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Until recently, guys basically only had two options when it comes to shaving the coarse, curly hair of our nether regions: 

We could either lather up the shaving cream and use a traditional razor, which would mean scraping a sharpened piece of metal directly against our most private parts (which also happen to be our most prized parts). 

Or, we could use an electric razor that was actually designed to be a beard trimmer, and hope that the same nicks, cuts and skin irritation that it sometimes leaves on our face would somehow be absent on our phallus. 

Meridian trimmer box
Nowadays a number of brands, including Meridian, have introduced trimmers that are purpose-built for your boys

The good news is that today things are different, as a number of brands have introduced purpose-built groin hair trimmers with extra sensitive technology, which are specifically designed to safely remove body hair from your most sensitive areas. 

The bad news is that the increase in the quantity of pube trimmers hasn’t been met with an equal increase in quantity: 

While there are a handful of precision-grade products that provide a safe, smooth shave, the market has also been flooded with a range of products that look legit, but are actually cheap knock offs that you should keep far away from your below the belt region.

I recently spent a few months shaving with the Meridian trimmer, a waterproof trimmer that claims to be safe for sensitive skin, to find out how it stacks up in terms of quality, effectiveness and overall experience.

Read on to learn the full results of my Meridian trimmer review and find out if their shaver is worth shelling out for.

Key Takeaways ↓

You can find the full details below, but here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons:

What I Like About Meridian’s Trimmer:

  • Comfortable Shaving Experience: The ceramic blades work great and the shaving experience was both pain- and nick-free.
  • Close Shave: It leaves your pubes short enough that things look neat and tidy, but not so short that it feels uncomfortable a week later when stubble grows in.
  • Maneuverability: It has a more ergonomic shape than most other pube trimmers, and a rubber casing that makes it easy to hold, especially in the shower.

What I Don’t Like About It:

  • No Flashlight: Its two main competitors, from and Manscaped, both come with onboard lights that help you see what you’re doing down there.
  • No Charging Stand: It comes with a USB cord and plug, but not a stand like a lot of other electric razors, which is a bit inconvenient.

In-Depth Meridian Grooming Review

Can their flagship trimmer take care of your pair?
An Irreverent Gent Investigation

Review Methodology & Disclosure

This review came about because a member of Meridian’s PR team reached out and asked if we’d like to try/review their product.

After making them aware of our review policy, we told them we’d only be willing to try it if there were no strings attached. To their credit, they agreed, and sent us a sample trimmer to try.

What follows are my own honest, unfiltered opinions after trying the trimmer over the course of a few weeks.


Meridian Grooming 

Meridian logo

Founded in 2018, Meridian is a relatively new brand that strives to make personal grooming products that are not only effective, but comfortable to use. 

They’re owned by the same company that makes Lumin skincare products, who are best known for their classic maintenance package, but also offer an age management set that my editor I reviewed awhile back.

Screenshot of Meridian website
After initially marketing the trimmer to men, nowadays Meridian’s website is full of people of all genders and identities

In addition to the trimmer, Meridian also offers a number of accessories, including everything from boxer briefs and grooming kits to various parts of the trimmer, like a replaceable ceramic blade module, and a ball spray that uses natural ingredients like green tea leaf extract to soothe your skin post-shave. 

While Meridian initially marketed their products specifically toward men, they expanded their focus a few years ago in an effort to be more inclusive. 

Today the Meridian website is chock full of people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and genders, and while this is obviously a business play designed to help them sell more hygiene products, I don’t think it’s a bad thing when brands make a point of valuing diversity. 

(Plus, let’s be honest: everybody’s got pubes. A trimmer that’s safe and effective for men would probably work just as well for women, and vice versa, so there’s not much point in only marketing it to half the population.) 

The Meridian Trimmer 

The Meridian Trimmer
If you’ve never taken a picture of your ball shaver in the bathroom before, then you, sir or madam, are clearly not a serious journalist “content creator”

Meridian’s flagship product is simply called The Trimmer, a cordless, waterproof shaver that’s designed to be used both in and out of the shower. 

In addition to the skincare bonafides Meridian gets from its association with Lumin, one of the trimmer’s biggest selling features is its use of flexible ceramic blades, as opposed to the stainless steel trimmer blade traditionally found on beard trimmers and other male grooming devices. 

Ceramic blades supposedly provide a safer and gentler shave, which according to Meridian makes them more appropriate for pubic hair. 

While Meridian offers multiple packages (on which more below), the basic trimmer comes with two adjustable guide combs, one cleaning brush and one USB charger. 

So, can Meridian’s ceramic blades provide a close, comfortable and clean shave? 

Let’s find out.

The Shave: 


Close up of the ceramic blades on the Meridian trimmer
The Meridian’s ceramic blades were as-advertised, and resulted in a comfortable, pain-free shave

Previously my go-to move for cleaning up my pubes was to use the same kind of multi-blade razor I use on my neck (and used to use on my face before I grew my beard out). 

And while this certainly resulted in a close shave, it also led to a lot more close calls than I care to recount. 

So I was quite pleased when I discovered that Meridian’s claims about the comfort of ceramic blades are quite accurate. 

It was easily the most comfortable, nick-free and painless pube-shaving experience I’ve ever had. 

But while I was pretty impressed (and, to be honest, quite relieved) by the comfort of the first shave, I was considerably more impressed the second, third and fourth times. 

I used the Meridian over the course of a few weeks (I don’t shave my pubes that often), and wasn’t sure how the thing would hold up on repeat shavings. 

But it was quite comfortable each time, which is impressive because other than rinsing it with water and using the brush to wipe out stray hairs, I really haven’t done anything to maintain it. 

Total Score for Comfort 4.8 / 5

Closeness / Smoothness 

Other than the comfort level, closeness was maybe my biggest question going into this review. 

One of the only things my previous razor blade method had going for it was that, while it was high-risk, it was also high-reward: 

It might result in (quite) a few nicks and cuts, but it certainly left my boys nice and smooth once I was done (…and all healed up). 

No Uncomfortable Itchiness 

Man holding his crotch in pain
The Meridian trimmer left my boys mercilessly itch-free, much to my delight (and relief)
[image: Janon Stock / Shutterstock]

The Meridian trimmer didn’t get quite as close, so if you’re absolutely set on making your package feel baby-bottom smooth, it might be a good idea to stick with a razor. 

But in addition to the nicks and cuts of my razor blade method, the other downside was that the smoothness it provided would only last for a few days.

After that I’d enter an uncomfortable stubble period in which things started to itch down there, which is never a good feeling. 

(As a general rule, any time you have the thought “things are starting to itch down there,” you should probably take it as a sign that it’s time to rethink some of your life choices.) 

Damn Near the Perfect Length for Pubes

measuring tape
You’ll be relieved to know that at no point did I ever consider taking a picture of my balls when I was done shaving to show you the final result (you’re welcome!)

But with my new trimmer I was able to avoid this problem, because the Meridian shaved to what turned out to be damn near the perfect length: 

Short enough that things looked and felt neat and tidy, but not so short that it felt uncomfortable a week later when the hair started to grow back in. 

Plus, the attachment combs made it easy to trim down the bush above my unit, which I previously had to try and cut down with scissors after I was done using a razor on my sack. 

And if you’ve never stood in your bathroom mirror and gestured toward your crotch with an open pair of scissors, let me assure you: 

It’s an experience you’re much better off avoiding if you can. 

Total Score for Closeness & Smoothness: 4.5 / 5


In my opinion the trimmer’s shave performance is (by far) the most important aspect of this review, let’s take a closer look at its other features to see how they stack up.

Battery Life 

Meridian trimmer plugged into wall
The battery on the Meridian lasted a long time (but the lack of outlets in my apartment means that I have to plug my ball shaver in on the kitchen counter)

I’m not always the best about putting devices back on the charger, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, who is meticulous about it. 

So I was happy to find that the Meridian’s battery held up quite well, even after going unplugged for a long time. 

The battery is advertised as offering 90 minutes of run time on a single charge, and while I didn’t push it to the absolute max, in my experience that’s pretty accurate.

It only takes me about 15 minutes or so to take care of my business, and I did four full shaves – separated by a week or two each – before I even thought to plug the thing in. 

My guess is that I could have gotten at least a couple more out of it, too. 

My only complaint is that, while the trimmer comes with a USB charging cord, it doesn’t come with an adapter that you can use to plug it into the wall.

I had to take the one you see pictured above from another device, which was fine, but it would have been nice if it had been included.

Ease of Use / Maneuverability

Close up of the Meridian trimmer
The Meridian’s unique shape and outer coating made it easy to grip and maneuver, even when wet

This is a small detail, but one thing I enjoyed was how easy it was to grip and hold, even in the shower. 

Unlike a lot of other trimmers, which have straight lines and fairly boring designs, the Meridian has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to grasp. 

That’s particularly important when you’re trying to shave your undercarriage and you need to change angles/hand positions easily. 

It’s also coated in an outer layer that’s softer than other types of plastic. 

Neither the website nor the material that came with the shaver says exactly what it is, but whatever it is, it certainly makes the thing easier to hold on to. 


Meridian trimmer soaking wet

Taking an electronic device into the shower with me always makes me a bit nervous, which I realize is silly – it’s not like the thing is plugged into the wall with a live wire. 

But I was nonetheless relieved to find that the Meridian is exactly as advertised when it comes to waterproofing. 

All of my shaves were in the shower, and not only did I live to tell the tale, but I experienced no problems whatsoever with the device’s functionality. 

Color Options 

Person holding the three colors of the Meridian trimmer

The Meridian comes in three different colors: onyx black, sage green and ocean blue. 

This has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with aesthetics, but since we are a style blog, I figured it bears mentioning. 

While it may not affect the shave itself, it is a nice tough, and I always appreciate when a new company like Meridian distinguishes itself from established players like Philips Norelco or Gillette by adding unique aesthetic elements. 

Total Score for Features: 4.5


Is the Meridian groomer worth it?

Meridian trimmer and accessories laid out on a towel

After a few months spent shaving with Meridian’s flagship trimmer, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best products on the market for safely and effectively removing hair down there.

You can also use it for shaving the rest of your body hair, and my guess is that most guys won’t bother to invest in a separate body trimmer after trying the Meridian, because it works quite well.

(Although I have to admit that as a hefty lad with both a lot of body and a lot of body hair, I prefer to use something a little bigger for general manscaping, especially when I’m shaving my back.)

The combination of its ceramic blades and low vibration mode make Meridian’s trimmer the complete package for shaving your package (sorry—couldn’t resist!), while its waterproof, portable design makes it easy to use in the shower, when your hair tends to be at its softest. 

Overall, this is a great tool for guys who want a close, clean shave, but are (understandably) a little bit nervous about trying a pube trimmer for the first time. 

We liked it so much that we reached out to Meridian, and secured a deal for our readers.

If you decide to pull the trigger, use code IRREVERENTGENT at checkout to get 15% off your purchase.

The Recap ↓

Meridian Grooming Review

Dave Bowden

Comfort – 4.8/5
Closeness / Smoothness – 4.5/5
Features – 4.5/5


After a few months spent shaving with Meridian’s flagship trimmer, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best products on the market for safely and effectively removing hair down there.


Total Score for the Meridian Trimmer Review: 4.5

Final Word: 

Caution sign

With that all said, one last word of warning for anyone considering trying the Meridian (or any other ball trimmer, for that matter): 

Just be careful. 

Even if you’re using a device with ceramic blades, at the end of the day we’re still talking about taking something sharp and rubbing it against the most sensitive skin on your body. 

There will always be risk involved with that, and the only way to mitigate that risk is to pay close attention, proceed with caution,and use a high-quality tool like the Meridian.


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