The 63 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

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So your friend, boyfriend, brother or son is throwing himself a housewarming party and you have no idea what to bring as a gift. 

On one hand, a new home is a pretty big deal in a man’s life (especially if it’s his first home), and you want to give him something special.

But on the other hand, he’s not really a big “gift guy.” 

If only you knew someone that specialized in gifts for men, who could put together a comprehensive list of creative ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the… 

…wait a second. That’s me!

From the smartest gadgets to the softest bed sheets, I’ve rounded up dozens of cool men’s gifts for every type of guy and every kind of space.

Whether his new place is a college dorm, a condo in the city, or a big house in the ‘burbs, help make it a home with a great housewarming gift he can use and enjoy for a long time to come.

The (Absolute) Best House Warming Gifts for Men

These are the Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Guys at Every Price Point

Men’s Housewarming Gifts Under $25

Rounding Up the Best Cheap Housewarming Gifts for Guys ↓


Book Ends

Wish him well as he embarks on this new chapter (get it?) with a stylish set of bookends. 

This heavy steel set is L-shaped so it won’t slip or scratch, plus it’s available in four different colors. 

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Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the best gifts, and it doesn’t get much smaller than magnets. 

This food-themed set is perfect for a chef or food lover, but there are plenty of fun styles out there so go for some that suit his personality.

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Funny Coasters


For the host with a sense of humor (and a bit of social anxiety) this hilarious set of coasters is the perfect housewarming gift. 

But if he’s not the joking type, then this set of crystal agate coasters might be more his style.

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Scented Candle

Scented Candle

It may not be the most unique housewarming gift, but the right scented candle can create an inviting atmosphere in a home. 

A good rule of thumb when gifting a candle is to avoid food-related scents, like “vanilla cupcake” or “pumpkin spice” anything. 

This one from Craft & Kin boasts a “manly” scent, and comes in a sophisticated black box so you don’t even have to wrap it.

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Apron Set

Set of two aprons

There’s a certain type of cook (read: men) that never thinks to wear an apron, let alone own one. 

But once he slips one of these stylish numbers over his head, he’ll likely be converted.

(If he needs more convincing, just remind him stripes are slimming.)

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Faux Plant

Faux plant

Fake plants have come a long way since the 80s. 

These days, artificial plants like this Bird of Paradise replica are surprisingly realistic, well made, and attractive. 

Plus, it will live longer than he will. 

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Fleece Throw

Fleece blanket

Blankets make the best gifts because everyone needs one and you can never have too many. 

Perfect for a sofa or guest room, this affordable fleece throw is high-quality and super soft, plus the color goes with everything. 

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Cookbook of Easy Recipes


A cookbook is a practical gift because once Uber Eats loses its luster (and it will), he’s going to have to cook. 

Packed with 125 simple healthy recipes, this cookbook is perfect for guys who know their way around the kitchen, as well as those whose specialty is scrambled eggs. 

(But if he’s moving out for the first time, this may be more his speed.) 

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Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses

If your homeowner is a serious whiskey drinker, then he’s sure to put this gift to good use. 

Designed for optimal style and flavor, these lead-free crystal rocks glasses will have him savoring every sip. 

(And let’s face it, they’re cheaper than a good bottle of bourbon.) 

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(a.k.a plants that are hard to kill)

The cool kids of the plant world, succulents are both attractive and easy to care for. 

Pick up two and put them in these cheeky ceramic pots for a personal touch.

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Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Soap & Lotion despensers

I’m not suggesting guys can’t tell the difference between soap and lotion, but why leave room for error, am I right? 

This farmhouse-style set, complete with a bamboo tray, is the perfect addition to his kitchen or guest bathroom. 

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Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

And hey, if you’re really stumped (or just uncreative), you can’t go wrong with a gift card. 

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Men’s Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Personalized Dog Dishes

Dog dish

Don’t forget man’s best friend! 

Custom dishes with his pet’s name and breed on them will make for a happy pup, and an even happier human. 

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Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer glasses

He loves a good brewery tour, so why not bring the tasting experience to his place? 

Pair these glasses with a sixer of local brews and get ready for an earful about the dry-hopped IPA. 

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Rustic Serving Trays

Rustic serving trays

Serving trays make useful housewarming gifts because they’re probably not something he would buy for himself. 

But they come in really handy for carrying drinks and snacks, and they make nice decor items when he’s not using them. 

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Pour-Over Coffee Carafe

Pour over coffee pot

If this homeowner is a hipster coffee lover, then a pour-over coffee carafe is a must-have. 

Coffee connoisseurs love pour-over because they can control every aspect of the brewing process, and it makes for a richer, smoother cuppa joe. 

(If you’re rolling your eyes, feel free to skip this one.)

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Retro Air Popper

Popcorn air popper

Microwave popcorn is so over.

Air popping makes healthier, fluffier, and much tastier popcorn than the zapped stuff. 

Plus, this machine gets bonus points for the nostalgia factor. 

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Waffle Iron

Waffle iron

One of the great things about a waffle iron is it’s basically fool proof. 

That’s why it’s the perfect housewarming present for the guy who loves breakfast but sucks at making it. 

I like this one because it’s easy to use, perfect for small spaces, and the price is right. 

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Storage Baskets

Storage baskets

If this guy’s new abode is a small condo or apartment, chances are, he’s short on storage space.  

These fabric storage baskets with faux leather handles come in a variety of colors, and slide nicely onto shelves or under the bed. 

Plus, they’re collapsable so he can tuck them away when he’s not using them.

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Picture Frame

Picture frames

Because a home with naked walls is, well… kind of depressing, he’ll really appreciate a cool picture frame to help warm up the place. 

Better yet, gift him a collage set like this one, so he can create an art wall in his entryway or living room. 

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Glass Tumblers 

Glass drinking tumblers

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, then these glass tumblers need no introduction. 

Iced-coffee touting influencers aside, stylish reusable drinking cups can actually make cool gifts. 

Earth-friendly, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, they’re not just Instagramable, they’re worth the hype. 

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Smart Mug

Smart coffee mug

Ever have your coffee go cold, so you put it in the microwave, but then forget it’s in the microwave, so you have to reheat it again? 

This temperature-controlled smart mug is the solution to that problem. 

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Electric Wine Opener 

Wine Opener

The only thing better than opening a bottle of wine, is opening a bottle of wine in 8 seconds. 

This 7-in-1 gift set comes with a rechargeable electric wine opener, as well as a wine foil cutter, aerator/pourer, and stoppers.

It’s sure to be a hit at dinner parties.   

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Tool Set

Tool set

Every new homeowner needs his own set of tools for small repairs and DIY projects. 

Look for a quality steel set that’s compact and easy to store, but has everything he needs to fix a leaky faucet or put together a bookshelf. 

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now he can have all of his favorite music and TV streaming services in the palm of his hand. 

Or with the command of his voice, thanks to the Alexa Voice Remote capabilities. 

If you’re scrambling for an impressive last-minute gift idea, this is it. 

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Yard Games

Bocci ball set

A backyard game is an easy housewarming gift if your guy’s new place has a yard. 

Whether it’s a classic like bocci ball or something trendy like Kan Jam, a little friendly competition always gets the party started.  

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Housewarming Gift Basket

Gift basket

If you hate shopping for gifts (or wrapping them), seek out a small business that will do it for you. 

This gift basket from Brightside Organics makes an excellent housewarming gift because it’s packed with eco-friendly items for the new house, and they ship for free within the United States. 

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LEGO Bonsai Tree

LEGO Bonsai Tree

For the guy who still plays with LEGO, this Bonsai tree building set for adults is a unique gift.

With over 800 pieces, it’s sure to provide the satisfying challenge LEGO lovers crave. 

And the end result is a great conversation piece. 

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Personalized Charcuterie Board

Personalized cutting board

Since charcuterie is all the rage these days, custom cutting boards have become extremely popular gifts. 

A great gift idea for a family member, this hand-crafted board is a thoughtful keepsake that he can use again and again. 

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Monogrammed Doormat 

Monogrammed doormat

When it comes to practical housewarming gifts, doormats come to mind. 

But instead of a boring mat no one will notice, have it customized with his initials for a personal touch. 

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Shower speaker

This waterproof bluetooth speaker attaches to the shower wall for up to 10 hours of rocking out (because it’s his house, and he can sing in the shower if he wants to, dammit).

It’s also handy for boating, camping, the cottage, or by the pool. 

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Bar Tool Set

Mixology set

No home bar is complete without a cool set of mixology tools. 

This stunning gold set has everything he needs to whip up an impressive Old Fashioned or invent his own signature drink. 

Just don’t forget to tip your bartender. 

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Men’s Housewarming Gifts Under $100

Wine Rack

Wine rack

But if your host is more of a wine guy, then a wine rack is a no-brainer.

This wall-mounted wine holder is the perfect gift for a new apartment or small home, because it won’t take up floor space and it doubles as art. 

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Practice Putting Green

Practice putting green

A golf enthusiast will get a kick out of having his own practice green at home.

Whether he’s moving into a big new space or a small condo, this is the perfect set because it easily rolls up and tucks away after use. 

Plus, it has built-in hazards to catch missed putts (and let’s face it, he’ll need them).

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Bedside Charging Station 

Charging station

For the guy who’s always asking to borrow a charger, meet the perfect present. 

This alarm clock charging station simultaneously charges his phone, smartwatch, and earbuds, plus it has a touch sense nightlight. 

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Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bed sheets

Help him get a good sleep after the big move with a luxurious set of bed sheets. 

Made from fabric derived from organic bamboo, they’re super soft, naturally cooling, and moisture-wicking for a fresh, clean bed every night. 

It feels like sleeping in a luxury hotel, but the mini bar is free. 

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Coffee Table Book

Coffee table book

He’s got a new coffee table, now he needs coffee table books. 

Find one that suits his style and interests (maybe travel, photography, food, or history) and voila: 

An interesting conversation starter that also looks nice on display. 

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BBQ Tool Set

Grilling tools

Start his barbecue season right with a set of high-quality grilling tools. 

Cuisinart’s 20-piece set has everything he needs for the perfect cookout, including a digital temperature fork with a built-in alarm so he can’t screw up your steak.   

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwich maker

If this dual breakfast sandwich maker isn’t the ultimate housewarming gift, I don’t know what is. 

In five minutes he can whip up an epic breakfast that will put those drive-thru sandwiches to shame. 

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Serving Bowl

Serving bowl

Colorful serving bowls are ideal housewarming gifts because they’re so multifunctional. 

Great for popcorn, salads, fruit, or just tossing his keys into, it’s guaranteed to get a lot of use. 

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Wall Art

Wall Art

Art is extremely subjective, but if you know his personal taste and style, it makes the greatest housewarming gifts. 

A word to the wise: If you’re not sure what he likes, make sure to include a gift receipt. 

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Dart Board

Dart board

A great addition to any game room or man cave, turn the party up with his favorite pub pastime.

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Table Top Grill 

Table Top Grill

If he doesn’t have a big backyard, a compact charcoal grill will be the answer to his smoked-meat prayers. 

Perfect for a deck or balcony, he can still grill up all of his favorites, no propane required. 

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Not just a cliché Christmas gift, a cozy robe is a great way to say “welcome home.” 

This one from Ralph Lauren is 100% cotton so it’s soft and, warm; the perfect way to relax after a long day. 

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Cast Iron Pot

Cast iron pot

Whether he’s a whiz in the kitchen or barely knows how to work the stove, a cast iron pot is a must-have item for every homeowner. 

Its self-basting lid makes it basically fool-proof for cooking roasts, stews, soups, and pretty much anything else. 

Plus, it’s high quality yet cheaper than the brand with the French name (you know who I’m talking about). 

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Instant Pot

Instant pot

But if he literally doesn’t know how to use a stove, then an Instant Pot will be a life saver. 

Combining seven functions in one, it cooks everything to perfection with the push of a button. 

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Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers

Whichever method he uses for cooking meals, one thing is certain: 

He’s going to need something to store them in.

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Ring Doorbell Camera

Ring Doorbell

The next best thing to a security guard, the Ring Video Doorbell lets him monitor and speak to anyone who graces his doorstep. 

It even sends notifications to his mobile device when someone rings the bell or triggers the motion sensors. 

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Men’s Housewarming Gifts Over $100

These are Some of the Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Men ↓

Fire Pit

Fire pit

One of the best ways to spend time with friends is around a fire. 

Especially if that fire is safely contained in a stylish steel grate designed to improve air flow and minimize sparks. 

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Jukebox Speaker/Radio

Jukebox speaker

The perfect gift for an old soul, this bluetooth speaker and FM radio may look retro, but the sound quality is anything but. 

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Plush Bath Towels

Plush towels

A special guy deserves special towels. 

And Brooklinen’s super-plush, extra thick towels made from 100% Turkish Cotton are about as special as they come. 

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Air Fryer

Air Fryer

Whether he’s a regular in the drive-thru or he treats his body like a temple, an air fryer is a great gift. 

It makes crispy, perfectly cooked food every time using minimal oil, so meals are both healthy and satisfying. 

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High-End Lamp

Sohnne lamp

If you’re looking for a suitable housewarming gift for a guy with expensive taste, you’re in luck. 

Sohnne’s Light of Tree lamp is more than just a fancy lamp: 

It’s also a bluetooth speaker and a wireless charging pad for his smartphone.

Plus, the base resembles a small tree, so it’s kind of an art piece, too.

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Decorative Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Speaking of things that double as art…

Wall clocks! 

A beautiful wall clock looks sophisticated and helps him be on time for work—it’s a win-win. 

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Movie Projector

movie projector

A movie projector is an awesome gift for any type of TV watcher. 

With Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, it turns any room (or even the backyard) into a movie theatre for watching films, TV, and sports. 

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iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba

For the guy who’s too busy to clean, a Roomba will save him time and keep his floors spotless. 

It learns his cleaning habits (or lack of) to create its own cleaning schedule, plus it has Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility so he can voice activate it at any time. 

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Foosball Table

Foosball table

You’re never too old for a game of foos with the boys.

This sophisticated table from Barrington Billiards is more than a game; it’s a bonding experience. 

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(And I mean good ones)

There’s a huge difference in quality between mid-range knives and expensive ones, so if you’re getting him a set, don’t cheap out. 

Henkels 20-piece knife block is top of the line and makes a great group gift idea. 

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