In Review: Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords

Beckett Simonon Dean Review
Keanu’s #closetgoals are… very different from mine

Stylish and well made dress shoes are to the sharp dressed man what guns are to John Wick: absolutely necessary, and impossible to have too many of.

So, after my first review of Beckett Simonon’s stylish and well made shoes (I previously put their Durant brogues to the test), I was more than happy when they reached out again and asked me to try out another pair from their collection.

Are the Dean oxfords up to snuff? Read on to find out…

This time around I tried out their Dean oxfords, and while the results were in some ways similar to my experience with the Durants, there were some key differences that made wearing the Deans a unique experience.

Scroll down to read my review of Beckett Simonon’s Dean oxford shoes, and find out if they can help you step up your shoe game, look sharp and stand out.

Full Disclosure:

As with my first go around reviewing Beckett Simonon shoes, this one came about because they reached out to ask if I would review another pair.

As usual, I told them I’d be happy to put another pair to the test, but would only agree to write a review if there were NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Whenever I review products provided by a brand, I make it clear that any review I write will be

1. completely honest, and
2. completely transparent about how it came about.

That was the case the first time around with Beckett Simonon, and it’s true here as well. What follows are my honest, unfiltered thoughts after about a month of wearing the Deans multiple times per week.

Also note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links, so if you click through and make a purchase, I may make a small commission.

OK, enough preamble. On to the review!

Beckett Simonon Dean Review

Beckett Simonon Dean Review

Beckett Simonon Dean Review

The Color

Beckett Simonon Dean Review
Beckett Simonon’s Dean oxfords in “Bordeaux”

The first and most obvious difference between the Durants I reviewed earlier this year and the Deans I wore this spring is the color.

The Deans came in a gorgeous red-hued color that Beckett Simonon calls “Bordeaux” (invoking the famous wine region), which is also popularly called Oxblood (invoking a super gross reference to animal plasma—you can see why they went with “Bordeaux”).

Whatever you call it, the color on these shoes is amazing, and immediately helps them (and me) stand out.

When I’m standing on the concrete grey subway platform amidst a sea of boring black and brown shoes, the Bordeaux beckons the eye like a lighthouse that’s dapper as hell.

The Leather

Beckett Simonon Dean ReviewA big part of the reason why the color looks so crisp is because the full grain calfskin leather Beckett uses on its shoes is such high quality.

In the past I’ve worn cheap Oxblood shoes, but because the leather wasn’t as good as it is on the Deans, after a few wears they started to take on a color that was less Oxblood and more nose-bleed. Not a great look.

But the color on the Deans hasn’t wavered at all in the six weeks since I’ve been pounding the pavement with them. In addition to maintaining their color, they’ve also proved remarkably durable for shoes that look this refined.

They’re quite resistant to scrapes and scuffs, even after some fairly heavy wear. So far I haven’t encountered any scuffs that couldn’t be cleared up with a quick pass of a disposable shoe wipe, which leaves them looking as good as new.

The Toe Shape

Beckett Simonon Dean ReviewThe Deans have virtually the exact same toe shape as the Durants, which is a very, very good thing.

In my review of the Durants I noted that those shoes may very well have been the nicest pair I owned to that point, and the toe shape is a huge part of the reason why.

Like the Durants, the Deans have the same perfect balance between rounded and pointy, creating a silhouette that looks sophisticated and mature, but not stuffy.

The Deans lack the broguing found on the Durants, but when combined with the toe shape and the color, it’s very much a situation where less is more.

The Deans feel more refined and more formal. They pair perfectly with a navy suit, but can also be used to elevate more casual looks, like a dark pair of jeans and a blazer.

The Comfort

As with the Durants, the Deans took some breaking in. My size nines fit me perfectly, but after the first day I did have blisters on both my heels, and on the upper part of my right foot.

This was expected, since the Durants had nearly the exact same effect, but a bit annoying on that first day. A few days later I wore them again, but strategically placed bandages where the blisters had popped up, which completely solved the problem.

Because the damage had already been done, and blisters on my feet tend to take an annoyingly long time to heal, I kept wearing the bandages every time I pulled on the Deans, just as a precaution.

But after about five wears or so this was probably overkill on my part; as I continued to wear the shoes and move around in them, they began to mold to the shape of my foot, getting more comfortable with each wear.

Now I can comfortably wear them all day at work without thinking twice about it, no bandages necessary.

The Sole

Beckett Simonon Dean ReviewAnother similarity the Deans bear to the Durants is the leather sole. While the result is a super-slick look that contributes to the shoe’s overall refinement, leather soles are notoriously slippery.

I forgot to properly score the Deans before I left the house for the first time, and felt like I could have skated across the smoother, more recently paved parts of the road.

But again, this isn’t unique to the Deans—any leather-soled shoes will have this issue. Make sure you score yours properly before you go out for the first time; after a few wears, the concrete jungle will naturally scrape, scratch and score the bottom of them, making them much more resistant to slips and slides.

The Conclusion

You won’t be shocked to learn that the conclusion is simple: these are great shoes.

If you’re looking for a good everyday pair of dress shoes that you can wear with jeans, the Deans may not be the ones for you. (Though the Durants very well may be.)

But if you want a more dressed up pair that you can wear with suits or in business casual settings, I highly recommend picking up a pair of Deans.

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