The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Spring Wedding Attire

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Ifyou’re anything like me, your calendar will be punctuated with weddings each year for the decade that spans from your mid-20s to your mid/late-30s.

I’ve never been great at math, but by my estimate, I’ve attended approximately 46 gajillion weddings over the past 10 years.

At least, that’s how it feels sometimes.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Far from it!

I can think of few better combos than an open bar* and an excuse to wear a suit, especially in the increasingly casual world we live in, in which opportunities to suit up are unfortunately few and far between.

But if you don’t wear a suit very often, it can be tough (and even a little uncomfortable) to nail the look.

To make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, I’m putting together a few wedding-gear guides to help you Look Good, Feel Good at any vow-exchanging ceremony.

First up, a head-to-toe explanation of what to wear to a spring wedding.

*(Oh, you’re having a cash bar? Sorry, just remembered I’m busy that weekend…)

Mastering Men’s Spring Wedding Attire

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding for Men

The Suit

J-Crew Ludlow in Italian Stretch Chino

what to wear to spring wedding menJ.Crew’s Ludlow was one of my top recommendations for guys looking to buy their first suit, and with good reason.

With a damn-near perfect, modern cut that’s available in multiple colors and fabrics, you’ll find few off-the-rack suits better suited to the modern man – pun intended! (Good god, I’m the worst.)

This beige version is the perfect color for spring, and the chino material should be light enough to keep you from over-heating on the dance floor, but thick enough to still feel fine once the sun goes down.

Plus, you’ll likely stand out from the sea of blue and grey suits every other guy will be sporting.


For tips about buying a suit off the rack – including how it should fit, how to get it tailored and other options for where to buy it – check out my post about buying your first suit here.

The Shirt

Banana Republic Slim or Standard Fit in Light Blue

what to wear to spring wedding menThe light-blue shirt under a beige suit is a classic spring look that works well and gives you plenty of options for ties (more on that below).

The lighter shade of blue adds just the right amount of color without being over-powering, allowing the suit to get most of the attention.

Note that Banana Republic’s shirts now come in two sizing options: slim fit and standard, which leaves a little more breathing room in the arms, chest and waist for those still carrying some of their winter weight into spring.

Where to Get It:

$79.50 | Banana Republic 

The Tie

what to wear to a spring wedding menAs noted, you’ve got a few options here.

My first choice would be a dark blue tie, either one sporting small white polka dots or a knit version. The dark blue will play perfectly against the lightness of the birdseye shirt and subtly bring out more of its blue hue.

Another solid, though slightly more casual, option is a grey chambray tie. The lightweight chambray is perfect for spring/summer, just make sure you choose a shade of grey that’s not too light – you want the tie to stand out from your shirt, not disappear into it.

Where to Get It:

$24 | Amazon – Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Connected Dot Tie
$25 | The Tie Bar – 100% Silk Knit Solid Blue 
$19 | The Tie Bar – 100% Cotton Soft Gray Classic Chambray Tie

The Tie Bar

what to wear to a spring wedding menThe key to making your tie bar work with the rest of your outfit is to either go with a metal that matches the other metals on your kit – namely your belt buckle and watch – or go with a contrasting color that purposely sticks out.

The watch I recommend (see below) has a mix of rose gold and silver, so if you decide to go the metallic route, you’ll have a few options. I’d recommend picking up this multi-pack of tie bars. Compare your watch with the silver and rose-gold options in your pack to see which works best, then save the rest for pairing with future shirt/suit/tie combos.

Where to Get It:

$28 | Amazon – Beneleaf Men Skinny Fashion Tie Bar Clips, 1.8 inch Set of 4 Colors

The Pocket Square

what to wear to a spring wedding menTraditionally you want your pocket square to complement the colors in your shirt or your tie (or both), so you should be safe with anything in the blue family.

Since it’s spring, fold it in a way that’s a little less Mad Men and a little more Johnny Depp (though not too Johnny Depp) for a look that’s sharp, but still kind of care-free. (Or, as care-free as you can be while wearing a meticulously planned suit comprised of complementary pieces.)

Where to Get It:

$16 | Amazon – Retreez 5 Piece Assorted Woven Microfiber Premium Pocket Square Gift Box Set
Lots More Options Here

The Belt

what to wear to a spring wedding menSince we’re going with blue for the shirt, you’ll want to keep the belt, shoes and watch band brown.

Any slim, dark brown belt will do, and you can find a ton of good options on Amazon. Slim belts tend to look dressier than wide ones, so look for one that’s no more than 1.5 inches in width.

Where to Get It:

$24 | Amazon – Savile Row Men’s Dress Belt – Black, Brown & Reversible
$20 | Amazon – Geoffrey Beene Men’s Milled Kid Grain Belt
And Lots More Options Here

The Watch

what to wear to a spring wedding menThis 35 mm (1.5 inches) minimalist watch from Bulova is by far the nicest and most “dressed up” watch I own – and it costs less than $100 bucks.

The brown leather strap should work perfectly with your belt and shoes as long as they’re on the darker side and the white face and polished rose-gold case look classy and refined, without dipping into ostentatious “watch snob” territory.

I’ve received many unsolicited compliments on this watch, and I get the impression that most people think it cost way more than 100 bucks – and I, of course, am happy to let them go write on thinking that… (unless they read this, of course, in which case I’m screwed)

Where to Get It:

$84 | Amazon – Bulova Men’s Brown Leather Strap and White Dial Watch

The Shoes

A brown belt requires brown shoes – period. End of discussion. This can’t be debated. (I don’t know why I’m still typing.)

Since it’s spring, you can ditch the tread of your winter boots and opt for shoes that have a light weight sole. But keep in mind, weddings tend to mean dancing, and leather soles can lead to slipping on your ass.

Where to Get Them:

$71 to $150 | Amazon – Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford
$148 | Banana Republic – Shaw Italian Leather Oxford

The Socks

Depending on where you live, spring could mean you’re free to go sockless until next fall, or it could mean your ankles won’t see daylight for at least another month.

If you do need socks, opt for something light weight and breathable. Colorwise you have two options: go with a blue pattern that plays on your shirt, tie and pocket square, or keep your ankles from drawing much attention with a beige pair that blends into the color of your pants.

If you decide to go for the sockless look but don’t want to sweat through your shoes, grab a pair of no-show socks that will let you show off your ankles while keeping your feet comfortable (and their attendant smells contained).

Where to Get Them:

$8.50 | Amazon – Men’s Dress Socks, Navy Blue with Polka Dots
$8 to $12 | Amazon – EMEM Apparel Men’s Soft Ribbed Cotton Knit in Beige
$10 to $16 | Amazon – MABUA Cotton No Show Socks

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Spring Wedding Attire”

  1. I’m going to my first wedding (well, first as an “adult” lol) this May and will be buying my first suit for the occassion. In your post about how to buy your first suit you recommend going with navy blue, but here you say beige. What should I do?

    • Hey Marcus, great question. If you don’t wear a suit very often and you don’t want (or can’t afford) to buy more than one right now, then I’d say stick with navy. It’s the most versatile color and looks great in every situation.

      But if you want to get more than one suit – for instance, have one for colder months and one for warmer – you could go with a navy and a beige, or a navy and a lighter grey.

      At the end of the day, it really just depends on your budget.

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