How to Keep a Conversation Going

Wondering how to keep a conversation going? Use these proven hacks to keep the convo flowing smoothly. To avoid awkward pauses, all you need is…

How to Make Great Small Talk

Find out how to start conversations, keep them going naturally, avoid awkward pauses and leave people with a positive impression of you.

Book Review: Compelling People

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Quick Hit: Icebreakers Actually Work

We can’t hide from the truth: lame conversation starters, despite the fact that the word “lame” is in their very name, work. Or so says the Science of Us.

Quick Hit: Techniques for Talking to Strangers

Intellectual humble brag alert: I’m a big fan of The Atlantic.

I particularly like what they’ve been doing with their video series If Our Bodies Could Talk, in which Dr. James Hamblin explores various issues pertaining to both physical and mental health.

The Atlantic‘s official description calls Hamblin’s perspectives “off-beat,” but I dare say they’re downright irreverent. (No wonder I’m a fan.)

Check out their latest in the clip below, in which Hamblin interviews Kio Stark, author of When Strangers Meet, and learns how to randomly talk to people in a park.

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