) 

Founded in 1858, Dr. Bronner has been making natural soap and cleaning products for a damn long time. 

Today they make a wide range of all-natural liquid soaps, balms and even toothpaste, so they’re a good option for lots of different natural grooming products. 

Their bar soap comes in 10 different scents (and an unscented version), of which the tea tree soap is probably the most popular. 

And while they don’t guarantee that their soap is fully organic, they are vegan, non-GMO and made with certified-organic ingredients. 

Check Out Dr. Bronner ➤

Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw soaps isn’t nearly as big as Dr. Squatch, but they have a lot in common. 

Both started out as small businesses focused on making handmade soaps and grooming products with an old-school commitment to quality and craftsmanship. 

In addition to handmade soap with masculine scents like whiskey and leather, Outlaw also offers everything from shower gel and cologne to beard oil and moisturizer, all ethically made in the USA. 

Check Out Outlaw ➤

Swanky Badger Natural Soap Bar

Swanky Badger Natural Soap Bar

Swanky Badger was founded in 2014, when a groom-to-be was looking for cool gifts for his groomsmen and couldn’t find anything that was both well-made and affordable. 

Today they specialize in making high-quality gifts for guys, which includes everything from barware and leather goods to – you guessed it – natural soap. 

Made from olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, coconut oil & shea butter, their natural soap bars are organic, vegan and GMO-free, and come in five masculine scents. 

Check Out Swanky Badger ➤

Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack

Founded by outdoor-enthusiasts near the base of California’s Mt. Tamalpais, Every Man Jack is a men’s grooming brand that strives to use as many naturally derived and plant- based ingredients as possible. 

Like Dr. Squatch, they list their full ingredient list on their website, so you can decide for yourself whether their products are natural enough to meet your standards. 

And like Duke Cannon and some of the other brands listed above, their product offering goes well beyond soap, and includes everything from hair styling products and beard butters to hand sanitizer and lip balm. 

Check Out Every Man Jack ➤

San Francisco Soap Company

San Francisco Soap Company

Another men’s grooming company to emerge out of California, the San Francisco Soap Company’s flagship product is their Man Bar, a 10-oz, lightly scented soap bar designed to be used both in the shower and at the sink while washing your hands. 

Although they’re committed to making soap “without using harmful fillers and chemicals,” SFSC isn’t quite as forthcoming about what ingredients they use, which is why they don’t rank quite as high on our list. 

The good news is that, while we might not know exactly what kind of vegetable oil or other ingredients are included in each bar, they’ve been rated more than 1,000 times on Amazon.

So it isn’t hard to find an honest review that breaks down the brand’s pluses and minuses. 

(The pluses seem to be that the bars smell good and lather well, with the minus being that some people have had a bad customer service experience.) 

Check Out SF Soap Co. ➤

360 Feel Men’s Soap Bar

360 Feel Men's Soap Bar

As its name (sort of?) implies, 360 Feel specializes in making natural, earth-friendly products. 

Their natural, handmade soap bars are free of palm oil, phthalate and parabens, making them great for guys of all skin types and even safe for sensitive skin. 

Available in four different scents, each bar uses premium natural ingredients like glycerin, olive oil and shea butter, and is made using a cold-process method that preserves the efficacy of each ingredient. 

Check Out 360 Feel ➤

Next Up:

The Best of the Rest

The 10 brands listed above represent the best alternatives to Dr. Squatch in terms of the breadth, depth and quality of their offerings, but they’re hardly the only options when it comes to well-made soap and grooming products.

Below are a few more brands and products worth checking out if you’re looking for a wider variety of products, ingredients or scents. 

(Or maybe just a less annoying social media presence…) 



Check Out Harry’s ➤

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Check Out Ursa Major ➤

The Soap Guy

The Soap Guy natural soap

Check Out The Soap Guy ➤

Sudsy Bear

Sudsy Bear natural soap

Check Out Sudsy Bear ➤

Bearsville Soap Company

Bearsville natural soap

Check Out Bearsville ➤

Stirling Soap Company

Stirling Soap Company

Check Out Stirling ➤

Arctic Fox Triple Butter Vegan Soap 

Arctic Fox Triple Butter Vegan Soap 

Check Out Arctic Fox ➤

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