Quick Hit: How to Get (a Little) Smarter Everyday

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Read 10 Pages of a Good Book – Every. Damn. Day.

This tip comes courtesy of the Jeff Olson book The Slight Edge.

In it, Olson explains the way compound effort – meaning a series of small actions – can lead to gigantic results over time.

He offers a lot of great insight into achievement, but this tip in particular leapt out at me because, like some of life’s best advice, it’s as effective as it is simple.

Ten pages a day may not sound like much, but if you practice the habit five days a week, that’s 50 pages per week.

Repeat it for four weeks and you’ll be reading 200 pages per month. Stick with it for 12 months, and with minimal effort on your part, you’ll have read eight extra books per year.

Rise and Read

Of course, reading a good book at any time of day is beneficial, but I particularly like the idea of setting aside time for it first thing in the morning.

It gets you into the habit of doing something productive before 9 a.m. and, if you pick the right book, it’ll start you off in a positive and productive state of mind — both of which can pay huge dividends later.

To start building self-confidence, start with a good self-help or personal development book.

Amazon’s got a shit ton of them, but why not start with the book that inspired this tip in the first place? If you haven’t read Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge, I highly recommend it. It will get you primed for even more compound confidence-boosting down the road.

Pick it up and let me know what you think!

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness
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