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Fact: if you could Photoshop your face in real life as much as I Photoshopped mine in this headshot, you wouldn’t need this blog

Hey, I’m Dave Bowden. Welcome to Irreverent Gent, the web’s #1 resource* for guys who want to look good, live well and laugh often.

Well, semi-often. (Alright, fine: occasionally at best.)

I created this site because I firmly believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself, but I also think that style doesn’t have to be stuffy, and self-improvement doesn’t have to be self-serious.

That’s why I take what I like to call a smart(ass) approach to style and personal development.

Why should you bother trying to sharpen your style and look your best?

Because the better a man looks, the better he feels. And the better you feel, the better life gets. It’s science. (No, actually!)

That’s why this site isn’t just about helping you look good, it’s about helping you lead a life of style, strength, character and confidence.

*According to my mom

What Does it Mean to Look Good and Live Well?

For me, looking good doesn’t mean desperately trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends or jumping on whatever bandwagon happens to be popular this month.

Instead, looking good means learning some fundamental principles of self-presentation, developing a Personal Style Profile that suits your unique persona, and investing the time, money and energy it takes to put your best face forward.

Style Leads to Self-Improvement

Am I trying to say that dressing well will get you more girls? No. Am I trying to imply that? Heavily.

Style can serve as an incredible first step toward self-improvement and personal development.

When you learn how to elevate your look, you inevitably increase your confidence, feel better about yourself, and accrue a ton of other benefits in the process, including everything from getting more dates and having more friends to making more money and potentially even living longer.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but that all sounds like living well to me. (Actually, I can speak for my fiancee, who decidedly does not want me “getting more dates.” Fortunately, she’s happy for me to help you with that.)

That’s why I’m committed to sharing insight and advice that will help you:

Alright fine, maybe not those last two—at least not until I get my hands on some dragon eggs. (Note to self: check eBay.)

But everything else on that list? Yeah, that I can help you with.

Style, Strength, Character and Confidence

If you want to learn how to look great, live well, build more confidence and project your best self to the world, this site is for you.

And you can get started right away.

I’ve put together a checklist outlining the Nine Details You Need to Nail in order to step up your style and out-dress the other guys.

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My Style Story

(a.k.a. “How an Old Italian Man Taught Me to Tuck My Shirt In”)

My goal is to help you look great, live well and improve all aspects of the way you present yourself to the world, but at this point you might be wondering:

“Who the f*ck is this guy? And what does he know about presentation?”

Fair questions both (though I could have done without the swearing).

Who Am I?

Award-Winning Writer; Groan-Inducing Jokester
It’s hard to say what’s bigger: my desire to help you look and feel your best… or my forehead

As I said up top, my name’s Dave Bowden. I’m an award-winning blogger, a best-selling author (in Canada, but still), a communications expert, a coffee fiend, a clotheshorse, a self-improvement junkie, a coffee fiend and a descriptor repeater. (And a wise-ass, as you’ve probably gathered.)

I learned about how powerful personal style and presentation can be from an extremely well dressed, successful and utterly charming old Italian man who, much to my great fortune, happened to be my grandfather.

My grandpa will be the first to tell you that he was never traditionally handsome; while he was blessed with a thick head of hair (which he maintains almost into his 90s, lucky bastard), his equally ample ears and nose didn’t do him any favors.

Control What You Can

And Command Respect in the Process
My grandpa taught me the value of being the best dressed guy in the room (along with the value of being warm, charming and generous)

But he didn’t lose any sleep worrying about physical attributes he had no influence over—instead, he focused on what he could control, which more than made up for any potential shortcomings.

Before he retired at the age of 81, my grandpa spent about 60 years waking up every morning and making sure he looked like a million bucks before he went to work.

And because he was the best dressed guy in almost every room he ever entered, he accrued a ton of respect from his friends, colleagues and competitors along the way (the fact that he worked his ass off and was incredibly warm, generous and friendly probably helped, too).

The respect he accrued by putting his best face forward allowed him to advance his career, make more money, enjoy his life and – above all – take care of his family.

My Values:
Look Great, Work Hard and Treat Others Well

(And have as much fun as humanly possible while you’re at it!)

And to my eternal good fortune, he passed those values down to me.

I’ve seen firsthand how much respect a man can garner when he looks great, works hard and treats others well. I try to live my life according to those principles (which has been working out pretty well for me so far, if I do say so myself), and I created this website to help you do the same.

Because not everyone can have a dapper-as-hell grandfather who wears Bespoke suits custom made by his cousin in Italy; but we can all learn from his example.

So don’t waste another second looking and feeling like anything other than your best self. Enter your email address below to learn how to look your best and put your best face forward.

Out-Dress the Other Guys

And gain more respect in the process.

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A (Wee) Bit of Reverence – For You!

In all seriousness, I truly consider it an honor that you would take time out of your day to check out my website. So, sincerely:

Thank You!

As someone who has worked hard to come out of his bedroom shell over the years to improve both his look and his life, I want you to know that it really is possible.

Stepping up your style can help you improve your self-confidence, feel better about yourself and get more out of life.

I know, because it did for me. And if style can do this much to help my sarcastic ass, imagine what it can do for you.

Get in Touch

I’d love to find out where you are on your journey towards style, strength, character and confidence—and how I can help you improve.

You can use my Contact Form, email me directly at dave@irreverentgent.com or find me on Twitter: @IrreverentGent. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again for visiting, and sorry about all the lame jokes.*





*I’m also sorry for all the apologies – I can’t help it, dammit, I’m Canadian!**

**Sorry, was that too much?

(aka, the part where I cover my ass)
The information shared on this website is meant for entertainment purposes only. I hold no degrees in medicine, psychology, exercise physiology or style(ology?), and I am not an expert in any of those fields. (I do, however, have degrees in philosophy and journalism, so I am an expert at not getting a job after graduating.)

If you are in search of medical or psychological advice, speak to your doctor immediately or seek out a trained professional.

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