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How to Start Working Out For Men: 7 Easy-to-Implement Steps to Success

There are seven vital steps to learning how to start working out for men who want to build a better body. By far the most important thing is to...

Look Good, Lift Good: The Best (Affordable!) Workout Clothes for Men

It turns out, the best affordable workout clothes for men don't come with Nike swishes or Under Armour logos. Instead, you can find them at...

7 Surprising Things I Learned While Working at a Fitness Magazine (That You Wouldn’t Learn By Reading It)

Here are the seven most surprising fitness industry facts I learned while working at a top fitness magazine. The most counterintuitive was probably...

Quick Hit: A Weird Trick for Better Lifts

Schwarzenegger used to swear by the barefoot workout. But if you're not comfortable going shoeless, I think I've found a perfect solution.

How Skinny Guys Can Build Muscle

I spent years wondering – desperately – how skinny guys can build muscle. Eventually, I discovered that if you want to pack on pounds, you have to...

Want to (F@¢&ing Finally!) Get Fit? These 7 Habits Will Help

You don't have to fret about your fitness 24/7 in order to look and feel like your best self. You just need to...

Answering Some of Guys’ Most Common Fitness Questions

To help guys who are just starting out avoid some of the (many!) mistakes I made, I thought I’d tackle a few of the most common questions on fitness.

Beginner Weight Lifting Tips: 10 Things About Fitness I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started Working Out

It took me years to figure out how to effectively build strength and muscle. To shorten your own learning curve, you need to…

Book Review: Eat Move Sleep By Tom Rath

In this Eat Move Sleep book review, find out how author Tom Rath's expertly researched book can make you healthier and more confident by showing you...

Quick Hit: Get Your Ass Moving

As much as you may want to get going and become your best self, it can still be hard to motivate yourself to get moving. These five tips should help.

How to Get over Gymtimidation, Even if You’re Scared to Go to the Gym

Terrified of guys named Jim? This will not help you at all. Terrified of places called “the gym”? I got you covered.

Facing Your Fears & Learning to Leap with Keith Lai, Founder of FitMole.org

In our inaugural Profile in Confidence, Keith Lai of FitMole.org discusses overcoming fears, jumping into your ambitions and the best way guys can build self-confidence.

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