The Best Brands Like Ralph Lauren for Stylish, Well Made and Classic Clothes

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For decades, Ralph Lauren has been a favorite brand among men in search of classic, all-American style.

Known for its high quality apparel and iconic Ralph Lauren logo, the brand is one of the biggest fashion houses to bridge the gap between lifestyle and luxury.

What started with a simple necktie in 1967 has grown into a giant of the fashion world, with hundreds of Ralph Lauren stores and retailers around the globe.

But when it comes to major brands that offer good quality, preppy clothes, the popular Ralph Lauren label isn’t the only game in town.

(Although it is the only one to be closely associated with both polo players and Rachel Green.)

Shoppers who love Ralph Lauren products often want to find alternative brands that offer a little more variety.

So to help you achieve a similarly classic – and classically stylish – look, we’ve rounded up some of the best preppy brands similar to Ralph Lauren.

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You can read more more about what makes each store great below, but here’s a quick rundown of the best Ralph Lauren competitors:

The Best Brands Like Ralph Lauren 

Rounding Up the Best Ralph Lauren Alternatives  for Luxury Lifestyle Apparel

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

Iconic American brand Brooks Brothers is one of the best Ralph Lauren alternatives in both style and quality. 

(In fact, Ralph Lauren worked there as a clerk in his early 20s.)

Known for their high-quality apparel, Brooks Brothers offers timeless, distinguished style whether you’re hitting the tennis courts or a business function. 

For the history buffs: 

Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is the oldest brand in the American fashion industry.

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Peter Millar

Peter Millar

Peter Millar specializes in refined luxury sportswear, particularly golf and resort-style fashion (i.e., preppy as hell). 

If you’re looking for Ralph Lauren lookalikes, this brand offers comparable quality and price points, plus a strong e-commerce game. 

Check Out Peter Millar ➤

Todd Synder

Todd Snyder apparel

As a self-professed “style expert for the modern gentleman,” it’s no wonder the Todd Snyder brand is an excellent alternative to Ralph Lauren. 

(Fun fact, Snyder himself once worked for Polo Ralph Lauren designing outwear.) 

Like RL, Tom Snyder carries a wide range of men’s fashions in classic styles only with a bit of an edge, offering a seemingly endless inventory of bold prints, patterns, and colors.

The price point is a bit higher but worth it if you want to incorporate some unique pieces into your rotation. 

Check Out Todd Synder ➤

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is another popular label similar to Ralph Lauren’s brand, especially among those with a penchant for designer labels and luxury goods.

With Hugo’s wide range of men’s clothing, including polos and chinos, you can create similar looks to Ralph Lauren (read: classic and preppy) at a comparable cost. 

Hot tip: Shop their online platform for a ton of great sales. 

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Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger apparel

There are few fashion brands as all-American as Tommy Hilfiger, making it one of the best alternatives to Ralph Lauren for a preppy, classically cool style. 

A global fashion heavyweight, the brand is sold in thousands of brick-and-mortar stores worldwide. 

There’s also the option to shop online, where they offer Big & Tall and Sustainable Styles categories online, plus some great sales. 

Extra points to this brand for inclusivity: They recently started offering a line of adaptive clothing for disabled kids and adults. 

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Hackett apparel

Best known for dress shirts but offering a whole gamut of product categories from suits to accessories, Hackett brings collegiate prep and British elegance to its menswear collection.

(Prince William has been spotted wearing their shirts, ‘nuff said.)

While Hackett is higher priced than Ralph Lauren, it’s a great option for high-quality investment pieces.

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Gant apparel

What Ralph Lauren is to America, Gant is to the United Kingdom

In the 1950s, Gant noticed the sporty-casual look the Ivy Leaguers were coveting at Yale University and brought it to British fashion. 

Offering classic sportswear from caps and polo shirts to shoes and watches, Gant is a one-stop-shop for a complete preppy look. 

One major downside is that Gant’s online store doesn’t ship to the US (yet). 

But a few online retailers of luxury lifestyle brands carry it, so a quick Google search will help you source them out. 

Check Out Gant ➤

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines

Founded in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Vineyard Vines is another great Ralph Lauren alternative with its clothing that embodies the American dream.

Their collection conjures images of summers in Cape Cod, with a wide variety of polos, button-downs, shep shirts, and blazers, in yacht club- and vacation-inspired styles. 

You’ll also find performance and sun-protection fabrics designed specifically for outdoor activities.

Check Out Vineyard Vines ➤

Billy Reid

Billy Reid apparel

American fashion designer Billy Reid combines preppy style with cool comfort for an effortlessly put-together look. 

The brand’s M.O. is creating “lived-in luxury” clothing from high-quality fabrics with a hint of Southern flair. 

Think linen suits, washed tees, lightweight chinos, and denim button-ups. 

It’s also a great option for tree huggers: 

Almost all of Billy Reid’s garments are produced in the United States and Europe using sustainable, organic cotton. 

Check Out Billy Reid ➤

Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing apparel

This British coastal brand embodies the crew life, complete with striped polos, trousers and chinos, and blazers featuring embroidered crests. 

(You’ll also find rugbys, trousers, vests, and blazers.)

The price points and quality are both on par with Ralph Lauren, making this a great alternative (especially if you’re planning to visit the yacht club). Cheerio!

Check Out Crew Clothing ➤


Lacoste apparel

French clothing company Lacoste is one of the most classic brands for that sporty lifestyle look.

You already know their tennis shirts with the little green crocodile logo, but Lacoste also offers a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing for a variety of sports, along with sneakers, sunglasses, and fragrances. 

Like Ralph Lauren, they also carry collections for kids (for the preppy girl or boy in your life). 

Check Out Lacoste ➤

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman apparel

British designer Ben Sherman found initial success in the 1960s when he started producing his own version of the collared, button-down shirts that were popular in the United States. 

Today, the Brighton Oxford shirt is still a staple of the brand, along with both classic and modern takes on British and American men’s fashion (their iconic Mod Knit polo shirts are a perfect example). 

They’re also a one-stop-shop for most of your wardrobe needs, including outerwear, shoes, and fashion accessories. 

Unfortunately for your girlfriend, they don’t sell women’s clothing.  

Check Out Ben Sherman ➤

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein polo shirt

Calvin Klein is a household name in the world of fashion and a popular Ralph Lauren competitor. 

(A study actually found CK to be the number one brand worn by rich guys.) 

Famous for jeans and underwear, it’s also a decent option for men’s sweaters, polos, activewear, and suits. 

Where this brand doesn’t compare to Ralph Lauren is selection and quality, but it’s a great alternative for casual fashion with a designer label.

Check Out Calvin Klein ➤


Burberry apparel

You’ve seen the iconic Burberry trench coat, but you may not know that the British luxury brand also offers a wide variety of men’s ready-to-wear fashion. 

Several department stores across North America carry Burberry, making it an accessible option for those who like to shop IRL. 

Like Ralph Lauren, Burberry is synonymous with premium quality and style. 

But it’s also a pretty darn expensive label:

A polo shirt from Burberry comes with around a $500 price tag, so it may not be a realistic option for everyone. 

Check Out Burberry ➤


Barbour apparel

Barbour may be more British country casual than all-American prep, but their styles exude the same classic confidence as the Ralph Lauren brand. 

The U.K. fashion house is famous for its “waxed cotton” jacket: a well-made, water-resistant garment intended to last for years if cared for properly. 

(Fun fact: Brits refer to any waxed cotton jacket as “the Barbour jacket,” regardless of the retailer.) 

Barbour also carries everything from quilted outerwear and corduroy trousers to comfy hoodies and stylish swimwear. 

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Drake's apparel

Drake’s is another classic British menswear brand comparable to Ralph Lauren, offering a variety of high-quality, stylish-yet-casual apparel. 

It’s also worth noting that the company is known for its unique handmade men’s ties and pocket squares, so while it’s a great option for high-quality clothing, if you’re an accessory fanatic, Drake’s is for you. 

Check Out Drake’s ➤


Bonobos apparel

Bonobos is one of the best brands to turn to if you covet that tailored preppy look. 

This menswear company started with “perfectly fitting chinos” and expanded to include jeans, sweaters, tuxes, and everything in between. 

What sets this brand apart is its wide range of size and fit options. 

You can select your desired fit (skinny, athletic, straight, and more) to tailor your look to your personal style and body type. 

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Lower-priced polos and cheaper chinos:

The Best (More Affordable) Brands Like Ralph Lauren


Rhoback apparel

Rhoback prides itself on creating long-lasting performance apparel for the activity-obsessed consumer. 

Their high-quality shirts are designed to take you from one activity to the next, with moisture-wicking fabrics that even offer sun protection. 

What’s more, Rhoback is big into supporting charities like Pups4Patriots, an organization that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be service animals for veterans with PTSD, which makes it a brand you can feel good about. 

Check Out Rhoback ➤


Nautica apparel

With Nautica’s abundance of polo and sailing-inspired styles, you can stock your wardrobe with preppy apparel but at a fraction of the cost of Ralph Lauren. 

If you love an eco-conscious brand, Nautica also offers a line of sustainably crafted apparel from responsibly sourced fabrics.

Check Out Nautica ➤

J. Crew

J.Crew apparel

Historically, the classic all-American look has been J. Crew’s bread and butter. 

But since filing for bankruptcy protection at the beginning of the pandemic, J. Crew has emerged with a fresh, modern marketing campaign and updated look. 

The latest iteration of their style is preppy with a modern twist, including high quality cashmere and broad, bold color pallets. 

Not exactly a new idea, but if you’ve discounted this company, it’s worth a second look.

Check Out J. Crew ➤

Original Penguin

Original Penguin apparel

Penguin is another great brand to turn to if you’re looking for sporty style on a budget. 

They specialize in both classic casual and sport-specific apparel, so you can look the part on and off the tennis court (or golf course, or watercraft). 

And if you like to shop from your couch, their online store has some decent sales. 

Check Out Penguin ➤

Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis apparel

American menswear company Perry Ellis is one of the best Ralph Lauren alternatives if you want preppy style but at more approachable prices. 

They also offer a Big & Tall category with sizes up to 4XLT.

Check Out Perry Ellis ➤

L.L. Bean

LL Bean apparel

When it comes to preppy clothing brands L.L. Bean has got you covered, particularly if you’re looking for a cost-effective option. 

Their online store is well-stocked and easy to navigate, or you can visit one of their 54 locations for in-person shopping. 

They also cater to the outdoorsy type, offering a wide range of apparel and equipment for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. 

Check Out L.L. Bean ➤

Jack Wills

Jack Wills

U.K. fashion brand Jack wills is another option when looking for Ralph Lauren alternatives. 

Like RL, they lean heavily towards the sporty, collegiate look inspired by rowing, rugby, and tennis.  

One main difference: Jack Wills works with social media influencers to promote their labels, meaning they market to a slightly younger consumer than Ralph Lauren. 

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