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Find out how to start conversations, keep them going naturally, avoid awkward pauses and leave people with a positive impression of you.
Good news fellas: it doesn't HAVE to be terrifying. Discover how to talk to attractive women while remaining calm, cool and (dare I say it) confident.
Have you ever thought to yourself, "I bet a menopausal woman with corny jokes can make me a master socializer"? Well as it turns out, you damn well should have.
You guys have asked a ton of great questions about how to get better at socializing, so I've rounded up answers to some of your most common queries.
The Program Director of Social Confidence Mastery reveals how he took his self-confidence from below zero to a perfect 10 – and how you can do the same.
It should come as no surprise that Louis, in his own crass but eminently relatable way, perfectly summarized how it feels to be an introvert in a clip from his FX show, Louie.
How to Win Friends & Influence People is about just that: turning strangers into friends. If you want to improve your people skills, you'll get a lot out of this book.
Unfortunately I can't go back in time and coach my younger self. But I can provide some advice for shy guys who want to get better at socializing today.
We can’t hide from the truth: lame conversation starters, despite the fact that the word “lame” is in their very name, work. Or so says the Science of Us.
For shy guys, it's kind of the holy grail – but it doesn't have to be. Find out how to become more social and break out of your shell.