49 Ridiculously Funny Gag & Novelty Gifts for Men 

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M en can be notoriously hard to shop for, but who said gift-giving can’t be fun? (Or, for that matter, funny as hell?) 

If you’re having a hard time finding the best funny gift for a guy with a sense of humor, there’s good news: 

We’ve rounded up a list of hilarious gag gifts for every type of guy and every occasion. 

Whether you’re shopping for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift, these funny gift ideas are sure to have him busting a gut.

So without further adieu, here’s a compilation of 49 hilarious and awesome gifts for the men in your life that are perfect for adding a little laughter to any special occasion.

Hilariously Funny Gifts for Men 

Breaking Down the Best Gag Gifts for Guys who Like a Good Laugh

Funny Novelty & Joke Gifts for Men 

Toilet Golf Set  

Toilet golf set

Keep your golf-loving friends entertained with the Potty Putter practice set. 

A great idea for a guy who appreciates toilet humor, this hilarious gift will provide endless amusement during his bathroom breaks.

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Funny Activity Book

Bathroom activity book

If he prefers to read in the bathroom, this book of jokes and puzzles makes a great gag gift. 

Packed with riddles, mazes, quizzes, and other activities, it’s the best way to pass the time while he’s indisposed. 

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Beard Beanie  

Beard beanie

Know someone with a penchant for facial hair?

Gift them a cozy beanie from Beard Head, complete with a detachable beard, perfect for chilly days or hiding a clean shave.

Plus, it’s available in different colors so you can match it to his real hair. 

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Giant Fist Beer Koozie  

Fist beer koozie

Help your buddy can keep his beer cold while making a statement with this oversized foam fist koozie, guaranteed to spark conversation at any gathering.

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Novelty Golf Balls

Novelty golf balls

This set of funny golf balls won’t lower his handicap, but it will add a little bit of humor to his golf game. 

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Hook and Loop Drinking Game

Hook and Loop drinking game

For a guy who’s the life of the party, you can’t go wrong with a good drinking gift. 

This trendy drinking game is a real gift (as opposed to a gag), but is sure to elicit plenty of laughs. 

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Yodeling Pickle  

Yodeling Pickle

This yodeling pickle will leave your friends in stitches. 

A great gag gift for men who appreciate the absurd, it’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

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Desktop Punching Bag  

Desktop Punching Bag

Help the stressed-out man in your life release tension with this desktop punching bag. 

Perfect for the office, it will provide a comical outlet for their daily frustrations.

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Custom Novelty Socks

Novelty socks

Keep him on his toes, literally, with a hilarious pair of socks. 

Personalize them with a funny picture of him, his friends, or a pet.  

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Instant Underpants  

Instant Underwear

With an emergency pair of instant underpants, he’ll never be caught with his pants down… at least, not without underwear on. 

Just add water and voila, instant undies. 

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Lazy Cell Phone Holder  

Cellphone holder

Provide your gadget-loving friends some hands-free entertainment with this flexible, lazy cell phone holder. 

Ideal for binge-watching, gaming sessions, or just multitasking, it’s a hilarious yet practical gift.

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Bacon Toothpaste  

Bacon toothpaste

It’s America’s favorite breakfast meat, in toothpaste form! 

Perhaps not for the faint of heart (or the weak stomached), this novelty toothpaste is sure to get a laugh. 

However, we definitely don’t recommend this as a Valentine’s day gift (ew). 

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Funny BBQ Apron 


Outfit your favorite grill master with this comical apron, equipped with pockets for all their grilling tools.

It fits generously and is adjustable so whether he’s lanky or big boned, it will be the perfect size. 

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Funny Retirement Gifts for Men 

Hilarious and unique gifts for dudes who finally called it quits. 

Retirement Countdown Timer  

Retirement Timer

This countdown timer will add a touch of humor to the anticipation of retirement, ticking down the days, hours, and minutes until freedom.

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Officially Retired T-Shirt  

Officially retired t-shirt

Gift your retiree a stylish and humorous t-shirt that proudly declares their newly minted status.

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Retirement Coffee Mug

Retirement coffee mug

Funny coffee mugs always make great gifts because they’re both silly and practical.

This novelty retirement mug reminds him (and everyone else) each morning that he’s officially off the clock for good. 

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“This Legend Has Retired” Hat

Retirement ball cap

This cheeky cap combines humor and style, paying tribute to the man and the myth while eliciting chuckles from passersby.

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“I’m Retired” Sash  

Retirement sash

Make your retiree feel like royalty with this “I’m Retired” sash. 

The perfect gift for a retirement party, it’s a fun way to celebrate their achievement.

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Senior Moments Board Game  

Senior Moments board game

Keep your retiree entertained with this hilarious board game that tests their memory and knowledge of pop culture from the past.

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“Retired Under New Management” Shirt  

Under New Management T-shirt

This clever t-shirt design acknowledges the shift in power dynamics that often follows retirement, while providing a good laugh.

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Funny Wine Glass

Retirement wine glass

Celebrate your retiree’s newfound freedom as well as his love for wine with this comical stemless wine glass. 

He’s sure to smile every sip!

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“Aged to Perfection” Whiskey Glass  

Retirement whiskey glass

This engraved whiskey glass, touting the recipient’s “aged to perfection” status, is a classy yet fun gift for the whiskey-loving retiree.

A great idea for birthday gifts, too! 

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Recliner Remote Control Caddy  

Remote control caddy

Keep your retiree’s favorite chair organized with this remote control caddy, perfect for holding all their essential gadgets during their newfound downtime.

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Retired Business Cards  

Retirement business cards

Help your retiree network in style with these tongue-in-cheek business cards, letting everyone know they’re professionally retired. 

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Funny Christmas Gifts for Men 

(Because you pulled Larry’s name for Secret Santa and you don’t know what to get him.)

Ugly Christmas Sweater  

Ugly Christmas Sweater

What holiday season is complete without an ugly Christmas sweater? 

Keep your loved ones warm and laughing with an over-the-top ugly Christmas sweater, featuring outrageous designs or hilarious holiday puns.

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Christmas Flask

Spread holiday cheer with this reusable flask, perfect for discreetly sipping festive libations at the family or office gathering.

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Christmas Toilet Paper  

Christmas Toilet Paper

Add a touch of festive humor to the bathroom with this Christmas-themed toilet paper, featuring Santa and Rudolph.

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Beard Ornaments  

Beard ornaments

Deck the beard with these colorful, miniature beard ornaments, perfect for adding a little holiday spirit to, well, his face.

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Mistletoe Hat  

Mistletoe hat

Encourage your single friends to mingle at holiday parties with this mistletoe ball cap, sure to spark conversation, laughter, and maybe even a new romance. 

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Chia Pet Santa  

Chia Pet Santa

Bring some holiday hilarity to the table with this Santa Chia Pet, a fun and easy-to-grow gift that will have everyone laughing.

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Festive Wine Bottle Cover  

The perfect host gift for the holidays, dress up your friend’s favorite bottle of vino with a funny and festive wine bottle cover.

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“Nice, Naughty, I Tried” Shirt  

Nice, Naughty T-shirt

Honesty is the best policy! 

Your favorite naughty friend will  with this funny Christmas t-shirt that lets the wearer own up to his not-so-perfect behavior.

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Christmas Story Leg Lamp  

Leg Lamp

Bring the iconic leg lamp from the classic movie A Christmas Story into your friend’s home with this quirky, conversation-starting replica.

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Snowball Fight Set  

Pretend snowballs

Bring the fun inside on super cold days with this indoor-safe snowball fight set.

Complete with 50 plush snowballs, you can have hours of friendly competition without the frostbite.

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Bob Ross Ornament

Bob Ross Ornament

If your friend likes to quote TV’s painting personality Bob Ross (and who doesn’t?), this adorable ornament is the perfect present. 

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Christmas-Themed Inflatable Tube Guy

Christmas-themed Inflatable Tube Man

Surprise your friends (and potentially annoy their neighbors) with an inflatable tube man to decorate their front lawn for the holidays. 

It’ll be the most popular house in the neighborhood.

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Funny Gag Gifts for Men 

“Dad Bod” Gym Shirt  

Dad Bod tank top

Celebrate your friend’s physique with this “Dad Bod” shirt, perfect for hitting the gym while advertising his sense of humour.

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Fart Extinguisher  

Fart extinguisher

This novelty air freshener, designed to look like a mini fire extinguisher, is a hilarious addition to any bathroom and a cheeky (pun intended) solution to unpleasant odors.

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Remote Controlled Fart Machine  

Fart machine

Keep your friends laughing (and cringing) with this remote control fart machine. 

Ideal for pranking unsuspecting victims, it’s the perfect choice for a giant man-child guy who loves practical jokes. 

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“World’s Okayest Brother” Mug  

Okay Brother mug

Show your brother your indifference with this tongue-in-cheek mug. 

It’s a great way to acknowledge his mediocrity, while still expressing affection.

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“Baldman” T-Shirt  

Baldman T-shirt

Gift your follicly-challenged friend this playful shirt that lets him flaunt his baldness—and his love of the Dark Knight—with pride.

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Funny Doormat  

Funny beer doormat

Ideal for man caves or the porch of a guy who loves to entertain, this doormat lets guests know his host gift of choice. 

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Prescription Beer Koozie  

Rx beer koozie

For the guy who considers a cold beer medicinal (that’s science, right?), this prescription-bottle beer koozie is right up his alley. 

Just make sure he takes as directed.

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Self-Stirring Coffee Mug  

Self-stirring coffee mug

This self-stirring coffee mug is a funny and functional gift for the man who’s too lazy to stir his own drink.

A funny gift for any coffee lover, it ensures the perfect cuppa joe with the push of a button.

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“I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off” Tank Top  

Flexed tank top

Help your friend show off his hard work with this not-so-humble sleeveless shirt, perfect for gym sessions or just lounging around. 

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Book of Dad Jokes

Book of Dad Jokes

The next time you need a funny last-minute gift idea for dad, look no further than a book of dad jokes. 

Just prepare yourself for endless eye rolling. 

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“Dad Off Duty” Socks

"Dad Off Duty" socks

Because everyone can use new pairs of socks, joke socks make great funny gifts.  

These “Dad Off Duty” socks make the perfect gag gift for new dads who don’t have much time for themselves. 

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Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Beer belly fanny pack

A great gift for a family member with a sense of humor (albeit a sick one), this hilarious dad bag lets him store his personal items while getting a laugh from onlookers. 

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Shart Wipes

Shart Wipes

This funny gag gift requires no explanation. 

If rude gifts are his thing, this is obviously the best gift you could give. (It’s either this, or fake poop.)

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