43 of the Coolest, Most Popular Japanese Clothing Brands

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You don’t need a degree in fashion to understand why people from outside Japan have long admired Japanese labels.

The Japanese are well known for their vision and creativity when it comes to clothes.

Three stylish Japanese teens pose against a blue wall

Japanese designers and fashion brands are frequently on the cutting edge, leading the latest trends in the fashion world.

At the same time, many of these different lines still pay homage to Japanese culture, while offering high quality craftsmanship and close attention to detail.

For decades now Japan has been a breeding ground for some of the world’s most creative and innovative designers and brands, many of which still fly under the radar for Western shoppers.

To help shed some light on them, below we’ve rounded up dozens of the best Japanese clothing brands where you can find unique, fashion-forward clothes to elevate your personal style.

The 43 Top Japanese Clothing Brands

Looking for the coolest Japanese fashion brands? Look no further.

Affordable Japanese Brands ↓


Uniqlo logo

One of Japan’s most popular brands, Uniqlo is known for offering essential clothing staples and pretty high-quality products, all for affordable prices.

Now a global company, the popular Japanese clothing brand has expanded their customer base to nearly 20 different countries.

It’s become especially popular among millennials in North America, especially in urban centers like New York and San Francisco.

Uniqlo has a more minimalistic style than many of the flashier Japanese fashion brands, which often have a heavy influence of haute couture and high fashion.

But since Japanese style tends to be a season or two ahead of the West, even their basics still look trendy and on point, especially compared to other brands from the United States or Europe.


GU logo

GU is another apparel brand under the same ownership as Uniqlo, and falls into a similar category of affordable fast fashion clothing. 

GU is one among the most affordable brands in Japan, partly because their clothes are geared toward a younger demographic than Uniqlo, so their customers are less flush with cash.

But even though their styles skew young, people of all ages can find everyday essential pieces for your wardrobe.

nano universe

nano universe logo

Established in 2014, nano universe brings you contemporary clothing for both women and men.

Similar to the likes of GU and Uniqlo, this Japanese brand offers the same vibe of clothing but at a premium price point. 

Attached with these higher prices are both original design, and functional features like UV protection, sweat stain protection and heat shield effect.

High Fashion Japanese Brands ↓

Yohji Yamamoto

yohji yamamoto logo

The Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto graduated from Tama Art University in 1969 and launched his namesake fashion house in 1981.

And with it, he introduced the world to his dark perspective on women’s fashion. 

Today, his collection offers its take on sports apparel while still staying true to the dark aesthetic he’s internationally known for.


visvim logo

Focused on exceptional designs that not only look great but last the test of time, Visvim is arguably one of the overall best brands on this list.

Its founder, Hiroki Nakamura, might just be the most famous Japanese casual wear designer thanks to his unique combination of unmatched artisanship and enviable attention to detail.

But be warned:

Thanks to their premium look and overwhelming demand, don’t be surprised by prices that are quite a bit higher than other Japanese fashion labels, and more in line with luxurious international brands.

They were one of the brands discovered a long time ago by Kanye West, whose early interest helped turn them into one of the most popular clothing brands of the past two decades.

And despite Ye’s plunge off the cultural deep end in recent years, Visvim’s trendy items have been highly sought-after ever since.


sacai logo

Best known for their sneaker collaboration with Nike, Sacai is another high fashion brand that reinterprets what design and style mean.

Utilizing a combination of fabrics, patterns and new silhouettes Sacai is in a unique lane of its own. 

Although it has its flagship Japanese clothing stores are based in Asia, Sacai can be found in boutique department and specialty stores everywhere from Hong Kong to North America.

Kansai Yamamoto

kansai yamamoto

Kansai Yamamoto was the first Japanese designer to ever have their own fashion show in London.

Known for having a design taste of “wild maximalism,” Yamamoto’s collection of avant garde clothing represents a singularly different style that’s one of a kind.

Although Yamamoto passed away in July 2020, his label is still highly sought after.

With vintage pieces still circulating on the market, you can guarantee that they sell at exuberant prices.

Issey Miyake

issey miyake

One of the best Japanese brands for design purists, this high fashion label embodies that forward-thinking approach the Japanese are famous for.

Bringing his futuristic design to the table, designer Issey Miyake has interrupted what people see as fashion and has broadened creative interpretation. 

You might be surprised to know that the black turtle neck that Steve Jobs wore is Issey Miyake!

Miyagi Hidetaka

miyagi hidetaka logo

If you head over to their online store and miss their drops, you’re most likely to see every item has sold out.

That’s how highly sought after Miyagi Hidetaka merchandise is.

The Japanese designer is creative in every sense of the word and evokes this in the patterns and shapes that he uses in his clothing line.

Carrying an extravagant price tag, don’t be surprised with how much yen you spend on each piece of clothing.

The Best Japanese Streetwear Brands ↓

A Bathing Ape

a bathing ape logo

One of the most famous brands in the Japanese streetwear scene, you’ve probably seen mainstream rappers and other famous artists rock Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE.

(In fact, Soulja Boy stirred up controversy a few years ago when he claimed on Twitter that he was the first rapper to start wearing BAPE, popularizing the trend among other big names after he wore it the first time.)

Known for their cartoonish graphic design, founder Nigo made his mark on the premium streetwear scene. 

A Bathing Ape is also known to be in an ongoing collaboration with countless celebrities and other brands.


undercover logo

Jun Takahashi launched his brand in 1993 and from then his label has been rolling.

With a little convincing from Comme des Garcons founder Rei Kawakubo, Takashi burst onto the international scene at the Paris Fashion Week in 2003. 

Utilizing premium fabrics coupled with a design language like no other, Undercover separates itself from other streetwear brands.


kiks tyo logo

Founded by Shinichi Izaki better known as hobby:tech, KIKS TYO is a streetwear brand that makes streetwear apparel, accessories and footwear. 

One of the collections that made his brand popular was mixing the aesthetic of provocatively dressed women with sneakers.

Although his brand is not as sought after as it was in the mid-2000’s, his brand is still popular in vintage fashion.


neighbourhood logo

Founded in 1994 Neighbourhood is another premium Japanese clothing brand that specializes in streetwear.

Taking inspiration from London punk, utilitarian and military style, Neighbourhood burst on the streetwear scene with unique clothing pieces. 

Spicing up your essential pieces with oversized silhouettes and graphic designs, Neighbourhood has become one of the most coveted and popular streetwear labels across the globe.


wtaps logo

Founded by Japanese designer Tetsu Nishiyama in 1996, WTAPS is another premium streetwear brand.

Similar to the brands of Neighbourhood and orSlow, it takes inspiration from workwear, military and the outdoors.

Exclusively only have 16 stockists around the world, WTAPS is a premium streetwear brand that many western companies look to. 

Wacko Maria

wacko maria logo

Capturing inspiration from film, art and lastly music, Wacko Maria stamps their authentic sense of style on traditional street wear.

Launched in 2005, Atsuhiko Mori marries his design ethos and language with the traditional techniques of master craftsmanship. 

Offering a wide range of items from clothing, accessories and footwear, Wacko Maria is your one-stop-shop for clothing that will leave your friends wondering what brand you’re wearing.

mastermind Japan

mastermind Japan logo

Established in 1997 by Masaaki Honma, mastermind Japan is a luxurious streetwear brand.

Once mentored by Yohji Yamamoto, the Japanese designer, Honma decided to launch a label that utilized expensive materials like cashmere, leather and silk.

To this day, mastermind Japan continues to use premium fabrics and intricate designs that you (almost certainly) haven’t seen before.


needles logo

Needles was launched by Japanese designer Keizo Shimizu in 1997.

Although Needles is a Japanese label, it takes inspiration from vintage America and marries it with Shimizu’s unique creative lens.

Some of the most popular items that they sell are the iconic Needles tracksuit and his button up shirts that take elements from Japanese fashion culture.


orslow logo

Utilitarian clothing rooted in military and workwear heritage, orSlow is creating their clothing “slowly.”

The term is coined by literally taking a prolonged process, creating versatile pieces for any occasion and lastly retaining the vintage elements in the midst of an ever evolving fashion industry.



The Japanese designer founded his second brand, TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist, in 2010 just a year after he shut down Number (N)ine.

He takes elements from the unconstructed, rock and roll and blends it with unconventional tailoring to create clothing that evoke his intrinsic design language.

Offered by many acclaimed boutiques around the world, you can find his unique collection, but in a premium price range.

fragment design 

fragment design logo

Most popular for having sneaker collaborations with the Jordan brand, we have Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design.

This Japanese brand is best known for their collaborations with well established brands across the globe.

They even had a partnership with luxury car manufacturer Maserati.

While you can wait for Fujiwara to drop his collections with other brands for a retail price, you’ll have to pay a premium on clothing previously released at exorbitant cost.

Cav Empt

cav empt logo

This brand was born after the disastrous earthquake rocked Japan in 2011.

Darkness surrounded the bright city of Tokyo and was a signal to Toby Feltwell to start his own brand with Hishiyama Yutaka.

The Japanese brand has disrupted the streetwear scene with a design language that’s ahead of the curve.

Their name, short from the latin term “Caveat Emptor” translates to “buyer beware”, which may serve as warning for those looking to try on their unique pieces.

Human Made

human made logo

Founded in 2010 by famous fashion designer and DJ NIGO, Human Made is an established streetwear brand.

It was no surprise that the clothing brand would do well with the mastermind who created the BAPE.

Human Made takes inspiration from pre 1960’s and mixes it with premium fabrics and graphic designs that are creatively native.

The brand has also collaborated with Adidas in making footwear.

and Wander

and wander logo

Befitting its name, and Wander is an outerwear company.

They specialize in making clothes for activities like hiking, backpacking and really anything outdoors.

Established in 2010 by Ketia Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, they launched their brand and Wander to create durable, light-weight and element resistant clothing.

Japanese Men’s Brands ↓


camoshita logo

Camoshita is a Japanese menswear brand inspired by 1960s American and French menswear.

Their unique designs and relaxed, tailored pieces offer modern gentlemen a vintage look. 

Designer Yasuto Kamoshita takes elements like a soft relaxed shoulder and a unique color palette to create original designs and an authentic brand, which represents what he calls “the Japanese way to get dressed.” 

Junya Watanabe MAN

junya watanabe MAN logo

A pupil of Comme des Garçons lead designer Rei Kawakuba, Watanabe is an innovative thinker who has reshaped Japanese fashion.

Apart from his work at Comme des Garçons he launched his own atelier in Tokyo and dedicated it to specialize in men’s clothing.

You can expect everyday pieces from the Japanese designer with a modern technical twist.

Japanese Sportswear Brands ↓


Y-3 logo

Yohji Yamamoto makes it back on the list, but this time with Adidas.

The three stripe brand recruited the Japanese designer 20 years ago, in hopes of creating a line that crossed over between sportswear and high-end fashion. 

Coming out with silhouettes that are intrinsically unique, each of the main collections Y -3 comes out with continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with athleisure.

White Mountaineering

white mountaineering logo

True to its name, White Mountaineering is an outerwear company that creates garments that protect you from the elements.

Their pieces combine weather resistant fabrics with an intricate design language, resulting in clothes that are strong enough for mountain research, but stylish enough for the streets. 

Apart from the parkas that they craft, this Japanese company has dove into the world of streetwear, pumping out clothing items that are different from other urban clothing competitors.


nanamica logo

This Japanese clothing brand fuses fashion with functionality as one of it’s main priorities.

Making clothes for both men and women, Nanamica creates neutral clothing that fits well and performs in any weather condition.

Some of the technologies used by the company are ALPHADRY, KODENSHI down, COOLMAX and GORE-TEX.

Holding onto the idea of the Japanese creating timeless garments that avoid trends, but rather set them, Nanamica achieves this with every piece of clothing made.

Japanese Department Store Brands ↓


BEAMS logo

BEAMS is a Japanese department store that carries a wide variety of items that range from shoes, accessories, furniture to clothing. 

While BEAMS does have its own separate clothing line, their collaborations with other companies such as The North Face is what makes them known around the world.

United Arrows

United Arrows logo

Similar to BEAMS, United Arrows is another department store that carries a multitude of luxury clothing brands.

Apart from distributing and selling other company’s merchandise, United Arrows does have their own label. 

Look to find essential everyday pieces from their clothing line.

And because these garments are remastered, note that they charge a hefty premium.


SHIPS logo

Similar to both United Arrows and BEAMS, this Japanese department store carries almost every high fashion label abroad.

While the brand does sell multiple labels, they still launch their own seasonal collections. 

You can expect essential everyday pieces from SHIPS that are contemporary and well tailored.

The Japanese brand is also well priced for the premium fabrics and quality that they offer.

Japanese Footwear Brands ↓


asics logo

Apart from Uniqlo, Seiko and a couple of these high end fashion designer labels; ASICS is probably a familiar brand you’ve come across.

This Japanese sporting brand is focused on providing the best running shoes and apparel. 

There’s not much to say about this brand other than the fact that they probably make one of the most comfortable shoes.


Suicoke logo

These aren’t your regular Birkenstocks or favorite brand of slides.

Suicoke is a Japanese premium footwear company that creates performance sandals. 

What separates them from others is their unique design consisting of thick straps and an elevated sole.

Suicoke has also collaborated with other brands such as Undercover, Dr. Martens and Soul Collection.


tabio logo

Taking a step away from fashion designers, we introduce Tabio.

This Japanese brand is fixated on providing a wide range of quality socks that are both durable and comfortable.

With over 30 million socks manufactured annually, the Japanese brand is conscious about the its environmental footprint.

In an effort to reduce their waste production, the sock brand donates leftover fabric to nursing homes and schools around Japan.

Japanese Women’s Brands ↓

Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori

Imagine contemplating whether or not you’d want to style and dress Coco Chanel, Hanae Mori chose to dress the iconic model.

With a rich history in Japanese dress-making, Hanae Mori offers the most elegant and sophisticated garments that can be fitted for multiple occasions.

Also carrying a line of fragrances, Hanae Mori is your contemporary high fashion label.

Fumika Uchida

Fumika Uchida logo

Adding to our list of brands for women, Fumika Uchida is another high end fashion label.

Staying genuine to the vintage, but creating for a more progressive modern style, Fumika Uchida is able to achieve this with their brand. 

This Japanese label uses an abundance of fabrics and combines it with a wide range of silhouettes introducing something American brands haven’t seen.

It’s only a matter of time before Uchida breaks into the limelight. 

6% Doki Doki logo


For fans of  “Kawaii” culture, this store was created for you.

And for those who don’t know what “kawaii” is, it’s basically everything cute

6%DokiDoki is often associated with harajuku style, but it actually take a broader approach that’s not limited to the styles of Tokyo’s famous Harajuku district.

The first store was launched in 1995 and continues to provide the Japanese with crazy fun clothing and other items that epitomize the Japanese girly girl culture.


kotohayokozawa logo

Established in 2015, Kotohayokozawa is a women’s label that creates one-of-a-kind items that are unique and fashion trail-blazing.

Apart from their main collection, they have two other lines, Todo and Somebody.

Todo is a line that uses a one-of-a-kind decoration, while Somebody uses solely reusable products.

If you’re looking for something that’s truly different, this Japanese brand is definitely for you.


MercuryDuo logo

“New Urban Feminine”, that’s what MercuryDuo is calling their design concept.

The Japanese women’s brand creates elegant clothing pieces that blend tradition, fashion, metropolitan and nature.

While their style of clothing seems all too simple, their brand pushes for a design that targets women with a delicate dainty taste of fashion.



DRWCYS is another Japanese women’s fashion label.

Their brand’s concept goes after trend, the casual and the bohemian lifestyle. From dresses, everyday wear to accessories, DRWCYS has you covered.

Because of their elegant style, DRWCYS does charge a premium on their apparel but luckily their stuff does go on sale, so keep an eye out for a sweet deal.

Japanese Specialty Brands ↓

Medicom Toy

Medicom Toy logo

Medicom Toy is an interesting company to throw on this list because they’re mainly known for their collectible toys.

However, Tatsuhiko Akashi’s company has collaborated with many clothing brands such as BAPE, atmos, PORTER and G-SHOCK.

Using their iconic BE@RBRICK designs, Medicom Toy is able to provide other clothing brands with an unusual style that makes them relevant in the world of fashion.


Seiko logo

You’re probably familiar with this world renowned watch brand. Established in 1881, Seiko has many years of experience in watch making. 

With a wide variety of watches for any budget, Seiko provides watch enthusiasts and your average Joe a watch for every occasion. 


Evisu logo

Evisu is a premium selvedge denim brand based in Japan.

Apart from American’s mastering the art of creating the best denim in the world, the Japanese are alongside and maybe even outdo them. 

Taking the long route in making a pair of jeans, the process is time consuming and once was limited to a production of only 14 pairs a day.

Now a recognized worldwide brand, Evisu continues their craft and has even added other apparel to their line of high-quality denim.

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