The 3 Best Gubi Pacha Lounge Chair Replicas 

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If you want to adorn your living room with an iconic piece at an affordable price, finding a high quality Pacha lounge chair replica is the best way to go. 

Designed by legendary French designer Pierre Paulin in 1975, the original chair is both a joyfully modernist creation and a surprisingly functional piece, which simultaneously provides extreme comfort while reflecting the changing design style of its period. 

Sohnne Preston chair in blue
The original will cost you nearly $4,000, but thankfully today you can find faithful reproductions like this one from Sohnne for much less

Differing dramatically from other pieces of everyday furniture, the bold form, soft boucle fabric, and organic shapes of the Pacha chair heralded a new age of design when it was first sold by Gubi, the iconic Danish design house. 

Foregoing the standard seat height, metallic frames, and wooden chair legs of a chaise longue, the rounded forms of the Pacha chair offer perfect proportions that hue closely to the natural shape of the body. 

The result is an effortless versatility, and a lovely luxurious feeling that provides extra comfort, almost as though you’re sitting on a cloud. 

And while it’s still possible to buy the original, iconic lounge chair from Gubi, you’ll pay mightily for the privilege: 

An authentic Gubi Pacha chair costs about $4,000 (😱 !!!!), which is a frankly absurd amount to spend on a single piece of living room furniture (even if it is an iconic vintage lounge chair!).

Fortunately, nowadays it’s possible to find a Pacha replica that has the same great design and innovative style of the original, but costs a (helluva) lot less. 

Below we’ve rounded up a few of the best Pacha lounge chair replicas that will add real elegance to any interior setting, without doing real damage to your wallet or credit score.  

The (Absolute) Best Pacha Chair Replicas 

Breaking Down the Best Replica Pacha Chair Available Online
Overall Best Gubi Pacha Lounge Chair Replica ↓

Sohnne Preston Chair

Sohnne Preston Chair
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    • 103 Reviews
  • Available in 3 colors 
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Easily the best replica Pacha chair on the market, Sohnne’s Preston is a faithful reproduction that’s designed for low-level living, and has the same soft woolly look and beautiful exaggerated texture of the original. 

Paulin was famous for being an expert craftsmen who took a vigorous approach to furniture design, using quality processes and premium materials that had to meet the highest standards. 

The Preston remains faithful to that spirit of excellence by combining Paulin’s iconic design with high-quality materials – including breathable boucle upholstery, high-density back cushions and a tastefully painted wooden base – into a well-made modern lounge chair that’s a dead-ringer for the original. 

But the best part might be the price tag: 

At less than $1,000, the Preston is just a quarter of the price of the authentic Gubi chair, making it not only the best Pacha lounge chair replica on the market, but the best value. 

Promising Review: 

So happy with my purchase of this chair! It is roomy and comfortable and fits our space perfectly. 

I was a bit concerned about getting a lighter-colored material but it has held up beautifully. 

The cover is sturdy and durable, and it’s really soft to the touch & comfy too. Great price and definitely more affordable than the original design. Would definitely recommend it!

– Tayler

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Best of the Rest ↓

Among furniture and design circles, the legendary Frenchman Pierre Paulin is regarded in the same interior designer pantheon as other icons of the post-austerity era like Ray Eames, George Nelson and Arne Jacobsen. 

But his work isn’t quite as well known to the masses, and as a result there aren’t as many replicas of the Pacha chair as there are of other iconic mid-century pieces, like the Eames Lounge Chair, Egg Chair, or even Paulin’s own Tongue Chair. 

Fortunately the Sohnne model listed above is an excellent reproduction, and just about the perfect choice for anyone looking for a good pacha chair dupe.

But it’s not the only one on the market.

Below are a couple other options that could also work, along with links where you can find further information on each. 

France & Sons Artemis Chair

France & Sons Artemis Chair

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Valarian Mava Home Lounge Chair

Valarian Mava Home Lounge Chair

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Overall Best Gubi Pacha Chair Replicas

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Easily the best replica Pacha chair on the market, Sohnne’s Preston is a faithful reproduction that’s designed for low-level living, and has the same soft woolly look and beautiful exaggerated texture of the original. 


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