The 7 Best Saarinen Tulip Table Replicas

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Seven decades after its invention, few pieces of dining room furniture can match the simple, sophisticated and timeless design of the tulip table. 

Designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen as part of his Pedestal collection in the mid-1950s, this vintage table style does away with what Saarinen called the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” created by the slum of legs found under most tables. 

Instead, Saarinen opted for a sleek design that uses a single table base, which came to define the aptly named Pedestal series, and was also used for other models, including the tulip chair, the tulip side table and coffee table. 

A tulip table next to a wishbone chair
[image: Interior Icons]

(And in the process, the Finnish architect became a founding father of mid-century modern design, along with his friends and fellow furniture design icons like Florence Knoll and Charles Eames.)

In addition to the elegant simplicity of its organic shapes, the real genius of the original tulip table is that it‘s also a remarkably practical piece of furniture:  

To this day it’s a popular choice for smaller spaces like a breakfast nook or a cramped condominium dining space because the absence of table legs gives the illusion of space, and creates more leg room for guests. 

But the Real Deal is, Like, Really Expensive

While you can still buy the original design from the Knoll Company of New York City, furniture purists will have to pay mightily for an authentic piece:

The original design retails for nearly $4,000 (😱 !!!!) with the white marble tabletop, and even the white laminate version costs about $2,500. 

(And that’s before you factor in taxes and delivery cost…) 

Fortunately for those of us who want enviable interior style without having to max out our credit card, today it’s possible to find a high-quality, eye-catching Saarinen table reproduction that looks just as good, but costs a lot less. 

In this post we’ve rounded up the best replica tulip table options so you can find the perfect piece to suit your space, tastes and budget. 

(And if you’re looking for the perfect chairs to surround it with, check out our round-up of the best Saarinen tulip chair replicas.)

The (Absolute) Best Tulip Table Replicas 

Rounding Up the Best Reproduction Tulip Tables on the Market
Overall Best Tulip Table Replica ↓

Tulip Style Table

By Interior Icons

Tulip Style Table By Interior Icons
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 11 Reviews

As its name implies, Interior Icons is dedicated to creating high-quality replica furniture, so it’s no surprise that the best option for an affordable marble tulip table comes from them. 

Like the (insanely expensive) Knoll International, their tulip table is available with either a marble table top or one made of lacquer. 

If you opt for the marble top you’ve got two options to choose from:

A white carrara marble that closely resembles the Italian carrara marble of the original, or calacatta marble, which is lighter and slightly cheaper. 

Both models come with a sturdy cast aluminum base and seat four to six chairs, but it’s worth noting that the dimensions are a little different than the original specifications: 

The original Knoll model features a 42-inch circular top, while this one is actually a little larger at 47 inches. 

But in addition to offering more size and a similar use of natural stone, the best thing about this faithful reproduction is that it comes at a great price: 

The two marble tables available from Interior Icons cost less than half the price of the original Knoll model, making this not only one of the best tulip tables on the market, but arguably the best value. 

Promising Review: 

Couldn’t be happier! Looks, feels, and functions exactly like an original. Quality of construction and materials are top notch. 

Delivered in two separate wooden crates. Very easy assembly. Would buy again!

– Colin D.

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Best Cheap Tulip Table Replica ↓

Tynan Round Dining Table

By All Modern

Tynan Round Dining Table By All Modern
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 1,241 Reviews

If you don’t want to spring for marble, this affordable option from All Modern is the perfect way to add a cheap and cheerful symbol of modernism to your space. 

It has a solid base made of powder-coat steel and a lacquer finish on the table top that’s easy to clean and helps keep the price down. 

At only 36 inches this one is smaller than either the original or the Interior Icons model listed above, but if you have a small living space and only need to seat four people, it’s perfect for everyday use.  

Promising Review: 

This is a great table that was easy to put together and is very stable. Fits perfectly in my space and it’s beautiful!

– Rebecca

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Best Tulip Table Replica on Amazon ↓

Round Top Pedestal Table

By Modway

Round Top Pedestal Table By Modway
  • 4.1 Stars
    • 68 Reviews

Another lacquer top option, this model on Amazon has a powder-coated aluminum base. 

At about 44 inches, it’s the closest to the original in terms of diameter. 

It has good reviews and the quality of the table seems pretty high for the price. 

But the big advantage here is that it’s available on Amazon, which usually helps keep both the delivery cost and (crucially, when it comes to furniture) the delivery time down, especially if you live in the contiguous United States. 

Promising Review: 

I love this table. It’s a super smart purchase….sturdy/ simple but beautiful and well priced. LOVE IT!

– Albert Tanquero

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Best of the Rest ↓

While the three models above represent our top picks for the best tulip table replicas on the market, they’re not the only options. 

Below you’ll find a few more options that offer a bit more variety in terms of size, style and price point. 

Guillot Pedestal Dining Table

By George Oliver

Guillot Pedestal Dining Table By George Oliver
  • 4.7 Stars
    • 433 Reviews
Promising Review: 

Exactly what I was looking for… Super easy assembly – a very classic table to add a mid century charm to a kitchen.

– Bill

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Round Table

By RoomnHome

Round Table By RoomnHome
  • 4.3 Stars
    • 326 Reviews
Promising Review: 

We spent so long looking for a table with these dimensions at a decent price point. So glad we found this one.

The quality is good. The table looks sharp, was incredibly easy to put together, and doesn’t seem cheap. The pedestal style means it won’t feel like it’s taking up too much space in the room.

– Andrew Clark

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Round Tulip Table

By Nopurs

Round Tulip Table By Nopurs
  • 4.9 Stars
    • 10 Reviews
Promising Review: 

Beautiful for my small space. Love the look it gives my small sitting area in my living room!

– Melissa

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Ember Pedestal Dining Table

By Zipcode Design

Ember Pedestal Dining Table By Zipcode Design
  • 4.6 Stars
    • 686 Reviews
Promising Review: 

I absolutely love it! It took me 15mins to put together and it goes amazing with the chairs. The quality of the product is not cheap and it’s extremely sturdy. I highly recommend it.

– Interstar

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Tulip Table

By Wateday

Tulip Table By Wateday
  • 4.7 Stars
    • 4 Reviews
Promising Review: 

I am very happy with this dining table… 

My 4 chairs don’t match the style, but it can definitely sit up to 6 people comfortably. Love it! Highly recommended if you are looking for a tulip dining table!

– Yolia

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Overall Best Tulip Table Replica

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The best thing about this faithful reproduction is that it comes at a great price. The two marble tables available from Interior Icons cost less than half the price of the original Knoll model, making this not only one of the best tulip tables on the market, but arguably the best value.


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