The 65 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Men

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‘T is the season where, between gulps of eggnog and debates over the best Christmas movie (it’s Die Hard, obviously), you find yourself gathered around the tree for the dreaded holiday tradition: the Secret Santa exchange. 

You know the drill —  you reach into a hat, randomly draw a name, then start to panic as you realize you’ve got to impress some guy you barely know with a great gift.

Secret Santa gift swaps can be a blast, but they also come with a lot of pressure, especially when there’s a spending limit.

No one wants to be the one who cheaps out and get something sh*tty from the dollar store, or the one who exceeds the limit in a desperate attempt to impress everyone (or, to be more specific, impress your allurlingly disinterested intern).

Well fear not, because whether you’re aiming for a gift that says “I’ve put a lot of thought into this because I’m secretly in love with you” or just trying not to be remembered as the dude who gave socks again, there’s good news: 

We’ve curated a list of the best Secret Santa gifts for men that they’ll actually love, so you won’t end up hiding behind the Christmas tree in shame.

And if you’re anxious about the spending limit, we’ve got you covered with practical, trendy, and funny present ideas for every budget.  

From hilarious to heartfelt, this list of the best gift ideas will make you a legend of holiday gift exchanges. 

So, let’s raise a glass to you becoming one of the best gift-givers in the friend group (and hopefully not drawing Dave’s name again next time). 

The (Absolute) Best Secret Santa Gift Exchange Ideas

Rounding Up the Best Gifts of the Holiday Season for Men Who Have Everything

The Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for $25 or Less

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones

Serious whiskey drinkers know it’s criminal to dilute a good quality whiskey with ice. 

Made from natural soapstone, whiskey stones chill the drink without watering it down, preserving the aroma and flavors. 

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Golf Ball Ice Cube Mold

Golf ball ice cube  mold

Double bogeys will feel a little less painful when he’s sipping a post-game drink with golf ball- shaped ice cubes. 

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Multi-Tool Pen

Multi-tool pen

Odd jobs around the house are a lot easier with this 9-in-1 multitool that includes a pen, ruler, screwdriver, level, flashlight, and more. 

It’s the perfect present for the handyman and DIYer. 

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Cocktail Garnish Branches

cocktail garnish branches

Bloody mary lovers can get creative with garnish combinations thanks to these cool branch-shaped cocktail sticks. 

(These make great stocking stuffers, too!)  

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Hot Sauce Gift Set

Hot sauce

For the guy who’s dying to be a guest on Hot Ones, this set of 10 gourmet hot sauces is the perfect gift. 

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“Okayest Employee” Coffee Mug

novelty mug

There’s a time and place for gag gifts, and if this is one of those times, then an insulting novelty mug is a great choice.

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Workout Journal 

Workout journal

Help him smash his fitness goals in the new year with this workout journal for recording sets and reps and tracking progress. 

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Book of Dad Jokes

book of dad jokes

If there’s a man on this earth that doesn’t love telling a good dad joke, we haven’t met him. 

And with this book of groan-worthy, punny jokes, he’ll always be ready when you need a good laugh.

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Shower Drink Holder

shoer drink holder

The only thing better than a hot shower is… a hot shower with a cold beer?

Whether or not that’s true, this silicone shower drink holder will be perfect for the guy who likes to start the party early.

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Football Cutting Board

Football cutting board

If your gift recipient is an NFL fan, he’ll love this bamboo cutting board for prepping and serving game day snacks. 

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Beard King Beard Bib

Beard bib

Whether he’s your coworker or your best friend, he’ll love this handy grooming accessory. 

The genius tarp design attaches to the mirror to catch falling hair, making shaving clean up a breeze. 

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Shockproof Airpod 3 Case

Airpod case

Protect his fancy new Airpods from moisture, scratches, and dents with this military-grade shockproof case. 

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Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters

Coasters don’t have to be a lame affordable gift; just make sure they’re stylish and high-quality like this handcrafted wooden set with decorative resin. 

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Jack Black Gift Set

Jack Black gift set

From the highly regarded men’s skincare brand Jack Black, this gift set contains everything he needs for healthy skin including a face scrub, hydrating lotion, and lip balm.

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Car Essential Oil Diffuser 


Finally, he can get rid of the wet-dog smell from his car interior and replace it with the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils. 

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Cook Like a Man Cookbook


Whether he’s a newly single bachelor or just a guy trying to learn to cook, this recipe book will be a godsend. 

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Perfect PushUp Handles

Push-up handles

Whether he’s a fitness buff or just starting to work out, these rotating push-up handles are a great gift. 

The ergonomic design reduces joint strain while engaging more muscles in the chest, arms, back, and core. 

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Le Creuset Coffee Mug

Le Creuset coffee mug

Coffee mugs make great Secret Santa presents, especially if you don’t know your recipient very well. 

But don’t give him just any coffee mug! 

Le Creuset is one of the most reputable and sought-after stoneware brands on the market, so he’s sure to be impressed when he opens his gift to find this high-quality mug. 

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Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

For the guy who appreciates the classics, he’ll love this funky bluetooth speaker that combines modern technology with old fashioned style. 

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Extremus Waterproof Lighter

Waterproof lighter

Windproof and waterproof, this rechargeable tactical lighter is a great Secret Santa gift for an outdoorsy guy or camping enthusiast. 

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for $50 or Less

Couch Arm Coaster

Arm chair coaster

Couch surfing just got better (and more stylish) thanks to this functional tray, with compartments for his drink, remotes, and cell phone. 

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Pizza Box Socks

Pizza socks

Funny Secret Santa gifts can still be functional, which is why we love this set of pizza-topping socks, presented in an actual pizza box.

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Moshi Touch-Screen Compatible Gloves

Touch-screen gloves

Gloves always make good gift ideas in the winter, and these texting gloves that allow him to use his phone while wearing them are next level.

Made of warm knit materials, they also feature a GripTrak pattern for improved grip (i.e: they’re safe for butterfingers). 

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Trivia Pursuit Decades 2010-2020

Trivia Pursuit

If he likes party games (and who doesn’t?), this updated version of the classic trivia game will test his pop culture knowledge from the last decade. 

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Travel Shoe Polish Kit

Shoe polish kit

For the guy with a keen eye for dress shoes, this shoe polish kit is perfect for business trips or travel.

It includes everything he needs to clean and polish on the go, from horsehair brushes and a suede cleaner, to sponge applicator and buffing cloths.

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Leather Toiletry Bag

Leather dopp kit

When you’re stumped for a gift for a guy, a genuine leather toiletry bag is always a great option. 

Soft, supple, and featuring a bottom compartment for additional storage, this masculine bag is ideal for travel and storing bathroom accessories.

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CraveBox Snack Gift Box 

gourmet snacks

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and with this jam-packed snack box, he’ll love you forever. 

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Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer glasses

Did you know the shape of the glass can change the taste of the beer? 

If your Secret Santa recipient is a craft beer lover, he’ll enjoy sampling different brews from these glasses, specifically designed to enhance the flavor of IPAs, wheat beers, and stouts. 

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Wireless Weather Station 

Wireless weather station

This wireless weather station is a great gift for a man with a cottage, boat, or just a keen interest in the daily weather. 

It monitors indoor and outdoor conditions like temperature, humidity, and forecast, and includes a digital clock and calendar.

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Gaming Headset

Gaming headset

If he’s a gamer, you can’t go wrong with this wireless gaming headset, complete with noise canceling microphone and top-quality surround sound. 

Plus, it’s compatible with most consoles, including PC, PS4, Xbox, and laptops. 

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Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail smoker

Budding mixologists and at-home bartenders will get a kick out of this cocktail smoker, ideal for adding drama and smokey flavor to classic drinks. 

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwich maker

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the perfect gift for the guy who’s always bringing McMuffins to work in the morning. 

Convenient and easy to clean, it cooks the eggs, meat, cheese, and toast all at once and in just five minutes. 

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Pour-Over Coffee Carafe

pour-over carafe

Your coffee loving coworker or family member will swoon over this pour over coffee maker. 

Since pour over allows for more flavor control than a drip machine, he can brew the perfect morning coffee, exactly how he likes it. 

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth shower speaker

A waterproof bluetooth speaker is a fun and practical gift for a guy who likes to multitask. 

It pairs with his phone so he can use voice control to play music, listen to podcasts, and even take calls. 

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Electric wine opener

Few things are as obnoxious as having a cork break in a wine bottle when you’re trying to open it. 

This nifty electric corkscrew instantly solves that problem, while also being rechargeable and stylish as hell.

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Desk Lamp with Charging Station

Lamp with charging station

A great idea for an office Secret Santa party, this foldable desk lamp has a built-in digital clock as well as a smartphone charging station. 

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Table Top Fire Pit

portable fire pit

Move over candlelight, this portable mini fire pit is the gift of the festive season. 

Portable and safe, it delivers the ambient glow of a fire to small spaces, balconies, and picnics. 

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Compression Travel Bags

Compression travel bags

If you’re looking for a good Secret Santa gift for a frequent flier, this set of collapsible bags is just the ticket. 

This six-piece set of ultralight cubes compresses clothes by 50% — they’ll wonder how they ever traveled without them. 

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Yeti Insulated Tumbler


The brand that everyone has turned to for keeping their coffee hot and their drinks cold, Yeti makes a ton of great gift ideas and at a variety of price points. 

The 30 oz black tumbler is extremely popular, so you can’t go wrong with this one. 

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Viking Revolution Shaving Kit

Grooming Set

As far as we know, pretty much every guy has to shave. 

Why not make the process more enjoyable with a luxury shaving kit, complete with safety razor, pre-shave oil, soap, and more? 

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Retro Mini Fridge

Retro mini fridge

Whether he’s going to a party or likes to keep cold sodas at his office desk or dorm room, this portable retro mini fridge is the cutest way to chill a six pack. 

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Triumph Sports Bag Toss Yard Game

bean bag toss

Bean bag toss has had a huge comeback in recent years, so help him get in on the action with his own set. 

The best part is it doubles as a washer toss board, so it’s actually two games in one. 

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Frozen Pint Glasses

Frozen beer  glasses

If your Secret Santa giftee is a beer drinker, he’ll make good use of these insulated freezer pint glasses. 

Warm beer will never be a problem again. 

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Golf Bag Beer Sleeve

Beer sleeve

Speaking of cold beer, it can be tough to keep suds cold when he’s on the course. 

This 7-can beer sleeve fits discreetly into his golf bag and will keep beers cold for all 18 holes. 

(Not that they’ll last that long.) 

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Ring Toss Drinking Game

Drinking game

This viral party game is a fun gift idea for a guy who likes to party. 

It’s a great way to get the party started — or keep it going. 

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for $75 or Less

Electric Salt & Pepper Mills 

Electric salt & pepper mills

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a guy who likes to entertain, look no further than this elegant salt and pepper grinder set. 

It’s an easy way to add flavor one-handed while cooking up a feast. 

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Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are on everyone’s list of gifts this year, and with good reason: 

Not only are they soft, but they also add gentle pressure to reduce anxiety, promote calm, and provide a better sleep. 

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Noise Canceling Headphones


Reducing up to 90% of ambient noise, these wireless noise-canceling headphones are ideal for blocking out distractions when he’s working or traveling. 

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Whiskey Infusion Kit

Whiskey infusion kit

A great gift for whiskey lovers who want to experiment with new flavors, this whiskey infusion kit  lets him create his own unique blends. 

The kit includes a glass bottle, a funnel, and a variety of natural ingredients to infuse whiskey with, like dried fruit and spices. 

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Range Finder

Range finder

A cool gift for golf amateurs and experts alike, this rechargeable rangefinder can help shave a few strokes off his game. 

It offers high-precision distance measurements up to 1000 yards, slope compensation, and flag pole locking vibration function.

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Betty Crocker Countertop Pizza maker 

Pizza maker

Help him save a few bucks on delivery by gifting him this compact and easy-to-use appliance that allows him to make delicious homemade pizzas right on his countertop. 

It even comes with a pizza cutter and recipes, making it a complete gift package for pizza lovers.

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Barbecue Tool Set 

BBQ Tools

The ideal gift for a master of the flames, this high-quality BBQ grill set is something he’ll use and enjoy all summer long. 

Complete with all the best things for a killer cookout, he’ll be king of backyard gatherings. 

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Electric Fondue Pot

Electric fondue pot

A modern twist on a retro appliance, this electric fondue set is a fun idea for date nights and entertaining a group of friends.

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Practice Putting Mat with Ball Return

practice putting mat

The perfect Secret Santa gift for your office buddy, a practice putting mat is a great way to bond during lunch breaks or practice for the company tournament. 

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for $100 or Less

Star Wars Cufflinks

Star Wars cufflinks

Sure, you could go with regular boring cufflinks; but we think this Star Wars set featuring a blueprint of the Millennium Falcon are much cooler. 

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Hawthorne Fragrance Gift Set

Hawthorne gift set

Treat your favorite guy to a bit of pampering, with this curated set from Hawthorne. 

It features a bottle of their smoky and woody fragrance, plus a hand cream and scented candle. 

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Manscaped Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer

A great gift for men who want to keep their facial hair looking sharp, this  premium beard trimmer that features a titanium-coated stainless steel T-blade and 20 different length settings.

It’s also waterproof, making  it safe and easy to clean and maintain. 

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Golf Practice Net

Chipping practice net

If golf is one of his new hobbies, help him improve his short game at home with a chipping and pitching practice net. 

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Ring Doorbell Camera

Ring Doorbell camera

With advanced motion detection technology that alerts when someone is at the door, even if they don’t ring the doorbell, the Ring Doorbell Camera is a practical gift he’s sure to appreciate. 

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Leatherman Multi-Tool

Leatherman multi-tool

If you’re shopping for a guy who loves outdoor activities and DIY projects, a multi-tool is a safe bet. 

It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and features 18 different tools, including pliers, wire cutters, knives, saws, and screwdrivers, making it a versatile tool for any situation. 

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Temperature Control Smart Mug

A cool gift for coffee and tea drinkers, this smart mug with temperature control technology allows him to set and maintain the perfect temperature for his hot drinks right from his phone. 

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Waterproof Binoculars

A good idea for an outdoorsman, these lightweight binoculars are compact, powerful, and waterproof. 

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Amazon Gift Cards

Of course, when you’re really desperate for a last-minute gift idea, you can always just grab a gift card. 

(Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.) 

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