The Best Wrinkle-Free & Non-Iron Dress Shirts

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It doesn’t take a genius to understand why guys might want to find the best wrinkle-free dress shirts on the market:

Going to the dry cleaner is expensive and inconvenient, and ironing just plain sucks. 

Before you can even start to iron shirts you have to set up the board, make sure the iron has water in it, plug it in and wait God-knows-how-long for it to heat up. 

Sketch of an iron with no-smoking symbol over top
James Bond has No Time to Die. The rest of us have no time to iron.

Then you have to meticulously go over every inch of your shirt, being careful not to miss a spot, create new creases or accidentally burn the damn thing. 

Fortunately for those of us who are short on time but high on style, you no longer need to iron dress shirts or waste money at the cleaners to avoid wrinkles and look well put together. 

Nowadays a wide selection of brands offer stylish, machine washable and wrinkle-free shirts made from synthetic fabrics that don’t need to be ironed after every wear. 

To help you look sharp without slaving over an iron or shelling out for the cleaner, in this post we’ve rounded up more than a dozen of the best wrinkle free dress shirts on the market.

The Best Men’s Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirts

Rounding Up the Best Non-Iron Dress Shirts on the Market
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Mizzen + Main

Mizzen + Main Leeward Dress Shirt
  • 4.6 Stars
    • 494 Ratings

Mizzen + Main specializes in making shirts that resist wrinkles and sweat in equal measure.

Their Leeward dress shirt uses a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric with the perfect amount of stretch and structure.

It looks like a (rather dapper) classic dress shirt but is so comfortable it almost feels like something you could wear to the gym, making it a natural choice for our top pick.

But if you prefer a different style, M+M also offers different types of shirts that sport a more casual look, including ones with a button-down collar and the kind that are designed to be left untucked.

Promising Review:

BEST SHIRTS EVER. My husband will not wear any other shirt!! Light weight and wrinkle free!

– Jaclyn F.

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State and Liberty

State and Liberty wrinkle-free shirt

State & Liberty’s Springer dress shirt is made from a polyester/spandex blend that’s in keeping with the brand’s focus on athletic-fit clothes for guys in good shape. 

In addition to being sweat-wicking and breathable, it’s also wrinkle-resistant and comes with the same hidden-button collar as Rhone, which helps keep the collar looking sharp. 

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Bonobos tech dress shirt
  • 4 Stars
    • 371 Ratings 

I recommended Bonobos as my top choice for button-down oxford shirts when I was interviewed by New York Magazine’s Strategist blog

So it’s probably not a huge surprise that I’m also a big fan of their wrinkle-free dress shirt. 

In addition to a great fit and wrinkle-free material, what’s cool about the tech button down shirt is all the options it provides: 

It’s available in more than 20 different color/pattern combos – including a particularly handsome navy gingham pattern.

And it allows you to choose not just the size, but also the shirt cut and length, so you can get a shirt that’s practically. custom-made to fit both your body and your style.

Promising Review: 

This shirt is clearly excellent quality in the fit and the construction. Love that it stays wrinkle free!

– art110

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Western Rise

Western Rise shirt
  • 5 Stars
    • 133 Ratings 

As a company that’s better known for athleisure and activewear than business or formal clothes, Western Rise might seem like an odd choice for this list. 

But their Limitless Merino dress shirt might just be the softest and most comfortable wrinkle-free dress shirt I’ve ever worn. 

With a blend of 53 percent merino wool and 47 percent polyester, it has the softness of a good sweater and the sweat-wicking properties of gym clothes

But the slim fit and button-down collar make it more than dressy enough to wear to a business meeting, and even pair with a well-fitting suit

And the best part? The shirt requires no ironing whatsoever. Just throw it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, and hang it up to dry. 

Promising Review: 

I was a little skeptical, and assumed that the shirt would be heavier than the Oxford cloth button downs in my closet.

Fortunately, I was dead wrong.

As soon as I tried it on I said – out loud, to no one in particular – “Holy shit.” This was without question the most comfortable shirt I had ever worn in my life.

– From Irreverent Gent’s full Western Rise review

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Rhone shirt
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 478 Ratings 

Rhone makes a variety of slim fit shirts with both short and long sleeves, but this model is basically their flagship shirt. 

Made from lightweight Italian flex-knit fabric, it’s stretchy in all the right places but still formal enough to dress up. 

In addition to the stretch and sweat-wicking properties that you don’t get from cotton blends, this shirt also has a cool trick up its… well, collar. 

Hidden buttons under the collar help keep it in place, but without revealing that it’s a button-down. 

The result is a more formal look (button-downs are inherently more casual) that’s wrinkle-resistant and stretches in all the right places. 

Promising Review: 

I purchased these for the sale price and man oh man these are indeed the best dress shirt I have ever worn. The stretch of the fabric coupled with the no wrinkle and excellent fit are killer.

– Akul G.

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The Tie Bar

Tie bar wrinkle-free shirt
  • 5 Stars
    • 28 Ratings 

Don’t let the name fool you: 

The Tie Bar may have started out solely focused on accessories, but they’ve since expanded into everything from classic white shirts to polos, pants, sweaters and jackets. 

They offer a range of solid dress shirts in a wide variety of fits, colors and patterns, almost all of which are made from non-iron fabrics that stay crisper than plain cotton shirts. 

Plus, their shirts come in two size options – standard and trim – making it easy to find one that suits your body type. 

Promising Review: 

The quality, style, and fit of these shirts are bar none the best dress shirts you can buy for the price. I will not buy my dress shirts from anywhere else.

– Braden

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Lululemon New Venture Shirt

Lululemon New Venture Shirt
  • 4 Stars
    • 14 Ratings 

You probably didn’t expect to see stores like Lululemon popping on a list of men’s dress shirts. 

But their ​New Venture is a stylish and high quality shirt that offers both superior performance and enviable style. 

Made from a blend of elastomultiester, recycled polyester and nylon, it’s cottony soft, but the four-way stretch fabric contours to your body to provide a perfect fit. 

It’s available in three colors, never has to be dry cleaned or ironed, and can easily go from the office to the bar, or from the wedding ceremony to the dance floor. 

Promising Review: 

Great shirt for office. Bought it a couple weeks ago, loving the feel and the fabric, very comfortable, love that I can throw it in wash and no need to worry about ironing.

– Tim Hocking 

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Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4 Stars
    • 10 Ratings 

Brooks Brothers is one of those classic menswear brands that’s become a little more innovative in recent years as the competition has started to pick up. 

Promising Review: 

My favorite dress shirt right now. Non iron, cool, and not rough cotton like some other non iron shirt! Make it in more colors! I’ve bought 20+ BB shirts and this is the best so far.

– Gallagher

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Banana Republic

Banana Republic wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 464 Ratings 

Banana has long been my go-to choice for formal dress shirts that fit like a glove and are easy to care for.

While they have a wide variety of wrinkle-resistant dress shirts, I swear by their 100 percent cotton, slim-fit non-iron dress shirt. 

Even though it’s 100% cotton, it’s made with a non-iron finish that keeps it from getting too wrinkled and makes it easy to care for. 

I own multiple versions in both light blue and white, and even wore the white version under my tux at my wedding. 

Promising Review: 

This shirt is the best. The quality is amazing and there is no fraying around the collar or wrists after many wears. 

I machine wash this shirt and just toss it in the dryer and it’s done. Would highly recommend!

– Dan T.

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J.Crew wrinkle-free shirt
  • 5 Stars
    • 1 Rating 

As a rule of thumb, any time you’re looking for something at Banana Republic, it’s probably a good idea to also check out J.Crew. 

The two brands are quite close competitors, so it’s no surprise to find that J.Crew has their own comfortable, stretchy and wrinkle-resistant men’s shirt.  

Their Bowery slim-fit shirt is available in a number of different colors and patterns, and like the BR shirt above is made from a cotton base that’s specially treated for increased wrinkle resistance.

Promising Review: 

This shirt was a great find! Very comfortable and crisp cotton, with a nice stretch and a comfortable but slim fit.

– Alex

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Twillory wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 353 Ratings 

Made from what they call ” the world’s most innovative non-iron fabric,” Twillory’s entry might be the best for those who want a more natural approach to wrinkle-free shirts. 

It’s made from their SafeCotton material, which is both softer than regular cotton and free of the formaldehyde and other chemicals that are often used to make wrinkle-free clothes.

Promising Review: 

Super comfortable, the collar always looks sharp and I never iron. Twillory shirts are now my only dress shirts.

– Jordan

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Nordstrom wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.2 Stars
    • 18 Ratings 

Nordstrom carries a pretty wide selection of wrinkle-resistant shirts, making it a great place to look for a wide variety of brands and styles. 

But some of the best deals come from their in-house Nordstrom brand, including the trim-fit dress shirt pictured here. 

Promising Review: 

Excellent work horse shirt for the office. Slim fit, but not tight… 

Crisp finish out of dryer, if not in dryer for too long.


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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.4 Stars
    • 2,077 Ratings 

Calvin Klein might be the best known brand of men’s underwear in the world, but it’s offerings go well beyond the underwear drawer.

The veteran American designer has been making a wide range of stylish and wearable menswear for decades, and their non-iron point collar dress shirt is as unimpeachable as you’d expect.

Available in nine various colors and boasting a classic collar that works with every type of suit, it’s a perfect go-to for those who need to wear a dress shirt on a daily basis. 

Promising Review: 

My husband was getting work shirts from a personal tailoring company online and he had to iron them every week after washing and drying. 

These you just wash on delicate, dry on delicate and they are wrinkle free as long as you take them out of the dryer and hang them up immediately. He loves them.

– stradman

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren wrinkle-free shirt

Ralph Lauren is another designer who’s been cranking out classic American menswear for longer than I’ve been alive. 

Their classic fit performance shirt comes in handsome plaid pattern  and is made from a stretch twill fabric that wicks away moisture and resists wrinkles. 

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Eagle Men’s

Eagle Men’s wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.6 Stars
    • 186 Ratings 

At first glance, Eagle Men’s regular fit, non-iron dress shirt looks about as classic as they come, boasting a point collar, a barrel cuff and a front pocket. 

But it also has a number of touches that make it more modern, including a wide range of fits and a specially treated fabric that allows you to avoid ironing. 

Promising Review: 

In my opinion, Eagle is the best made shirt that you can buy without going totally custom. I have been wearing them since high school and that was 60 years ago. 

I have some Eagle button down oxford shirts that are 30 years old and look like new. They always fit perfectly and seem to last forever.

– David F.

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T.M. Lewin

T.M. Lewin wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 7.557 Ratings 

T.M. Lewin’s non-iron white twill shirt is made using what the company calls their “ultimate crease-free technology” and designed from the ground up not to wrinkle. 

As a lighter weight shirt, it works great for warmer climates or for layering over top of when dressing for the fall

Promising Review: 

Snug fit, nice fabric and no need to iron. My absolute favourite shirt!

– Henrik G.

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Dockers wrinkle-free shirt
  • 4.5 Stars
    • 3,481 Ratings 

Dockers is definitely thought of as a more casual brand, but in recent years they’ve made a serious push into stylish and practical clothes that are perfect for business-casual settings. 

Their Signature comfort flex dress shirt is made from a blend of 55% cotton, 43% polyester and 2% elastane, so it offers comfort, stretch and wrinkle-resistance in equal measure. 

It’s available in both standard and big & tall sizes, so it’s a great option for bigger guys who need a tall shirt that will be long enough for their frames. 

Promising Review: 

Love the shirt! You never know but this Large fit my 5’9″ 168 lb body perfectly. Put it in the wash just to test it out. Came out of the dryer like new. Great fit and feel. Will buy more.

– G. Robert

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The Summary

Overall Best Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirt

Dave Bowden


Mizzen + Main’s Leeward shirt uses a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric with the perfect amount of stretch and structure, so that it looks like a (rather dapper) classic dress shirt, but feels like something you could wear to the gym.


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