The 10 Best Men’s Casual Boots to Wear with Jeans

Step up your denim game (pun very much intended)

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There are few pairings more rugged, cool and classically masculine than a well-cut pair of jeans and a well-made pair of boots.

Whether you’re pairing your boots-and-jeans combo with a button-down and a blazer or a field jacket and a sweater, there’s just something about the combination of denim and leather (or suede) that conveys a certain strength.

With the boots providing a sturdy foundation and the jeans giving off a classic sense of cool, this combo makes you feel like you can take on whatever the world throws at you—and throw it right back.

To help you find the best type to suit your personal style, below I’ll break down the most timeless, classic, and stylish men’s casual boots to wear with jeans, and recommend a few sharp selections that will help you stand out.

Elevate Your Everyday Wear:

The Best Mens Casual Boots for Jeans

Chukka Boots / Desert Boots

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

If the world of men’s boots were a jungle, chukkas might just be the apex predator.

Also known as desert boots, chukkas are ankle boots defined by their unique design, which includes just two-to-four pairs of eyelets and shorter laces than other boot styles. 

The unique, ankle-length silhouette is what makes them such versatile boots, and absolute musts for pairing with jeans. 

It strikes a great balance between casual and sophisticated, making you look well-dressed without looking too dressed up. 

Plus, chukkas tend to be comfy as hell, which aligns well with the relaxed nature of jeans, making them a practical choice for everyday wear. 

Nowadays you can find chukkas in a ton of different styles, including full-grain leather chukkas with a sharp toe shape that makes them look more like dress boots. 

(Daniel Craig’s James Bond wore a black chukka with a grey suit in the opening scene of Skyfall, and more than a decade later the look is still burned into my brain.) 

But with jeans your best bet is to stick with a rounded toe more reminiscent of the Clarks Original desert boot

Round toes tend to give shoes and boots a more casual and hard-working vibe, which pairs perfectly with denim’s working-class roots. 

Sharp Selections:

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Did you know…? 

Originally chukkas were actually a specific type of desert boots worn by British soldiers during the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War.

But they became so popular that nowadays the terms “chukka” and “desert boot” are used more or less interchangeably. 

Chelsea Boots

Man wearing grey jeans and brown Chelsea boots
[image: Martin Dingman]

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

The Chelsea is another ankle-high boot that’s a great option for pairing with jeans because it’s versatile, stylish, and easy—much like jeans themselves. 

Characterized by their elastic side panels and pull-on style, Chelseas give you a clean, streamlined, and smart casual look that nicely complements the adaptable nature of denim, and works well with a lot of different jeans (and jeans outfits). 

Plus, the absence of laces is key. 

You really can’t beat Chelseas for convenience, which is especially important for those of us who happen to be dads with small children.

Getting those little monsters your adorable kids dressed, packed, and out the door is f—ing hard, and squeezing in time to fuss with your laces is basically impossible. 

But Chelseas are the perfect boots for the job because they seamlessly straddle the line between style and convenience. 

They’re quicker and easier to throw on than other types of boots, but still give you a classic look that works just as well with casual jeans as it does with the kind of slim jeans that satisfy office dress codes.

Sharp Selections:

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After about 30, support becomes just as important as style.

That’s why we put together a list of the most comfortable men’s Chelseas that combine equal parts laceless convenience, cushioned support, and killer style.

Brogue Boots 

closeup of man wearing brown wingtip boots with blue jeans on a cobblestone street

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

We live in such a casual world nowadays that a lot of people consider brogues, also called wingtips, to be a dressier or more formal look

But in my opinion they’re some of the best boots for casual wear because they simultaneously add a touch of sophistication and ruggedness to your look, making them perfect for wearing with jeans.   

Characterized by their distinctive perforated patterns and decorative detailing, Brogues were originally worn by British huntsmen (the perforations were intended to let water seep out of the boot, rather than pool inside it).  

Back then they were considered hard-working sport boots. 

But nowadays pretty much any pair of dark brown leather boots looks inherently dressier, making brogues an easy way to add a touch of classic elegance and visual interest to the simplicity of jeans. 

And like many of the other boots on this list, brogues are pretty versatile. 

They come in a wide range of styles and colors, such as tan, brown, and black, so it’s easy to find a pair that works with everything from slim cut black jeans to light blue straight-leg jeans. 

Sharp Selections:

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds wingtips
(Higher-Priced, But Higher Quality)

Bruno Marc

Black brogue boots made by Bruno Marc
(Cheap But Handsome Option)

Cap Toe Boots

Close up of man wearing dark brown cap toe boots with blue jeans
[image: Thursday Boots]

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

As their name (very much) implies, cap toes are boots that have an extra piece of leather or suede, called (you guessed it) a cap, over the top of the toe box, adding an eye-catching bit of distinction that helps give shoes and boots a sleek look.

According to the Italian dress shoes brand Ace Marks, cap toes can date their origin to “the late 19th century, where they were first worn by men as a more formal and elegant alternative to the standard work boot.”  

Much like the three styles mentioned below, cap toes are what I call a crossover boot type, because you can find a cap toe version of almost all the other boot styles on this list. 

I like a good plain toe boot as much as the next guy, but in my opinion opting for a cap-toed version of a casual chukka, Chelsea or combat boot is always a good idea, because it helps elevate your look without looking too “dressy.” 

Throw on a cap-toe with a classic combo – think plain t-shirts and black skinny jeans, or blue slim-fit jeans and a button-up shirt – and you instantly add a stylish detail that helps you stand out in casual situations. 

Sharp Selections:

Suede Boots

Man wearing tan suede boots with jeans on cobbled street

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Another crossover boot type (you can find a lot of different boot styles in suede), suede is an ideal choice for wearing with your favorite pair of jeans.  

It’s got a softer look and texture than leather, which gives it both a touch of luxury and a little more visual interest than leather. 

As a result, it provides a great contrast to the more rugged, textured feel of denim, which is why the suede boots and jeans combo works so well. 

The other nice thing about suede is that it’s available in a wide variety of colors, giving you more style options than standard black or brown boots. 

In addition to classic brown and black boots, you can find everything from tan and grey to more daring shades like navy or green, making suede the best option if you favor a more colorful, modern look. 

Sharp Selections:

The Recommendation:

Combine & Conquer  

Suede cap toe boots from Amberjack

Suede + Cap Toe =
Holy Crap-Toe, that’s a handsome boot

I recently combined the two styles above when I got a pair of Amberjack’s cap-toe boots in their “copper” suede color, and so far I’m loving ’em. 

They’ve got a great rubber sole that provides plenty of cushion, but to me the big win here is the style. 

Pairing two crossover boot types – in this case, a cap toe and suede – is a great way to help your casual boots stand out from the (often quite homogenous) crowd.

Pairing these boots with dark slim-cut jeans and a hearty shawl collar sweater is one of my favorite boots and jeans combos, and a damn-near perfect casual outfit for the fall and early winter season.  

Sneaker / Hybrid Boots

Brown leather hybrid boots
[image: Marc Nolan]

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Unquestionably the newest style on this list, hybrids are the right boots if you’re going for a sporty but stylish look. 

As their name implies, hybrid boots are basically half boot and half sneaker. 

The upper (aka the top of the boot) looks like a regular ankle boot, but the bottom half (the insole and outsole) provide all the comfort, support and style of a good pair of running shoes.  

They’re a popular choice among athletes who want their casual clothes to have the same level of comfort as their gym gear, and another solid option for dads. 

My personal preference is to pair them with an untucked button-down shirt and stretchy jeans, which looks like a pretty normal casual getup, but also allows me to break into an all-out sprint at a moment’s notice when my son chases a ball into the street. 

(Have you ever tried racing a two-year-old in lug-soled oxford boots? It’s embarrassing. But speaking of lug soles…) 

Sharp Selections:

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Lug Sole Boots

Man wearing lug tread boots walking up stairs
[image: Nisolo]

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Lug soles are those thick, rubber soles with deep indentations, or “lugs.” 

They provide both traction and stability, particularly on muddy, icy, and slippery terrain, which is why you often see them on work boots and other hard-working, purpose-specific footwear. 

Lugs tend to go great with jeans because they stem from a similarly casual and hard-working tradition. 

They’re another crossover boot type, because nowadays a lot of boot-makers use them on other styles of boots and shoes. 

That’s partly out of practicality, because they really do make it easier to walk on slippery terrain, and partly for style, because they can make your boots (and thus, you) look more rugged. 

Sharp Selections:

Work Boots

(Specifically Moc Toe Boots)
Man wearing brown moc toe work boots on city street

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Jeans were originally designed as work pants for miners, so in a lot of ways, work boots are actually the perfect pair of boots to wear with them. 

But nowadays work boots tend to come in two varieties, and while they’re both super casual, only one of them looks good when you’re off duty. 

The first variety is what I think of as “real” work boots—the kind actually worn on job sites, which tend to have a steel or composite toe and other safety features that make them really heavy. 

These sometimes have a moc toe, but more often have a fairly bulbous round toe, which may provide plenty of safety, but also makes them look bulky and not particularly stylish:

Nortiv8 steel toe boots in brown
“Real” work boots like this provide plenty of protection, but not much style
[image: Nortiv8]

The other variety is what you might call “fashion” work boots (although I’m sure the companies that make them would hate to hear you say that). 

These are the ones that have a lot of the same rugged design elements as real work boots, like a thick sole and moc toe, but none of the heavy-duty safety features that tend to weigh them down. 

Would they be safe to wear on a construction site? Probably not. 

But do they pair well with dark jeans, provide plenty of comfort, and make office-dwelling knowledge workers feel like rugged lumberjacks?

You bet your soft, chair-coddled ass. 

Sharp Selections:

 Military / Combat Boots

Close up on feet of woman wearing sandsals and man wearing combat boots

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Whereas chukkas were inspired by the desert boots worn by British soldiers in World War II, combat boots resemble the footwear worn by American soldiers. 

Even if you’re not familiar with their origins, combat boots have a hearty, masculine look that immediately evokes toughness and resilience, making them perfect for pairing with hard-working denim.

Whereas chukkas, Chelseas and brogues all tend to work better with the kind of slimmer jeans men wear to the office nowadays, combat boots can work with a number of different cuts. 

You can dress them up by wearing them with skinnier or slimmer options, but they also work just as well with straight-leg or even boot-cut jeans. 

Pair black combat boots with a black leather jacket and a slim pair of black jeans for a bad-ass monochromatic look, or opt for brown boots and wear them with a cable-knit sweater and straight-leg dark blue jeans for a look that’s rugged and timeless, but also comfortable. 

Sharp Selections:

Cowboy Boots 

man wearing jeans and cowboy boots
[Image: Phinehas Adams / Unsplash]

Why They’re Great with Jeans:

Cowboy boots are also rugged and timeless, but a lot more regionally specific. 

Pulling off cowboy boots is tricky if you’re not in – or at least from – the American West or the Canadian prairies. 

For coast-dwelling office workers like me they’re unfortunately not a realistic option, no matter how many Yellowstone spin-offs I watch. 

(Give me a second season of 1923 or I will drive to Paramount’s offices and burn them to the ground.) 

But if you happen to hail from the right part of the continent, cowboy boots and jeans are a classic, masculine, and absolutely killer pairing. 

Like both work boots and combat boots, cowboy boots have a durable, workman-like heritage that gives them an inherently rugged and masculine vibe that never goes out of style. 

But they also have a distinctive design that features a high shaft, pointed toe, and often intricate detailing, which both sets them apart and nicely contrasts the simplicity and commonality of jeans. 

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