Tag: Dating Advice

How to Find a Girlfriend

The first – and by far the most important – thing that any guy wondering how to find a girlfriend needs to know is that women are just like...

14 of the Best Dating Books for Guys

These are the 14 best dating books for guys who want to stop doubting and start dating. The best dating books for men are the ones that teach you...

Awesome Profile Pictures for Guys: 5 Proven Ways to Make Your Shots Stand Out

There are 5 keys to creating the most awesome profile pictures for guys. The one thing that makes dating profile pictures for guys most effective is...

9 Fundamental First Date Tips for Guys I Wish Someone Had Told Me

These are the 9 most fundamental first date tips for guys who want to make a strong first impression. The most important thing to remember is...

How to Talk to Attractive Women: 3 Simple Steps to Converse with Confidence

Good news guys: it doesn't HAVE to be terrifying. If you want to know how to talk to attractive women, the first and most important thing you need to...

Kick Cupid to the Curb: 5 Things Single Guys Can Do on Valentine’s Day

Don't let f@¢&ing Hallmark win! Valentine's Day for single men doesn't have to be miserable. The first and most effective way to survive the day is to...

Does Ghosting Someone Make You a Jerk?

The short answer is "not always!" But the long answer is "yep, pretty much." Read this to discover the difference between the two.

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