The 23 Best Stores & Brands Like Uniqlo

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Anyone looking for stylish and affordable clothes can be forgiven for wanting to find some other brands like Uniqlo.

Don’t get me wrong:

The Japanese retailer has become one of my favorite go-tos for casual staples like sweaters, polos, tees and chinos that you can wear pretty much anywhere.

But while its styles are always classic, they’re also a little… safe.

It’s a great place to turn if you want a stylish v-neck sweater you can wear for years to come, but not the best if you’re looking for trendy pieces that are more of-the-moment.

Fortunately, Uniqlo is hardly the only game in town.

In this post I’ll round up nearly two dozen other stores like Uniqlo for men and women, where you can find a wide range of good-looking and affordable styles.

Awesome Other Brands Like Uniqlo

Breaking Down the Best Clothing Stores Like Uniqlo  ↓


J.Crew logo

Of all the brands like Uniqlo on this list, J.Crew is probably the most all-American.

Like Uniqlo, they specialize in stylish staple pieces that are always sharp and on-point, but J.Crew’s stuff is generally of a higher quality, and consequently tends to cost a little bit more.

Check Out J.Crew ➤

J.Crew Factory

J.Crew factory logo

With lower prices than the flagship store, J.Crew Factory may be an even closer Uniqlo competitor than J.Crew itself.

While they don’t carry quite as wide a selection as either Uniqlo or the main J.Crew brand, it’s a great place to turn for stylish casual staples and even basic formalwear pieces, earning a place on my list of the best places to buy cheap affordable suits.

Check Out J.Crew Factory ➤

Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak logo

Frank and Oak isn’t nearly as well known or popular as some of the other brands on this list, but it’s a great Uniqlo alternative that’s very much worth checking out.

While they specialize in casual staples like sweaters and chinos, they remind me of Uniqlo in that they have a fresh and fashion-y aesthetic that helps elevate the look of everyday pieces.

Check Out Frank And Oak ➤


TopMan logo

In some ways, Topman (and its sister store Topshop) is to the UK what Uniqlo is to Japan.

Both sell clothes that reflect and define the fashion taste of their home countries, and both have found success exporting those looks to international audiences.

Check Out TopMan ➤


Everlane logo

Everlane is a great alternative to Uniqlo because they offer a wide range of basics in modern styles and affordable prices.

What’s cool about Everlane is that they also put a heavy emphasis on ethics and sustainability, so shopping there means buying clothes that you can both look good in and feel good about.

Check Out Everlane ➤



Another offshoot of J.Crew, Madewell is a good brand like Uniqlo to know about if you’re in the market for clothes that are hipper than the “business casual” aesthetic Uniqlo tends to specialize in.

With a heavy focus on jeans, Madewell also carries all the casual staples and accessories that look great with it.

So it’s not only a great place to pick up your next pair of denim, but also a good place to turn for the sort of rugged, stylish boots that look great with jeans.

Check Out Madewell ➤

Banana Republic

Banana Republic logo

And speaking of business casual, Banana Republic is a close competitor of stores like Uniqlo and J.Crew thanks to their stylish selection of clothes that can be worn in almost every office environment.

In addition to office staples, they also carry a pretty wide selection of casual basics that can help you elevate your off-duty and weekend looks as well.

Check Out Banana Republic ➤

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters logo

Urban Outfitters might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of brands like Uniqlo, but it’s long been a go-to for 20-somethings looking for fresh, on-point styles.

Unlike Uniqlo, which exclusively sells its own line of products, Urban Outfitters carries a wide range of brands.

Plus, in addition to clothes, they also carry a pretty good selection of cool home and lifestyle products.

Check Out Urban Outfitters ➤


boohooMan logo

Hip, modern and fashion-forward, boohooMan (like its sister store boohoo, which focuses on womenswear) is a great place to turn if you want to go beyond the basics you’ll find at Uniqlo.

Their styles are always super hip and on-point, so it’s a great option for anyone who’s tired of the same stylish, but somewhat limited selection you often get from brands like Uniqlo.

Check Out boohooMAN ➤


Nordstrom logo

As a major department store, Nordstrom carries a wide range of brands, designers and styles, but it’s overall aesthetic and taste is similar to Uniqlo’s.

Both are good places to turn for refined and stylish staple pieces, though Nordstrom’s wider selection also means that its prices vary as well.

Check Our Nordstrom ➤

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack logo

If you like Nordstrom’s styles and tastes but find their prices a little out of reach, Nordstrom Rack is the perfect alternative.

They carry a lot of the same big-name designers and brands that the flagship store couldn’t sell, giving you a great chance to score some great prices on pieces from last season.

Check Out Nordstrom Rack ➤


H&M logo

H&M is a close Uniqlo competitor, but one that takes a very different approach to their merchandise.

Where Uniqlo tends to specialize in a core roster of pieces that are available year in and year out, H&M takes the opposite approach and focuses on super hip (and super cheap) pieces that you probably won’t see in the store next season.

Check Out H&M ➤


Target logo

Target is another one of those places you would probably never think of when looking for brands like Uniqlo, but it’s really carved out a niche for itself as a purveyor of stylish and super-affordable casual staples and basics.

While they carry a number of brands, some of the best styles (and the best deals) come from their in-house brands like Original Use and Goodfellow & Co.

Check Out Target ➤


ASOS logo

Like Target, Asos sells its own line of stylish clothes and also carries pieces from a wide range of other popular brands.

Based in the UK, Asos has a European aesthetic that’s quite fashion-forward compared to a lot of North American brands, and even many Japanese brands like Uniqlo.

Check Out ASOS ➤


Bonobos logo

Bonobos is a menswear brand that specializes in the kind of classic-meets-modern staple pieces every man should have in his wardrobe.

It’s a great place to turn for everything from suits and tuxedos to casual basics like tees, shorts and sweaters.

Check Out Bonobos ➤

The Gap

The Gap logo

A big article in The Atlantic awhile back described Uniqlo as “Gap for millennials,” and they weren’t far off.

Just as Uniqlo has become the go-to for modern casual basics of our generation, The Gap did the same for Gen X a generation before.

And while their styles might not be cutting edge, they’re still a great place to turn for casual and affordable basics.

Check Out The Gap ➤

Old Navy

Old Navy logo

Old Navy is the Gap’s kid brother, in more ways than one.

In addition to being a cheaper alternative that offers similar basics, Old Navy skews toward a younger audience, both in terms of its styles and its even more affordable prices.

Check Out Old Navy ➤

American Eagle

American Eagle

And sticking with brands that skew younger, American Eagle is a staple of malls across North America, and has long been a go-to for among teens and people in their early 20s.

With a wide range of casual staples, American Eagle definitely isn’t as grown up as Uniqlo, but it’s a good place to turn for the kinds of timeless pieces that people of any age always need (think tees, chinos, etc.).

Check Out American Eagle ➤

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch logo

Abercrombie & Fitch is kind of like a slightly more grown up version of American Eagle.

It has a much more all-American feel than Uniqlo, but similarly focuses on essential wardrobe pieces that are both stylish, comfortable and easy to wear.

Check Out Abercrombie ➤

Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter logo

Online department store Mr. Porter is definitely not as cheap as Uniqlo, but it’s a great place to turn if you want to splurge on a statement piece or two.

They carry a wide range of clothes and accessories from some of the best designers in the world, but you do have to pay for the privilege of wearing such big brand names.

Check Out Mr. Porter ➤


JackThreads logo

If Mr. Porter is on one end of the price spectrum, JackThreads is very much on the other.

They’re a much closer Uniqlo competitor in terms of both style and price, carrying a wide range of menswear and accessories across pretty much every category.

Check Out JackThreads ➤


Amazon logo

Amazon muscled its way into the world of retail clothing years ago, and today carries probably the biggest selection of clothes, brands, styles and pieces of any of the stores like Uniqlo on this list.

On Amazon you can get everything from luxury brands like Rolex to super cheap merchandise shipped from stores you’ve never heard of in China.

But the best value probably comes from their in-house brands, Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials, both of which carry the same sort of stylish basics that Uniqlo specializes in.

Check Out Amazon ➤

End Clothing

End Clothing logo

With a pretty solid selection of stylish and modern pieces from a wide range of cool brands, End is a good go-to for anyone looking for clothes that will help them stand out.

In addition to clothes, they also carry everything from accessories and footwear to a range of lifestyle products that includes grooming products, cologne, home decor pieces and more.

Check Out End Clothing ➤

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