The Best Stores Like LL Bean for Great Outdoor Gear & Apparel

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It isn’t hard to understand why outdoor enthusiasts might want to find some other stores like L.L. Bean. 

On the one hand, L.L. Bean is a pioneer of the outdoor apparel industry. 

Founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912 (that’s right – the L.L. actually stands for “Leon Leonwood”), L.L. Bean is famous for inventing duck boots and bringing outdoor clothing to the masses. 

It opened its flagship store in Freeport, Maine in 1917, and has been selling outdoor equipment and clothing ever since. 

On the other hand, the recreational apparel and equipment industry has exploded over the past century, and today outdoor enthusiasts have more options than ever before. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find a wide range of modern L.L. Bean alternatives that can equip you for adventure. 

Below you’ll find dozens of other brands like L.L. Bean that offer all manner of outdoor apparel, equipment and accessories.

The Top Five ↓

You can read more about each company below, but here’s a quick summary of our five favorite L.L. Bean alternatives.

  1. Eddie Bauer
  2. Land’s End
  3. Patagonia
  4. The North Face
  5. Marmot

The Best Stores Like L.L. Bean 

Breaking Down the Best Brands & Stores Like LL Bean for Outdoor Clothing

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Founded in Seattle in 1920 by its namesake outdoorsman, Eddie Bauer boasts hundreds of retail stores across the United States and has long been one of the top LL Bean competitors. 

The international outdoor clothing company sells a wide range of high-quality products in categories ranging from clothes and accessories to outdoor equipment and gear.  

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Lands’ End

End men's clothing

Offering everything from kids’ clothing and home goods to outerwear and swimwear, Lands’ End is a little less “hardcore” than some of the outdoor apparel stores like L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer. 

They have a kind of “New England in the fall” aesthetic that’s cozy and durable, but better suited for weekends at the cabin than the sort of months-long outdoor adventures where you hunt and gather your own food.

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Founded by rock climber Yvon Chouinard in 1957, Patagonia is a direct competitor of L.L. Bean that’s grown into one of the world’s most well regarded brands among outdoor enthusiasts. 

Patagonia carries a lot of similar products as L.L. Bean both but offers a larger selection that can be used across a wider range of outdoor activities. 

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The North Face 

The North Face

Another one of the best alternatives to L.L. Bean, The North Face is one of those brands like Patagonia that’s beloved for the quality of their gear. 

They offer a wide range of outdoor products and apparel that covers pretty much every category of men’s and women’s clothing. 

But they might be best known for their bags, which are particularly well loved by hikers and give L.L. Bean backpacks a serious run for their money.

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Marmot is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company originally founded in 1974 under the name Marmot Mountain Works.

Since then its name has been contracted, but its product offering has expanded, and now includes just about every kind of apparel you need for toughing it out in the elements.

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Rei Co-Op

REI stands for Recreational Equipment Inc, which tells you just about everything you need to know about the store. 

As their name implies, they carry a wide range of outdoor and recreational gear across just about every category, including a selection of ski equipment and apparel that rivals a lot of dedicated ski stores. 

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The oldest mail-order retailer in the United States, Orvis got its start selling fishing tackle but long ago expanded to sell a wide range of outdoor clothing and equipment. 

In addition to apparel and accessories, they also carry a pretty good selection of home furnishings that includes everything from glassware and bar accessories to furniture and throw rugs. 

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Owned by the same parent company as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, Sierra – formerly Sierra Trading Post – focuses more on sporting goods and outdoor apparel. 

Fortunately, it does have at least one thing in common with its fellow discount department stores – reasonable prices. 

With tons of outdoor brands under one roof, it’s a great place to score good deals on a wide range merchandise, from ski gear and fishing equipment to casual clothing and activewear. 

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Cabela’s is a hunting and fishing supply store that’s arguably a bigger competitor to Bass Pro Shops than to L.L. Bean. 

(With that said, there’s definitely some overlap with L.L. Bean products.) 

It’s one of the best places to stock up on quality outdoor gear for everything from fly fishing and camping to boating and shooting. 

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Timberland is probably better known for their stylish and comfortable work boots than for outdoor gear, but they offer the same high-quality craftsmanship as L.L.Bean boots and apparel. 

And while footwear might be what they’re best known for, they actually carry a pretty wide range of apparel that can work well for outdoor enthusiasts, including backpacks, sweatshirts, rain jackets and more.

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Filson is another alternative brand to L.L. Bean or Cabela’s for well made outdoor gear. 

In addition to apparel and accessories, they also carry hunting and fishing supplies, along with a line of rugged bags and luggage that looks just as good at the airport as it does on the mountain. 

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Sorel boots

If you live in a snowy climate, there’s a good chance you’ve seen (or owned) a pair of Sorels.

Best known for their sturdy, warm and reliable winter boots, Sorel offers a range of footwear for men, women and kids that can be worn in all seasons. 

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Huckberry was founded by two San Francisco ski buddies in 2010 as something of a cross between a men’s clothing store and an adventure magazine.

Today the brand offers a wide range of clothes, everyday carry supplies and sports gear for a variety of activities, including biking, hiking, camping, surfing and more. 

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Arc'teryx outdoor apparel

Arc’teryx is a Vancouver-based outdoor apparel company that got its start making rock climbing gear. 

Today they make a wide array of technical outerwear that includes everything from winter coats and snowboarding gear to climbing gear like rope bags and harnesses. 

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Dickies has come a long way since its founding as a workwear brand back in 1922. 

They still offer a wide range of sturdy workwear for both men and women, but they’ve also become well loved by two completely different groups: 

Healthcare workers who appreciate the quality of their scrubs, and skateboards who appreciate how resistant their clothes are to rips and tears. 

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Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is a somewhat ironically named brand because so much of their apparel is lightweight, soft and easy to wear. 

In addition to outdoor apparel for both men and women, they also offer camping supplies like tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. 

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Admittedly, brands like J. Crew, Old Navy and Banana Republic aren’t often thought of in the same vein as outdoor stores like L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer. 

But they’re worth checking out if you’re looking for a stylish and well made winter jacket or other outdoor apparel. 

Plus they’re  easy to find since they have hundreds of brick and mortar stores across North America, in addition to a well stocked online store.

Check Out J. Crew ➤



Icebreaker is well known for their soft and breathable merino wool tops, but their selection goes well beyond shirts and sweaters. 

They carry soft, wearable layering pieces across just about every category of clothes and apparel, including pants, shorts, hats, underwear, gloves and many more. 

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Sporting Life

Sporting Life

Sporting Life is a Canadian sporting goods store that sells many of the brands mentioned above, including the North Face, Arc’teryx and more. 

In addition to its official website it has multiple retail locations across Canada, but unfortunately does not offer international shipping to those outside the country. 

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Outdoor Research  

Man holding skiis

Crafting cutting-edge gear and apparel for explorers in 1981, Outdoor Research is a renowned brand synonymous with outdoor adventure. .

From waterproof jackets to versatile gloves and hats, their product range is designed to excel in the harshest conditions.

Committed to innovation and sustainability, Outdoor Research empowers outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring they stay comfortable and protected during every adventure, be it climbing, hiking, or backcountry skiing.

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Rothco is a wholesale site offering a wide variety of outdoor gear, supplies, apparel and equipment. 

They carry everything from military and tactical gear to outdoor kids clothing and accessories (and just about everything in between), making it a one-stop shop for hardcore adventurers.   

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Mountain Khakis 

Mountain Khakis

Don’t let the name fool you: 

While they do, of course, make khakis, Mountain Khakis offering extends to all categories of clothes and outdoor apparel. 

In addition to shirts, shorts and outerwear, they also sell a range of accessories and outdoor gear, including bags, coolers, hats and more. 

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