The 45 Best Gifts that Start with D

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Anyone who’s been involved in a group gift exchange recently is likely familiar with the concept of letter-themed parties. 

If not, it’s basically a white elephant party where everyone brings a gift starting with a certain letter of the alphabet.

And since a lot of desirable gifts start with the letter “D” (see what I did there?), it tends to be a common theme, despite the fact it can leave many people scratching their heads for quality gift ideas. 

Lucky for you, gift guides are our jam.

We’ve rounded up the absolute best letter d gifts out there, for everyone from adults to kids. 

Whether you’re looking for secret santa gifts or the perfect birthday gift for your friend’s kid Desiree or Dave, you’ve come to the right place. 

The only thing you’ll need to do is wrap it. 

(Sorry, we don’t do that.)

The (Absolute) Best Gifts Starting with D

We Double Dare You to Find More Dazzling Gifts that Start with the Letter D

The Best D Letter Gifts for Adults

Donut Maker

Mini Donut Maker

A great gift idea for anyone with a sweet tooth, this mini donut maker lets them whip up a quick batch of treats whenever the craving strikes. 

It’s perfect for non-bakers, since all you need is a box of cake or brownie mix and you have warm, fresh donuts in minutes. 

Bonus points if your recipient has kids: They’ll love it, too. 

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A dartboard is a unique gift for a games-night host or pretty much anyone with a competitive spirit. 

The perfect addition to a billiards room or man cave, darts are a super fun way to spend time hanging out with friends at home. 

Just one warning: It can be a little addictive.

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Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp may sound like a lame gift, but think again:

A sleek, modern desk lamp with a handy charging station and USB port is actually a really cool and practical gift. 

With a number of brightness and color mode options, it’s especially useful for a college student or anyone who works from home.

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Diffuser for Essential Oils


An essential oil diffuser is the perfect gift idea for anyone who wants a little more #selfcare in their life. 

Not only can aromatherapy have a ton of health benefits, from reducing stress to aiding digestion, but this diffuser lets them choose the color mode to suit their particular mood and vibe. 

It also doubles as a humidifier (more health benefits!) and comes with a remote control.

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Decorative (Delightful!) Dinnerware

Decorative dinner plates

Mealtimes should be joyful and fun, which is why a set of decorative dinnerware makes such a nice gift. 

These multi-colored plates are high-quality ceramic and dishwasher safe, meaning they’re pretty enough for a special occasion but also durable enough for everyday use. 

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Everyone from fitness beginners to fanatics could use a set of dumbbells to help them hit their goals. 

Strength training is amazing for building muscle, bone density, stability, and even confidence, so you pretty much can’t go wrong. 

These neoprene sets come in various colors and make a cute addition to any home gym

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An increasingly popular item in the last few years, a drone with an HD camera is the ideal gift for the techie on your list. 

Drones are excellent at taking high-quality aerial videos and photos, making them a great way to get a bird’s eye view of their adventures. 

This mini version is user friendly and portable, so it’s good for kids and also makes a fun toy for adults who are just starting out with drones. 

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It seemed like everyone was playing dominoes last holiday season, so a set of these makes a good gift for anyone, including that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. 

There are endless ways to play, from Muggins to Mexican Trains, making it a great game for couples, kids, and large families alike. 

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Double Wall Glass Mug

Double Walled Glass Mug

Whether they’re a coffee addict, a tea granny, or a hot cocoa lover, they’ll appreciate a set of double wall insulated mugs. 

These mugs are made from condensation-resistant borosilicate glass, which is more durable than regular glass, plus the double wall design keeps the liquid hot without burning their hands.  

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Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves

For anyone who drives long distances for work or loves taking road trips, a good pair of driving gloves is the perfect present. 

The great thing about this particular pair is that they’re touchscreen compatible on all five fingers, so they don’t need to remove them to use a phone or GPS. 

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Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a gift they’ll use almost everyday, like a fashionable pair of classic sunglasses

Your best bet is to go for a classic style like aviators, or a neutral color like these tortoise-shell frames — the most important thing is that they offer UV protection. 

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Wine decanter

A wine decanter is a great idea for any friend or family member who likes to entertain: 

Not only does it look classy, it allows wine to breathe as well as making it easy to pour without spills or drips. 

If your recipient is more of a whisky person, then this decanter makes a nice gift too. 

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Dog Collar (for Night Walking)

Dog collar

Doggie parents will love this light-up collar for walking their fur babies at night. 

Available in six different colors, the rechargeable LED collar has three light modes to make their pup visible to vehicles, keeping them safe while walking in the dark. 

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Diving Equipment

Diving Equipment

Anyone who spends a lot of time near the water would be excited to receive some diving gear as a Christmas gift or otherwise. 

The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank: 

You can get a set with fins, mask, snorkel, and bag for a surprisingly reasonable price. 

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Dinner Tray

Dinner Tray

Because everyone eats meals in front of the TV now and then, a dinner tray with foldable legs is a great gift idea. 

It can also be used as a lap desk, a serving tray, or for a luxurious breakfast in bed.

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Dad Jokes Book

Book of dad jokes

Anyone with a punny dad understands how amazing this gag gift is. 

With over 600 family-friendly jokes, dad will never run out of material that results in a collective eye roll. 

This also makes a great joke for any soon-to-be expecting dad who wants to start brushing up on his dad jokes in advance. 

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“D” Letter Pendant Jewelry

D letter pendant necklace

Personalized jewelry is a hot trend right now, especially letter pendants like this sterling silver necklace.

If the first letter of your beloved friends name happens to start with D, then this gift is a no brainer. 

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Dish Towels

Dish Towels

Perhaps one of the less personal items on our list of gifts, a fancy set of tea towels can still be a thoughtful and kind gesture (as well as a great housewarming gift). 

Hot Tip: Have them embroidered with their initials to add a personal touch. 

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Drill Set

Drill set

The most useful tool in any home, a cordless drill makes a great gift and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

For under $40, this is perfect for handiwork and small project, plus it comes with a whole set of drill bits and the battery charges quickly. 

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Dock for iPhone & AirPods

iPhone charging dock

The gift anyone with an iPhone will appreciate, this charging dock simultaneously charges their phone and AirPods. 

I love that the wireless charging station and minimalist design make for a tidy area with less cords and clutter. 

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Duffle Bag

Duffle bag

Whether they’re going on an overnight flight or a quick weekend getaway, having a good duffle bag is the best way to travel light. 

There are lots of different styles available, just make sure it’s water- and tear-resistant and has plenty of pockets. 

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Diamond Pen Set

Diamond pens

Pens may sound like a cheap gift, but not when they sparkle with a big diamond and rose gold. 

These are perfect for the person who is always journaling, or just loves a little bling. 

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Dashboard Camera

Dash camera

With amazing features like voice control, night vision, and automatic emergency recording, this dashboard camera is a great gift idea for both seasoned and new drivers. 

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Doss Soundbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Doss bluetooth speaker

A Doss bluetooth speaker is a great gift for absolutely anyone who enjoys music. 

It’s compatible with all devices and has up to 20 hours of music in a single charge, so they can have their favorite playlists in their living room, camping, or even the beach. 

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Desk Fan 

Desk fan

This stylish mini desk fan isn’t just an adorable addition to a dorm room or home office; it’s also incredibly practical. 

Plus, it’s USB-powered and only 4”, so it has a small footprint!

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Dress Socks

Dress socks

For the guy who always has a pop of color peeking out from under his pant leg, a fun set of patterned dress socks is a safe bet. 

They have different styles and color combos, so you can pick the pairs that are sure to put a smile on his face. 

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Duvet Cover from Cozy Earth

Duvet cover

This gift has a (much) higher price point, but trust me: 

Anyone with a comfortable duvet will fall in love with a bamboo duvet cover from Cozy Earth.

Moisture-wicking, breathable, and incredibly soft, it will help put an end to sleepless nights.

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Dan Brown Book Set 

Dan Brown books

The perfect gift for avid mystery readers, this set of the Robert Langdon series by novelist Dan Brown will definitely scratch their itch. 

(For non-bibliophiles: The super popular movie Da Vinci Code was adapted from one of these books, but the whole series is binge-worthy.)

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Dutch Oven Pot

Dutch oven

Every good chef knows that cast iron is a game changer in the kitchen. 

That’s because from stews to roasts — and yes, even bread — cooking in a dutch oven is easier, more efficient, and healthier than using ceramic or aluminum cookware. 

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Daphne’s Driver Headcover

Golf club headcover

A special gift for the golfer on your list, Daphne’s animal headcovers are a fun way to personalize their golf bag. 

With a wide selection of adorable options, including dogs, deer, an elephant, and even a sloth (my personal fave), you can choose the one that best suits them. 

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Dearfoams Mama/Papa Bear Slippers

Pap bear slippers

And speaking of adorable…

It doesn’t get any cuter than these slippers from Dearfoams, available with appliques for every member of the family (yep, grandparents too!) 

And if you get ‘em dirty, you can just throw them in the washing machine.

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Drinking Straws

Drinking straws

No doubt you’ve already seen stainless steel straws all over social media. 

Dishwasher safe and with their own carrying case, they’re a great gift for that eco-conscious or smoothie-loving friend.

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The Best D Letter Gifts for Kids 

The kids’ gifts below are desirable, dreamy, and not even a little dangerous.

Disney Blanket

Disney blanket

Movie night just got better!

Kids can cozy up in front of their favorite Disney movie with this 46” x 60” super soft blanket featuring some beloved characters.   

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Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Dinosaur floor puzzle

A fun activity for kids ages 3-6, this giant floor puzzle will challenge their minds and pique their curiosity. 

Don’t worry; they’ll be having so much fun they won’t notice it’s educational. 

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Dragon Building Kit from LEGO

Dragon Lego kit

LEGO is always a safe bet for kids, and this dragon building kit is no exception. 

Ideal for kids age 7 and up, this 3-in-1 building set can also be a saber-toothed tiger or a scorpion. 

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Duck Bathrobe

Duck bathrobe

Few things are as cute as kids dressed as animals, which is why this bathrobe with a duck-like hood makes such a great gift. 

Made with plush fleece that’s gentle on skin, it’s perfect for after a bath or swim in the pool. 

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Dream Catcher with Lights

Dream catchers

A dream catcher with lights is a brilliant idea for kids who suffer from a fear of the dark and nightmares. 

A symbol of peace and good luck, it will keep bad dreams away and act as a nightlight! 

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Digital Camera for Kids

Digital camera

See the world through your kid’s eyes by giving them their own digital camera! 

Equipped with auto-focus and video and voice recorder, your kids can experiment with high resolution photos of their pets, friends, and family. 

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Drawing Set

Drawing set

Did you know that artistic activities stimulate both sides of the brain and help boost intellectual development in young kids?

With that in mind, a drawing kit packed with colorful art supplies is both a fun and educational gift any kid will love. 

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Dress-Up Trunk

Dress-up costumes

If your little girl dreams of being a superhero (and who doesn’t?), she’ll love this fun collection of dress-up costumes, perfect for playing pretend with her friends. 

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Drum Set for Beginners

Electronic drum set

Encourage a budding rockstar by giving them an electronic drum set, like this cool 7-drum practice mat for kids age 9-12. 

The best part is that it rolls up and tucks away when they’re finished playing. 

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Desk Organizer 

Desk organizer

A bright and cheerful desk caddy is the perfect gift for kids to help them keep their supplies tidy. 

(A great idea for elementary teachers too!)

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Dodgeball Set

Dodgeball set

Few games simultaneously burn kids’ energy and aggression like dodgeball. 

And don’t worry, these balls are made from special rubber so they won’t hurt! 

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Dance Mat

Dance Mat

Remember the video game Dance Dance Revolution

This dance game mat is kind of like that, but for kids. 

With built-in music and five levels of difficulty, it helps develop coordination, rhythm, and listening skills, plus it’s extremely durable so they’ll enjoy it for a long time. 

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Disc Golf Set for Beginners

Disc Golf set

If you’ve ever played disc golf then you know it’s a great way to get fresh air and exercise while having fun. 

This beginner set, complete with a driver, mid-range, and putter, is great for giving kids an introduction to the game and teaching them the ropes. 

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