The 18 Best Websites & Stores Like Fashion Nova

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It doesn’t take much to understand why style-conscious shoppers might want to find some other affordable clothing stores like Fashion Nova:

On the one hand, the online retailer offers a super wide variety of affordable styles for both men and women, including big and tall sizing for men and a “curves” section for women.

Fashion Nova logo

But on the other hand, the Fashion Nova aesthetic isn’t for everyone (or at least not for all occasions).

While their stuff is definitely affordable, it also tends to be loud and pretty flashy, which can work great in small doses, but is tough to build a whole wardrobe around.

Fortunately, Fashion Nova is far from the only place to find affordable casual clothes.

In this post I’ve rounded up 18 other stores like Fashion Nova where you can get cool, modern and stylish clothes that won’t break the bank.

Stylish IRL & Online Stores Like Fashion Nova

Breaking Down the Top Shops & Websites Like Fashion Nova


Madewell logo

Owned by J.Crew, Madewell deviates from J.Crew’s usual business-casual focus, instead specializing in denim and the casual staple pieces that go with it.

Like Fashion Nova, they offer a wide range of jeans, tees, hoodies and casual accessories for both men and women, all at better price points than you’d find at the flagship J.Crew store.

Nasty Gal 

Nasty Gal logo

As its name implies, Nasty Gal is focused on women’s wear, offering a wide range of casual clothes and styles across multiple categories.

Like Fashion Nova, their offerings go beyond clothes, and include a decent selection of bath and beauty products, in addition to shoes, boots and accessories.


Windsor logo

Another women’s-only store, Windsor has a slightly more grown up/refined aesthetic than brands like Fashion Nova, which tend to focus more on casual styles and streetwear.

Along with women’s clothes across pretty much every category, they carry a wide selection of dresses, and even have an “occasions” section so you can choose based on where and when you intend to wear it.


Missguided logo

A close Fashion Nova competitor, MissGuided carries a similar range of swimwear, dresses, tops and casual clothes.

It’s a good Fashion Nova alternative for women who want similarly modern and of-the-moment styles, but with a slightly dressier and more refined aesthetic.

boohoo and boohooMAN

boohooMan logo

Like Fashion Nova, boohoo has two separate arms, one for womenswear and one for menswear, both of which specialize in hip modern fashions with affordable price tags.

boohoo’s style is a little more chic than casual fashion websites like Fashion Nova, which focuses more on the kind of cheap and cheerful pieces that you’d wear to the beach or a summer patio.


asos logo

Though it doesn’t have any brick and mortar stores like Fashion Nova does, UK-based Asos is one of those clothing sites like Fashion Nova that carries a wide range of hip, casual styles.

But unlike Fashion Nova, which sticks to selling clothes from its own in-house label, Asos carries clothes and accessories from a wide range of brands, making it a good place to turn if you want to expand beyond Fashion Nova’s limited offerings.


Showpo logo

Showpo is another one of those online stores like Fashion Nova that specializes in chic, affordable and stylish womenswear.

They carry thousands of styles across nearly every clothing category, and unlike some of the other websites like Fashion Nova on this list, they also offer a full line of wedding wear, including bridal gowns.


Amiclubwear logo

Like a lot of their clothes, Amiclubwear’s name leaves little to the imagination:

This is a brand that’s all about looking good when you go to the club.

In addition to party-ready dresses and tops, Ami also offers shoes, boots, accessories and a fair share of racy/sexy pieces like lingerie and exotic costumes.



One of the more popular Fashion Nova competitors, Lulus offers a wide array of cute dresses, tops, shoes and more.

While they definitely have a lot of casual styles similar to Fashion Nova, they also carry a pretty good variety of more formal dresses and attire, including maxi dresses that can be worn as bridesmaids gowns right up to their own luxe wedding dresses.

Forever 21

Forever 21 logo

A staple of malls across North America, Forever 21 has been one of the most popular stores for affordable and stylish women’s clothes for years.

As its name implies, both their demographic and their styles skew towards a younger audience – you won’t find a lot of business casual stuff here – but it’s a good place to pick up the kind of cheap and cheerful casual staples you can wear on weekends.

Princess Polly 

Princess polly logo

And speaking of stores that skew younger, Princess Polly is another one of Fashion Nova’s competitors that’s aimed primarily at young, college-aged women.

Like Fashion Nova, Tobi and other stores on this list, they carry a varied selection of modern styles that ranges from bodycon dresses and rompers to jeans, shoes and everything in between.

One cool thing about Princess Polly is that they carry a (small, but still notable) selection of vegan products, including vegan shoes, belts and other accessories.

Topman / Topshop 

Topman logo

Similar to stores like Fashion Nova and boohoo, Topshop has one store dedicated to women and another, Topman dedicated to menswear.

Both stores are super trendy and modern, selling a wide range of hip clothes that look similar to what you might see on a fashion runway, but at much more affordable prices.

Topshop is definitely a little more dressed up than Fashion Nova, but their pieces are in the same price range, so it’s a good place to turn if you’re looking for shops like Fashion Nova that are a little more grown up.


Zaful logo

Zaful is a trendy store that offers fun, bright and colorful clothes for both men and women in a range of styles and patterns.

They’re a close competitor to Fashion Nova thanks to their low prices and the wide range of clothes they offer, which includes everything from maxi dresses and sexy lingerie to pop culture gear like Marvel hoodies and accessories.


Romwe logo

Romwe is another example of a store whose offerings go well beyond what they sell at Fashion Nova.

In addition to trendy clothes and fun accessories for both girls and guys, Romwe carries a pretty big selection of houseware and home accents, including pet supplies, accessories and even some pretty cool clothes for your little fur baby.

Lucy in the Sky 

Lucy in the Sky logo

Another LA-based store like Fashion Nova, Lucy in the Sky specializes in dresses and carries a pretty varied selection of them, including styles that range from prom dresses to casual day dresses.

While dresses are kind of their bread and butter, they also have a decent selection of clothes in other categoreis, including rompers, swimwear, jumpsuits and a whole line of accessories.


GoJane logo

Offering low prices and great deals on modern and trendy women’s clothes, shoes and accessories, GoJane is a close Fashion Nova competitor and a great option for anyone looking for chic styles and low prices.

Go Jane is similar to some of the other sites like Fashion Nova on this list in that they focus on trendy, fashion-forward pieces aimed at confident young women who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Tobi logo

Selling womenswear exclusively through their website, Tobi is one of the online stores like Fashion Nova that uses a direct-to-consumer model to bring their California-inspired fashions to the masses.

Based in Los Angeles, their trendy dresses, clothes, shoes and accessories are designed with the fast-paced and fashion-forward city in mind, and evoke LA’s status as an international trendsetter.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing logo

While Fashion Nova carries both men’s and women’s clothes, Pretty Little Thing focuses exclusively on women’s fashion (as you might have guessed from the name).

It offers a huge range of clothes that goes well beyond what stores like Fashion Nova and other casual fashion brands offer, including a wide selection of clothes, accessories, beauty supplies and even home accent pieces.

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