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Dave Bowden Irreverent Gent
Full Disclosure: I photoshopped the HELL out of this headshot.

Hey, I’m Dave.

Welcome to Irreverent Gent!

I believe that self-confidence isn’t something you’re born with—it’s something you build.

My mission is to empower guys to lead lives of strength, style, character and confidence.

In short, I’m here to help you Take Control of Your Confidence and Make Yourself Esteemed.

Click here to learn more about me and my mission, or scroll down to find ways you can get started today.

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A (Wee) Bit of Reverence
From a Reader

“I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much your writing’s helped me. I used to think I was the only one dealing with these issues, over-thinking everything, failing to take action, stressing out about over-thinking, and then starting the cycle over again. Your writing revealed that I’m not alone, and the cycle can be broken. I really can’t thank you enough for that.”
– Ryan, 24, Seattle




Cool Tweets From Great Peeps
(Thanks for the love, guys!)


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