The 5 Best Wegner Flag Halyard Chair Replicas

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It isn’t hard to understand why fans of modern classic furniture design would want to find an affordable replica of the Flag Halyard lounge chair. 

The basic idea for the Flag Halyard famously occurred to Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner – who also designed both the Shell Chair and the Wishbone chair, among others – on a hot summer afternoon in the 1950s. 

An original Flag Halyard chair at Danish furniture shop Illums Bolighus
[image: Ew3234 / Wikimedia]

While his kids played in the shallow water of the beach, the story goes that Wegner dug himself a hole in the sand to serve as a comfortable vacation chair. 

When he got back to the summerhouse Wegner put together the first sketches of the original design, whose solid stainless steel frame veered from his traditional use of wood and paid homage to early modernists like Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer.  

The finished product and its iconic long-haired Australian sheepskin throw was originally produced by Danish firm PP Møbler, and has stood the test of time. 

But while the authentic PP225 Flag Halyard Chair is still available today, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. 

A brand new original PP225 will cost you anywhere from $10,000 up to $25,000, depending on the model you choose, and which high-end luxury store you buy it from. 

Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to refinance your home to get a high quality and comfortable armchair with the same iconic design.

Below we’ve rounded up a handful of different chairs that have the same neck cushion, polished frame and general appearance of the Flag Halyard chair, but come at a fraction of the original’s price tag.  

The (Absolute) Best Replica Flag Halyard Chairs 

Rounding Up the Best Flag Halyard Chair Dupes on the Market
Overall Best Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair Replica ↓

Interior Icons 

Interior Icons 
  • 5 Stars
    • 64 Reviews

As its name implies, Interior Icons is a furniture company that specializes in well-made reproductions of mid-century modern classic design furniture. 

So it should come as no surprise that their Flag Halyard chair is one of the very best replicas on the market. 

This faithful reproduction perfectly mimics the iconic shape of the chair and boasts all of its hallmarks, including the eponymous flagline cording, a long-haired sheep skin throw and a duck-down neck pillow that’s attached to the chair with leather pillow straps.

The premium leather pillow is available in two colors, black and brown, and it ships within two days of placing your order from the company’s shipping address in Seattle, with most deliveries arriving two to seven business days of shipment.   

Promising Review

Very well built and classy–I was initially concerned the quality may have fallen short as this was an on-line purchase, but I was wrong. 

Thank you, Interior Icons, for making this beautiful designer-inspired piece attainable. It looks absolutely amazing in my Scandinavian-modern living room!

– Darlyn J.

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  • 5 Stars
    • 6 Reviews

A close runner up to the Interior Icons model above, Kardiel’s version offers not just the chair itself, but a matching ottoman – complete with its own long-haired sheepskin throw – that makes it perfect for kicking your feet up and taking an afternoon rest. 

Kardiel also offers a few more color options, as you can choose either beige or black colored cording, in addition to the standard leather aniline grade pillow in either black or brown. 

Promising Review

This chair is super comfortable and such great quality!!

– Angelina L.

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Did you know…?

The Flag Halyard is undoubtedly a modern industrial beauty, but the name is a little confusing. 

It comes from the way the original PP Mobler chair was constructed. 

One reason why it’s such a comfortable chair is because it’s strung with a 240-meter long flag line, which forms a kind of halyard (i.e. a line used to hoist or lower a sail or flag on a ship), which is what the sitter rests on within the chair’s frame. 

“Flag Halyard” was a combination of the two terms: flag and halyard.  

Is it a stunning and inspiring design? Absolutely.  But is it also a bit of a mouthful? No doubt. 

But Wegner was one of the most prolific designers in the 20th century furniture industry, and he has way too many iconic designs to deem any single one of them the Wegner Chair. 

Plus, his work helped bolster the international popularity of mid-century modern design, so let’s cut the guy some slack. 

Best of the Rest ↓

The two models above easily deserve the top spots on our list thanks to their high quality, modest price tags and faithful use of the same materials as the original.

But there are a few other models that offer a similar blend of quality and style, along with some different price points. 

Take a look at the other options below to find a replica chair that suits your style, tastes and budget.   

Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts Flag Halyard replica
  • 5 Stars
    • 80 Reviews
Promising Review

Very cool, well made chair. And looks fancy sitting in my bedroom corner

– Tonya

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Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern Flag Halyard replica
  • TK Stars
    • TK Reviews
Promising Review

Best chair to soak up the sun! Excellent quality.

– Louis-Phillippe D.

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France & Sons

France & Sons Flag Halyard replica

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Overall Best Replica Flag Halyard Chair

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This faithful reproduction perfectly mimics the iconic shape of the chair and boasts all of its hallmarks, making it one of the best (and best priced) replicas on the market.


📷 Banner Image: Interior Icons; Illustration: Irreverent Gent

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