The Best 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 

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I t’s that time of year again. The holiday season is rapidly approaching and you need to start thinking about what to give the man in your life. 

And as if gift giving isn’t stressful enough, you’ve decided this is the perfect year to start a new tradition: The 12 days of Christmas.

So that means that starting on December 13th, you’re committed to giving your man a different gift every day based on the 12 Days of Christmas song.

(That’s the one with the partridge in the pear tree).

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck was I thinking?” or “Where the heck am I going to get turtle doves?” but don’t worry, because we’ve rounded up a list of unique gift ideas for the occasion. 

And because you don’t want to break the bank, they’re all inexpensive gifts under $30.  

(Seriously, who can afford five gold rings in this economy?!) 

So without further ado, here are some of the very best gift ideas for men that fit your Christmas carol theme — on a budget even Scrooge would approve of. 

The (Absolute) Best 12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Men

Rounding up the best small gifts for guys based on the classic holiday song

First Day of Christmas

Workout Journal

Workout journal

Help your true love hit his fitness goals with a daily workout journal. 

It lets him track his sets, reps, measurements, and more, so he can smash PBs and make serious gains. 

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Silicone Drink Holder

Silicone drink holder

A beer in the shower? Sure, why not.

But that’s not his only option. This silicone can holder can adhere to any flat, shiny surface, like on the boat, in the workshop, or in the kitchen. 

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Football Cutting Board

Football cutting board

If your best friend or boyfriend is an NFL fan, he’ll love serving snacks or chopping veggies for the chili on his new pigskin shaped cutting board. 

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Beard King Beard Bib

Beard bib

Beard hairs all over the bathroom counter will be a thing of the past thanks to this ingenious beard bib.

It catches all the hair as it falls for fast and easy clean up. 

(So really, it’s a gift for you, too.) 

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Second Day of Christmas

Perfect Push-Up Handles

Push-up handles

These push-up handles make great Christmas presents for any guy who likes to workout at home or on the go.

The rotating handles engage more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and core, while the ergonomic design makes them safe for users of all fitness levels.

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Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized cufflinks

Good news: You don’t need to spend a fortune at the jewelry store in order to give him a special gift. 

This pair of cufflinks, customized with his initial, is a personal and thoughtful gift, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

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 Beard Wash & Conditioner

Beard wash & conditioner

A well-maintained beard is a sexy beard, so help him keep his soft and shiny with this travel-sized beard wash and conditioner duo from Viking Revolution. 

They’re made with all-natural, hydrating ingredients like jojoba and argan oil to keep his facial hair manageable and touchably soft. 

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Is your loved one a bibliophile? Then a set of stylish bookends will make a great little gift for his home office or personal book collection. 

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Third Day of Christmas 

Lip Balm

Lip balm

Let’s face it: No one likes the look or feel of chapped lips. 

Luckily, Manscaped made a lip balm formula specifically for men, with soothing vitamin E and eucalyptus oil — and a matte finish so there’s no shine or gloss. 

Plus, it conveniently comes in a three pack! 

(Beats the hell out of three French hens.)

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Bulldog Skincare Trio

Bulldog skincare

Help him take care of his skin while on the go with this travel set of skincare products from Bulldog. 

They’re infused with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to safely cleanse and hydrate skin, so they’re ideal for daily use on normal skin types. 

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Golf Towels

golf towels

This three-pack of microfiber golf towels are a great idea for an avid golfer. 

They’re super absorbent, making them ideal for cleaning golf balls and clubs, plus each one comes with a carabiner for attaching to his bag. 

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Scented Candles

Scented candles

Scented candles are typically deemed a gift for a woman, but this trio of masculine-scented candles is a great choice for a man. 

They’re made with non-toxic premium soy and have a crackling wooden wick, creating a safe and cozy atmosphere perfect for colder months. 

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Fourth Day of Christmas

Cocktail Garnish Branches

Cocktail garnish branches

Now he can make a Bloody Mary at home just like his favorite restaurant, with plenty of unique and tasty garnishes. 

This set of four, heavy duty stainless steel cocktail sticks are shaped like branches so he can pile on the pickles and pepperoni like a pro. 

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Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs

Because a guy can never have too many pairs of underwear, this four-pack of boxer briefs is a good gift for your husband or boyfriend.

They’re 95% cotton so they’re incredibly comfortable, breathable, and machine-washable.

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Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flaslights

 A bright idea for a male family member who’s handy, this set of four, LED tactical flashlights will literally light him up. 

They’re pocket sized and waterproof, deal for keeping on hand for small jobs, camping, emergencies, and power outages. 

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Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Crystal whiskey glasses

This set of four crystal glasses makes a great gift for any whiskey or bourbon drinker. 

Made from lead-free crystal and designed with a wide body to accommodate ice or whiskey stones, they’re a special gift he’ll look forward to using. 

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Fifth Day of Christmas

Patterned Dress Socks

Patterned dress socks

Replace his old, hole-filled socks with these high-quality patterned ones that won’t be an eyesore. 

Choose from a variety of different colors and patterns to find the perfect set to match his style. 

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Barbecue Seasonings

Barbecue seasonings

Whether he’s a master of the grill or loves experimenting with new flavors, this gift set of organic spices is sure to be a hit. 

And with over ten thousand 5-star reviews on Amazon, you don’t have to take our word for it. 

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Cologne Sampler Set

Cologne sampler set

If he’s the type who changes cologne like he does socks, this cologne sampler set is a great gift idea. 

It comes with five different designer fragrances so he can try them out before committing to the full-sized bottle.

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Pocket Squares

Pocket squares

For the man who wears a suit everyday or attends a lot of functions, you can’t go wrong with a set of silk pocket squares. 

They’re handmade, available in a wide range of patterns and colors, and with five to a set, there’s one for each day of the work week. 

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Sixth Day of Christmas

Pocket Lighters

Pocket lighters

Why is it that a guy never has a lighter when he needs one? 

But with a pack of NFL-themed pocket lighters, we don’t think that will be a problem anymore. 

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Assorted Snacking Nuts

Assorted snacking nuts

Take his snacking to the next level with a set of Damn Man nuts, complete with six unique varieties and flavors. 

Ideal for entertaining, game time, or just getting over the midday slump, he can keep them on hand for whenever hunger hits. 

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Funky Coasters


A music lover will appreciate this unique set of coasters designed to look like vintage vinyl records. 

Perfect for gatherings with friends, they’ll protect your tabletops while doubling as excellent conversation starters. 

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Pack of T-Shirts

Pack of T-shirts

Every man needs a collection of reliable, go-to T-shirts that are both versatile and comfy. 

These cotton crewnecks from Fruit of the Loom are breathable, moisture wicking, and a the perfect fit for wearing on their own or as a basic undershirt. 

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Seventh Day of Christmas

7-in-1 Wooden Board Game Set

Board game set

If he can’t resist a little friendly competition, then this 7-in-1 classic wooden board game set is the perfect gift.

From backgammon and chess to checkers and dominoes, this gift has everything he needs for an epic game night. 

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Ratchet Wrench Set

Wrench set

Whether he’s Mr. Fix-It or an amateur DIYer, this seven-piece wrench set will be a welcomed addition to his tool chest. 

It even comes with a storage bag as an added bonus. 

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Luggage Organizers

Luggage organizers

If he’s all about organized travel, these luggage organizers will become his new favorite things. 

This seven-piece set comes with packing cubes, shoe bag, laundry bag and more for keeping his personal items clean and protected. 

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Shaving Set

Shaving set

Help him keep his grooming game on point with classic straight edge-razor shaving kit. 

Containing seven shaving essentials, like pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and applicator brush, it has everything he needs for a barbershop-grade shave. 

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Eighth Day of Christmas

Mini Natural Soaps

Natural soaps

Men’s skin may be a bit thicker and tougher than a woman’s, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the best. 

This set of eight handmade soaps contains pure essential oils and natural ingredients for the ultimate sudsy experience. 

Plus, each bar is just one ounce so they’re ideal for travel. 

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Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars

A recipient with a sweet tooth will love receiving not one, but eight decadent Ferrero Roche chocolate bars. 

Filled with Ferroro’s famous creamy milk chocolate and hazelnuts, this gift isn’t likely to last until Christmas Day. 

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Beer Can Sleeves

beer can sleeves

His beer will never get cold again, and neither will his friends’. 

With this set of eight funny beer can sleeves, he’ll have one for each of his buddies when they come over for the guys’ night. 

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Ninth Day of Christmas 

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones

Elevate his whiskey drinking experience by replacing his ice with whiskey stones. 

He can keep this set of nine natural soapstone chilling stones in the freezer so they’re ready to keep his drink cold without watering it down. 

(What? Were you expecting nine ladies dancing?) 

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9-in-1 Multitool Pen

Multitool pen

For the guy who’s constantly working on odd jobs around the house, this multifunctional pen is like nine gifts in one! 

With nine uses, including a ruler, screwdriver, LED flashlight, and even a cell phone stand, it’s a great way to always be prepared. 

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Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Hot cocoa

If he turns into a hot cocoa addict around the Christmas season, support his habit with a gift set featuring nine decadent flavor options. 

It boasts unique flavors like toasted marshmallow, snickerdoodle, and chocolate cherry, so there’s something for every type of craving. 

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Tenth Day of Christmas

Hot Sauce Gift Set

Hot sauce gift set

The 10th day of Christmas gift can be a tricky one  — but never fear, because this set of hot sauce is here! 

With flavors like bacon cayenne and pineapple mango ghost pepper, your hot sauce connoisseur will be excited to crack open these mini bottles and start experimenting.

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Fishing Lures

Fishing lures

When it comes to inexpensive gift ideas that are also practical, fishing lures are an excellent choice.

This kit contains 10 brightly colored lures suitable for fishing bass, trout, salmon, pike and more, and comes with its own tackle box. 

All for under $9! 

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Wild Game Meat Snacks

Beef jerky sticks

Take his taste buds on an exotic journey with this variety pack of meat snacks made from wild game.

Whether he’s trying to up his protein intake or just loves to snack, it’s a fun way for him to try new things.

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Eleventh Day of Christmas

Mini Liquor Bottles

mini liquor bottles

By now this gift giving is getting pretty challenging, but here’s a cheap and simple idea: 

Purchase a set of empty liquor bottles (there’s actually 12 in a pack) and fill eleven of them with his favorite booze. 

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Bar Tool Set

Bar tool set

Speaking of booze… 

If he likes playing at-home bartender, encourage his inner mixologist with an 11-piece bar tool set, complete with shaker, strainer, muddler, and more. 

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Nail Care Kit

Nail care kit

These days, more and more men are putting an effort into personal grooming, and that includes  nails.

This 11-piece nail kit comes with everything he needs to keep his finger and toenails smooth, clean, and healthy, all in a handy travel case.  

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Twelfth Day of Christmas

Golf Balls

Golf balls

If you’ve made it to the 12th day of Christmas, Hallelujah! The big day is finally here. 

And if your recipient is a golf enthusiast, then this gift is a no-brainer. 

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A 12-Pack of Beer


For beer lovers, a fresh 12-pack under the Christmas tree is always a nice surprise. 

Wrap up his favorite brand or make up your own mixed pack with brews from local breweries. 

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Soda Candy Canes

Soda candy canes

Nothing says “merry Christmas” like the minty freshness of candy canes.

But if he’s not into peppermint, these soda pop flavored ones are a tasty alternative. 

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