The 29 Best Outdoor Brands Like Patagonia

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While it’s become a favorite for outdoor lovers, it’s not hard to understand why people might want to find some other high-quality and ethical outdoor clothing brands like Patagonia. 

People love Patagonia both for the quality of their clothes, and their ongoing efforts to fight climate change and promote environmental sustainability. 

But while they were certainly pioneers in the outdoor equipment space, both their product offerings and their aesthetic can be a bit limited. 

Fortunately, their good work has inspired many others, and today there’s no shortage of high-quality and sustainable outdoor brands offering all manner of apparel and accessories. 

In this post we’ve put together a comprehensive list of brands like Patagonia that offer well-made, durable and sustainable outdoor clothing and gear. 

Patagonia vs Everyone

Awesome Outdoor Brands Similar to Patagonia

Arc’teryx Gear


Canadian company Arc’teryx started out making rock-climbing gear before expanding to become one of the top brands for both outdoor gear and clothing. 

In addition to still making some of the best products for climbing, they also offer a pretty big selection of well made, technical outerwear that’s designed to keep you warm in harsh conditions. 

And their accessories, including lightweight and waterproof packs and bags, will stand up to even the harshest elements. 

The North Face

The North Face

Founded in San Francisco in 1953, The North Face has since grown into one of the most popular brands for outdoor enthusiasts in the United States and around the world.

As one of Patagonia’s closest competitors, it’s arguably the single best Patagonia alternative thanks to its wide range of high-quality products designed with outdoor activities in mind. 

And like Patagonia, The North Face has a strong history of supporting environmental causes. 

They pride themselves on sustainable practices and set aside funds to help the other companies in their supply chain to reduce their environmental impact as well. 

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Like Patagonia, Eddie Bauer was founded by an avid outdoorsman who turned his love for the great outdoors into one of the largest gear and clothing companies in the outdoor industry. 

They carry a wide range of high quality mountain wear and accessories, making it a great place to turn for all your outdoor adventure supplies, including everything from a durable jacket and a warm sleeping bag to water bottles and utility knives.

L.L. Bean

LL Bean

Founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912 (yep – the L.L. actually stands for “Leon Leonwood”), L.L. Bean is another great Patagonia alternative for outdoor lovers. 

With a wide range of fashion friendly outdoor clothing and gear, it’s a good place to turn if you’re looking for outdoor wear that not only works well, but looks great. 

Columbia Sportswear Company


Columbia originally started as a hat distributor in 1938, but saw its sales skyrocket when it pioneered the first breathable rain jacket with interchangeable shells and liners. 

Their focus has expanded since those humble beginnings but today Columbia is still known as an industry leader in outdoor apparel thanks to the excellent quality it brings to its outerwear, including an exceptionally well made down jacket that’s become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. 

Additionally, their prices tend to be more affordable than Patagonia, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.



Founded in 1974, Marmot was originally called Marmot Mountain Works before shortening their name. 

While they may have taken the “mountain” out of their name, it’s still very much in the company’s DNA: 

Today they sell just about every type of outdoor apparel and gear, making them a great alternative to North Face Patagonia and other popular outdoor brands.



Founded in the French Alps in 1947 by François Salomon, Salomon is another outdoor sports equipment and apparel brand that owes its origins to the mountains. 

Salomon makes clothes and gear for everything from trail running, hiking and climbing to adventure racing, skiing, and snowboarding. 

Though it was founded in France, today it’s owned by Finland-based Amer Sports, the same parent company that owns Arc’teryx.

66° North

66° North

Founded in Iceland and named for the 66th parallel north, the latitude along which much of Iceland lands, 66° North makes outerwear and accessories that can stand up to even the coldest temperatures. 

They pride themselves on making insulated jackets and coats that are “suitable for Iceland, perfect for Everest,” which means they can definitely handle whatever winter weather happens to get thrown your way.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

From one Nordic brand to another, Helly Hansen is a Nordic brand based in Oslo. 

(Though it’s now owned by a parent company in Canada, which isn’t Nordic, but certainly knows a thing or two about cold weather apparel.) 

They offer a wide range of cold weather gear that includes everything from merino wool long underwear to parkas, ski jackets and more. 

Mountain Hardwear 

Mountain Hardwear

In addition to camping and outdoor gear like sleeping bags, tents and backpacks, Mountain Hardwear also carries a pretty wide range of outdoor clothing for both men and women. 

In fact, their name is actually something of an irony, since so much of their clothing is actually soft and lightweight, making it perfect for trekking and camping. 

As one of the best outdoor brands from the United States, they have, in recent years, innovated their product line, ensuring high-quality materials are at the forefront. 



Huckberry was founded by two San Francisco ski buddies in 2010 as something of a cross between a men’s clothing store and an adventure magazine.

Today the brand offers a wide range of clothes, everyday carry supplies and sports gear for a variety of activities, including biking, hiking, camping, surfing and more. 

Canada Goose 

Canada Goose

Well known for their iconic parkas, Canada Goose offers an even wider range of well made and exceptionally warm outerwear. 

In addition to coats, jackets and vests, they also offer warm weather apparel that includes everything from sweaters and knitwear to fleece and snow pants.



Nobis is a popular alternative to brands like Patagonia and Canada Goose that combines their commitment to heavy-duty outerwear with a more stylish sensibility. 

They offer a wide range of luxury outerwear for both men and women, all of it designed to not only protect you from the elements, but keep you looking dapper and well appointed, too.

Jack Wolfskin 

Jack Wolfskin

One of the most popular outdoor brands in Europe, Jack Wolfskin is a German company well known for their outerwear and backpacks. 

While they’re not quite as popular in North and South America as they are in Europe, they’re a great Patagonia alternative thanks to both the quality of their products and their commitment to fair trade and fair labor practices.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Equipment

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Black Diamond is a climbing equipment company that specializes in both gear and apparel for avid rock climbers. 

It actually grew out of Chouinard Equipment Inc, the business originally founded by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard before it went bankrupt in 1989.  

They don’t offer as wide a variety of products as big brands like Patagonia and North Face because their focus is pretty squarely on climbing. 

But since their stuff is designed with outdoor athletes in mind, a lot of their pieces can work well for anyone, making it a good place to turn for everything from base layers to a good waterproof rain jacket. 


Men in Joshua Tree National Park wearing Prana

This sustainable brand offers stylish clothing for active lifestyles with a focus on yoga, hiking, climbing, surfing, and travel. 

Plus, their designs, which prioritize movement and comfort, are made using ethical practices, such as materials and processes that have minimal ecological footprints.

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Mountain Khakis 

Mountain Khakis

Don’t let the name fool you: 

While they do, of course, make khakis, Mountain Khakis offering extends to all categories of clothes and outdoor apparel. 

In addition to shirts, shorts and outerwear, they also sell a range of accessories and outdoor gear, including bags, coolers, hats and more. 

Iron and Resin 

Iron and Resin

Iron and Resin specializes in purpose-built outdoor gear and apparel that’s built to last. 

Their selection isn’t as varied as major brands like L.L. Bean and Patagonia, but each piece they sell is well made and reliable enough to stand up to just about any environment or outdoor adventure.  



Founded by Harvey Gross, Penfield got its start by being one of the first brands to master the (at the time quite new and complex) manufacturing process required to make down jackets back in the ’70s. 

Since then it’s continued to use innovative technologies and synthetic materials to create a wide range of outdoor apparel, all designed with practicality, function and style in mind.

Topo Designs 

Topo Designs

Topo specializes in lightweight and practical packs and bags that can take you anywhere. 

In addition to a wide range of bags in every shape, size and style, they also offer a line of apparel for both men and women along with accessories like straps, clips and bag organizers. 



Well known for their flagship sleeping bag, the napsack, Poler also makes a variety of camping stuff and outdoor apparel. 

They offer everything from tents and coolers to tees, sweats and other accessories, all designed to keep you warm, dry and well equipped while camping. 



If the aptly named Recreational Equipment Inc isn’t the largest supplier of outdoor apparel and gear in America, it’s damn close. 

They offer a huge selection of brands and merchandise across almost all outdoor categories, and carry a huge stock that includes most of the best known brands in the industry, including many of the names on this list. 

In addition to a great selection, they’re also committed to helping the environment by remaining carbon neutral and recently announced a new plan to halve their carbon footprint by 2030. 

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports is a less direct Patagonia competitor than other brands on this list, but it’s very much in the REI mould. 

They carry an impressively large range of merchandise that includes everything from jackets and layering pieces to gear for biking, kayaking, snowshoeing and just about every type of outdoor activity or adventure. 



Mammut is a Swiss-based outdoor brand that specializes in clothing, footwear and equipment for outdoor activities. 

Like Patagonia and Black Diamond, they have a particular focus on the mountains and make bags and clothes for mountain-based activities like hiking, trekking and skiing. 



Another European brand, Fjällräven is a Swedish company that sells outdoor apparel and gear in multiple categories, but specializes in well made backpacks. 

In addition to their bags, they carry a wide product offering that includes everything from puffy jackets and sleeping bags to everyday products like wallets and beanies.



Cabela’s is a sort of one-stop shop for outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, boating and especially hunting. 

It’s better known as a fishing and shooting supply store, but they carry a wide range of outdoor equipment and even some apparel, so they’re worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for a Patagonia alternative.  

Outdoor Research  

Man holding skiis

Offering a wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and first responders, Outdoor Research’s mission is to make sure adventurers are equipped with the best, from ergonomically designed gloves to weather-resistant apparel.

Unsurprisingly, the brand is committed to sustainability and has set climate action goals to address the pressing issue of climate change. 

They also offer an Infinite Guarantee warranty on all products, reflecting its commitment to premium quality and customer satisfaction.

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Man outfitted in gear from Rab

This UK-based outdoor gear company is so committed to making the most innovative and reliable products that they work with athlete ambassadors to test their gear in the world’s harshest environments. 

From jackets and sleeping bags to tents and backpacks, Rab’s products are designed with the comfort and safety of serious outdoor enthusiasts in mind. 

And here’s good news for tree huggers:

In addition to their focus on performance, the company is making huge strides towards eco responsibility, using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices to minimize their impact on the environment.

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