For guys looking to start building self-confidence this year, there are few strategies better than starting a good workout plan and committing yourself to health and fitness.

But even though we all recognize that this makes sense logically, let’s be honest: resolutions are just words.

As much as you may want to get going and become your best self, it can still be hard to motivate yourself to get moving.

If you can relate, check out these five tips from Men’s Fitness to help you get your ass in gear.

Need even more help getting started? Check out my post about how to get your ass out of bed. Because if memory serves, none of those tips from Men’s Fitness can be implemented from between the sheets. (It’s not that kind of magazine.)

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Dave Bowden
As the founder of Irreverent Gent, Dave helps thousands of guys sharpen their style, strengthen their confidence and stand out from the crowd. When not blogging, he loves working out, obsessing over the MCU (#ILoveYou3000) and pretending to know about wine when his wife takes him somewhere fancy.