The 21 Best Places to Buy Affordable Suits Online

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There’s no better way for a man to look sharp and stand out than by pulling on a well made, well cut suit.

Like a suit of armor for the modern era, there’s just something about a suit that makes you look and feel simultaneously powerful and refined.

While wearing a suit is a great idea, traditionally, buying a suit was… well, kind of a pain in the ass.

It required going to a department store or suit shop, dealing with salesmen that were often more pushy than helpful, and constraining yourself to the limited inventory that was available through that particular store.

By contrast, the explosion of the online menswear industry over the past few years has made buying a well made and affordable suit online a lot easier.

Today there’s a wide variety of online outlets competing to sell suits in nearly every size, style, fit and fabric imaginable.

And with so much competition, they’re offering incentives like free shipping, easy returns and (occasionally) steep discounts that make buying a suit easier and more affordable than ever.

Finding The Best Places to Buy Inexpensive Suits Online

Where to Buy Affordable Suits OnlineIn fact, if there’s one problem with buying a suit online nowadays, it might be that there are too many options to choose from.

With dozens of online shops selling suits of varying (and in some cases, highly questionable) quality, it can be hard to figure out where to buy suits that are both cost effective and well constructed.

Fortunately, that’s where this post comes in.

Below are some of my favorite places to buy an affordable suit online, along with explanations about how to get the most value out of each outlet.

A Quick Word on What Constitutes an Affordable Suit

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online
As long as you’re not getting in many train-top fistfights, any of the suits you buy at the outlets below should last you for years

For the purposes of this post, I’m defining an affordable suit as $400 or less.

Is it possible to buy cheaper suits? Absolutely. Do I recommend it? Not usually. (Although, as you’ll read below, certain exceptions apply.)

Suits are one of the few items that I think are worth shelling out for.

Sure, you could buy a super cheap suit, but what you’re going to get is super cheap quality that probably won’t last for more than a year.

By contrast, you could pick up suits at any of the outlets below, and as long as you’re not staging Bond-like fights atop moving trains, they likely last for years (and depending on your usage, maybe even decades) to come.

So with that caveat out of the way, let’s look at some of the best online outlets to buy affordable suits that will help you look sharp without shelling out big bucks.

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Rounding Up The Best Places to Buy Mens Suits on a Budget

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Overall Best Place for Affordable Suits ↓


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Number one with a bullet.

Indochino offers well made suits for entry level prices, but they do it with a twist.

Whereas other stores sell a wide selection of off-the-rack suits in traditional sizes, Indochino’s suits are made-to-measure.

You input your specific measurements into their website, choose the style, fabric and details you want, then Indochino sends you a suit made specifically for you.

I picked up an Indochino suit when I was in my friend’s wedding party, and as a huge Suitsupply fan, I went into the whole process pretty skeptical.

I assumed that buying a made-to-measure suit wouldn’t be that different from buying a suit off the rack and then getting it tailored.

But I can honestly say that my Indochino suit is by far the best-fitting suit I’ve ever owned.

I loved having the ability to customize all the little details, like deciding on everything from the lapel style to the inner-lining.

Plus, Indochino runs sales at the end of every season to clear out inventory.

That means there are multiple times per year when you can pick up a perfectly cut suit at a steep discount (sometimes as much as 40% off).

Shop Indochino ➤

Best Athletic Fit Suits ↓

State & Liberty

State and Liberty Suit

State and Liberty was founded with well-built guys in mind.

They originally started by designing a dress shirt that properly fit the proportions of an athletic frame, then expanded to apply the same vision to suits, blazers, dress pants and casual apparel.

What I love about their suits is that they basically come pre-tailored, epitomizing the way a suit should fit.

Their blazers are cut in a way that flatters your chest, shoulders and torso, so there’s no need to ask a tailor to take in the jacket.

And their pants come pre-tapered, creating a handsome silhouette right out of the box.

The cost is slightly higher than some of the other brands on this list, but since you won’t need further tailoring to get right the fit, the price ends up being right on average.

Shop State & Liberty ➤

Nordstrom Rack

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Nordstrom’s baby-brother store sells many of the same high-end brands as the flagship department store, but at a significantly discounted rate.

It’s not uncommon to see suits that would be sold for upwards of $600 at the flagship store (like the Vince Camuto suit pictured above) go for $200 or less at Nordstrom Rack.

What’s the catch, you ask? To be honest, it’s actually not much of one, which is why NR is at the top of my list.

Often the merchandise that ends up here is from previous seasons, but let’s be honest: suit styles don’t change that quickly.

If you can buy something right now that the flagship Nordstrom store was selling  for twice the price just six months ago, you should jump on it.

Shop Nordstrom Rack ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Bonobos began life as a company because its founders couldn’t find pants that fit, so they set out to create them.

Since then they’ve expanded into shirts and suits, and carved out a niche for themselves as one of the most stylish and comfortable menswear brands on the market.

Their Daily Grind suit starts at $400 and not only looks great, but has a bunch of little touches that make it comfortable and easy to wear.

The pants have a bit of gel tape set into the waste band, which helps them grip onto your shirt and keep it tucked in.

The jacket, meanwhile, has a (super-handy) sweat guard at the armhole to keep any moisture from sneaking through.

Shop Bonobos ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Don’t let the fact that he’s a billionaire spaceman fool you:

Famed dick-pic enthusiast Jeff Bezos sells plenty of great suits for a fair price.

(Don’t worry—that link above doesn’t go directly to his dick pic. This isn’t that kind of “men’s website.”)

Bezos’s embarrassing selfies aside, Amazon really has emerged as one of the best places to buy menswear of all kinds.

And if you’re looking for a wide variety of options (not to mention free shipping if you sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial), this might just be the single best place to buy mens suits online.

With plenty of name brand options and Amazon’s famous commitment to undercutting its competitors on price, there are a lot of deals to be found here.

Another plus about buying your suits from Amazon is that you can take advantage of their extensive user base, and all the crowd-sourced intel they provide.

Most outlets offer free returns nowadays, but buying a suit online that you haven’t seen in person can still feel like a bit of a gamble.

But many of Amazon’s suits have been reviewed extensively, which can help you feel a lot more confident before deciding to pull the trigger.

Shop Amazon ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Any guy wondering where to buy suits needs to know about Suitsupply.

And – the fact that they sell $700 tuxedos notwithstanding – any guy wondering where to buy cheap suits should know them as well.

Suitsupply sells suits that come at a much lower price point than their tuxedos, but still maintain the remarkably high quality that the brand has become known for.

Thir suits start as low as $358, though at that price point the options are a little limited.

Fortunately, their Blue Line starts at just $399, and features multiple colors and shades in their classic (and in my opinion, damn-near perfect) Napoli cut.

Normally you’d expect to pay at least 100 bucks more for suits that are this well made and this well cut.

You could easily pick up a couple Blue Line Napolis for $400 each and build a timeless and enviable collection that will keep you looking sharp for at least a decade.

When my friend Shane got married back in 2015, I served as one of his groomsmen and recommended that we go with Suitsupply.

I picked up a Napoli in light grey that’s still my go-to lightweight suit.

In fact, I was so happy with the experience that when I got married four years later, I went back to Suitsupply with my groomsmen.

Each of them picked up a medium grey Napoli that they’ll probably have for the rest of their lives.

Shop Suitsupply ➤

Spier & MacKay

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

This might just be the sleeper pick for “best suit deal on the internet.”

Though lesser known in the states, Spier & McKay is basically a Canadian competitor of Suitsupply and Indochino.

They definitely don’t have the same marketing budget as some of the other stores on this list, but they do have comparable quality.

And that combination makes them especially appealing to anyone looking to pick up a good suit at a reasonable price.

Spier offers a great variety of suits available in two cuts, contemporary and slim, and all of their suits are handmade from fabrics sourced directly from mills in Europe and Asia.

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that they deal directly with the mills, the favorable exchange on the Canadian dollar, or all of the above.

But one way or another, Spier & McKay is able to offer some incredibly well made suits for some impressively low prices.

Shop Spier & MacKay ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

British brand ASOS sells both their own in-house brands along with other brands, all of which fit with ASOS’s modern and fashion-forward aesthetic.

What do I mean by “fashion-forward”? Think slim fits, unique patterns, and one of the widest variety of colors of any store on this list.

If you’re looking for a suit you can invest in today and still be wearing 20 years from now, ASOS may not be your best bet.

But if you’re going to a wedding this year and you want a trendy color or unique style to help you stand out amidst the black-, navy- and grey-wearing crowd, this is the place for you.

Shop ASOS ➤

Banana Republic

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Banana Republic has long been one of my go-to stores for everything from shirts and sweaters to pants and outerwear, because I love the way they blend a timeless aesthetic with modern colors, patterns and fabrics.

And their suits are certainly no exception. Like many stores, they rotate their suit offerings seasonally, but they always carry a few all-season options in classic colors like blue and grey.

While the starting price for Banana’s suits isn’t the lowest, one of the other reasons why I’ve long been a fan is that Banana runs big sales a couple times a year.

And when they do, you can grab a stylish suit for a pretty ridiculous price.

It’s worth noting that literally every time you log on to BR’s website something will be on sale, but when you look closely at the details, suiting is often excluded (unfortunately).

Your best bet is to keep an eye on BR around major holidays.

Traditionally, they run a huge sale on Black Friday/Cyber Monday with no exceptions, which is probably the best time to grab a suit.

And there’s usually a big sale some time in the summer as well, so it might be worth signing up for their email list so you can keep your eye out.

Shop Banana Republic ➤

J.Crew Factory

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Why is J.Crew Factory on this list and not J.Crew itself?

Because of one crucial word: “affordable.”

I love J.Crew as much as the next guy, and their Ludlow suit is practically the perfect combination of classic-meets-modern. But it ain’t cheap.

Fortunately, J.Crew Factory stores offer a much more affordable alternative in the form of their Thompson line of suits.

Like the Ludlow, the Thompson features the sort of classic styling that not only looks great now, but will likely continue to look great for years to come.

But unlike the Ludlow, there’s no reason to refinance your car if you want to pick one up.

The Thompson’s start at a lower base price, and unlike J.Crew’s flagship brand, Factory is always running various sales that might allow you to score a further deal.

(No wonder I named J.Crew Factory the number one J.Crew alternative for guys!)

Shop J.Crew Factory ➤

Ben Sherman

Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

British brand Ben Sherman (try saying that five times fast…) makes suits that remind me of a modern-day Peaky Blinders:

They give off a vibe that’s rebellious and modern, while still invoking a classic dapperness that’s stylish as hell.

Shop Ben Sherman ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

Bloomingdale’s makes the list thanks to both the range of their offerings and the crazy price range they offer on some pretty solid brand names.

At the time of this writing, they have Michael Kors slim fit suits, which usually go for about $500, on sale for $450.

But because the Michael Kors suit is a clearance item, they actually take another 50% off when you add it to your shopping cart, meaning you can pick up a $500 suit for less than $250.

Not all of their suits are marked “clearance,” of course, but because they’re a huge store with a ton of inventory, you can almost always find a few good deals.

Pro Tip:

When you hit their website, make sure to sort by “Price (Low to High)” to see the best deals up top.

Shop Bloomingdale’s ➤


Where to Buy Affordable Suits Online

And speaking of big chain department stores, Macy’s rounds out the list for basically all the same reasons that helped Bloomingdale’s make the cut above.

Macy’s also has a huge inventory and runs frequent sales that can allow you to grab a good-looking suit for sub-$200.

At the time of writing, they have a light blue slim fit “performance stretch” suit from Alfani, pictured above, on sale for just $180.

(And that’s $180 Canadian, which is the default price their website displays for me here in Toronto.)

In US dollars that’s just $135.84 (thanks, Google!) for a pretty good-looking suit in a unique and dapper color.

Shop Macy’s ➤


Uniqlo suit

Japanese brand Uniqlo is probably best known for their stylish-but-functional casual staples – I’m a big fan of their merino v-neck sweaters.

But they also carry a line of blazers and matching pants that applies the same mentality to men’s suits.

All of their suiting is available as suit separates, and their offering tends to be seasonal.

In the spring and summer you can find their “Ultra Light” line, while winter and fall are a good time to grab slightly heavier pieces that can be worn year-round.

Shop Uniqlo ➤


Uniqlo suit

H&M is a Swedish fast fashion brand known for clothes that look good but don’t necessarily last too long.

So it’s a great place to turn if you’re looking for a suit that’s very of-the-moment, but don’t particularly care if it either goes out of style or falls apart by this time next year (or both).

With that said, I’ve had decent luck with H&M suits in the past.

I bought a medium-grey two-piece there years ago and wore it to multiple weddings (where I killed it on the dance floor, if I do say so myself) and was pleasantly surprised with how well it held up.

Shop H&M ➤


TopMan suit

TopMan is kind of like the British version of stores like H&M or Uniqlo.

Their suiting is slightly pricier than H&M and slightly better quality, but still not quite in the same realm as a Suitsupply or even Banana Republic.

TopMan is another good place to turn if you’re looking for something trendy and of-the-moment.

But I find that their stuff looks a little better than the cheap suits you find at other fast-fashion stores like Zara Man.

Stores like that tend to have a sheen that betrays the fact that it’s made from polyester or other cheap materials, rather than real wool.

Note that TopMan and its sister store TopShop almost went out of business a few years back, but they were gobbled up by Asos.

While their IRL locations are gone, you can still buy their stuff online through the Asos website.

Shop TopMan ➤

Alain Dupetit

When it comes to cheap suits, no one beats Alain Dupetit. They’ve built their reputation on selling suits for less than – and this is not a typo – $50.

Their flagship two-piece suits start at just $39, and none are priced higher than $99, easily making Dupetit the best place to buy inexpensive suits online.

Of course, with prices that low you know there’s a catch, and in this case it’s the material. Instead of wool or cotton, Dupetit exclusively uses a synthetic fabric that mixes 65% tetron and 35% rayon.

The result is a suit that feels lighter and wicks sweat better than traditional wool suits, while looking good enough that most people will never know it costs about a tenth of a lot of other suits.

Shop Alain Dupetit ➤

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Discount stores like Target are admittedly not the first type of retail outlet that comes to mind when you think about where to buy a suit.

But Target’s made a conscious effort to distinguish itself from cheap stores like Walmart and other competitors by focusing on fashion.

They’ve carved out a solid reputation for themselves by offering modern, stylish and surprisingly well made clothes for some extremely reasonable prices.

And fortunately for us, that includes a line of suiting.

While their suit selection isn’t huge, Target is a great place to turn if you just need one or two solid, timeless, unimpeachable suits and don’t want to spend more than $150 or $200 bucks.

They also have a number of options in Big & Tall sizes, making them one of the best choices for bigger guys on a budget.

Shop Target ➤

JC Penney

JC Penney

As a discount department store, JC Penney has always made its name by offering styles that are similar to what you’ll find at bigger name stores like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s.

But where those stores sell some of the most expensiving clothing brands in the world, JCP carries brands that don’t have the same cultural cachet – or the same exorbitant price tags.

Their online suit selection is well stocked and surprisingly diverse, offering a mix of classic and timeless styles along with the more modern cuts and patterns that younger guys are looking for.

Shop JC Penney ➤



Express is one of those stores like Banana Republic or J.Crew that you’ll find in most malls across America.

Their prices tend to be comparable to those stores as well, though you’ll often find some better deals at Express, along with hipper and more modern styles.

As much as I love the classic blue suit and brown shoes combo – and God help me do I ever love it – Express is great for guys who want to break out of the mould a little bit.

It’s a good place to find affordable suits in cool colors and patterns that you won’t see on every other guy at the office, wedding or event.

Shop Express ➤



Fashion-forward stores like Zara Man aren’t for everyone thanks to their unique business model that’s based on “honoring” (some might say imitating) high-fashion designers.

They basically send their staff to the various fashion weeks to see what’s going to be trending the following year, then quickly ramp up their fast-fashion machine to make sure they have similar (but infinitely cheaper) styles on the shelves as quickly as possible.

As a result, you’ll never find the same thing at Zara twice.

If you see a suit or other piece you love, you better snatch it up, because within a few months they’ll flip their inventory and it will be gone.

As a result, it’s a good place to turn for guys who really want a cheap suit that’s unique, of-the-moment and on-point.

Shop Zara ➤

You Know Where to Buy a Suit

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The problem, however, is that in the more casual world we live in, most guys don’t wear suits in their day-to-day lives.

So they end up looking and feeling uncomfortable when they go to weddings, job interviews and those other rare occasions when they need to suit up.

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    • Good question Tom. I think it really depends on what you’re going for. If you want something stylish, timeless and unimpeachable, I’d probably suggest Suitsupply. But if you’re looking for something a color, cut, fabric or style that’s a little more unique, I’d go Indochino.

      It really comes down to your tastes, and how you intend to wear that particular suit.

  1. totally second your nordstrom rack love. they opened one in san francisco and it’s become my first go-to for pretty much all menswear now, not just suits. can also find some great shoes there.

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