The 35 Best Shoes Like Allbirds

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T hese days, anyone with a Tik Tok account and a pulse has likely heard of Allbirds. 

For those who haven’t, Allbirds is the New Zealand-founded sustainable footwear company that disrupted the shoe industry when founder Tim Brown launched his original wool runners in 2016. 

Man wearing Nisolo Eco Knit sneakers
Allbirds makes some great sneakers, but they’re hardly the only game in town
[image: Nisolo]

Now headquartered in San Francisco, the brand has expanded well beyond wool shoes, and become a favorite among Silicon Valley employees, backpackers, and eco-conscious sneakerheads. 

And if you’ve ever worn them, then you know they’re popular with good reason. 

The Allbirds website claims they make the world’s most comfortable shoe, and they might just have a point:

Each pair of Allbirds sneakers is practical, versatile, easy to leave on for a long time, and even machine washable (just make sure to use cold water).

Plus, they’re carbon neutral, which is quite a rarity in the fashion industry.

But despite their many advantages, it’s easy to understand why someone might want to find some alternatives to Allbirds. 

Maybe you love the comfort and sustainability of Allbirds shoes, but you’re looking for more variety beyond their sneakers and nondescript styles. 

Maybe you’re looking for something more waterproof, something in a different fabric, or great shoes that are a just a bit cheaper.

Or, maybe you just want to support other brands that are doing equally cool things in the sustainable sneaker space.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered.

In this post we’ll introduce you to dozens of brands that are similar to Allbirds, who offer high-quality, super comfortable, and (mostly) sustainable shoes for every style and budget. 

As a bonus, we’ve thrown in a list of the best shoes like Allbirds famous Tree Runners — considered their best walking shoes — for those looking for a stylish alternative. 

The Best Shoe Brands Like Allbirds

Breaking Down the Overall Best Allbirds Alternatives ↓


Nisolo high tops

This mission-driven Nashville brand is great option for high-quality, responsibly made shoes—especially if you’re looking for more variety of styles than Allbirds offers. 

Emphasizing timeless design and everyday function, Nisolo sticks mostly to handcrafted leather footwear, including sandals, boots, sneakers, and oxfords. 

That said, they also offer a small selection of vegan-friendly knit sneakers that are comparable to some of Allbirds styles. 

Check Out Nisolo ➤


Woolloomooloo Sneakers

As tricky as the name is to say (and spell), it’s easy to see why this Australian sneaker brand is a close Allbirds competitor: 

Woolloomooloo offers casual, comfortable footwear made from superfine merino wool and at a similar price point.

What sets this brand apart is it uses digital knitting machines to build the knit upper, resulting in softer, more breathable fabric than traditional methods. 

While that gives them a slight edge, Allbirds has a wider range of styles and colors, so we’ll call it a tie.

Check Out Woolloomooloo ➤


Cariuma sneakers

Founded in Brazil in 2018, Cariuma prides itself on making “crazy comfortable” shoes for the eco-conscious consumer.

Like Allbirds, the brand is B-Corp certified (meaning they’ve met rigorous standards to be officially declared earth friendly) and uses responsibly sourced and recycled materials for its leather and vegan footwear. 

Their product line is more limited than Allbirds, but it’s one of the best places to turn to for skateboarding and everyday sneakers.

And for people whose feet are in-between traditional sizes, the best part is that they offer half sizes on all their styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit. 

Check Out Cariuma ➤


Baabuk sneakers

Another certified B-Corporation, Swiss company Baabuk is similar to Allbirds in that they specialize in crafting cozy wool footwear using sustainable practices and materials. 

While the two companies have a lot in common, the biggest difference is that Baabuk only offers five different styles, since their main focus is their signature handmade slippers.

The good news is, those five styles come in a variety of cool color options, so the seelction doesn’t feel that limited.

Check Out Baabuk ➤


LeMouton Sneakers

If you’re in the market for shoes like Allbirds but cheaper, LeMouton is your best option. 

Both brands offer lightweight, minimalist sneakers made from 100% merino wool and other sustainable materials. 

They don’t offer as wide a variety of styles as Allbirds and the quality is a bit lower, but their wool sneakers are good lookalikes at a lower price point.

Check Out LeMouton ➤


Suavs high tops

Suavs’ mission is to make comfortable, stylish footwear for almost any activity so you never have to worry about changing your shoes. 

Their line of knit sneakers and slip-ons are similar in style to Allbirds’ shoes, with one major exception:

All of their uppers are made from 100% recycled materials (they’ve kept over 1.2 million plastic water bottles out of landfills), making this an excellent vegan alternative. 

Check Out Suavs ➤


Atoms sneakers

Atoms is one of the most unique brands on our list because they offer quarter sizes. 

Specializing in a basic sneaker for everyday wear, the New York-based company’s main focus is comfort, function, and fit. 

With only two styles available in six color options and with less eco-friendly materials, they don’t compare to Allbirds in terms of variety or sustainability. 

But if you just want a shoe that’s comfy as hell, this is it. 

Check Out Atoms ➤


Greats Sneakers

Another eco-conscious shoe brand, Brooklyn-based Greats specializes in quality footwear crafted from ethically sourced, premium materials. 

Their main focus is sneakers, but their product line includes men’s and women’s loafers, slippers, and boots, with both vegan and leather styles available. 

Check Out Greats ➤


Kizik Sneakers

Creator of the first handsfree sneaker, Kizik’s unique slip-on technology allows you to easily step into your shoes, no bending down or tying required. 

Their product range includes six different styles of minimalist sneakers for men and women, each with plenty of color options to choose from. 

While they’re not quite as eco-friendly as some of the other top brands on our list, they score points for using fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in their knit styles.

Kizik vs Allbirds

Kizik is (understandably) very proud of their hands-free convenience, and most people turn to their shoes for that reason. Allbirds, on the other hand, emphasizes sustainability, utilizing natural materials and minimalist design to create comfortable shoes with a reduced environmental impact.

Check Out Kizik ➤


Casca sneakers

Casca is a Canadian-based footwear company that prides itself on promoting wellness and an active lifestyle through shoes that take care of your feet. 

With a focus on sustainability as well as quality craftsmanship, they offer a much smaller collection of styles than Allbrids and at somewhat higher prices. 

But their products are designed with ergonomics and sustainability in mind, so you’re getting comfortable shoes that will outlast your cheaper pairs. 

Check Out Casca ➤

Saola Shoes

Saola Shoes

Recognizing that the footwear industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, Saola Shoes set out to create comfortable, stylish kicks with a small carbon footprint.

Their line of 100% vegan sneakers are made from recycled water bottles and renewable, plant-based materials (even the insoles are made from recycled algae foam). 

So not only are the shoes comfy, but it’s a brand you can feel good about. 

Check Out Saola ➤


Vivaia sneakers

Founded in 2020, this sustainable shoe company is the only one on our list that specializes in women’s footwear.

They offer a wide range of stylish heels, sandals, loafers, boots, and of course, sneakers, made using environmentally friendly materials and methods. 

With a focus on fashion as well as function, Vivaia is a great option if you’re looking for a different style than Allbirds, but still want that sustainability factor. 

Check Out Vivaia ➤

Thousand Fell 

Thousand Fell Sneakers

Creator of the first recyclable sneaker, this innovative shoe company’s mission is to create a “closed loop future”— meaning they turn old things into new, with zero waste. 

Their minimalist sneakers are made from corn waste, coconut husk, and recycled bottles, so they’re 100% vegan but look and feel like real leather. 

What’s really cool? They’ll take your old clothes and footwear in exchange for credits towards your purchase. 

Check Out Thousand Fell ➤


Tropicfeel sneakers

Tropicfeel is a footwear and apparel company whose products are designed with modern-day travelers in mind. 

Their sustainably made all-terrain sneaker line includes shoes for hiking, backpacking, and adventuring, with options for both rainy and tropical climates. 

In addition to making the best travel shoes, they also offer backpacks, luggage, and travel clothing. 

Check Out Tropicfeel ➤

Hey Dude

Hey Dude shoes

Founded in Italy in 2008, Hey Dude prides itself on making shoes that are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and “so soft, kittens seethe with jealousy.” 

Hyperbole aside, the brand lives up to the hype with its line of ultra comfy, breathable (and super stylish) footwear that includes sneakers, boots, sandals, and casual dress shoes for men and women. 

Their commitment to sustainability isn’t as hardcore as some of the others, but they use organic and recyclable materials when possible. 

Check Out Hey Dude ➤


Vessi Sneakers

Vessi offers one thing Allbirds doesn’t: 

100% waterproof footwear. 

Founded in Vancouver, Canada where rain-soaked feet are the norm, their versatile vegan sneakers are designed to repel heavy rain, mud, and even snow, making them perfect for hiking and mixed-weather vacations. 

(Allbirds, on the other hand, only have a few styles that repel light rain.)

Plus, Vessi’s vegan knit uppers are temperature regulating to let sweat and heat out, so you never have to worry about odor. 

Check Out Vessi ➤


8000Kicks sneakers

Created in Portugal by a guy and his grandma, 8000Kicks prides itself on making “the world’s most sustainable hemp shoes.”

Hemp fibers make the perfect textile for shoes because they’re renewable, temperature regulating, anti-bacterial, and extremely durable. 

(And technically you could smoke them, but in this case we don’t recommend it.)

Plus, these shoes have a special coating that makes them waterproof and easy to clean. 

Check Out 8000Kicks ➤


Giesswein sneakers

Family-owned Austrian company Giesswein has been making knitted wool products since 1954. 

Today, the company’s in-house wool fabric production along with a focus on quality, comfort, and sustainability are the driving forces behind their footwear, clothing, and accessories. 

They offer a fairly wide range of wool sneaker styles in a variety of fabric and color options, as well as boots, slippers, clothing, and accessories. 

Check Out Giesswein ➤


Toms sneakers

Founded in 2006, this reputable shoe brand may be more famous for its charitable business models than its footwear. 

The company first skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its one-to-one program, where one pair of shoes was donated to a person in need for every pair sold.

(These days, instead of shoes, they donate ⅓ of profits to grassroots organizations focused on equity and sustainability.) 

Besides being philanthropic, they offer a number of shoes that look like Allbirds across several categories, and while their prices vary, you can often score a pair on sale for as little as $25. 

Check Out Toms ➤


Rothy's sneakers

Shoes like Rothy’s and Allbirds have become popular thanks to their knit uppers, but this is actually one of the few brands brands on our list that doesn’t specialize in knit sneakers.

Rather, Rothy’s is best known for its super comfortable knit flats—and for being one of Meghan Markle’s favorite brands.

But if you’re looking for variety, there’s no better option:

In addition to its famous flats, the sustainable shoe brand offers a number of styles for women and men, including Chelsea boots, driving loafers, slippers, and yes, sneakers!

Check Out Rothy’s ➤


Glyph loafers

Another brand specializing in eco-friendly flats (and only flats), Glyph is an example of a company that does one thing really well. 

Their loafers are designed with all-day comfort and versatility in mind, from the digitally knit uppers that are water resistant and machine washable, down to the rubber outsole that offers sneaker-like support. 

As an added bonus, their replaceable insoles have an antibacterial lining so you can rock them without socks. 

Check Out Glyph ➤

Third Mind

Third Mind dress shoes

Putting a unique twist on the knit shoe trend, Third Mind footwear combines the comfort of a sneaker with the style of a dress shoe.

Their wingtip dress shoes and penny loafers are available in a handful of different colors and can be paired with everything from your favorite jeans to your best suit. 

However, the knit fabric upper is made using only 30% recycled materials, so they’re not as eco-friendly as some of the others on our list. 

Check Out Third Mind ➤

Nothing New

Nothing New Sneakers

Let’s face it, Nothing New is closer to a Converse competitor than Allbirds, but these sustainably made kicks are so rad, we’re including them here anyway. 

Offering high tops and low tops in both canvas and leather, their shoes are almost identical to the iconic Chuck Taylors, but with a few subtle (yet important) differences. 

Their canvas is  made with 100% recycled plastic (as opposed to cotton); their leather is all upcycled, meaning they use leather that would otherwise end up in a landfill; and their soles are stitched to the uppers (as opposed to glued) making them more durable and flexible. 

And with prices similar to Converse (and Allbirds for that matter), this brand is a no-brainer. 

Check Out Nothing New ➤


Wildling Sneakers

German company Wildling specializes in minimal footwear made primarily from eco-friendly, natural materials. 

Minimal shoes (aka “barefoot” shoes) look like casual sneakers but with a flat sole, no heel, and a wider toe box to mimic the feel of walking barefoot, which studies show can have a ton of health benefits. 

Style wise, this brand doesn’t have a ton in common with Allbirds, but if you’re in the market for sustainably made minimalist shoes, it’s the best alternative.

Check Out Wildling ➤


Neeman's shoes

The first thing you’ll notice about Neeman’s sneakers is that they look a heck of a lot like Allbirds. 

The first shoe company out of India to use sustainable and renewable materials, Neeman’s specializes in merino wool joggers and loafers, many of which are reminiscent of Allbirds style.

(Their Wool Joggers in particular are a dead ringer for Allbirds Wool Runners.)

But they also offer a range of other styles and fabrics, including knit slip-ons and athletic shoes, and even cork and sandals. 

The second thing you’ll notice is the price: 

With a range of 1,700 to 4,000 Rupees—which converts to about $20-$60—you’re getting a similar shoe to Allbrids at a fraction of the cost. 

Check Out Neeman’s ➤

Loom Footwear

Loom sneakers

Loom only makes one style of sneaker and in only two colors, black or white, but what they lack in selection, they make up for in selling points: 

First of all, the uniquely designed uppers have a special layer that offers 100% water resistance, making it the perfect shoe for wet weather. 

Secondly, the interior is made from merino wool, which by now, we don’t need to sell you on.

And third, they’re designed by actual podiatrists to deliver shock absorption, traction, and all-day comfort whether you’re going for a stroll or a long run. 

The only downside? Their return policies are pretty disappointing—but hopefully you won’t need them. 

Check Out Loom ➤

The Best Shoes Like Allbirds Tree Runners

These are the Best Alternatives to Allbirds Tree Runners ↓

Wolf & Shepherd SwiftKnit Derby

Wolf & Shepherd Knit Derby

If you love the comfort of Tree Runners but want a more stylish and sophisticated alternative, this is it. 

With a sleek toe box and stylish leather detailing, they’re fashionable enough for the office or a special occasion, yet so lightweight and comfortable you could walk in them for miles. 

(Our founder did it and deemed them the most comfortable shoes he’s ever worn.) 

Admittedly, while the uppers are made from recycled polyester, the company falls a little short in the sustainability department compared to some of the other brands.

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Suavs The Zilker 

Sauvs Zilker sneaker

These shoes are similar to Tree Runners in looks and price, as well as being super comfortable and breathable. 

(They also make perfect travel shoes.)

The main difference is that  Zilker’s ultra soft fabric uppers are digitally knit from 100% recycled plastic bottles, so it’s a good alternative if you like the idea of turning old junk into new things. 

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Reebok Forever Floatride Grow

Reebok Forever Floatride Grow

OK, so they’re not winning a Tree Runners lookalike contest. 

But the Reebok Forever Floatride Grow made our list because, like the Tree Runners, the mesh upper is made from lightweight eucalyptus tree fibers. 

Since it’s designed to be a running shoe it’s technically more like Allbirds Tree Dashers, but we think it’s a great alternative to both styles. 

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Greats Royale Knit

Greats Royale Knit

A  best seller from Greats, the Royale Knit sneaker is basically an elevated version of Tree Runners thanks to the stylish detailing in both the upper and sole.

Otherwise, there’s a lot of similarities:

The knit fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, the sole has extra cushioning, and they’re antimicrobial and machine washable.

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Sperry Seacyled Striper II Baja

Sperry Seacycled Baja II

Part of Sperry’s Seacyled collection of sustainably made footwear, these nautical inspired sneakers are more than just great deck shoes. 

Understated yet classic, they’re perfect for casual wear or pairing with a linen suit. 

Plus, the textile uppers are plant-based to boot (hey, that rhymed!).

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VAMJAM Running Shoes

VAMJAM Running Shoes

If you’re wary of buying a brand of Amazon’s shoes, we get it. 

But these knit sneakers look so much like Allbirds Tree Runners and had decent product reviews, so we had to include it. 

Unlike most of the brands on our list, this one isn’t transparent about its materials and manufacturing practices (we’re willing to bet it’s not eco-friendly or high quality). 

But at only $30, these are an extremely affordable alternative. 

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Nisolo 365 Eco Knit 

Nisolo Eco Knit

When it comes to a good pair of shoes that are stylish, functional, and eco-friendly, these tick all the boxes. 

They’ve got a slip-on design so you only have to tie them once, plus a super soft interior which is good news if your personal preference is to go sock-free. 

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Bruno Marc Lightweight Mesh Oxford

Bruno Marc Mesh Oxford

These are another good option if you want a comfy shoe with a bit of pizzazz.

(I just wanted to use the word “pizzazz”.)

The lightweight mesh, elastic collar, and memory foam insole deliver all the comfort of athletic footwear, but the Oxford-style detailing makes these suitable for any occasion. 

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