The 25 Best Brands Like Carhartt

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Carhartt is an absolute icon in the world of workwear, and with good reason.

The Detroit brand founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889 is well known for its focus on durability, quality and affordability in their workwear products. 

In addition to their heavy-duty workwear, they’re also a trusted name for PPE (personal protection equipment), like scrubs, hi-vis apparel, and fire-resistant clothing, as well as safety boots and sneakers.

As if that’s not enough, they’ve even expanded into streetwear with their fashion-focused offshoot, Carhartt Work in Progress

But no brand is perfect, and Carhartt isn’t the only option out there for high quality workwear, safety gear, and rugged apparel that looks great and performs even better. 

In this post we’ll break down some of the best other brands like Carhartt on the market, in terms of price, quality and even style.  

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You can jump to more info about each brand/store by using the table of contents below, but here’s a quick run down of our top picks:

Our Top 3 Brands Like Carhartt for Workwear: 

Our 3 Top Brands Like Carhartt for Workwear, Streetwear, Outdoor Apparel, and more:

The Best Carhartt Alternatives on the Market

Rounding Up the Best Brands Like Carhartt for Workwear, Scrubs, Safety Gear & (Damn Near) Anything Else

Brands Like Carhartt for Workwear


Berne overalls

Berne is a classic workwear brand, and a great alternative for anyone who loves the quality and durability of Carhartt jackets and overalls, but wants another option for prices, colors and styles. 

They offer farmwear, hi-vis apparel, warm outerwear, and of course, their best-selling cotton duck jackets, which might just offer the best fit on the market, even when compared to a comparable Carhartt coat.

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Walls jacket

Walls is another workwear brand that specializes in high-performance outerwear and outdoor gear of all kinds, including everything from hi-vis vests to insulated coveralls. 

They started by selling overalls to oil and gas workers in Dallas in the 1930s, and it’s still a great place to turn for the kind of durable and well made work clothes that can handle even the toughest working conditions. 

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Caterpillar jacket

Owned by the same company that makes a lot of the equipment you’ll find on a typical job site, Caterpillar is a rugged, durable and classic workwear brand – and a close competitor of Carhartt work wear.  

They specialize in the type of hard-working clothes and accessories that will stand the test of time, but also carry everything from flannel shirts to comfortable tees.

Check Out Caterpillar ➤

Tough Duck

Tough Duck outerwera

Canadian brand Tough Duck specializes in purpose-made apparel that’s specifically for people who spend a long time on the job site , the farm, or working in frigid temperatures. 

Unlike some other Carhartt competitors, Tough Duck isn’t the type of workwear that can be mistaken for streetwear. 

Instead, Tough Duck offers coveralls, bibs, jackets, boots and more heavy duty apparel designed for work, not working it. 

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Arborwear pants

As the name implies, Arborwear specializes in the kind of heavy-duty and high-visibility safety gear that you can wear in the forest. 

While their original focus was on tree climbing, they’ve since expanded to sell all kinds of rugged and durable clothes, safety gear, and accessories. 

In addition to workwear, they also offer safety-related accessories for working outdoor, including hardhats, eye protection, chainsaw chaps, tick repellant, and more.

Check Out Arborwear ➤


Timberland boots

Timberland is another example of a brand that started as a workwear brand, but has also become one of the more popular streetwear brands. 

While they’re probably best known for their safety footwear, they’re a great alternative for everything you can get from Carhartt, from work jackets and pants, to a good pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of work boots

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Keen comfortable work boots

Best known for their durable and comfortable work boots, Keen offers a wide variety of footwear for both work and play.

From comfortable steel toe boots to hiking shoes, casual slides, and water sandals, everything Keen makes is built to the same high standards that makes them one of the most trusted names in workwear.  

Check Out Keen Utility ➤

Ben Davis Clothing

Ben Davis overalls

Another solid option, Ben Davis has been making gear for construction workers, railroad workers, machinists, and other professions that require hard work for nearly a century. 

They don’t have quite as wide an offering as some of the other brands on this list, but their stuff is similar in quality to Carhartt products, making them a good alternative for affordable workwear you can wear on the job site. 

Check Out Ben Davis ➤

Dri Duck 

Dri Duck outdoor apparel

Dri Duck specializes primarily in outerwear and accessories that can stand up to rugged work in just about any type of conditions. 

They carry everything from classic chore coats to heavy duty, insulated winter jackets, as well as vests, hoodies, and bibs, making them a great option for people who spend all day working outdoors, and need durable clothes that can stand up to the elements. 

Check Out Dri Duck ➤


Cornerstone workwear

A small company, Cornerstone deals in workwear and uniforms designed for factory workers, auto shops, delivery services, and medical facilities.

Their durable, snag-proof, and hi-vis apparel includes safety shirts, hooded jackets, collared T-shirts, and windbreakers, all of which is well-suited for the industries it’s intended for.

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Brands Like Carhartt for Outdoor Apparel, Streetwear, & Casual Workwear


Dickies pants

Dickies is one of the best Carhartt alternatives because like Carhartt, Dickies has managed to become a go-to brand for both workwear and streetwear.

A trusted name in American work apparel (especially bib overalls) since 1922, Dickies durability has also made it a popular staple among skateboarders, who need pants that can withstand hard scrapes against the pavement when they wipe out. 

So whether you’re looking for coveralls and high-vis workwear, or the latest skate fashion, Dickies has it all under one roof.

Check Out Dickies ➤



Filson is an American Heritage brand that makes rugged and durable clothes and gear that looks great and performs even better. 

Like Carhartt, Filson is one of those brands that cool kids can wear in the hip neighborhoods of major cities, and serious outdoorsmen can wear in the woods. 

They carry everything for those who live and work outdoors, like purpose-built gear for hunting and fishing, casual wool clothing, warm outerwear, and more.

Check Out Filson ➤

Duluth Trading Company 

Duluth Trading Company

Duluth offers a huge variety of work clothes, activewear, and other casual staples at reasonable and – in some cases – even quite low prices. 

They carry everything from work jackets and carpenter pants to loungewear and boxer shorts, so it’s a good place to turn if you’re looking for a one-stop shop where you can buy an entire outfit (or wardrobe). 

Their website is quite well stocked and easy to use, but they also have more than 60 retail stores across the U.S. if you prefer to shop in person. 

Check Out Duluth ➤

Round House Jeans

Round House jeans

Founded in Oklahoma in the late 1800s, Round House has been making workwear for more than 110 years. 

As their name implies, they got their start with denim, but they’ve since expanded to offer a wide variety of both work wear and outdoor gear, including camo, overalls, aprons and more. 

Check Out Round House Jeans ➤


Wolverine work boots

Wolverine is a brand founded by actor Hugh Jackman in honor of his most famous character, and the only brand accepted at Professor Xavier’s school for gifted mutants. 


In reality the brand actually has nothing to do with the X-Men, but Logan would surely appreciate Wolverine’s well-made and durable line of clothes, boots and accessories. 

(Actually, come to think of it, Marvel should seriously get in touch with them. They’re missing out on a chance for some great cross-promotion here…) 

Check Out Wolverine ➤

L.L. Bean 

LL Bean

LL Bean specializes more in outdoor gear than workwear, so it’s a good alternative to Carhartt if you’re looking for lifestyle apparel that holds up in cold weather.

They specialize in outerwear and outdoor clothing, but also carry a wide range of outdoor equipment, bags and even home goods. 

Check Out L.L. Bean ➤

The North Face

The North Face

Now owned by VF Corporation, the same parent company that owns Dickies, The North Face is one of the most popular brands for outdoor apparel and gear that can stand up to colder climates.

They’re best known for their outerwear and bags, but they’ve expanded their offerings in recent years and now offer active jackets, tops, pants and more. 

Check Out The North Face ➤



Patagonia is another trusted brand in the world of outdoor gear and apparel. 

They’ve been making premium clothing that’s of similar quality to brands like Carhartt and North Face for decades, along with a pretty good selection of other gear like bags, fishing equipment, workwear and more. 

Check Out Patagonia ➤


Columbia winter coat

A close competitor of brands like Patagonia and The North Face, Columbia is another great Carhartt alternative for rugged outdoor apparel and gear. 

They carry a huge selection that includes everything from boots and shoes to outerwear, backpacks and other forms of gear, all at good prices that are comparable (and in some cases even better) than workwear brands like Carhartt. 

Check Out Columbia ➤

Helly Hansen 

Helly Hansen

Based in Oslo, Helly Hansen is probably better known in European countries than in North America. 

But that’s a shame, because their outdoor clothes and performance gear rival anything you’ll find from premium brands on this side of the Atlantic. 

Their stuff is definitely geared more toward outdoor adventure than workwear, so this isn’t the best place to shop if you need something to wear on construction sites. 

But their high quality outerwear is great for cold weather adventures, and stylish enough to offer universal appeal.

Check Out Helly Hansen ➤


Levi’s is arguably the prototypical example of an iconic American brand that started as a workwear staple and has grown into so much more. 

Founded by Levi Strauss way back in 1853, Levi’s was one of the first brands to offer workwear pieces, and literally invented two of the most iconic pieces of all time: denim jeans and denim jackets.  

While those two pieces are still staples of Levi’s stores all around the world, the brand long ago expanded into comfortable clothes that go well beyond their workwear roots.

Today they offer a wide range of products that includes everything from their classic 501 jeans to shirts, tees, chinos and more. 

Check Out Levi’s ➤


Wrangler Denim Jacket

And speaking of places to buy a good pair of jeans, Wrangler has built its reputation on making hard-working and durable denim, catering especially to farm workers, ranchers, and people who simply love country-western style (yeehaw!).

In addition to various styles of jeans, they also offer a wide range of casual clothes, including tough jackets and shirts that can stand up to a hard day’s work on a ranch or job site.  

Check Out Wrangler ➤

Stan Ray

Stan Ray

Founded in Texas in the early 1970s, Stan Ray’s core value is based around practical clothes that are designed for movement and wearability. 

But much like Dickies, Timberland and other workwear brands, their hard-working ethos has been co-opted by streetwear enthusiasts, who’ve adopted the brand’s signature look as their own.  

So while you can certainly get painter pants, fatigues, work vests, down jackets, and overalls here, it’s up to you whether you use them for fashion or function.

Check Out Stan Ray ➤


Japanese brand WTAPS is a great alternative for streetwear enthusiasts who like Carhartt jackets, pants and oversized sweaters. 

They epitomize the workwear-as-fashion trend with a range of products inspired by some of the more hard-working brands on this list, but very much made for a younger, hipper crowd. 

Check Out WTAPS ➤

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