The 10 Best White Sole Dress Shoes for Men

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Dress shoes with white soles are a lot more popular today than they were a decade ago, and it isn’t hard to understand why: 

The world has become more casual. 

A traditional pair of dress shoes has been a must-have since the Victorian era, and today a well made pair of stylish dress shoes is still the best way to look sharp and stand out from the crowd. 

But unless we’re attending formal occasions like weddings or funerals, nowadays most of us just don’t have much opportunity to wear our very best dress shoes. 

(And you increasingly see a more casual look at formal events, too, so there really aren’t a lot of options left for sartorial purists.) 

Screenshot from That Other Pregame show isolated to show two hosts wearing white-soled dress shoes
Sports broadcasters are hardly the only ones embracing white-soled dress shoes; you increasingly see them in more workplaces and even formal events
[image: CBS Sports]

Fortunately, white soled dress shoes give you a lot of the same sleekness as the very best men’s dress shoes. 

But in addition to a polished look, they boast rubber soles that crank up both the comfort and the casualness, making them a more versatile option for our dressed-down modern world. 

To help you (lame pun alert!) put your best foot forward (you were warned), in this post we’ve rounded up the best men’s dress shoes with white soles in a wide range of different styles, colors, materials and price points.  

Top Picks↓

You can learn (quite a bit!) more about each pair below, but here’s a quick summary of our favorite white-soled options:

Most Comfortable:
Wolf and Shepherd Crossover Longwing
Best Low-Profile:
Amberjack Originals
Best Traction:
Johnston & Murphy Duncan Plain Toe
Best Cheapies:
Bruno Marc Casual Wingtip
Best Dress Loafers:
Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Penny Loafer

Who Wrote This Article:

Irreverent Gent Founder and Editor-in-Chief Dave Bowden has been a service journalist for more than a decade.

His fashion advice and shopping recommendations have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and Men’s Health, among many others.

How We Created This List:

Style / Visual

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In-Person &
Online Reviews

The three main criteria we used to assess each shoe were their sophistication and style, the level of support and comfort offered by the white sole, and the experience of real users who have worn each pair, all of which we compare to their price tags to get a sense of their overall value.

In multiple cases we were able to personally test the shoes for ourselves and draw from our own experience (the shoes we’ve tested firsthand are marked “Reviewed & Approved” below).

In cases where we couldn’t, we did a deep dive into online reviews to find out what the majority of users thought after wearing each pair.

To learn more about how we rate and review products, check out our product review and round up policy here

OK, preamble over! Let’s see some white shoes…

The Top 10 Men’s White Soled Dress Shoes 

Breaking Down the Best Mens Shoes with White Soles

Most Comfortable White Sole Dress Shoes ↓
Wolf & Shepherd

Crossover Longwing

Wolf and Shepherd Crossover Longwing
  • Personally Tested? ✅
  • Dress Shoe Type: Oxford
  • Material of Upper: Italian calfskin leather or suede
  • Colors Available: 3 leather, 4 suede
Why We Like ‘Em:

Combining the sophisticated shape of a good plain toe oxford with sneaker soles that provide plenty of comfort, Wolf & Shepherd’s longing is my favorite pair of shoes with white soles.

The shoe’s upper is made from the kind of premium calfskin leather you’d expect to find on a good men’s dress shoe, but down below they’ve got a shock-absorbent sole and a removable memory foam footbed, giving them the comfort, stability and arch support of a good a sneaker. 

One thing I particularly love about the Longwings is the toe design: 

Not too round but not too pointy, it manages to find that sweet spot between formal and casual, making them great for everything from a job interview to a casual first date.  

Why Some Might Not:

The white outsole on Wolf & Shepherd’s shoes is a little thicker than a lot of the other pairs of shoes below.

Personally I don’t mind it, and I’m happy to trade a little extra heft in exchange for more comfort and support.

But if you’re looking for something for white rubber soles that are a little lower-profile, you might want to consider the Amberjacks below.

What Other Users Say: 

Great Looking and very comfortable

I love these shoes they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn thus. 

They literally feel like slippers the 1st day I wore them, so no break in period just a great fitting comfortable shoe.

– Curtis K.

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Best Low-Profile White Sole ↓

The Original

Amberjack Originals
  • Personally Tested? ✅
  • Dress Shoe Type: Derby
  • Material of Upper: Full grain leather or Italian suede
  • Colors Available: 7 leather, 6 suede 
    • Note that only three of the colorways include a white sole; the others have either beige, brown or black
Why We Like ‘Em:

Amberjacks are built for comfort first and style a (very close) second, making them a great option for guys who spend a long time on their feet, and want a good-looking shoe for every day wear.  

Their Original model is a derby shoe made from high-quality leather and the company’s proprietary dual-density outsole, which combines the high-performance athletic technology of a sneaker with the strength and support of hiking boots. 

In addition to the soft leather, the Originals have a low heel when compared to some of the other shoes on this list.

They topped our list of the best dress shoes with sneaker-like comfort because the lower profile lends them a more timeless look, and makes them easier to pull off with dress pants (at least in my opinion).

Plus they’re available in half sizes, which makes it easier to find the perfect fit. 

Why Some Might Not:

While the lower-profile soles make the Amberjacks look more like traditional leather shoes, the toe shape here isn’t quite as sleek as it is on the Wolf & Shepherd longwings above.

The other knock against them is that, while they come in a wide range of colors, only three of them have white soles, while two more have a beige sole that’s a little more subdued. 

What Other Users Say:

They are hands down some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, and without question the most comfortable dress shoes you can get, while still looking like real dress shoes and not like some kind of sneaker/dress shoe hybrid.

Simply excellent product. No question.

– Neil Struharik

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Best White Soles with Traction ↓
Johnston & Murphy 

Duncan Plain Toe

Duncan Plain Toe Dress Shoes
  • Dress Shoe Type: Derby
  • Material of Upper: Leather or suede
  • Colors Available: 2
Why We Like ‘Em:

The Duncan is a good choice for guys who live in Northern climates and need something to help them trudge through ice and snow during the colder months.

Its white, abrasion-resistant EVA outsole provides better grip than you’d find on a typical dress shoe (or even a dress boot, for that matter). 

In addition to the grippy outsole, the Duncan’s is available in a wide range of sizes and comes in two color options for the upper: 

The brown dress shoes pictured here are leather, but there’s also a nubuck/suede gray model.    

Why Some Might Not:

The shoe comes with a neoprene collar that’s meant to provide a snugger fit, but it also peaks out from above the leather.

The neoprene is blue, which actually complements both the brown leather and the grey suede, but it also adds a distinctly casual detail to the shoes that some might not like.

What Other Users Say:

I like the style. I can dress up/down. Options are good for work and more casual endeavors.

– Eric F.

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Best Cheap Dress Shoes with White Soles ↓
Bruno Marc

Modern Casual Derbies

Bruno Marc Modern Casual Derby shoes
  • Personally Tested? ✅
  • Dress Shoe Type: Derby
  • Material of Upper: Faux leather or PU knit/mesh
  • Colors Available: 3 faux leather, 3 knit
Why We Like ‘Em:

Before we say anything else, let’s get the obvious out of the way:

These are $40 shoes.

I don’t usually recommend footwear that’s this cheap because men’s shoes are one area of fashion where you tend to get what you pay for, and investing in quality tends to pay off in the long run.

But not everyone has a couple hundred bucks to drop on a pair of shoes.

If you like the white-sole look but you’re on a tight budget, this pair from Bruno Marc is a decent option.

It doesn’t have the same supple leathers as the (more expensive) Amberjack and Wolf & Shepherd models above, so you’ll need to spend more time on shoe care if you want to keep them looking sharp.

(The pair I tried started showing some visible signs of wear after just a couple weeks.)

But they work well with blue jeans and a good button-down, and with a little shoe polish you can probably keep them in decent shape for quite a while.

Why Some Might Not:

I repeat: these are $40 shoes.

They have neither the same materials nor the same construction as some of the better-made options on this list, so you should set your expectations accordingly.

They also tend to run a bit big, so you might want to consider going down half a size from whatever you normally wear.

What Other Users Say:

Fit and look Great! Material is not leather so it wears faster. But for the price, it’s good.

– Thomthumb

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Best White Soles with Traction ↓
Wolf & Shepherd

Crossover Loafer

Wolf and Shepherd Crossover Loafer
  • Personally Tested? ✅
  • Dress Shoe Type: Penny loafer
  • Material of Upper: Italian calfskin leather or suede
  • Colors Available: 2 leather, 4 suede
Why We Like ‘Em:

It can be hard to make a classic brown loafer look bad-ass, but Wolf & Shepherd’s crossover loafer comes pretty damn close.  

Penny loafers aren’t the most popular choice for the white sole treatment because they’re traditionally thought of as a more staid, conservative style. 

But the crossovers have the sort of sharp, refined toe shape you’d expect to get from (pricey) luxury brands like Ralph Lauren or Ace Marks. 

When contrasted with the distinctly casual feel of the sneaker-like rubber outsoles, the result is an undeniably cool shoe that you can wear damn near anywhere. 

Why Some Might Not:

This is another pair from Wolf & Shepherd, so they have the same thick white sole.

Some might also question whether or not a penny loafer actually counts as a proper dress shoe in the first place.

In my opinion dress shoes are distinguished more by their sophisticated and classic silhouettes than by a particular shoe style or type, but if you’re a stickler for lace-ups than this obviously isn’t the shoe for you.

What Other Users Say:

Love My Crossover Loafers!

This was my first W&S purchase and I will be buying more. These shoes check all boxes, stylish, comfortable and high quality. 

FYI – Give them a few outings to break in before you judge them.

– John W.

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In Review:
Wolf & Shepherd’s Hybrid Shoes

Check out our full review of Wolf & Shepherd’s shoes (including the loafers above) to see how they stack up in terms of style, comfort, quality and value.


Atticus Leather Limit

Clarks Atticus Leather Limit
  • Dress Shoe Type: Wingtip derby
  • Material of Upper: Premium leather
  • Colors Available: 3
    • Only 2 colorways have white soles
Why We Like ‘Em:

Clark’s makes arguably the most quintessential chukka boot of all time, having invented desert boots back in 1949. 

But they’ve since expanded into a long line of comfortable footwear, and this white-soled version of their popular Atticus model is one of the best on the market today.

With a slightly more rounded toe shape, the Atticus is a good shoe for anyone who wants a casual, comfortable shoe they can wear the hell out of. 

Why Some Might Not:

The brown version of these shoes comes with orange laces, while the black dress shoe comes with blue.

You can obviously just swap the laces out, but there’s also some stitching on the quarter and the seam that connects the upper to the sole.

It’s not a deal breaker (at least not in my opinion), but it is kind of an odd choice.

What Other Users Say:

My husband loves these shoes. Very comfortable and stylish and durable.

– Pop70

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Cole Haan

ØriginalGrand Wingtips

Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip
  • Dress Shoe Type: Wingtip Oxford
  • Material of Upper: Leather
  • Colors Available: 10 total, 3 with white soles
Why We Like ‘Em:

Cole Haan is a great choice for dress shoes with a white sole because they’re kind of the OG in the game.

The brand practically made its name by fusing the stylish upper of a classic dress shoe with the comforting tech of a rubber outsole. 

The Original Grand model is another brogue that features Cole Haan’s responsive cushioning system, which uses multiple compounding layers to soften each step while allowing your foot to move smoothly from heel to toe. 

Why Some Might Not:

Coel Haan’s sole isn’t quite as thick as Wolf & Shepherd’s, but it has a sort of ribbed appearance that makes it stand out almost as much.

The other question mark here is the leather quality.

The newer direct-to-consumer brands (understandably) brag about sourcing full-grain leather from top European tanneries, but Coel Haan simply describes their uppers as, well, “leather.” So, you know, make of that what you will.

What Other Users Say:

Recently purchased these before I attended a 3 day conference that included a LOT of walking. 

I hadn’t yet broken in the shoes, but my feet still were very comfortable throughout the 3 days and held up quite nicely. The shoes are versatile enough to look good with suits & jeans.

– Ben

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Hush Puppies

Jenson Oxford

Hush Puppies Jenson Oxford
  • Dress Shoe Type: Oxford
  • Material of Upper: Nubuck
  • Colors Available: 3 (but only one with white soles)
Why We Like ‘Em:

Another brand that’s long been known for comfortable, casual shoes, these Oxfords from Hush Puppies have a thick, comfortable white sole and come in a versatile carmel color.

This is a distinctly more casual style than many of the other pairs on this list, but they’re nice shoes that will work well in a wide variety of casual situations.

Why Some Might Not:

These ones come in three colors, but only the Carmel color featured here as white soles, so your options are a bit limited.

And as I alluded to above, these are quite casual, with a rounded toe and the kind of stitching around the seam that you’d normally see on a pair of Goodyear welted boots.

They’d work great with jeans and a tee, but if the rest out of your outfit is more formal, these would look out of place.

What Other Users Say:

I love how they look, and they are more comfortable than any of my sneakers. In my job, I have to dress nicely and walk all day, so these are the perfect shoes.

– Matt S.

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Johnston & Murphy

Holden Wingtip

Johnston and Murphy Holden Wingtips
  • Dress Shoe Type: Wingtip/brogue
  • Material of Upper: Genuine leather
  • Colors Available: 2
Why We Like ‘Em:

A slightly sleeker-looking wingtip than the Cole Haans listed above, this well-reviewed model from Johnston & Murphy comes in both black and brown. 

Under the hood, it has a memory foam insole that contours to the shape of your feet, along with combination textile and leather lining and a shock-absorbing, flexible EVA sole.

Why Some Might Not:

The sole here is fairly chunky, which contrasts with the toe shape and broguing, both of which are quite refined.

Personally I find that contrast interesting, but some might find that one takes away from the other.

What Other Users Say:

Most comfortable shoe ever, the design is perfect for my line of work and the look is a great.

– Raphael B.

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Allen Edmonds

Park Avenue Oxford “Sneaker”

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford Sneaker
  • Dress Shoe Type: Oxford
  • Material of Upper: Premium calfskin leather
  • Colors Available: 3
Why We Like ‘Em:

Allen Edmonds bills this as a men’s dress sneaker, but the word “sneaker” hardly does. itjustice.

It’s modeled after their (extremely well loved) Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxford, which is about as dressy as dress shoes get.  

The Oxford was the first pair of Allen Edmonds I ever stumbled upon, which immediately made me fall in love with the brand – and for good reason. 

AE has done a pretty great job translating the craftsmanship, high quality and sharp style of the Park Avenue Oxford into a hybrid dress shoe/sneaker. 

They use the same premium calfskin leather uppers, but have opted for corner stitched construction, which works better for the rubber cup soles than the goodyear welt construction often used for proper dress shoes. 

Why Some Might Not:

If there’s a flaw here – and honestly, that’s a pretty big “if” – it’s that these might be too sleek.

Most of the other models on this list have a thicker sole that puts them squarely in the “hybrid dress shoe” category, but these are so damn sharp that they mostly look like regular dress shoes.

They’re probably the most sophisticated look and could easily be paired with a suit, but might be a little harder to dress down.

What Other Users Say:

These shoes are the perfect transition from business suit to casual evening with shorts and polo! 

Also surprisingly comfortable with or without socks!!!!!

– Duane

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The Recap ↓

The Best Men’s White-Sole Dress Shoes

Dave Bowden

Best Low-Profile: Amberjack Originals


To us, the best white-soled dress shoes are the ones that successfully blend sharp style and strong support/comfort, with a good value-for-money proposition.


Banner Photo: Wolf & Shepherd
Banner Illustration: Irreverent Gent

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