The 9 Best Shirt Stays & Shirt Garters for Guys

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There are few sharper looks than a slim-fit shirt tucked crisply into a well-fitted pair of slacks.

Unfortunately for those of us who like to keep our shirts looking tucked and tidy, it’s far too easy for our shirt tails to creep out from underneath our belts, causing our slim and sharp silhouette to look slovenly and unkempt.

Man wearing burgundy colored shirt tucked into dark pants
As Russ Hanneman would say: “This guy tucks!”

Making matters worse, by the time the bottom of your shirt pops out it tends to look all wrinkly and crinkled, making you look even sloppier.

That’s where shirt stays come in.

While they come in different styles and types, shirt stays (also known as shirt garters) hide underneath your pants and use an elastic strap to keep your shirt crisply tucked throughout the day.

They’re popular with law enforcement, military personnel and other guys who wear a military uniform shirt (e.g. security guards) because they help them maintain the tight military tuck demanded by strict dress codes.

But they’re also great for civilians who want to maintain a put-together and professional appearance.

In this post I’ll round up some of the top shirt stays on the market and break down the pluses and minuses of each type.

The (Absolute) Best Shirt Stays for Men

Breaking Down the Best Shirt Garters for Guys Who Want to Keep Their Tuck Tight
Best Overall Badge
Overall Best Y-Clip Shirt Stay ↓

KK & Jay Solid Black Shirttail Garters

KK & Jay Solid Black Shirttail Garters
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes
  • 1″ Wide Straps
  • Solid Black Twill Premium Jacquard Elastic
  • Full Grain Leather

These y-clip dress shirt stays from KK & Jay are a perfect combination of quality, craftsmanship and value.

Inspired by the y style shirt stays often worn by military personnel, this is essentially a high-end version that can be worn not just with a uniform, but with business attire or casual wear as well.

Quite possibly the most dapper shirt stays on the market, the elastic material of the straps are held together by a genuine leather joint (as opposed to the cheaper synthetic material you’d commonly find on a similar product).

But the best part is probably the price tag:

While it’s made from high-quality materials that will likely last a long time, when you compare prices you find that it only costs a few dollars more than some of the more than the cheaply made alternatives.

Check Price ➤

NV Holders “S-Holder”

NV Holders shirt stays
  • 4.3 Stars on Amazon
    • 1,394 Reviews
  • Three sizes available
  • High quality, handmade in Europe

NV Holders’ S-Holder shirt stay uses an elastic band that wraps around your thigh, then has three other straps that extend upward and clip to the bottom of your shirt.

The three straps are adjustable so you can set them to whatever length you want, and have non-slip, fabric-friendly clips that won’t damage your shirt.

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Shirt Stays Plus

Y-Style Shirt Stay

Shirt Stays Plus Y-Style shirt stays
  • 4.5 Stars on Amazon
    • 3,456 Reviews
  • Made in USA
  • Clip closure on both ends
  • Adjustable buckles with nylon teeth clips
  • Available in black or white

Designed by a veteran police officer, Shirt Stays Plus Shirt Stays claims to make “the world’s best shirt stays.”

(And as alluded to above, if there’s one group that needs an effective way to keep their shirts tucked in, it’s law enforcement officers.)

Their “Y-style” stays are their most popular model, and one of the best-rated shirt stays on Amazon.

As the name implies, they use a long y-shaped design to connect the bottom of your shirt to the top of your socks, which is one of the best ways to keep both pieces in place all day.

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KK & Jay Sockless Shirttail Garters

KK & Jay Sockless Shirttail Garters
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes
  • 1″ Wide cotton blend elastic straps
  • Full Grain Leather

Another model from KK & Jay, these have the same high-quality craftsmanship as the y-clip dress shirt stays listed above, but secure to your legs in a different manner.

These come in a garter style, which wraps snugly around your calves rather than clipping to your socks.

A lot of guys find that the y-style clips provide more ease of use, but the garter style is a great option if you want your shirt to keep a slim appearance while you’re going sockless.

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Comfy Clothiers

Stirrup Style (Loop) Shirt Stays

Comfy Clothiers stirrup shirt stays
  • 4.4 Stars on Amazon
    • 1,472 Reviews
  • Adjustable strap
  • Made in USA
  • Stirrup-style

Stirrup-style shirt stays are similar to the y-style, only instead of clipping to your socks at the bottom they include a loop that you slide your foot into.

While they don’t pull double duty by keeping your socks nice and high, the stirrup shirt stay is a little more secure because you only have to worry about the clips on one end.

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Shirt Stays Plus

“Heavy Duty” Shirt Stay

Shirt Stays Plus garter shirt stays
  • 4.4 Stars on Amazon
    • 919 Reviews
  • Made in USA
  • Garter-style
  • Available in both white and black

Similar in design to the NV stays above, Shirt Stays Plus offers a garter-style stay that wraps around your thigh then clips to the bottom part of your shirt to maximize elastic tension.

Unlike the NV model, which has three clips, these are straight shirt stays that clip in just two places: one in the front and one in the back.

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Signature Shirt Stays

Fancy Boy shirt stays
  • 4.3 Stars on Amazon
    • 400 Reviews
  • Adjustable
  • Flat rubber grips with button slot; won’t puncture clothing
  • Fits heights from 5’4″ – 6’8″

While shirt stays aren’t meant to be seen by anyone, there’s no reason why they can’t come in cool colors and patterns.

That seems to be the (admirable) underlying philosophy of the (abominably named) FancyBoy company, which offers this well reviewed “Y” type of shirt stay in a variety of styles.

Check Price ➤

*Yes, that’s seriously the name, and no, I don’t blame you for laughing. (But you can’t deny that their shirt stays look pretty cool.)


Shirt Stays Upgrade

Kedofe shirt stays
  • 4.2 Stars on Amazon
    • 2,055 Reviews
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Stainless steel platypus clip with plastic teeth
  • Available with extra strap for socks

This model from Kedofe combines two different styles of shirt stays.

The base model is similar to the NV Holders model above, which wraps around your thigh and then clips to the bottom of your shirt.

But it also comes with a removable strap that you can clip downward to your sock, offering the same benefits as the y-style shirt stays above.

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Shirt Stays Plus

Tuck-It Belt Style Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays Plus Belt shirt stays
  • 3.9 Stars on Amazon
    • 747 Reviews
  • Available in two sizes
  • Hooks on to bottom button of shirt
  • Fully adjustable

Also from Shirt Stays Plus, this model is a shirt stay belt that wraps around your waist just below where your actual belt sits, cinching the shirt tightly around your waist.

It features a plastic hook, instead of the metal clips used by most shirt stays, which loops over the last button of your shirt to help keep it in place.

It’s a great product for anyone who’s nervous about wading into the world of shirt tuckers, and nervous about the embarrassing looks they might get if your shirttail garters should somehow snap, and an elastic band suddenly comes shooting out of your pants.

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Do shirt stays work?

Yeah, shirt stays work pretty well—as long as they’re properly fitted. If you get the kind with adjustable straps, make sure that you’ve tightened them enough to keep the shirt secure, but not so much that they make your shirt look strained.

What is the best shirt stay?

As highlighted above, the best shirt stays on Amazon are the NV Holders “S-Holder” Premium Shirt Stay, which have 4.5 stars after more than 1,600 reviews, and come with free shipping and great customer service if you have Amazon Prime.

(And since not that many guys wear shirt stays to begin with, you gotta figure that’s a huge portion of the shirt-stay wearing public.)

Does Walmart have shirt stays?

They do indeed. Walmart has a pretty decent selection of shirt stays, the best-rated of which seems to be the Rothco Y-style stays, which are just $9.99 and have 4.6 stars after 8 ratings.

Does Target sell shirt stays?

Target doesn’t carry shirt stays. Nothing came up when I searched for both “shirt stays” and “shirt garters” on their website, other than some regular ol’ ladies garters, which won’t do much for your shirt (but depending on what you’re into, I guess could help your love life?).

You Know Where to Find the Best Shirt Stays

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Overall Best Shirt Garters for Men

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