The 19 Best Stores Like Hot Topic for Alternative Fashion

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It doesn’t take a genius to understand why you might want to find some other stores like Hot Topic for alternative fashion, clothes and accessories.

On the one hand, the Hot Topic store is a staple of malls across North America, and has long been a go-to for those of us who love pop culture.

On the other hand, while indulging in band merch and all things alternative can be fun as hell, eventually it starts to feel a little juvenile, at which point it’s nice to have a few more mature options.

(Plus, Hot Topic’s pricing isn’t exactly a bargain, so sometimes it’s also just nice to know where to find some cool stores like Hot Topic but cheaper.)

That’s why we’ve rounded up all the best sites, stores and shops like Hot Topic, where you can turn for band merch, alternative fashion, pop culture paraphernalia and/or cool clothes that feel a little more grown up.

The Top Five ↓

You can read more about each company below, but here’s a quick summary of our five favorite Hot Topic alternatives.

  1. Spencer’s
  2. Zumiez
  3. Blue Banana
  4. Rebels Market
  5. Grindstore

Other IRL and Online Stores Like Hot Topic

Breaking Down the Best Brands Like Hot Topic



Arguably one of the closest Hot Topic competitors, Spencer’s carries everything from music tees and pop culture apparel to body jewelry and sex toys.

Their selection of home products isn’t quite as wide as Hot Topic’s, but they do carry drinkware and party supplies, in addition to all the alternative fashion and clothing.

Check Out Spencer’s ➤


Zumiez t-shirt

Rooted in skate culture, Zumiez specializes in shoes, clothes and accessories that are true to skating’s alternative roots.

They carry brands like Vans, Huf, Broken Promises and Thrasher in addition to more mainstream stuff from Nike, Adidas, Champion and more.

Check Out Zumiez ➤

Blue Banana

Blue Banana

UK-based Blue Banana has been a leader in body jewelry, band merch and all things alternative for decades now.

What’s cool about Blue Banana is that they put an emphasis not just on goth and emo clothing but also on ethics – they source their products from places that practice ethical standards and treat their workers well.

While a lot of their fashion is female-focused, they also carry gender-neutral footwear, merch, jewelry, and accessories.

Check Out Blue Banana ➤

Rebels Market

Rebels Market

Rebels Market carries a wide range of alternative, grunge, steampunk, and urbancore clothing and styles for both men and women.

While they tend to put fashion first, they’re not limited to clothes. Similar to stores like Hot Topic and Spencers, they also carry jewelry, accessories and home decor.

Check Out Rebels Market ➤


Grindstore band shirt

Another good Hot Topic alternative, Grindstore specializes in alternative clothes but also carries a wide variety of products.

You’ll find have everything from your favorite band merch and superhero paraphernalia to video games, anime and a wide selection of gifts and other merch.

Check Out Grindstore ➤

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters apparel

Urban Outfitters is a great Hot Topic alternative if you’re looking for stuff that’s cool, but not necessarily infused with pop culture.

They carry everything from clothes and accessories to home decor, all in modern styles geared toward a young, hip demographic.

Check Out Urban Outfitters ➤



Based in the UK, Asos is an online store like Hot Topic that specializes in trendy clothes and accessories.

It’s a great place to turn when you’re ready to graduate from Hot Topic’s graphic tees (although, they sell those too), but still want to look fresh, cool and on-point.

Check Out ASOS ➤


Uniqlo graphic t-shirt

The pieces at Japanese retailer Uniqlo span the gamut.

They carry everything from suiting and business casual pieces to pop culture-infused graphic tees similar to the stuff you’ll find at Hot Topic.

(They even have a licensing deal with Marvel.)

Check Out Uniqlo ➤

Forever 21

Forever 21 apparel

As with stores like Hot Topic and Spencers, Forever 21 is a staple in malls and retail parks across North America.

They specialize in fashion for a young demographic, so it’s another good place to turn if you’re ready to graduate from Hot Topic and looking for some cool casual styles. 

Check Out Forever 21 ➤


H&M apparel

H&M is one of those stores like Hot Topic but cheaper.

They have a more fashion-forward aesthetic than Forever 21, and carry everything from casual staples like tees, sweaters and skinny jeans.

And while you’re there, you can also stock up on business clothes like suits and dress shirts at affordable prices.

Check Out TK ➤


MerchNow sweatshirt

Whereas a lot of other stores like Hot Topic and Spencers offer a wide range of products, MerchNow really specializes in just one: band merch.

They carry both clothes and other merch, including posters, CDs, cassettes and vinyl from a big selection bands across pretty much all genres.

Check Out MerchNow ➤

Rock Rebel

Rock Rebel is one of the most alternative stores on this list, focusing on horror-inspired pop culture merchandise.

Their selection is a bit limited, but they’re a great option for anyone who likes the stuff they sell at Hot Topic but is just looking for a more niche (and more horror-focused) selection of products.

Check Out Rock Rebel ➤


Rockabilia band t-shirt

As its name implies, Rockabilia’s roots are in rock and roll, and they offer a wide selection of band merch from across the rock spectrum.

In addition to the standard metal and alternative rock tees, they also carry a pretty wide selection of accessories and (somewhat surprisingly) even home decor.

Check Out Rockabilia ➤



As the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon carries pretty much everything, and that includes funny tees, band merch, and alternative apparel.

In addition to the wide selection, the advantage of shopping at Amazon is that they offer free shipping when you sign up for Amazon Prime, which also gives you access to their streaming platform and comprehensive media library.

Check Out Amazon ➤


Zaful apparel

Zaful is a little trendier than some of the other places like Hot Topic on this list.

But in addition to carrying clothes that are slightly more mainstream, they also sell a selection of cool retro gear and streetwear and a pretty wide variety of accessories.

Check Out Zaful ➤


Romwe apparel

Romwe is another store that leans more mainstream, offering a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Like Hot Topic, they also carry home accent pieces, which in this case includes a pretty good selection of products for pets.

Check Out Romwe ➤



Shein carries a wide range of trendy and alternative clothes for both women and men.

Their designs are more mainstream than much of what you’ll find on sites like Hot Topic, but they carry such a wide variety that you can still find plenty of cool, unique styles.

Check Out Shein ➤


Pacsun T-Shirt

Short for Pacific Sunwear, Los Angeles lifstyle brand Pacsun specializes in on-trend clothing rooted in skateboarding and youth culture.

They carry a wide range of mainstream styles and brands, but like Hot Topic, it’s a good source for vintage-style and graphic T-shirts that reference sports, movies and pop culture throw backs.

Check Out Pacsun ➤

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