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Hey, I’m Dave. I created Irreverent Gent to share smart advice that helps guys sharpen their style and strengthen their confidence, and smart-ass jokes that make them wish I’d just stick to advice. (See what I mean?)
Embarrassingly lame jokes aside, this website is dedicated to helping guys look sharp, feel strong and stand out from the crowd.
In short, I believe that sharp style and strong confidence go hand in hand, and my mission is to help you build both. Click here to learn more.

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Don’t Let the Other Guys Out-Dress You

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I generally favor humility over hubris (I am Canadian, after all), but after years of sharing smart style advice with thousands of guys, I’ve become one of the web’s most trusted resource on men’s style and self-improvement.

As a result, my advice has been featured in some of the world’s top publications, and—most importantly of all—subsequently printed off and put on my parent’s fridge.

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