Levi’s 559 vs 569 Jeans: All the Differences, Explained

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If you’re having trouble finding the differences between a pair of Levi’s 559s and 569s, you’re not alone. 

The two pairs are quite similar in style and cut, and while they do have a few differences that distinguish one pair from the other, they can be admittedly quite subtle and hard to spot.

But here at Irreverent Gent we have a saying:

The (handsome) devil is in the details.

When you learn how to recognize the differences between Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans, you’ll be able to nail the details, and choose the pair that best suits your style.

And that’s where we come in. In this post we’ll do a deep dive to dissect the subtle-but-significant differences in Levi’s 569 vs 559 jeans.

Levi’s 569 vs 559 Jeans:

All the Differences, Explained

How Levi’s 559 vs 569 Jeans Fit

Illustration of leg opening of Levis 559 and 569 jeans
The leg opening is one of the biggest differences between the two pairs

Without a doubt, how a pair of jeans fits is one of the most important things to consider before buying Levi’s 559s, 569s, or any other jeans. 

(In addition to fit, how jeans move, look and feel while you’re wearing them are also considerably important.) 

It’s these subtle but distinguishable characteristics in size and style that make a pair of jeans work well on a guy’s body. 

All jeans made by the Levi Strauss Company fall into seven categories of fit:

  • Skinny Fit Jeans, 
  • Slim Fit Jeans, 
  • Straight Fit Jeans, 
  • Taper Fit Jeans, 
  • Boot Cut Jeans, 
  • Relaxed-Fit Jeans and 
  • Loose Fit Jeans

Levi’s 559s and 569s are both found in the Relaxed Fit Jeans category.

But as mentioned above, they do have slight differences in both fit and style that are worth knowing about before you make a purchase.

Quite Similar, But One Big Difference

Jeans with boots
The generous leg opening allows both the 559s and 569s to work well with boots

While both Levi’s 559s and 569s fall into the relaxed fit category, the main difference between the two pairs of jeans is the width of their leg openings: 

The 559s have a leg width opening of 18 inches, while the 569s are 18.5 inches. 

Both pairs offer a regular fit that’s designed for overall comfort and freedom of movement throughout the seat and thigh area, and both sit below the waist.

Both are a versatile choice for indoor and outdoor work, or for casual weekend activities.

And thanks to their generous straight leg opening, both 559s and 569s are also great jeans to wear with boots.

Relaxed Fit For Comfort 

Relaxed Straight Fit (559)
Levis 559

The 559s have what’s called a relaxed straight fit. 

With a relaxed straight jean, you can count on the leg width to be in proportion from the length of the hip down to the ankle, which gives them a somewhat wider appearance than some of the other jeans carried in the series.

Levi’s 559s are designed to give more room throughout the thigh and seat and sit low on the waist. 

Designed for comfortable everyday wear, these 18-inch straight-leg jeans provide enough room and added flexibility where it matters most. 

While the 559s are loose fitting through the thigh and seat, they are loose fitting with a straight cut leg, giving them a slightly more tapered leg in comparison to the 569 style.

Keep in mind, these jeans are designed for a roomy and relaxed fit. If you’re smaller throughout the seat and thigh, these jeans will most likely look ill-fitting or just too large in general. 

Loose Straight Fit (569) 
Levis 569 jeans

Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Fit jeans are also designed for comfort and wearability throughout the day, and have added room throughout thigh and seat areas. 

Similar to the 559s, these jeans fit relatively loose, not baggy. 

As mentioned above, the main difference between the 559s and 569s is the width of the leg opening. 

Levi’s 569s are designed with an 18.5 inch leg opening, while the 559s have a slightly smaller leg opening of just 18 inches, giving them a slightly slimmer leg down the length of the inseam.  

Similar to the 559s, if you happen to be smaller throughout the thigh and seat these jeans will look overly large. 

With its larger leg opening, it’s the roomiest size the brand carries outside of its Big and Tall section. 

What’s great about Levi’s 559s and 569s is they offer a relaxed and comfortable fit without compromising style. 

Leg Opening: The Key Differentiator

Levis 569 jeans tapering

I’ve mentioned this a couple times now, but it bears calling out specifically: the main difference between Levi’s 559s and 569s is the width of their leg openings. 

559s have a width diameter of 18 inches, while 569s are half an inch larger coming in at 18.5 inches.

Although slight, an extra half an inch can go a long way in terms of comfort, style and fit. 

For example, the 559s have a slightly more tapered appearance in comparison to the 569s, making them ideal for a slightly smaller frame. 

The 569s, meanwhile, are squarely designed for comfort, functionality and movement, making them a great option for larger built guys. 

Generally speaking, both of these styles tend to work best for bigger guys. Otherwise, you’re probably better off going with Levi’s 505s or another style that leaves less room (and thus, has less excess fabric). 

Pant Rise 

Levis 559 jeans seat

Pant rise is important when considering a pair of jeans because it will give you a good indication how they will fit on your body. 

The rise of a particular style will vary slightly depending on your waist size, but no matter your size it’s always measured from the waist to the middle of the zip fly, otherwise known as the front rise or crotch area.  

Both the 559s and 569s are what’s called low-rise jeans, meaning they’re worn just below the waist for greater freedom and comfort throughout the area. 

Unlike regular or mid rise jeans, low rise jeans are not meant to fit directly around the waist. 

If you happen to be a guy with shorter legs and a longer torso, both the 559 and 569 styles of jeans will ultimately make you and your legs look even shorter. 

As a general rule, jeans that sit below the waist tend to flatter taller silhouettes, while jeans that are designed to be worn at the waistline will give the appearance of longer legs and a shorter torso. 

559 and 569 Color Options

Levi’s pretty much invented denim jeans back in 1853, but today one of the biggest advantages they offer over other name brands is a wide variety of different colors that go beyond the traditional blue jeans.

Though you wouldn’t know it from looking at their website. 

Limited on the Levi’s Website

Screenshot showing colors on Levis website
The color options on Levi’s site are quite limited

Both the 559s and 569s are currently available on the Levi’s website in limited colors: 

559s are currently available in four wash colors, ranging from medium to dark blue, while the 569s are currently available in colors ranging from light blue to black. 

But you can often find more color options at department stores and other online outlets that sell Levi’s.

Amazon’s Awash in Color

(Get it? Awash. I’ll show myself out…)

Screenshot showing colors on Amazon

As of this writing, Amazon currently carries both the 559s and 569s in other colors, style options and in various sizes.  

In terms of choosing the right color for your build, I would suggest sticking to a simple rule:

Darker colors most often complement a larger frame, while lighter colors work well on smaller ones.

This isn’t a universal law, of course, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when choosing the color that will best suit your body.

Keep in Mind: These Are Casual Jeans

Illustration of Levis 569 jeans

If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit, Levi’s 559s and 569s are a great option.

Both are casual and comfortable jeans that provide extra room throughout the thigh and seat. 

That makes them great for more rugged environments like the worksite or any place where you might wear cowboy boots. 

You can also get away with them in super casual settings, like weekend downtime. 

Great for the Job Site, Not for Date Night

But they’re not really the sort of jeans you’d wear in a business-casual setting, or on a first date

For that you probably want a new style with a more modern look. The Levi’s 513s or 514s offer an athletic fit, while still providing a more refined, slimmer look than jeans in the Relaxed Fit category. 

Or, depending on your body type, you might even try a pair of skinny jeans like the 511s.

(But be warned: they provide a tight fit that a lot of guys have trouble squeezing into.) 

Wrapping Up:

Similar Looks, Slightly Different Fits 

Levis 569 and 559 jeans side by side

In many respects, these jeans are very similar. 

Each has a relaxed fit, sits low on the waist, and is evenly tapered down the length of the inseam. Both are also extremely comfortable and roomy. 

Choosing between Levi’s 559s and 569s comes down to a couple of factors — proper sizing and personal preference. 

Even though the leg openings are relatively similar between the two pairs of jeans, correct sizing still must be taken into consideration.  

The difference may seem slight, but it will make a huge difference between finding the right pair of jeans and the wrong pair. 

Choose Your Pair:

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