37 Powerful Signs of a Confident Man

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You’ve probably noticed that some guys just seem to exude confidence.

The problem is that, while it’s obvious that men who convey confidence stand out from the crowd, it’s not always obvious what “conveying confidence” even means.

Just what are the signs of a confident man? And more to the point, what characteristics or traits do you need to develop in order to join his ranks?

Signs of a Confident Man

It took me more than a few years to find answers to those questions. I wish I could tell you I finally figured it out after years of careful study and the obtainment of a phD in human nature.

But the truth is that it was as simple as closely observing the kind of extremely confident, self-assured men I wanted to become, and making note of what set them apart.

And you can do the same. Whether you’re a guy wondering how he can project confidence or a woman wondering how to tell if a guy is confident, below you’ll find dozens of sure signs and character traits of a confident man.

Check out the list and ask yourself which of these confident characteristics you already have, and which ones you need to start developing.

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How to Become a More Confident Man

The Surest Signs of a Confident Man

What does the confident man do differently? Well, he…

Thinks Abundantly

Signs of a Confident ManConfident people have what Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, called an “abundance mindset.”

They don’t think in zero-sum terms, but instead look for win-win solutions that bolster everyone.

Gives Generously

Following from their abundance mindset, people with confidence give first and take second.

This doesn’t always mean monetary giving either; they give their time, energy and attention without expecting anything in return.

Projects Power

The Charisma Myth Book Review
For more tips on how to be both confident and charismatic, I highly recommend The Charisma Myth

In Olivia Fox Cabane’s excellent book The Charisma Myth, she explains that there are three elements that contribute to a person’s charisma, which is closely related to confidence.

The first is power. As Fox Cabane writes, “When you meet a charismatic person, you get the impression that they have a lot of power and they like you a lot.”

Power doesn’t necessarily mean physical strength, although that certainly helps. It can also mean situational power. For instance, the CEO of a company has a lot of power, even if they’re physically diminutive.

Whether its physical or situational, the confident man knows he has power, and knows others can sense it.

Possesses Presence

The second of Fox Cabane’s three elements of charisma is presence.

Presence is the foundation upon which charisma – and quite often, confidence – is built. To have presence is to make an impact in any room that you’re in, regardless of how extroverted or outgoing you are.

For instance, Fox Cabane points out that people who meet the Dalia Lama, a fairly quite and introverted man, are often impressed by his presence.

But they say the same thing about Bill Clinton, a famously extroverted charmer.

Whether his presence his quiet or loud, a confident man is comfortable in his own skin, and others can sense it.

Conveys Warmth

The final of the three components that make up charisma is warmth.

This is one that you might not immediately associate with confidence, but it’s crucial. Insecure people who lack confidence often take it out on others by being petty, rude or dismissive.

Confident and charismatic people, on the other hand, have a generosity of spirit. It goes back to the point above about thinking abundantly:

When you feel like you have all the security and self-esteem that you need, you don’t mind doling out warmth to others, so that they can feel the same.

Is Kind

Confidence and kindness go hand in hand.

When you possess power, presence and warmth in equal measure, you have no fear that your kindness will be misconstrued as weakness – and no qualms about treating other people well.

Speaks Well

Confident men aren’t necessarily the most talkative – you don’t have to be a gregarious extrovert to be confident.

But when they do speak, they’re able to express their ideas clearly.

Carries Himself Well

Signs of a Confident Man

Confident guys convey their self-esteem not just through the way they communicate with words, but through their body language.

Makes Strong Eye Contact

There’s something personal, almost intimate, about looking into someone’s eyes.

Confident guys don’t shy away from it; instead, they meet people’s gaze and feel comfortable holding it.

Smiles Freely

Insecure guys sometimes think they have to scowl and look brooding in order to convey strength.

Confident guys recognize the benefits of smiling and never hesitate to express optimism and joy.

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Takes Pride in His Accomplishments

Signs of a Confident ManConfidence doesn’t mean arrogance.

Confident men don’t waste time bragging about petty shit, but they don’t shy away from acknowledging their achievements, either.

Remains Humble

Yes, it’s possible to be both proud of your accomplishments and humble at the same time.

Confident guys are proud, but also secure enough that they don’t have to boast about every little thing they’ve ever done.

Doesn’t Put on Airs

Part of being confident means being comfortable in your own skin, flaws and all.

As a result, confident guys don’t pretend to be something they’re not – and definitely don’t pretend to be more hautier, more cultured or more sophisticated than anyone else.

Listens Well

One distinct advantage of being secure enough to not talk about yourself all the time is that it frees you up to listen.

Confident guys genuinely listen to what others have to say and make other people feel acknowledged.

Is Assertive, But Not Aggressive

Insecure guys will often try to mask their insecurity with bravado, which sometimes results in needless aggression.

Confident men stand up for what they think is right, but do it in a diplomatic way.

Stands Up For Himself and Others

In addition to standing up for their principles, confident guys stand up for their people.

This manifests itself in ways both large and small, from protecting people in a physical altercation to defending their friend’s reputations when others disparage them.

Is Easy Going

Confident guys are comfortable enough in themselves that they don’t get too riled up; instead, they’re able to let things slide and don’t waste time sweating the small stuff.

Has an Open Mind

Confident guys are able to entertain new ideas without becoming defensive or territorial, which opens them up to a wide variety of possibilities and experiences.

Has A Solid Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor doesn’t mean you’re going to get up on stage and improv a 10-minute stand up set.

But because confident guys are easy going, they’re able to laugh at life’s many absurdities – and laugh off things that lesser men might perceive as slights.

Looks Put Together

Signs of a Confident ManEven if they don’t exactly look like George Clooney on the red carpet, confident guys know that when you look good, you feel good.

That’s why they invest enough time to present themselves well and do what they can to look as handsome, attractive and polished as possible.

Expresses Gratitude

Confident guys recognize what they have and actively express gratitude for it.

Doesn’t Take Criticism Personally

Confident guys are able to recognize criticism for what it is: feedback.

Sometimes it’s valid, sometimes it’s not, but confident guys realize that it’s never a personal indictment.

Behaves Like a Gentleman

The more confident you are, the more likely you are to practice proper etiquette.

Confident guys hold doors, display patience and otherwise behave like a gentleman.

Displays Leadership

It’s definitely possible to be confident without being a leader – but it’s impossible to be a leader without being confident.

Setting a strong example for others is a sure sign of confidence.

Steps Outside His Comfort Zone

Confidence allows you to be more comfortable with discomfort.

Confident guys embrace self-improvement, and recognize that the only way to grow is to try new things and step outside their comfort zone every once in awhile.

Lives Proactively

Confident guys embrace another of Covey’s seven habits: they take action.

Confidence and action have a reciprocal relationship: the more confident you feel, the more prone you are to taking action, and the more you take action, the better you feel about yourself – and the more confidence you build.

Compliments Others

The confident guy follows the advice Dale Carnegie laid out in How to Win Friends & Influence People some 80 years ago, which is as true today as it was then:

“Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”

The confident man compliments others frequently and prides himself on making others feel good.

Values Honesty

Confidence gives you the strength to express yourself honestly and resist the urge to try to hide who you are.

As a result, confident guys are honest both with themselves and with others.

Knows His Strengths and Weaknesses

Because their honest with themselves, confident guys are able to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to identify areas where they need to improve.

Learns Continuously

Signs of a Confident ManConfident guys remember the words of Socrates:

“All I know is that I know nothing.”

(Like I said: they’re pretty humble.)

They perpetually seek out new knowledge in order to continue learning and growing.

Apologizes Easily

When you’re insecure you’re often defensive, which can prevent you from admitting when you’ve done something wrong.

Confident guys know they’re not perfect and have an easier time acknowledging when they’ve made a mistake.

And because they’re proactive, they’re also quicker to set about fixing it.

Makes Decisions

When you’re unsure of yourself, you tend to agonize over every little decision.

Confident guys make a call, because they know that if they’re wrong they have the strength of character to own up to it and correct it without feeling embarrassed.

Values Relationships

Human beings are social creatures, which means that real power – and real confidence – comes not from any one individual, but from groups working in harmony toward shared goals.

Despite what pop culture would have you believe, the most confident man is not the lone wolf who always goes it alone.

The real power belongs to those who know how to build a coalition, and amass an army of friends and allies.

Invests in Himself

Just as the confident man invests in relationships with others, he also invests in himself and his own betterment.

That means he invests the time, energy and money it takes to ensure that his mind, spirit and body (on which more below) are constantly growing, evolving and improving.

Exercises Regularly

You don’t need to have a physique like Chris Hemsworth to be confident, but you absolutely need enough physical energy and stamina to achieve your goals and put the other traits on this list into practice.

The best way to do that is through regular exercise in which you push yourself to your physical limits, then give yourself enough time and fuel to recover properly.

And speaking of fuel…

Eats Healthy Foods

Just as BMWs only run on premium gas, a man can only operate at the peak of his potential if he’s fueling his body with healthy, hearty foods.

New fad diets come and go ever year, but the fundamentals of eating clean couldn’t be easier:

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, keep your protein sources lean, cut way down on empty carbs, and avoid sugar as much as you possibly can.

Again, a confident man doesn’t have to be a gym rat or a health nut, but he does have to be healthy enough to get sh*t done – and for that, you need a clean diet.

Overcomes Over-Thinking

Confident guys are just as prone to negative thoughts and self-doubt as anyone else.

The difference is that they do what they have to in order to overcome these hurdles, and don’t let themselves get bogged down.

The good news is that keeping negative thoughts at bay and cultivating a confident mindset is actually pretty straightforward.

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