The 15 Absolute Best Sites & Stores like Shein for Affordable Fashion

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Itdoesn’t take much to understand why people would want to find some other websites and stores like Shein.

On the one hand, the Asia-based retailer offers some great pieces at affordable prices, free shipping on orders over $50, and a website that’s easy to navigate.

But on the other hand, their uber-trendy styles can be a bit limiting (especially if you’re not Gen Z) and the quality isn’t the best, so it’s not always a good option if you want versatile clothing or pieces that will last more than a few wears. 

Fortunately, Shein is hardly the only game in town when it comes to affordable fashion.

Whether you want to shop online or IRL, there are a ton of great stores like Shein that offer similarly stylish pieces in a low and easy-to-afford price range.

In this post I’ll outline some of the best Shein alternatives that offer trendy fashion (and more) for stylish shoppers on a budget.

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I’ll explain more about what makes each store great below, but here’s a quick rundown of the best Shein competitors:

  • Best Stores Like Shein but (Slightly) More Expensive:

The Best IRL & Online Stores Like Shein

Breaking Down the Top Shops & Websites Like Shein

Stores Like Shein for Cheap & Trendy Clothing


Boohoo apparel

Online-retailer Boohoo is a major Shein competitor because the two brands have a lot in common.

Boohoo carries a wide selection of apparel that covers everything from suiting to loungewear, all in styles that are trendy, on-point and always “in.”

And like Shein, Boohoo is known for its budget-friendly fashions, often running huge sales that make their already affordable prices even lower (and more comparable to Shein’s). 

As with all fast fashion, the quality is hit or miss, but for casual wardrobe staples like tanks, t-shirts, dresses, and activewear, it’s a good option. 

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Fashion Nova 

Fashion Nova apparel

Following a similar business model, Fashion Nova is another one of Shein’s biggest competitors. 

Appealing mostly to Gen Z, Fashion Nova uses social media influencers as its main marketing channel to sell its on-trend fashions and beauty products. 

While Fashion Nova does have five brick-and-mortar locations (all of which are located in California) the vast majority of their sales are online, which helps keep their prices low. 

That said, Fashion Nova is slightly (and we do mean slightly) more expensive than Shein, but the quality is a bit better too. 

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Zaful is another online retailer that’s often compared to stores like Shein and Fashion Nova because they’re so similar. 

Targeting Gen Z consumers (mostly through social media influencers and affiliate programs), Zaful sells cheap, on-trend fashions for young men and women. 

But where Shein is very fashion-forward, Zaful’s vibe is a bit more laid back, making it a great option for casual (yet still stylish) staples like t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, swimwear, cozy sets, and more. 

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Romwe apparel

We’d be remiss not to mention this one, but technically, Romwe isn’t a Shein competitor — it’s a subsidiary. 

Shein acquired the company in 2014, which is why their websites, prices, and products are virtually the same. 

Like Shein, Romwe carries everything from menswear and women’s clothes to accessories, gadgets, home decor, beauty, and even stuff for pets, all at incredibly cheap prices. 

The only noticeable difference is that Romwe markets itself more as an alternative fashion retailer (think goth, emo, cosplay, etc), but otherwise, it’s just more of the same. 

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YesStyle apparel

YesStyle is another Asia-based store like Shein that carries a lot more than just stylish clothes.

As an online retailer, they’re best known for giving international shoppers access to Asian brands that you can’t find in a lot of Western stores.

But they also carry pretty much every type of product that falls in the broader “lifestyle” category, including everything from underwear to outdoor equipment.

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H&M Apparel

Few brands loom as large as H&M in the world of affordable fashion.

(In some ways, stores like Shein and the others on this list are really just following in H&M’s fast fashion footsteps.)

But where H&M sets itself apart is that it’s known for being a high street retailer rather than an e-commerce platform. 

A staple in most malls, H&M specializes in super hip and affordable clothes that always look great, but aren’t necessarily built to last.

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Forever 21

Forever 21 apparel

As you probably guessed from the name, Forever 21 is aimed at college students and other young shoppers, making it a direct competitor of online shopping sites like Shein and Romwe.

Like those sites, Forever 21 focuses on hip casual pieces that are easy to afford, and likewise easy to replace next year when something newer comes into fashion.

Check Out Forever 21 ➤


Amazon apparel

Amazon definitely isn’t a store that would spring to most people’s minds when they think of shops like Shein, but it makes the list thanks to the sheer volume of style that it sells.

The mother of all online websites has made a conscious push into the world of fashion retailing over the past few years, and at this point they carry so many styles, brands and products that you can pretty much always find something sharp to fit your price point.

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Stores Like Shein but (Slightly) More Expensive 


ASOS apparel

Yet another British retailer, Asos is a website like Shein that exclusively sells their styles online.

But they differ from Shein in that they don’t just sell products from their own brand.

In addition to their in-house brand, they also function a little bit like an online department store, carrying a pretty wide selection of the most recent trends and latest looks from other popular brands.

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Lulus apparel

A popular Shein competitor, Lulus offers a wide array of women’s clothing including cute dresses, tops, shoes and more.

While they definitely have a lot of casual styles similar to Shein, they also carry a decent variety of more formal attire, from maxi dresses that can be worn as bridesmaids gowns right up to their own line of luxe wedding dresses.

The demographic is slightly older than Shein’s, so it’s a good option when you’re ready to level up in style, as well as quality and price. 

Check Out Lulus ➤


Zara apparel

Zara is a close competitor of stores like Shein and H&M, both of which focus on super “affordable” (to put it politely) and super on-point styles.

Zara puts more emphasis on being of-the-moment than just about any other retailer, and famously turns over its entire inventory every couple months to get the old fads out and the latest fashion trends in.

Check Out Zara ➤

Nasty Gal 

Nasty Gal apparel

A subsidiary of Boohoo, Nasty Gal is an online retailer specializing in of-the-moment women’s fashion for stylish (yet still budget conscious) 20-somethings. 

They have a huge range of styles for every occasion, from everyday casuals, outerwear, and sleepwear, to party dresses, skirts, and formal attire. 

Their regular prices are quite a bit higher than Shein’s, but there’s almost always a big sale going on where you can score huge savings. 

Check Out Nasty Gal ➤

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters apparel

Urban Outfitters is one of those stores like Shein that doesn’t just sell clothes, but also ventures into cool, fun and unique houseware and home accessories.

Like Shein, it’s a favorite among the stylish under-30 crowd and has become a reliable go-to for anyone looking for fresh styles from familiar, trustworthy brands.

Check Out Urban Outfitters ➤


JackThreads apparel

With a wide-ranging inventory of modern, stylish and affordable menswear, JackThreads is an absolute go-to for guys who want to look great without breaking the bank.

Whereas a lot of sites like Shein cater to both women and men, JackThreads is focused exclusively on menswear, and carries the latest trends across pretty much every category of clothes and accessories.

Check Out JackThreads ➤


Uniqlo apparel

If you’re looking for styles that are a little more mature than Shein, but you’re still on a limited budget, Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo is a great option.

Like Shein, they carry a ton of casual staples at decent prices, but their aesthetic is a little more grown up and professional, designed to outlast passing trends. 

And since they’re always featuring special collaborations with other international brands, you can find cool, unique pieces that don’t look what everyone else is wearing. 

Check Out Uniqlo ➤

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