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15 Unmistakable Traits of Confident People

There are 15 unmistakable traits of confident people that clearly signify strength, conviction and power. The one trait that best conveys confidence is...

How to Grow From a Shy, Quiet, Self-Doubting Guy into a Strong, Charming, Self-Confident Man

Discover a step-by-step guide for building self-confidence – and go from unsure of yourself to unstoppable – by learning how to...

19 Eye-Opening Social Media and Self Esteem Statistics Guys Need to Know

Here are 19 eye-opening social media and self esteem statistics from a survey of nearly 1,500 people. Interestingly, most young people reported...

Self Esteem Versus Self Confidence: What’s the Difference?

If you want to understand the difference between self esteem versus self confidence, the most important thing to remember is that self confidence is...

How to Become a More Confident Man

This is a comprehensive strategy any guy wondering how to become a more confident man can use to strengthen his self esteem and empower himself to...

How to Feel Confident All the Time: Write a Personal Mission Statement

If you want to know how to feel more confident all the time there are a number of things you can do, but the most important place to start is by…

31 Powerful Signs of a Confident Man

There are (at least!) 31 signs of a confident man that project strength, conviction and self-assurance. The first and most fundamental of these is...

Why You Feel Like You Don’t Belong – And What to Do About It

Why do I feel like I don't belong? It's a question we've all found ourselves asking at one time or another, and the reason is simple: it's because...

7 Self-Confidence Tips for Men—and 7 Myths to Stop Believing

There are 7 crucial confidence tips for men to remember if they want to strengthen their self esteem, the first and most important of which is...

Want to Boost Your Willpower? Ask Yourself This Simple Question

Want to know how to improve willpower and substantially increase your odds of achieving your goals? The one question you need to ask is...

Answering Some Common Questions About Self-Confidence

To help you make yourself esteemed, I've rounded up answers to some of the most common questions guys tend to have about self-confidence.

99 Motivating Self-Confidence Quotes for Men that Will Inspire You to Get Off Your Ass and Be a Better Man

Sometimes we need a few words of wisdom. Read these 99 self-confidence quotes for men and you'll want to get up off your ass and take action immediately.

Quick Hit: How to Get (a Little) Smarter Everyday

Use this tip from Jeff Olson's book "The Slight Edge" to become a better informed and more knowledgeable man.

Helpful Hack: Write (That Sh)It Down – Build Confidence By Journaling

Learn how to become more mindful, better able to put things in perspective and more confident in your ability to achieve – in just five minutes per day.

Helpful Hack: How to Talk to Yourself in a Non-Crazy Way (Yes, there’s a Non-Crazy Way)

At first this may feel silly, intimidating or just sound like bullshit, but psychology suggests that it's exactly the kind of thinking that can super-charge your self-confidence.

Quick Hit: Stand Strong to Shape Your Mind

Standing tall can actually make you stronger, according to social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy.

How to Get over Gymtimidation, Even if You’re Scared to Go to the Gym

Terrified of guys named Jim? This will not help you at all. Terrified of places called “the gym”? I got you covered.

Quick Hit: An Introduction to Meditation

As someone prone to over-thinking and anxiety, I find meditation particularly helpful for slowing me down and making me feel more calm, cool and collected.

Look Good, Feel Good: How Dressing Affects Your Attitude and Confidence

The clothes don't make the man, but they can sure as hell make him feel better about himself. Find out how your style can strengthen your self-confidence.

Negative Thoughts Not Your Fault, Your Brain is Just an Asshole, says Science

According to science, the reason why negative thoughts come in mind so easily has little to do with you. It turns out your brain is just kind of an asshole.

How Superheroes Lie to You About Building Self-Confidence

Few influences affected my conception of personal development and self-confidence as profoundly as a fictional alien who wears his underwear on the outside of his spandex.

Why You (Think You) Want to be Extroverted

What is the extrovert ideal? Why do introverts often feel insecure? And what does any of this have to do with Van Wilder, Gandhi, and Snooki? Find out!

Being The Man in the Arena

What a middle-aged mom from Texas taught me about being a man. (It's not what you think.)

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