The 25 Best Athleisure Brands Like Lululemon

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Lululemon storefront
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It doesn’t take a genius to understand why shoppers who care about comfortable athletic wear might want to find some other brands like lululemon athletica.

On the one hand, lulu has long been a staple for anyone looking for athletic clothing that’s functional, fits great and lasts for years if taken care of properly.

On the other hand, their stuff is definitely on the pricey side, and while their offerings have expanded over the years, their selection is still a bit limited. 

Fortunately, the rise of athleisure brands over the past 10 years or so means that today lululemon has a lot of competition, and anyone looking for the best lululemon alternatives now has a lot of great options to choose from.

Below we’ve rounded up 25 stores and brands similar to lululemon, all of which offer a wide range of athletic wear that will help you look great and move well.

The 25 Top Lululemon Competitors

Rounding Up Some of the Top Lululemon Alternatives for Athleisure


Fabletics prides itself on being the place where fitness meets fashion, meaning their clothes are designed for both peak performance and optimal appearance.

They offer a wide variety of both men’s and women’s activewear that looks as good as it moves, including a great selection of tops, bottoms and performance underwear.


Aarmy logo

Aarmy takes elements from streetwear and incorporates it into athletic wear, leaving you looking fly.

Not only being a brand that fits you, Aarmy embodies the athletic lifestyle and even streams cycling and bootcamp classes at your convenience. 

Their latest collaboration was with Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God. Your workout partner will wonder why you’re working out in casual clothes.

Public Rec

Public Rec logo

Established in 2009, online retailer Public Rec is no stranger to the world of athleisure. 

With a variety of styles ranging from gear for the gym to essential pieces for your wardrobe, Public Rec is your one stop shop. 

Like lululemon, their apparel is versatile, so you can wear it to multiple activities without sacrificing comfort.

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Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices logo

Though they offer high price points similar to lululemon, New York-based Outdoor Voices offers premium clothing that’s guaranteed to perform. 

Whether you’re lounging or trying to achieve your new personal best, OV implements the “All Day,” “Ready Set” and “Weekender” in your athletic wear.


Vuori logo

Like lululemon, they’ll pay for your return label to ship products you’re not satisfied with, that’s how confident they are with their clothing. 

Taking inspiration from the Coastal Californian lifestyle, Vuori adds functionality to your tired wardrobe. From their technical swim trunks to their ripstop climbing pants, Vuori provides you with gear for any activity.


Rhone logo

Lululemon was supposed to make Jimmy Butler their next global ambassador, but the basketball superstar decided to go with Rhone.

And there’s a good reason why.

With solely men’s apparel in mind, Rhone specializes in timeless pieces that push the boundary of how your clothing should perform.


Tracksmith logo

A Boston-based brand (say that five times fast) dedicated to the sport of running. Tracksmith provides runners with premium running apparel that gives the same vibe as lululemon.

Whether you need the perfect kit for training days or your big race day or even outfit for relaxing on your off day, Tracksmith has you covered.

Olivers Apparel 

Olivers logo

This company swears by the quality of their clothing, similar to lululemon’s quality promise Olivers Apparel takes it further.

With the Olivers Guarantee, they’ll repair or replace any product with a fault outside of normal wear or tear for up to a year after your purchase! 

Sourcing fabrics like 100% Australian merino wool to 100% Japanese Supima cotton, Olivers Apparel constructs your essential pieces with luxurious craftsmanship. 


Prana logo

Providing athletic apparel and premium everyday clothing for both women and men, prAna separates itself from other stores like lululemon with the company’s many causes.

PrAna is committed to sustainability, fair trade and social responsibility. 

So whether you’re buying sports bras, tank tops or even men’s button-down shirts, you know you’re supporting a great brand driven by its many initiatives.

It’s also good to know that their clothing comes at quite reasonable prices.


Uniqlo logo

If you’re looking for brands like lululemon but cheaper, Uniqlo is a great alternative, and one of the best places to find affordable athleisure and active wear.

The Japanese brand creates classic staples that fit well, perform to a degree and most of all are generally inexpensive.

Although not garnering the luxury that lululemon breathes, its logo-less pieces are a step up from the kind of cheap workout gear you’d find at stores like H&M or Old Navy, and will leave people guessing what brand you’re wearing.

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand logo

Similar to lululemon’s minimalist clothing aesthetic, Ten Thousand cuts the retail markup to offer great deals on lululemon-like products.

Ten Thousand simplifies your shopping experience by narrowing their product selection, making it a great alternative for anyone who just wants a good go-to for well made activewear basics.

We’ve all experienced having some of our favourite styles discontinued in favor of new products.

One of the good things about Ten Thousand is that they keep every style that they make, while still making adjustments that improve the product.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga logo

If you’re looking for an alternative place to buy leggings like lululemon, Alo Yoga offers a pair endorsed by celebrity fashion girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, along with a wide range of accessories like mats, water bottles and more. 

Like lululemon, Alo Yoga combines premium fabrics with performance, so you’ll feel comfortable switching from downward dog to the locust position.

Originally focused on women’s clothing, last year the popular yoga brand started making clothing for men as well, becoming a close competitor of lululemon across all categories of activewear.


Odlo logo

A Norweigan company primarily focused on making apparel for the outdoors.

The 70-year-old company started by making base layers for strenuous hiking, and is now a global brand that offers functional gear for any activity. 

You can be sure to find the same types of technology offered by lululemon in their clothing and even benefits like posture support.

By using their Active Spine technology better posture is achieved by using supportive body-mapped compression around the spine and shoulders. 

Myles Apparel

Myles Apparel logo

Myles Apparel is a brand dedicated to providing men with athleisure that looks good and performs.

Similar to lululemon’s take on perfecting essential pieces for your wardrobe, Myle’s gets the job done by using premium fabrics and rugged construction. 

Their product goes through rigorous testing before it’s sold to consumers so you can be sure that their apparel will last the test of time.


Wolaco logo

Wolaco reinvents compression bottoms with the same types of fabrics as lululemon but with added features like sweat-proof pockets.

With innovation going as far as spending one and half years working on shorts like the North Moore Short, you can be sure that their gear is proven and tested. 

With waistbands that they claim will last for life, you can expect their quality is up to par with lulu’s.


Jacques logo

New York’s sophisticated version of lululemon for men. Jacques shares the same minimalist approach with their athletic apparel while utilizing technical fabrics and packing features that perform. 

Odour control, thermal control, UV-protection and wrinkle resistance are just a few of the functionalities that their garments offer.


Eysom logo

If you can afford to shell nearly $160 on a pair of five inch shorts or $220 on a pair of pants, Eysom might be the lululemon alternative for you.

Eysom is a premium athletic apparel brand that makes high performance clothing. 

With a short range of styles, this Los Angeles brand puts their twist on quintessential clothing pieces that leave you feeling ready for your next workout, flight and or chill Sunday.

Four Laps

Four Laps logo

“Start Before You’re Ready.”

That’s the mission statement of running-focused brand Four Laps, which is essentially a brand like lululemon for running gear instead of yoga.

Some of their products almost look identical to lululemon’s— like their Flex Jogger, which. is similar to lululemon’s Surge Jogger.

Combining functionality with comfort, Four Laps provides sports apparel that will outrun your next 10 km.

Satisfy Running

Satisfy logo

Inspired by the art of running, the creative minds behind Satisfy Running are working to bring premium running gear that performs.

Priced significantly higher than lululemon’s clothing, you’re definitely paying a premium with Satisfy. 

Crafted in their studio in Paris, France, this luxury brand makes innovative apparel like a “moth eaten t-shirt with strategically placed ventilation in an organic and recycled cotton.”

With screen-printed motifs on their shirts like “Running Cult Member” or “Possessed”, you’ll be training in gear that’s fun and performs.

Path Projects

Path Projects logo

Unable to find the perfect pair of running shorts Scott Bailey, the founder of Path Projects decided to make his own.

Not cutting any corners quality wise, the San Francisco brand offers the same premium clothing that lululemon offers at a fraction of the price.

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ logo

Respecting the details and mastering simplicity, that’s what Reigning Champ’s bringing to their line of premium athletic wear.

Fusing a deconstructed aesthetic coupled with premium fabrics like midweight terry and pima jersey, Reigning Champs is able to make essential pieces that pack a punch.


Lole logo

If you’re fond of yoga, you’ve probably seen your fellow yogis sporting Lole.

Founded in Montreal, Canadian brand Lole originally started with an activewear line geared toward women looking for technical outerwear. 

Fast forward 19 years later, the activewear brand has expanded their collection to fit any active lifestyle, including making a big push into yoga clothes.

Even offering training apparel for men, this store offers great options if you’re looking for a lululemon alternative.


Aeance logo

The New York Times says Aeance makes “minimal sportswear you’ll want to wear all day.” Like lululemon, Aeance makes premium performance clothing that is both functional and stylish. 

What makes them different is that they’re dedicated to sustainability. Complying with eco-standards such as GRS, ZQ Merino and bluesign, the German company is mindful of the materials it sources and its environmental footprint. 

Offering athletic apparel for both men and women, Aeance creates versatile silhouettes that are timeless.


Isaora logo

Another option for men looking for a lululemon alternative is the company Isaora. Established in 2008, the New York City brand fuses high fashion with performance.

Their styles are packed with features like sun protection, abrasion resistance and water protection. Athlete inspired, Isaora redefines the thin line between functionality and contemporary modern style.


Satva logo

Harvesting materials in India through their partnership with Suminter India Organics, Satva is able to manufacture lululemon-like leggings. 

Incorporating materials like lycra into their leggings, the same look and feel is achieved at an affordable price. Their leggings are made with organic cotton and are produced without the need of using chemicals like bleaches, toxic waxes and heavy metals. 

You’ll also feel good knowing that a portion of sales are contributed back into local communities.

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