The 29 Best Stores Like Burlington Coat Factory

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There’s no denying that Burlington department store is a great place to shop, especially if you love a good deal. 

A mecca for bargain hunters, Burlington (they dropped the “Coat Factory” part in 2009) has everything from clothing to home decor under one roof and at much lower prices than other major department stores. 

But as sweet as the deals may be, Burlington does have a couple of downsides, primarily that they don’t offer online shopping and they don’t carry as many quality name brands as some of their competitors. 

So if you’re looking to expand your discount shopping horizons, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a detailed list of stores like Burlington, where you can find stylish clothes, accessories, and home furnishings without spending a fortune.  

The Best IRL & Online Stores Like Burlington

Breaking Down the Best Stores Similar to Burlington for Great Deals on Quality Products

Discount Stores Like Burlington 

T.J. Maxx

TJ Maxx Logo

One of the largest off-price retailers in the country — and the flagship store of TJX Companies — TJ Maxx is a popular shopping destination for clothing and home décor items at discount prices. 

Unlike Burlington, they do offer online shopping, so you can browse their wide selection of fashion, footwear, beauty, and home accent items from the comfort of your home. 

Check Out TK ➤

Check Out TJ Maxx ➤


Marshalls Logo

Marshalls is owned by the same parent company as TJ Maxx, so it’s no surprise that they offer similar products at comparable prices.

In fact, the two companies are virtually the same with a few subtle differences: 

Marshalls has a wider selection of footwear and an extended men’s department, whereas TJ Maxx tends to emphasize jewelry and fashion. 

Check Out Marshalls ➤


Sierra Logo

Another discount store within the TJX family, Sierra follows the same model as its sister brands but with a focus on outdoor gear, sporting goods, and activewear. 

That said, they also have a home section with decor items, pet supplies, and wellness products, which makes it a good alternative to Burlington. 

Check Out Sierra ➤

Ross Dress for Less

Ross Logo

Ross Dress for Less (also known as Ross Stores Inc.) is one of Burlington’s closest competitors in the off-price sector because they carry discounted name-brands across similar categories. 

Ross stores don’t come with any bells and whistles, but by foregoing fancy displays and selling overstock items, they’re able to offer the freakishly low prices shoppers love them for.

Like Burlington, there’s no e-commerce option, so you’ll have to shop the old fashioned way, but their website offers a store locator to help you find a location near you.  

Check Out Ross ➤

Stein Mart

Stein Mart Logo

But if you’re like me and would rather avoid in-person shopping, Stein Mart is a great alternative to stores like Burlington and Ross. 

After closing their physical stores in 2020, Stein Mart relaunched as an online-only retailer, offering women’s fashions (sorry, fellas) and home decor items at affordable prices. 

Check Out Stein Mart ➤

Bealls Outlet

Bealls Outlet

Bealls Outlet is an extension of the Florida-based Bealls department stores, but you may know it as Burkes Outlet, depending on which state you live in. 

Confusing names aside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts: 

They offer brand name clothing for the whole family, plus jewelry, beauty products, home decor items, and more, at lower prices than the flagship store. 

Check Out Bealls Outlet ➤

Dillard’s Clearance Centers

Dillard's Logo

As you may have guessed, this is another off-price extension of a major department store, in this case, Dillard’s. 

If you have expensive taste but a pauper’s budget, it’s a great option for scoring designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, and Coach, at deeply discounted prices. 

Check Out Dillard’s Clearance Centers ➤

Nordstrom Rack

Norstrom Rack Logo

Speaking of expensive taste… 

Shoppers who covet designer clothes are no doubt familiar with the name Nordstrom. 

But since some of us lower-income consumers can’t afford a wardrobe from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack is the next best thing:

The off-price sister store to the luxury flagship carries similar designer labels and higher-end items, but at more affordable prices. 

Check Out Nordstrom Rack ➤

Saks Off 5th 

Saks Off 5th

This is the Saks Fifth Avenue version of Nordstrom Rack, so it’s another good destination for designer merchandise at discounted prices. 

Known as a hub of haute couture and high-end fashion, Saks sends its excess inventory and last season items here to be sold up to 70% off the retail price. 

But while you can still get a good deal on a luxury item, be prepared for higher price tags than a normal department store. 

Check Out Saks Off 5th ➤

Bloomingdale’s Outlet 

Bloomingdale's Logo

While we’re on the topic of luxury off-price companies, Bloomingdale’s Outlet is another store that follows the same model. 

Here, you’ll find an assortment of recognizable key brands in the luxury category (think Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, and Gucci) at reduced prices. 

The price range falls somewhere between Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth, so make this a go-to for investment pieces and high-end treasures. 

Check Out Bloomingdale’s Outlet ➤

Neiman Marcus Last Call 

Neiman Marcus Last Call Logo

Another discount version of a luxury department store, Neiman Marcus is a great place to find off-price clothing, beauty, home decor, and more. 

With sales up to 80% off the original retail price, you’re sure to snag some major deals on high-end items. 

Check Out Neiman Marcus Last Call ➤


Walmart Logo

Switching to more affordable discount chains (sorry, that was a hard pivot), Walmart is a great option for aggressive markdowns on everyday items. 

They offer cheap prices on clothing, electronics, furniture, groceries… and pretty much everything else. 

Plus, they have thousands of brick-and-mortar locations, as well as curb-side pick-up, delivery, and free shipping options. 

Check Out Walmart ➤


Target Logo

Target is so popular and beloved that it has its own phenomenon called “The Target Effect” (if you know, you know). 

Like Walmart, Target is a convenient and economical department store that sells just about everything under the sun. 

But Target’s emphasis on affordable quality, especially when it comes to stylish clothing and home decor, makes it a great alternative to stores like Burlington. 

Check Out Target ➤


Amazon Logo

While not technically a department store, online retailer Amazon is always a good option to turn to for huge savings on whatever you’re looking for. 

Perhaps the world’s biggest online store, their massive inventory makes it easy to find the best deal on name-brand items. 

Better yet, join their Amazon Prime membership program and score bonus benefits like fast, free delivery and access to their streaming service. 

Check Out Amazon ➤


Costco Logo

You may not think of this wholesale retailer as an alternative to Burlington, but hear me out: 

Not only can you find discounted clothing and beauty products, but Costco also offers household items like small furniture and decor (and while you’re there, you can get your groceries in bulk and fill up your tank!) 

Just don’t expect a flashy shopping experience; their no-frills, warehouse-style stores help keep prices down. 

Check Out Costco ➤

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club Logo

Owned and operated by Walmart, Sam’s Club follows a similar model as Costco: 

They sell wholesale, bulk items at discount prices, and you need a membership in order to shop (hot tip: Sam’s Club membership fee is cheaper). 

Also like Costco, they offer a wide variety of products across several departments, so you can get a new coat, pick up your groceries, and get your prescription filled under one roof. 

Check Out Sam’s Club ➤

Big Lots 

Big Lots Logo

Last on our list of off-price stores, Big Lots is another discount retailer worth checking out as an alternative to Burlington. 

Here you can find clothing, beauty, and home decor at super low prices, but their inventory goes way beyond that. 

With a massive selection of products across dozens of categories, Big Lots has your shopping list covered and then some.

Check Out Big Lots ➤

(Slightly More Expensive) Department Stores Like Burlington 

Tacking on a few mid-range stores, just to cover our bases. 


Macy's Logo

This New York based department store giant has long been a go-to for premium brands and high-end fashion. 

The price point is higher but it’s a great option for designer shoes, clothes, handbags, beauty products, and more. 

Check Out Macy’s ➤


Kohl's Logo

Ideal for brand name products at midrange prices, Kohl’s is the happy medium between Macy’s and Burlington. 

They offer a ton of products across a wide range of categories, plus some huge discounts on clearance and closeout items.

Check Out Kohl’s ➤


Belk Logo

Originally founded in North Carolina, Belk stores now have 300 locations across the United States. 

It’s basically your typical midrange department store, with fashion, beauty, home furnishings, and even wedding registry. 

Check Out Belk ➤


JC Penney Logo

Not just your grandmother’s favorite store, JCPenney has a lot to offer and at reasonable prices. 

With hundreds of stores across the country, JC Penney is an affordable and convenient option for men’s and women’s fashion, home furnishings, bedding, appliances, and more. 

Check Out JC Penney ➤


Sears Logo

While Sears boasts departments for clothing, footwear, and beauty, it’s long been a go-to for home furnishings and kitchen appliances. 

Take advantage of their blowout events and online sales to score major savings on big-ticket items. 

Check Out Sears ➤

Affordable Furniture and Home Decor Stores Like Burlington 

(Because sometimes a guy just needs an accent pillow.)


HomeGoods Logo

Another store under the same parent company as TJ Maxx, HomeGoods is a mecca for discounted furniture, lighting, and accent pieces.

And if you want to know just how much you’re saving, they do the work for you: 

Many of their items include comparison pricing to show you how much you’d pay at a full-price retail store.  

Check Out Home Goods ➤

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond Logo

The name pretty much says it all, but this store is a reliable source for home products, accessories, and more at affordable prices. 

You can also get great deals on small appliances, window dressings, pet supplies, and even luggage! 

Check Out Bed, Bath & Beyond ➤


Overstock Logo

Overstock has been one of the most popular online furniture retailers for a long time now, and with good reason: 

They carry a large selection of previously liquidated items, which translates to some pretty big savings. 

You can shop their website and app for budget-friendly deals on everything for your home, from appliances and large furniture to patio sets and accent pieces. 

Check Out Overstock ➤


Wayfair Logo

Another popular e-commerce furniture outlet, Wayfair has been Overstock’s closest competitor for the past decade. 

Like Overstock, they offer a huge selection of stylish home decor and furniture items (a cool 14 million, to be precise) and at cheaper prices than other well-known furniture stores. 

As the slogan goes, they’ve got just what you need. 

Check Out Wayfair ➤

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Logo

It’s not exactly a Burlington competitor, but Crate & Barrel bears mentioning for its stylish collections of furniture and home decor items. 

The prices are higher than some of the others on the list but so is the quality, so it’s worth checking out. 

Check Out Crate & Barrel ➤


Ikea Logo

Ikea has long been a go-to for affordable furniture, especially for renters, new homeowners, or people with small spaces. 

They’re famous for their low prices and innovative designs (and delicious Swedish meatballs) but there’s a catch: 

You have to assemble everything yourself and the quality isn’t the greatest. 

Check Out Ikea ➤

Christmas Tree Shops

CTS Logo

This brick-and-mortar store specializes in seasonal decor and holiday assortments for inside and outside the home, but they offer much more than that. 

You’ll also find furniture, party decorations, pet supplies, storage solutions, and even a food market. 

Check Out Christmas Tree Shops ➤


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