The Best Pubic Hair Removal Creams for Men (That Won’t Burn Your Boys!)

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It doesn’t take a genius to understand why guys would want to find the best hair removal creams for their private parts: 

Your private areas are also your most prized areas.

Sure, you could use traditional razors, trimmers or depilatory creams to remove unwanted hair down there. 

Man holding his crotch in pain
And you thought razor burn on your face was the worst…
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But some hair removal products come with equally unwanted side effects, from allergic reactions and skin irritation to ingrown hairs and even a chemical burn. 

And let’s be honest: 

For most guys, even the thought of an adverse reaction in our genital areas can be enough to send a shiver down the spine… and maybe to a few other places.  

That’s where pubic hair removal cream comes in. 

It’s specially formulated to leave you with smooth skin by removing unwanted body hair from your most sensitive areas without causing a chemical reaction or leaving you with razor bumps and other unwanted side effects.

In this post I’ve rounded up the top hair removal creams for private parts that will leave your most intimate areas with nothing but soft skin that’s healthy and hair-free.

Our Top Picks↓

You can jump to more info about each cream by using the table of contents below, but here’s a quick summary your best bets, based on our research:

Who Wrote This Article

Irreverent Gent Founder and Editor-in-Chief Dave Bowden has been a grooming-obsessed service journalist for more than a decade. 

He’s been covering men’s grooming and skincare since founding Irreverent Gent in 2016, and his grooming tips and style advice have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and Men’s Health, among many others.

How We Created This List

Safety Research

Soothing Ingredients

User Reviews

Safety Research 

Even if you’re using a gentle depilatory cream, applying it to your most private area is obviously a risky proposition.

So before we looked into any specific products, the first thing we did was research whether or not male pubic hair removal cream is actually safe. 

Based on our findings, the answer seems to be yes, for the most part. 

WebMD has a good article summing up the risks and benefits, which was medically reviewed by Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist with years of experience in both cosmetic and medical dermatology. 

It states that “You can use depilatory creams to remove hair on almost every area of your body,” and adds that “some creams are specially made for sensitive places, like your face and bikini area.”  

This aligns closely with an article from The Cleveland Clinic, which concludes that “depilatory creams, used exactly as specified by the manufacturer, can be a wonderful DIY hair-removal option,” but notes that people with a sensitive skin type or other skin conditions might want to avoid it.   

The WebMD article also notes that it’s important to “use a cream that indicates it can be used on the area of your unwanted hair,” which in this case means finding a gentle formula that’s safe for your pubic area. 

Safe & Soothing Ingredients

With all that in mind, we’ve built this list by focusing exclusively on products designed specifically for the pubic region.

Each of these products has active ingredients that include not just thioglycolic acid (the main ingredient found in body hair removal cream), but also soothing agents like vitamin E, shea butter and other natural ingredients. 

User Reviews

We also did a deep dive into user reviews and online ratings to find out what real users had to say, and correlated all of our findings to create what we feel is an accurate list of the best men’s hair removal cream products to use on your nether regions. 

Alright, the preamble is (finally) over. Let’s get to the details!

The Safest, Most Effective & All Around Best Men’s Pubic Hair Removal Creams

Breaking Down the Best Hair Removal Cream for Male Private Parts

Overall Best Pubic Hair Removal Cream for Men ↓

No Hair Crew Men Intimate Hair Removal Cream

No Hair Crew Intimate/Private At Home Hair Removal Cream


  • Designed for Men?
  • Intended for Private Parts?
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin?
  • Key Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, Ginseng, Rosemary extract

Why It’s the Best Overall:

No Hair Crew is our top choice for the overall best cream thanks to a great combo of strength and softness.

(They also make another “body cream” that can be used for the entire body, but this is the one that’s specially formulated for your privates.)

In addition to being strong enough to wipe away the coarse hair men often sport down there, it’s a safe hair removal cream formulated with three ingredients to nourish and replenish your skin:

Sunflower seed oil offers anti-inflammatory properties, while the ginseng helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier and the rosemary provides a skin-calming antioxidant.

Unlike some of the other products on this list, this one actually says that the best way to use it is to apply it liberally, so that there’s a thick layer of cream on the skin surface.

Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying, so it doesn’t linger on them. 

Promising Review: 

“I was a little skeptical just because I’ve never used hair removal cream before.

This stuff worked great though! Left me feeling super smooth and didnt burn like I was scared it might. The directions were also clear and I was surprised how easy it was to use.”


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Thrudove Intimate Hair Removal Cream

Thrudove Intimate Hair Removal Cream


  • Designed for Men?
  • Intended for Private Parts?
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin?
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Witch hazel leaf extract

Why We Like It:

Thrudove’s Intimate hair removal cream is another product that’s specifically formulated to combat the stubborn hair follicles often found in the pubic region, while leaving your skin with a soft and pain free finish.

(While it’s specififcally targeted toward men, it’s worth noting that it should work just as well for anyone with coarse or thick hair.)

It’s cruelty-free and enriched with vitamins and natural ingredients that help nourish your skin, which makes it a good alternative to the ol’ shaving cream and a razor method.

One key ingredient is witch hazel leaf extract, which offers anti-inflammatory properties and reduces skin irritation post-hair removal.

Its astringent qualities tighten skin and pores, while its soothing nature calms redness, both of which produce better results in the for of a smoother, more comfortable hair removal experience.

Promising Review: 

Finally, a product for men to quickly and safely remove hair from intimate places…

The cream has a nice consistency making it easy to apply. And no nasty smell. It worked great with no burning or irritation.

Walt S.

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Nad’s Intimate Hair Removal Cream For Men

Nads for men down under


  • Designed for Men?
  • Intended for Private Parts?
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin?
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe, Vitamin E, Glycerin

Why We Like It:

Nad’s is one of the leading names in hair removal creams, and they offer a wide range of products formulated for men, but their Down Under cream is the only one specifically intended for use on your groin.

In addition to potassium thioglycolate – a main ingredient found in many hair removal creams, which breaks down the protein structure of coarse, thick and curly hair types – it also contains aloe, vitamin E and glycerin, which has humectant properties that help counteract potential irritation and provides moisturize to help prevent dry skin.

Promising Review: 

I was skeptical about this, but it totally works. I read other reviews for other products and the other ones scared me that I would get a chemical burn….this one does not.

I used it on my privatest of private areas and it does the trick. Recommend shaving first and then applying it as instructed.

That Guy

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Gabriel Intimate/Private Hair Removal Cream for Men

Gabriel Intimate/Private Hair Removal Cream for Men


  • Designed for Men?
  • Intended for Private Parts?
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin?
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe, Vitamin E

Why We Like It:

This one from Gabriel is marketed toward men because it removes hair that’s thick and coarse without irritating the skin.

It also offers easy application because it comes with a plastic spatula that you can use to apply and properly spread the cream on your private area, which not only offers the best results but also helps keep your hands clean in the process.

Promising Review: 

Great purchase. Worked perfect. No rash. No burn. Excellent product.

Dennis Heisler

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Veet Professional Hair Removal Cream For All Skin Types

Veet Professional Hair Removal Cream For All Skin Types


  • Designed for Men?
  • Intended for Private Parts?
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin?
  • Key Ingredients: Mineral oil, Glycerin, Shea butter

Why We Like It:

The only product on our list that isn’t specifically designed for men, this one from Veet is still very much worth considering.

While there are a number of Veet hair removal creams marketed toward men, none of them state explicitly that they can be used on intimate areas, which is a red flag.

By contrast, the best thing about this one is that it’s designed for use on the “bikini area” (aka your junk).

It’s dermatologically tested, and made with mineral oil, glycerin and shea butter, all of which help make it a good, painless way to get hair-free skin down there.

Promising Review: 

I’m a man and I used this and it worked really good. I have shaved in the past but this is way easier. Great results.

Mr. Buys

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How to Choose and (Safely) Use the Best Hair-Removal Creams 

The creams listed above represent our top picks for the best hair-removal creams for men’s private parts. 

But as noted in the intro,  when you’re using depilatory cream on your most sensitive body parts, caution is king. 

The skin in this area is more sensitive, and improper use of hair removal products can result in irritation, a burning sensation, or other side effects on the skin’s surface. 

To ensure you get the safest and best result possible, here are some things to consider when choosing which cream to go with, and using it effectively: 

Intended Use

This was mentioned above, and really can’t be emphasized enough: 

The most important thing is to look for creams specifically formulated for sensitive areas or the bikini line. 

Avoid products that are designed solely for legs, arms, or the face, as they might be too harsh for your private parts.


Most depilatory creams are made with chemical ingredients like calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, which break down the hair’s protein structure, and fatty alcohols like cetearyl alcohol, which give them their creamy texture and provide moisturizing properties.

But when you’re looking for a cream to use down below, you should look for one that has soothing agents like aloe vera extract, jojoba oil, argan oil, chamomile, provitamin B or cocoa butter, all of which help nourish your skin while removing hair.

As mentioned, each of the creams we’ve chosen above fits the bill here. 

Patch Test 

Before applying a lot of cream, always conduct a patch test on a small area first, especially if you have delicate skin. 

Apply a small amount of the product to an inconspicuous area (like the inner thigh) and wait for the recommended duration. 

If you experience any burning, tingling, or other adverse reactions the first time you use it, wash it off immediately with warm water and do not use the product again.


Always read the product’s instructions and adhere to the recommended application time. 

Spurring the instructions and leaving the cream on for a long time can result in burns and damage to the top layer of skin.


Some depilatory creams come with an aftercare lotion or cream. 

This can help soothe the skin post-treatment. If your chosen product doesn’t include this, consider buying a separate mild, fragrance-free moisturizer.

Expiration Date

If you buy one of our recommended creams above and then stuff it in a drawer for a while before using it again, make sure you check the expiration date of the product before using it again.

Expired depilatory creams can lose their efficacy, and might increase the risk of skin reactions.

Avoid Scrubbing 

Before and after using the cream, avoid using harsh scrubs or exfoliants on the treated area, as this can increase irritation.

Avoid Immediate Sun Exposure

You should also avoid direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours after using a depilatory cream, because freshly treated skin can be more sensitive to the sun, increasing the risk of sunburn. 

Check for Contraindications 

Some medications or skin conditions can make your skin more susceptible to irritation. 

If you’re using any medications, particularly those applied topically, consult a dermatologist or pharmacist before using any depilatory cream.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that while depilatory creams are convenient, they’re not suitable for everyone. 

If you’re not happy with the results of your patch test or you just find that these creams don’t work well for you, you might want to consider other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or even laser hair removal. 

Our editors have had good luck using both the Meridian Trimmer and Manscaped Lawnmower, both of which are safe and effective ways to trim your pubes that don’t involve any chemicals whatsoever. 

Whatever method you choose, always prioritize your skin’s health and safety above all else.

Quick Recap ↓

Overall Best Hair Removal Cream for Male Private Parts

Dave Bowden

No Hair Crew cream


No Hair Crew is our top choice for the overall best cream thanks to a great combo of strength and softness.


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