The 17 Best Department Stores Like Macy’s for Stylish Men’s Clothes

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It doesn’t take a genius to understand why people would want to find some other stores like Macy’s. 

The largest department store chain in America, Macy’s has been a staple of malls and shopping centers for decades thanks to its wide variety of brand name styles and fashions.

But it’s no secret that the retail giant has been struggling in recent years, thanks largely to the rise of e-commerce and competitors that offer broader selections and more modern styles.

Plus, many Macy’s alternatives use a different business model that allows them to offer consumers much better prices.

So to help you diversify your department store options, in this post I’ve rounded up dozens of other stores like Macy’s where you can discover new brands, find a wider selection and score a great deal.

Whether you’re a die-hard brick-and-mortar shopper or prefer the convenience of online shopping, this list of Macy’s competitors has something for everyone. 

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Other Department Stores Like Macy’s ↓


Kohl's suit

A popular American department store chain since 1962, Kohl’s is a one-stop-shop shop for just about everything. 

Like Macy’s, they offer a wide range of products, from fashion and accessories to sports equipment, toys, electronics and bed/bath supplies, in addition to specific fashion departments like plus size and men’s big and tall.

And if you prefer in-store shopping, they have over 1,000 retail stores across the country (many of which now also contain beauty retailer Sephora under the same roof).

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While it’s generally more expensive than Macy’s, Nordstrom is one of the best known major retailers in the United States and a close competitor of Macy’s stores. 

In addition to being a pretty formidable online retailer, they have physical stores across the country, often found in big shopping centers that get a lot of foot traffic. 

Focusing mostly on fashion and beauty, they offer a wide selection of luxury brands of clothing, cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances, but you’ll also find a plethora of items for your home. 

Their prices can get quite steep, but they hold a number of big sales each year where you can score high-end items at reasonable prices. 

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A hugely popular store in the south and midwest, Dillard’s is one of the few major American department store chains that’s not based in New York. 

(Their headquarters is actually based in Little Rock, Arkansas, of all places.) 

With a focus on style, Dillard’s makes a great Macy’s alternative thanks to its wide range of fashion and accessories for men, women and kids. 

And compared to Macy’s, they tend to carry a larger selection of sizes, brands, and price points, making it a more inclusive option for consumers. 

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shoes from Bloomingdale's

Founded in 1861, Bloomingdale’s is probably the most iconic retailer out of New York City next to Macy’s department stores (it also happens to be owned by the parent company Macy’s Inc.) 

Like Nordstrom, it’s a good store to check out for designer fashion, accessories, and a wide range of home decor — although they don’t have the big furniture items that you’d find at some department stores.

Bloomies only has 32 locations for in-person shopping across the US, but you’ll find a pretty comprehensive shopping experience online that makes finding your favorite brands a breeze. 

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Probably the next most iconic NYC-based retailer (and the most expensive), Saks is named for its flagship store location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

While Macy’s offers both mid-range and high-end brands, Saks is notoriously upscale, making it one of the best places to find high fashion and designer clothing from some of the top designers in the world

In addition to the latest fashion brands, they also carry a wide selection of (similarly high-end) home décor items. 

Check Out Saks Fifth Avenue ➤

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus outfit

Another chain of luxury stores, Neiman Marcus is a good alternative to Macy’s if you’re looking for a wider range of designer clothes and other high-quality products to upgrade your wardrobe. 

Expect high-end designer labels like Alexander McQueen, Zegna, Moncler, Versace and more, along with equally price tags.

And while they do have a home section, they tend to offer smaller home accessories and accent pieces, rather than big-ticket home furnishings like tables or appliances. 

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Belk fashion

Originally founded in North Carolina, Belk stores now have 300 locations across the United States. 

It’s basically your typical midrange department store, with fashion, beauty products, home furnishings, and even wedding registry. 

Some of their prices are comparable to Macy’s but they frequently offer online coupons and deals for huge discounts.

Check Out Belk ➤

Stein Mart 

Stein Mart

Previously a brick-and-mortar department store in the same vein as stores like Macy’s and Dillards, Stein Mart now focuses exclusively on online sales after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020. 

While they now focus solely on women’s fashion, their website is still a good place to turn for designer brands and accessories.

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Discount & Outlet Stores Like Macy’s ↓

JC Penney

JC Penney

A national department store known for lower prices, J.C. Penney offers everything from men’s and women’s fashion to furniture, activewear and electronics.

Not only do they have an enormous selection of products across dozens of categories, but they carry tons of name brands including Levis, Champion, Adidas, Frye, and Dockers, just to name a few.

Check Out Stein Mart ➤



One of the most popular big-box stores in the retail industry, Target corporation made a conscious choice to ensure they compete with Macy’s and other discount fashion outlets by offering some of the most stylish clothes and home furnishings.

While they don’t have the big brand names (or, in a lot of cases, quite the same quality) as stores like Macy’s and Dillards, their clothes are always stylish and on-point, while their prices are significantly better.

And with nearly 2,000 convenient locations that sell everything from clothing to electronics to groceries under one roof, you can easily get everything you need in one shot.

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Macy’s Backstage

Macy's Backstage

Macy’s Backstage is essentially a clearance center where they can try to sell any merchandise that didn’t move last year by listing it at a lower price point. 

If you don’t mind shopping for last year’s styles (or shopping in person, as they don’t offer as much selection with their online shopping), it’s a great place to score a good deal on the same brand names and product lines  they carry at the flagship store. 

Check Out Macy’s Backstage ➤

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the Nordstrom equivalent of Macy’s backstage.

As with Backstage, it’s where you can find many of the same high-quality goods that were on the shelves of the flagship store over the course of the past year, now marked down to more affordable prices.

The prices are generally higher than at Macy’s, but because Nordstrom carries some pretty high-end designer labels, you can score some big ticket items (such as Calvin Klein suit jackets, Ferragamo dress shoes, and Gucci sunglasses) for a fraction of their original cost.

Check Out Nordstrom Rack ➤

Saks Off Fifth

Saks Off Fifth

Saks Off Fifth is where to turn for some incredible deals on the same designer brands and merchandise you would have found in the flagship Saks store last year. 

Like Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth is where you go for savings on high-end merchandise, since the main Saks store tends to have a higher price point (which makes scoring it at a discount feel even better). 

Check Out Saks Off Fifth ➤

Bloomingdale’s Outlet

Jacket from Bloomingdale's Outlet

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: 

Not to be outdone by stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s has its own chain of discount department stores. 

While the in store experience may not be quite as pleasant as what you’ll find at the flagship store, some people consider it a worthwhile tradeoff considering how many great deals you can find. 

Check Out Bloomingdale’s Outlet ➤

Dillards Clearance Center

Dillard's Clearance Center

By this point you know the drill. 

You kind of have to admire Dillard’s for foregoing the cute branded nicknames like “Off Fifth” or “Outlet” and just calling this store what it is: 

A clearance center. 

But hey, with tons of great brand-name merchandise at discount prices, what’s in a name?

Check Out Dillard’s Clearance Center ➤

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx

A lot of the discount department stores listed above were created to give the traditional department store giants a chance to compete against low price retailers like TJ Maxx. 

And it’s not hard to understand why: 

TJX companies, which include TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods, have hundreds of retail outlets across the country, all offering unique finds and low prices on a wide range of general merchandise.

Check Out TJ MAxx ➤


Marshalls clothing

Owned by the same parent company as TJ Maxx, Marshall’s is another example of the type of store that has really chipped away at the business of traditional department stores like Macy’s. 

With pretty much the same merchandise as TJ Maxx, they offer a lot of variety both in terms of the brands and types of merchandise they carry. 

And you might be surprised at what you can find in terms of clothing: whether you need activewear, outerwear, or even a full suit for the office, Marshall’s has you covered.

Check Out Marshall’s ➤



The biggest of the big box stores, Walmart is well known for its sprawling stores packed with thousands of square feet of merchandise. 

(Not to mention some of the best deals on everything from electronics and appliances to groceries and pharmacy supplies.) 

While their clothing and accessories aren’t quite as fashionable as Target’s, they’ve been making inroads in recent years, so it’s not a bad place to look for cheap styles.

Plus, they have a huge furniture and home decor department, where you can get some good quality items at a great value. 

Check Out Walmart ➤

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