In-Depth Saxx Underwear Review – Worth the money?

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Anatomically speaking, most guys face a challenge when it comes to… well, our guys.

As I’ve covered in a previous post, boxer briefs are undoubtedly the most attractive underwear style a guy can wear, thanks to their combination of sleek looks and masculine style.

But in addition to being sleek and stylish, boxer briefs also pose a problem:

A sweaty, deeply uncomfortable problem that often starts in spring and lingers throughout the summer, as temperatures heat up and the summer sun rises…

…well, there’s no point waxing poetic about it.

I’m talking ‘bout ball sweat.

Saxx Underwear Review

In warmer weather guys tend to sweat a lot more than usual, and if you’re wearing tight underwear that causes skin friction, there’s really no where for all that liquid to go.

As a result, it gets sealed in, causing discomfort, rashes, and sometimes even pain.

Enter the (aptly named) Saxx Underwear Company.

Saxx boxer briefs have a number of unique features, but the biggest one is what they call their “ballpark” pouch.

It’s a hammock-like cup that’s meant to provide comfort by separating your boys from the side of your leg, and in theory prevent the itchy, uncomfortable effects of sweat from setting in.

So the questions at hand are:

  • Does it work?
  • Can Saxx really protect your sack?
  • Or is it all a sack of shit?
  • And, are you sick of these sack puns yet? (Yeah, me too.)

To answer these questions (well, not the last one), I decided to conduct a thorough Saxx review to find out if their products were up to snuff.

And I do mean thorough:

I’ve had a couple pairs of Saxx in my underwear rotation for years now, allowing me to wear them in variety of different situations and temperatures, from July’s summer heat through to January’s freezing depths.

Read on to discover the results of my tests, and find out if Saxx are worth shelling out for.

Key Takeaways ↓

My full thoughts after a few years of wearing Saxx regularly are below, but here’s a quick summary of their pros and cons, as I see them.

What I Like About Saxx Underwear:

  • The Pouch Plays: Their “ballpark pouch” really does work as advertised, providing some (much appreciated) separation from your leg
  • Serious Sweat Wicking: The performance pair, the Volts, were effective at wicking sweat, and made my nether regions less swampy, even after a workout.
  • Comfortable Fabrics: I tried multiple pairs made from a range of different fabrics, but each one was lightweight, breathable and comfortable.

What I Don’t Like About ‘Em:

  • Kinda Pricey: Saxx underwear is more expensive than standard boxer briefs, and a bit more expensive than other ball pouch styles
  • Lound Patterns: Nowadays the majority of their models come in loud patterns, whereas I prefer classic, solid colors

Saxx Boxer Briefs Review

Should you wrap your sack in Saxx?
An Irreverent Gent Investigation

Who Wrote This Review

Irreverent Gent Founder and Editor-in-Chief Dave Bowden has been a style-obsessed service journalist for more than a decade.

His style advice and menswear recommendations have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and Men’s Health, among many other outlets.

Review Methodology & Disclosure

I had already been wearing/testing Saxx for a few months when one of their PR reps reached out to ask if I’d like to try some samples.

She didn’t explicitly ask me to write a review, or ask for anything at all in exchange for the pair.

I accepted them under the same conditions that I accept any product – with NO STRINGS ATTACHED – and worked the two pairs she sent into my regular rotation.

Pair 1:
Saxx Ultra

Saxx Ultra boxer briefs

Pair 2:
Saxx Volt

Saxx Volt boxer brief

The honest, unfiltered opinions in the review that follows are entirely my own, as are the bad jokes and lame attempts at wordplay.

You can check out our product review and roundup policy to learn more about how we rate and review products.

And with that disclosure out of the way, on to the review!

Saxx Ultra Review

The Everyday Experiment

Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs

I basically conducted two different types of experiments with two different varieties of Saxx.

The first style of test involved the Ultra collection.

I own about four or five pairs of Ultras, and I’ve been wearing them once or twice a week for months now.

Switching back and forth between a pair of Saxx one day and a regular pair the next provided me with a strong sense of what distinguished the Saxx from other boxer briefs.

The Everyday Experiment started in late July, at the height of summer, and continued until late January, in the depths of winter, allowing me to find out how the Saxx held up on the farthest ends of the seasonal spectrum.

Saxx Volt Review

The Gym Experiment

Saxx Volt Boxer Briefs

The second, and arguably tougher, test was in the gym. For this one I wore one of the pairs the Saxx PR rep sent me, from their Volt line.

Though they’re not quite as athletic as Saxx kinetic boxer briefs, which come in a semi-compression fit, the Volts are still performance focused.

They’re made from a blend of polyester and elastane that’s designed for odor-wicking, and have a slim-fit that design that fits easily under athleisure pants and shorts.

This test didn’t last quite as long as the Everyday Experiment, but I would estimate that I wore the Volts to the gym at least five times.

It gave me a large enough amount of ball sweat sample size to get a good sense of how they perform under pressure.

Quick Update:

Since performing my first tests, I’ve continued to wear Saxx for years, so I’ve now tested them over hundreds of days.

My original findings have more or less held up, but I’ve tweaked and updated my assessment below to reflect my more extensive experience.

The Pros:

The Patented Pouch

Saxx Underwear Review

Saxx was one of the first companies to start offering pouch underwear, which as mentioned provides a unique design that offers great support for your boys.

(Other companies have since popped up across North America, like Shinesty, Tommy John and more, and begun offering their own versions.)

I don’t mind admitting that when I first found out about this whole concept, I was skeptical.

One of the reasons I switched from boxers to boxer briefs in the first place is because I found the excess fabric that comes with boxers uncomfortable, and I wanted something more streamlined.

When I first learned about the ballpark pouch, I thought that adding extra fabric to the crotch of boxer briefs didn’t seem like a move in the right direction.

Then I tried them on.

The Everyday Use Experiment

Saxx Underwear Review
A pair of Saxx from the Ultra collection

The first thing you notice about Saxx is that they do feel a little different than regular boxer briefs, but in a good way.

Your boys feel snug but not stuffy, and protected but not overly clothed.

The first pair of Saxx I tried offered a great fit, which was obviously a good start.

But the real benefit became clear at the end of that first day.

Without going into too much detail about the state of my nether regions, normally by the end of a hot summer’s day, I’m in a perilous state of sweaty grossness.

Not so in the Saxx.

No pair of underwear can change the way my body processes liquid (thanks for nothing, science), so by the end of the day I was still sweating just as much as usual.

But unlike most days, there wasn’t even a hint of discomfort, and I’m happy to report that after repeating the experiment many times, the results didn’t change.

I started to get a little thrill every time I reached into the drawer and pulled out a pair of Saxx, rather than my regular boxer briefs, because I knew that ball sweat was one less thing I had to worry about that day.

Most of pairs of Saxx I own are from their “Ultra” line, which Men’s Health dubbed the world’s best men’s underwear.

And after repeated testing and everyday wear, I have to admit I think they might be right. This is probably the most comfortable pair of underwear I’ve ever worn.

The Saxx ballpark pouch proved to be a home run. (I said no more sack puns—I said nothing about baseball.)

The Gym Experiment

Saxx Underwear Review
The Volt collection is geared toward athletic use (beer glasses notwithstanding…)

The pouch was also appreciated in the Gym Experiment.

In the past I’ve found that even performance underwear that’s designed to wick sweat can sometimes do…

Well, whatever the opposite of moisture-wicking is.

In the worst case scenario, performance underwear can sometimes seal moisture in rather than wicking it away, causing an uncomfortable build up of grossness — especially during a sweaty athletic activity.

But in the Saxx, this never happened.

The material on the Volts was soft and lightweight, and to be perfectly honest I really didn’t notice them at all while I was working out, which is exactly how it should be.

Instead of fretting about my underwear, I was free to fret about my sets and reps.

So under two very different conditions with two different types of Saxx, the ballpark pouch proved to be a huge asset.

Comfortable Material

Saxx Underwear Review

While the pouch is definitely the main draw, the fabrics in the rest of the underwear are also incredibly comfortable.

And I do mean “fabrics” plural. The main thing that distinguishes the different “collections” of Saxx is the fabric used in each type.

Each collection boasts a number of different styles (i.e. briefs or boxer briefs or boxers), meaning that you can probably find your preferred fabric in your preferred style.

As mentioned, I tried the boxer briefs in both the Ultra and Volt “collections” and each one was quite comfortable.

I didn’t try their Kinetic or Quest collections, which seem to be geared the most toward sweat-wicking, moisture management and athletic performance.

But given how well the Volts held up, I have to think the other Saxx briefs are equally up to the task.

So while the choice of fabric is obviously up to you, I kind of suspect that you can’t go wrong (though I haven’t tried them all).

There were also a few days where I wore the performance collection, the Volts, in non-athletic situations. Not surprisingly, they were also quite comfortable in everyday situations like at work or out running errands.

But keep in mind that I’m a bit biased here, as I’ve recommended wearing performance underwear for non athletic activities before.

(Especially during the summer, when even a short walk in the heat can make me sweat as if I’m going on a long hike in the desert.)

The Cons:

A Little Loud for My Curmudgeonly Classic Tastes

Collection of Saxx boxer briefs on a wooden floor
Don’t get me wrong, coral reefs are majestic—I’m just not sure I need them wrapped around my crotch

The list of cons is pretty short, to be honest.

One is that Saxx products come in a wide variety of colorful patterns.

I’ll be the first to admit that this would actually be a plus for a lot of guys, but I’m a 75-year-old man trapped in a younger man’s body old school.

Personally, I prefer my briefs in basic colors like black, blue and grey.

Where this particular inclination of mine comes from, I have no idea.

Maybe I just find it hard to imagine that my style icons, guys like Steve McQueenNeal Caffrey and Daniel Craig’s James Bond, are wearing electric-blue-camouflage briefs underneath their suits.

While most Saxx collections are available in my preferred basic colors, some are only available in various patterns and loud color combos, which aren’t my cup of tea.

It’s a fairly minor quibble (especially since we’re talking about a piece of clothing that’s literally designed not to be seen), but something I noticed.

Pricier Than Other Boxer Briefs

The bigger concern with Saxx is not the colors, but the price tag (see price chart below).

Saxx start at $28 and go as high as $45 for a single pair, which is pretty pricey compared to a lot of other underwear options.

Saxx Underwear Review
With a price tag that ranges from $28 to $45, Saxx is among the more expensive options on the market

Replacing your entire underwear drawer with Saxx is probably not something you can afford to do overnight, but picking up one of the less expensive pairs as a test case is pretty reasonable.

I’ve always advocated that style isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, and given its proximity to your most precious asset, your underwear is perhaps the one piece of menswear you want to feel best about.

So while Saxx may be more expensive than other options, if you appreciate the pouch as much as I do, then it’s probably worth shelling out for.

Saxx Price Comparison

I mentioned above that a pair of Saxx underwear is more expensive than comparable pairs from other brands, but let’s take a closer look at how their pricing stacks up.

BrandAvg. Price per Pair of Boxer Briefs
David Archy$12

A couple things to note about the chart above:

Sale Prices Not Included

Most of these brands run occasional sales that will bring the price down. But since you can never know when a sale will run, or how much of a discount they’ll offer, I used the base pricing to create the averages.

Cheaper to Buy a Pack

Each brand also offers multi-packs, which is cheaper than buying just a single pair.

But for the sake of an apples-to-apples comparison, the prices above reflect the single pair price for each brand, with the exception of David Archy.

I could only find multi-packs for them, which is part of the reason why their pricing is so much cheaper than the others.

Second Opinion

Overall I quite like Saxx, despite the higher price tag—but don’t just take my word for it.

Below, Evan from Stay-At-Home Dad Life breaks down what he liks and doesn’t like about them, and where he comes down to in terms of their money-for-value proposition.


Is Saxx a good brand of underwear?

Yeah, in my experience Saxx is quite good. The ballpark pouch works as advertised, the waistband is snug but comfortable, the materials are soft and breathable, and they’ve shown impressive durability after years of every-other day use.

With all that said, it’s a bit pricey. Personally I think the quality is worth it, but there are cheaper alternatives on Amazon that have a similar design.

Should I size up or down for Saxx?

I found Saxx to fit pretty true to size, so you shouldn’t have to do either. I’m about a size 34 waist, and found that a Saxx medium, which is designed to fit sizes 33 to 35, fits me perfectly.

What makes Saxx different?

The biggest differentiator is the so-called ballpark pouch, which cradles your nuts and helps prevent chafing by keeping them from sticking to your legs.

A lot of other pouch underwear brands have sprung up since Saxx rose to popularity, and I’ve tried a lot of them, but I still find Saxx’s design to be the most comfortable overall.

Can you put Saxx underwear in the dryer?

Yep, you can definitely put Saxx in the dryer. I’ve been wearing and washing them for years, and put both the Ultra and Volt lines in the dryer with no problems.

But I should note that I wash and dry the Volts with my other gym clothes, which are made from a similar synthetic fabric blend. Washing them with cotton or other organic fibers might result in static cling, which is probably not a sensation you want anywhere near your nether region.


So, are Saxx up to snuff?
Saxx Ultra boxer briefs
Saxx Volt boxer brief

In case it’s not clear by now, overall I strongly recommend Saxx.

While they’re a little pricier than other underwear options, this is great underwear that definitely provides bang for the buck:

They look great, feel great, and the ballpark pouch works as advertised.

The Ultras have become my favorite pair, and if sweating is an issue for you, I definitely recommend that you do yourself a favor and pick some up.

The Summary

Saxx Underwear Review

Dave Bowden

Pouch Effectiveness


While they’re a little pricier than other underwear options, Saxx makes stylish, comfortable underwear that provides bang for the buck.


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