In Review: Tiege Hanley Skin Care

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You’ve probably noticed that there are about a gajillion skin care products for men on the market, and they can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

The problem is, while the price of these products is pretty consistent (and for most of them, pretty high), their effectiveness can vary wildly.

As a result, trying out every skin care product under the sun is prohibitively expensive, and pretty much out of the question.

Which leaving you to settle for the next best thing: a firsthand review from someone who has tried the product you’re interested in.

I spent 30 days thoroughly testing out the Tiege Hanley skin care system and following their instructions as closely as I could in an effort to fully test their product.

Read on to discover the full results of my thorough Tiege Hanley review and learn whether or not you should slather this sh*t on your face.

(I definitely could have worded that better… Leaving it in!)

Full Disclosure:

This review came about because Tiege Hanley reached out to ask if I would review their products.

I told them I’d be happy to try it if they provided the products, and made it clear that any review I write would be A) completely honest and B) completely transparent about how it came about. To their credit, they agreed, and what follows are my honest, unfiltered thoughts.

So with that disclosure out of the way, let’s dig in and find out: does Tiege Hanley work?


Tiege Hanley Review

Tiege Hanley Skin Care Review

Is it worth the money?
An Irreverent Gent Investigation

What is Tiege Hanley?

(And how does it work?)

Tiege Hanley logo

Tiege Hanley is a brand of skin care products co-founded by Kelley Thornton, Rob Hoxie and Aaron Marino, who runs the popular IamAlphaM website and YouTube Channel.

There are multiple combinations of Tiege Hanley products, but the one I tried was what they call their Level 3 line.

It included a variety of creams and washes, each of which complements the others while serving a specific purpose:

Tiege Hanley Review

  • Daily face wash
  • Bi-weekly facial exfoliating scrub
  • Daily morning moisturizer with SPF
  • Daily night moisturizer with acetyl hexapeptide-8 (which helps reduce wrinkles)
  • Wrinkle protector for under the eyes
  • Serum to correct and firm

The instructions included with my kit recommended applying specific products at two different times each day, once in the morning and once at night, for 30 days.

As mentioned, I followed the directions as closely as I could, though I have to admit I didn’t quite do it every day.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons I noticed after using the products for about a month and assessing my Tiege Hanley results.

The Pros

Open box showing Tiege hanley products
Regram from @dsinfantry posted by @tiegehanley on Instagram

One of the first impressions I had about Tiege Hanley was that it’s pretty convenient.

They follow a model that’s become increasingly popular with grooming products, whereby you can sign up for a subscription service to have your preferred order sent directly to you each month.

If you’re committed to taking care of your skin and you already planned/budgeted to buy some kind of product each month, this can save you some time and spare you an extra trip to the pharmacy.

It can also keep you from falling into the trap that I often find myself in when my grooming supplies run out:

I basically just put off styling my hair, cleaning my skin, or shaving (which is to say, I put off looking like a put-together man) until I stop procrastinating and finally drag my ass to the drug store to stock up on all the different products I need.

Fresh Faced Mornings
Man washing face with cloth
Am I as good looking as this stock model? Not even close. Was I just as happy using the Tiege Hanley face wash each morning? Honestly, yeah, I actually was (photo via freepik)

In terms of the effect that the products had on my skin, I have to say, I was pretty happy with my Tiege Hanley results.

Fortunately my days of severe acne are behind me (though I do still have sensitive skin), so I’m not looking for a complicated acne cream with salicylic acid or any other medical ingredients.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I just want something that’s going to help me have healthy skin.

I’m looking for something that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, gets rid of dead skin cells and the other sh*t that amasses on my face throughout the day, and protects me from the sun.

If it also helps reduce dark circles, red spots and blotches, that’s a bonus.

The sample size of just 30 days was admittedly short, but from my observations, Tiege’s products succeeded on all fronts.

Just as important as the fact that they made me look good, the skin care routine made me feel good, especially in the morning.

The face wash contains cucumber extract, which is refreshing and energizing, and the AM moisturizer is made from active ingredients designed to invigorate and refresh.

It gave me an extra jolt that helped me shake off the cob webs in the morning and start the day feeling fresh.

Full Skin Care Spectrum

Tiege Hanley products in dopp kit on bed

Another thing I liked about Tiege right off the top was the fact that they provide a wide range of products, not just a lotion or a sunscreen.

The kit they sent me, which was their “Level 3” product, included face wash, a scrub, lotion with SPF and under eye cream.

This was definitely a step up from my previous skincare process of slathering on as much no-name sunscreen as my skin could absorb and going about my day.

I also appreciate the fact that they provided step-by-step instructions for how and when to use each product, and which order to use them in.

Quick and Easy

Tiege Hanley refers to their skincare products as a “system,” which to my ear sounds a little high-minded for a variety of face creams.

But don’t let that word intimidate you.

The Level 3 product line I tried is their most involved and designed to work well for all skin types.

(Their Level 2 line is pretty much the same, but doesn’t include the super serum that corrects blemishes and firms the skin.)

It included multiple steps each morning and evening, but the steps were very easy to follow and the whole process took less than two minutes.

After the first few days, it became an automatic part of my daily routine.

Does that qualify it as a “system”? Not sure, but it definitely qualifies it as convenient.

Habit Forming

Come to think of it, calling it their skin care kit a “system” actually does have one pretty big advantage: it makes it easier to turn your skin care regimen into a daily habit.

Will power is notoriously fickle and can be hard to summon, especially at night when your energy is low and you’re more susceptible to temptation.

Even if you ultimately decide you want to switch to a different product, one big advantage of starting the Tiege Hanley system is that it trains you to adopt a skincare routine, without having to think about it or force yourself to do it.

The Cons

It’s Quick, But It’s Not Nothing

I was pretty impressed with how quick the whole process is, especially considering how many different elements it entails.

But it’s worth noting that using all the products in the Level 3 kit takes a little longer than just slathering on sunscreen and running out the door – which is my usual move.

There were a few days when I was running late in the morning and skipped the routine altogether.

In all honesty I probably could have squeezed it in, but because it requires a few steps I had the perception that it would take too long, so I didn’t bother.

This is obviously more of a “me” thing than a Tiege Hanley thing, but it’s good to note, especially if your current morning schedule doesn’t leave you a lot of extra time.

Same Routine Morning and Night
Illustration of sun rising and setting
I thought the routine would differ more from morning to night, but it’s (almost) the same

One other thought on the length of time it takes:

I kind of expected the morning routine to be quick and the night time one, when there’s less reason to rush, to be longer.

But it turns out they were pretty much the same.

You swap out one of the products (replacing the morning facial moisturizer with the PM moisturizer for the nightly version of the routine), but otherwise it’s the exact same routine and it takes about the same time.

I really enjoyed the way the process left me feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning, but at night I’m obviously not looking for a pick me up.


Is Tiege Hanley Good?

Great Product, Good Price

Tiege Hanley ReviewMy minor quibbles aside, overall this is an effective and uncomplicated skin care system, and I really enjoyed the Tiege Hanley experience.

Using their various skin care products left me both looking and feeling better, which for me is the foundation of confident style.

As a morning person, I particularly liked the way the Level 3 regime made me feel fresh and helped me wake up, shake off the slumber and get ready to tackle the day.

In the future I may consider varying from their instructions a little and just using their products in the morning (which fits better with my habits, and would also have the excellent side benefit of making it last twice as long).

The Recommendation

Tiege makes some of the best products I’ve tried, and I definitely recommend that you pick up the Level 3 regimen and try it out for yourself.

For your first time, the best move is probably to do a one-time purchase. If you’re totally hooked you can then sign up to have it sent to you directly each month.

Or, if you like it but aren’t sure you want a new kit every month, you can just head back to their website and buy it as needed. (I think this is what I’ll be doing.)

And if you don’t think you need – or need to pay for – all of the various products in the Level 3 package, you could save a few bucks and pick up Level 1 or Level 2 instead.

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Tiege Hanley Skincare Review

Dave Bowden

Level 3 Skincare System

Tiege Hanley – Level 3

Overall, Tiege Hanley’s Level 3 skincare system is uncomplicated and effective. Using their various skin care products left me both looking and feeling better, which for me is the foundation of confident style.


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  1. Great review Dave. I echo your thoughts here. Been using Tiege Hanley for a year and really like it. I’ve seen a few negative reviews online, but I suspect the people who dislike are expecting too much from topical skincare products.

    • Thanks Dominic! I’ve seen those reviews too, and I agree. Obviously an over-the-counter solution (or in this case, over-the-internet solution) can only do so much, and these aren’t medicated creams. But Tiege doesn’t market them as such, and in my opinion their products deliver on their claims.

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