The 13 Best Panties for Men

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The first thing you shoudl know about Irreverent Gent is that we believe in two things above all else: 

  1. Sharing advice that will help men look and feel their best; and 
  2. Judging not, lest we be judged 
Man in see through black panties

So while we have to admit that the idea of wearing men’s panties is somewhat foreign to us, we certainly don’t begrudge our brethren who prefer panties to full briefs. 

In fact, not only do we not begrudge you — we’ve got your back. 

After scouring the internet (and mightily confusing the bots that track our browser history), in this post we’ve rounded up some of the best options for the most affordable, high quality and overall best panties for men.

Each pair is available on Amazon, where you can usually find the best price, in addition to good customer service and free shipping if you have Prime.

13 of the Best Men’s Panties

Rounding Up the Best Male Panties and Women’s Underwear for Men

The Best Satin Panties for Men

Barbra Mens Satin Bikini Briefs
six pack of silk panties for men

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Satini Men’s Satin Tanga Bikini Briefs
Satini Men's Satin Tanga Bikini Briefs

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Satini Men’s Underwear
Satini men's satin panties

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Agoky Men’s Satin Silky Panties
Agoky Men's Satin Silky Ruffled Frilly Panties

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The Best Sexy Panties for Men

Evankin Men’s Sexy Mesh Erotic Underwear
Man in see through black panties

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ONEFIT Men’s Nylon Panties G-String
ONEFIT Men's Nylon Briefs G-String panties for men

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iKingsky Men’s Cheeky Boxer Brief Panties
iKingsky Men's Cheeky Boxer Briefs

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The Best Sissy Panties for Men

Yeahdor Sexy Men’s Sissy Lingerie
Yeahdor Sexy Men's Sissy Lingerie

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ADOME Men’s Sissy Panties Lingerie
ADOME Sissy Panties Lingerie for Men

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aishani Sissy Pouch Panties
aishani Sissy Pouch Panties

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The Best Women’s Panties for Men

Vanity Fair Cuffed Legband Brief
Vanity Fair Cuffed Legband Brief

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Maidenform Casual Comfort Seamless Hipster
Maidenform womens panties for men

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Cloud 9 Seamless Lace Panties
Cloud 9 Seamless Lace Panty Brief

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What is the best style of womens panties for men?

The best style is quite subjective and hard to pin down, especially since men wear panties for many different reasons, so the right pair for one will be different for another.

Overall, the best pair of panties is any good quality pair that will last a long time, provide support in the crotch area, are made from comfy material like silk or a breathable cotton, and (most importantly) make you feel good when you pull them out of your underwear drawer.

What are the best fitting panties for men to wear?

For daily wear, the best fitting pair of men’s panties is probably the Agoky Men’s Satin Silky Panties listed above. They’re made in a classic style that provides a snug fit, and come in comfy soft silk.

What types of panties are best for men?

The type really varies by personal preference, but generally speaking, for everyday wear you want to look for something that provides a great fit and full coverage, without leaving panty lines that can be seen through your pants.

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