The 21 Best Stores Like Walmart

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Anyone looking for some other affordable and convenient stores like Walmart could be forgiven for shopping around.

Sure, the retail giant carries a huge selection of goods and their prices are hard to beat, which makes them an easy go-to for many shoppers.

But shopping in giant windowless big-box stores can be pretty unpleasant (curbside pickup is slightly better, but still far from perfect), and even placing online orders through their website leaves a lot to be desired.

Plus, their customer service can be hit or miss, depending on the day and the particular employee you happen to get.

The good news is that, while they may loom large in the retail industry, they’re far from the only game in town:

There are plenty of other viable Walmart alternatives out there.

In this post I’ll break down some of the best other stores like Walmart where you can find great deals on a wide variety of products.

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I’ll explain more about what makes each store great below, but here’s a quick rundown of the best Walmart competitors:

21 Stores Similar to Walmart

Rounding Up the Best Walmart Alternatives for Affordable Clothing, Groceries, Electronics, and (Much) More

The Best Discount & Off-Price Stores Like Walmart 


Amazon goods

The second largest retailer in the world (Walmart being number one) Amazon is arguably Walmart’s biggest competitor. 

Kind of like an online-only version of Walmart, they sell just about everything under the sun, and often at lower prices than you’ll find elsewhere.

Plus, when you shop with Amazon you get a number of other benefits, especially when you sign up for Amazon Prime.

Not only does it give you free shipping, but you also get access to the Amazon Prime streaming platform, which has a ton of great content you can watch for free.

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Target lamp

If Amazon is basically the online version of Walmart, Target is basically the (slightly) more upscale version of it.

Like Walmart they carry a wide variety of products, including housewares, electronics and even groceries, and offer some of the best prices around.

But unlike a lot of big-box retailers, Target also prides itself on its style, which makes it a good place to turn for clothes and home goods that look modern and stylish, but don’t cost a fortune.

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TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx merchandise

TJ Maxx is a big Walmart competitor because while their prices are comparable, the quality of their merchandise is slightly higher. 

A mecca for bargain hunters, the off-price retailer’s business model is buying overstock goods from department stores and selling them at a huge discount — and that includes major brand names and designer labels.

While they don’t offer as many departments as Walmart, it’s a great alternative for clothing, beauty, furniture, and home decor items. 

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Overstock sofa

If Walmart is where you turn for affordable furniture (and you prefer online shopping), then you should definitely give Overstock a try.

An online-only furniture outlet, Overstock offers great deals on furniture across a wide variety of styles and categories.

One of the nice things about their site is that you can sort by style, which makes it easy to find stuff that’s likely to suit your tastes and preferences.

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Dollar Tree 

Dollar Tree products

Discount variety chains like Dollar Tree have gained huge popularity in recent years, thanks to their wide range of products under $5. 

(And Tik Tok influencers should get some credit, too.)

While you may be skeptical that it’s legitimately one of Walmart’s competitors, consider the fact that they sell everything from school supplies and personal care products to housewares and even grocery items. 

And with over 15,000 physical stores across the US, shopping there is extremely convenient.

But don’t worry, they have a decent online store as well.

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Costco takes the same warehouse approach that furniture stores like Ikea use, but applies it to the world of retail and grocery.

(In fact, it’s Walmart’s top competitor in the grocery category.)

You have to pay an annual membership fee in order to shop there, but becoming one is a great way to score the best deal on a lot of products.

You immediately get access to wholesale pricing on a huge array of merchandise, which makes it both one of the best places for families to shop and one of the top alternatives to Walmart.

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Sam’s Club

Sam's Club merchandise

Founded by the same guy who started Walmart, Sam Walton, Sam’s Club is essentially Walmart’s answer to Costco:

A membership-based, warehouse-style department store that offers great deals on a wide selection of merchandise.

It’s a good option if you like the range of merchandise offered at Walmart but want to get extra savings by buying in bulk.

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Kmart merchandise

Once a retail giant, Kmart has kind of been overtaken by more popular big box stores like Walmart and Target.

But with that said, as one of the OG discount department stores it’s still a great place to turn if you’re looking for low prices on a pretty wide range of general merchandise.

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Marshall's apparel

Owned by the same parent company as TJ Maxx (TJX Companies), Marshalls is a chain of off-price department stores known for carrying brand-name merchandise and designer labels. 

While Marshalls doesn’t offer the same variety as Walmart Supercenters, for instance you won’t find electronics or fresh produce departments, it’s a great option for fashion and home decor at reasonable prices. 

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Big Lots

Big Lots chair

For many bargain-savvy shoppers, Big Lots is a go-to for great deals on furniture and electronics, although they also sell a wide selection of products, including clothing, footwear, home decor, and even food items. 

Like many discount stores, Big Lots specializes in buying off-season and closeout items at wholesale, which is how they’re able to offer such affordable prices. 

While some consumers have complained of damaged goods and cheap craftsmanship, it’s still worth checking out, especially if you’re on a budget. 

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Higher-Priced Walmart Alternatives 


Kohl's merchandise

Known for affordability and frequent sales, Kohl’s is a department store that carries just about every category, including clothes, home decor, outdoor living, jewelry, accessories and more.

They don’t have quite as many brick and mortar locations as Walmart, but their website is easy to use and offers access to most of their merchandise.

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Meijer products

Meijer is kind of like a grocery store on steroids.

They helped pioneer the supercenter concept (which Walmart arguably perfected) and today operate more than 250 stores in the Midwest, selling everything from food and groceries to electronics, sporting goods and more.

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JC Penney

JC Penney apparel

JC Penney falls somewhere in between a discount department store like Walmart and the more upscale, fashion-focused stores like Kohl’s.

Like Kohl’s they focus more on lifestyle, beauty products, fashion and accessories, so they don’t have a grocery department. 

But they’re like Walmart in that they offer lower priced merchandise targeted at more price-conscious consumers.

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Macy's watches

One of the world’s most iconic department stores, Macy’s is an American institution that’s been in business (and in Thanksgiving Day parades) for decades.

While it’s a bit more expensive than Walmart, their merchandise tends to be of higher quality (and they run frequent sales where you can score great deals). 

And if you need more incentive, Macy’s Star Rewards loyalty program scores you points on every purchase and members’ only benefits. 

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Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack fragrance

As department stores go, Nordstrom is basically on the opposite end of the spectrum from Walmart in that they sell high-end products at premium prices.

Luckily, their off-price sister store, Nordstrom Rack, carries a similar selection of high-quality merchandise, but at more affordable prices than the flagship. 

While you’ll still pay quite a bit more than you would at Walmart, it’s a great option for great deals on high-end products or when you want to splurge on something a little bit special.

Check Out Normandale ➤


Dillards merchandise

Dillard’s is an upscale, fashion-focused department store that’s a closer competitor to Macy’s and Nordstrom than it is to Walmart.

But like those other higher-end department stores, it’s a good place to turn if you’re looking for clothes that go beyond the limited offerings found at Walmart, and don’t mind paying a bit more money for high-quality products.

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Toys R Us

Toys R Us merchandise

Anyone with kids knows that Walmart is a great place to shop for toys at competitive prices, but when you want a bigger (OK, huge) selection, there’s Toys R Us.

They carry everything you need for babies and kids under one roof, including all the top brands like Disney, LEGO, and Fisher Price. 

And if you don’t live close to one of their brick-and-mortar stores, they run a pretty good e-commerce business as well. 

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CVS products

As one of the most popular pharmacy brands in America, CVS is a close competitor of Walmart’s when it comes to all the essential pharmacy products you can’t live without.

Like a lot of other major pharmacy chains, CVS also carries a lot more than medicine, making it almost like the modern day equivalent of a general store.

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Office Depot

Office Depot

Since Walmart carries such a wide variety of products, a lot of the best alternatives to Walmart are category-specific stores that really only compete with one Walmart department.

Office Depot is very much in that category, providing a good place to turn for small businesses that usually buy their office supplies and electronics from Walmart.

(But if you’re buying paper, I highly recommend a smaller outfit out of Scranton, PA called Dunder Mifflin. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?)

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Best Buy

Best Buy computer

Best Buy is one of Walmart’s biggest competitors when it comes to all things related to electronics, cell phones, computers and video games.

Like Walmart, they have big box brick and mortar stores all across North America, but also have a well stocked and easy-to-use website for those who prefer to shop online.

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Before discount department stores like Walmart and Target came to dominate the retail landscape, Sears was the place you turned as your one-stop shop.

The popularity of big box stores has made both your local store and big legacy chains like Sears much less popular than they used to be.

But Sears is still a good place to turn for home appliances, and other big ticket items, in addition to merchandise in other categories.

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Kroger products

The largest traditional supermarket chain in the United States, Kroger is one of Walmart’s biggest competitors in the grocery category. 

While they charge higher prices than Walmart, Kroger’s diverse selection of products, rewards program program, and excellent customer service keep customers coming back

For more affordable prices you can always shop their private label that includes hundreds of items and costs less than brand name products. 

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