Welcome to Irreverent Gent, the Toronto-based men’s life and style blog founded by award-winning (and menswear-obsessed) blogger Dave Bowden… who wrote this sentence in the third person because he thought it sounded more “official.”

Sorry. That was weird.

Founded in 2015 as an outlet to share my (that’s better) passion for all things style, Irreverent Gent is dedicated to helping guys look sharp, feel confident, stand out from the crowd, and reverse The Snap to restore life to 50% of all living things.

(UPDATE: No need for that last one anymore—thanks, CGI Mark Ruffalo!)

In short, I believe that Sharp Style Stands Out, and with Irreverent Gent my mission is to help guys do just that.

Classic Style. Modern Sensibility.

My style philosophy can be summed up in three words: modern-meets-classic.

I take my cues as much from classic style icons like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean as from modern menswear aficionados like Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and James Deen. (Relax! Just kidding about that last one…)

And in my experience, the best way to adapt the style of some of the best-dressed men on the planet is to focus on inspiration, not imitation.

Because wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses is a great way to evoke the classic style of the King of Cool, but pairing them with the same navy blue Harrington and khakis that he’s wearing in the picture here would just look like Steve McQueen cosplay.

(And personally, I prefer to show a lot more leg while cosplaying, thank you very much.)

Sharp Style Stands Out

Why bother studying style icons and adapting their looks for your life?

Simple: because Sharp Style Stands Out.

In the increasingly casual world we live in, men have never looked less put together.

Forty years ago, guys used to wear their best suits and sharpest shoes when they went out to run errands. Now they wear sweatpants and (I think I’m going to throw up in my mouth a little) crocs.

In that environment, the guy who wears a tee and jeans instead of a sweatsuit, or – better yet – a polo instead of a tee, automatically looks better. But the one who wears well cut slacks and a slimming blazer? Well, that’s the one who catches the eye of the cute cashier at the grocery store.

Whether you want to land a job, score a date, get taken more seriously, or just boost your confidence and feel better about the way you look in the mirror, sharpening your style is the best way to stand out.

And this blog exists to help you do just that.

Sharp Style Stands Out

But wait

“But wait—why Irreverent Gent?”

Because style doesn’t have to be stuffy, and self-improvement shouldn’t be self-serious. (But apparently it must be alliterative.)

Look, I love GQ and Esquire as much as the next guy, and have read nearly every men’s fashion blog on the internet.

But after a decade of consuming pretty much every form of menswear media, I found myself asking the same question as Heath Ledger’s (batshit crazy, but undeniably ingenious) Joker:

Why so serious??

Sharpening your style should be fun!

That’s why my mission is not limited to just helping you look sharp and stand out, it also includes cracking jokes, having fun and entertaining you along the way.

Mostly because I want to make menswear enjoyable for you, but partly because, as an inveterate smart-ass, I honestly can’t help myself.

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