The 25 Best Men’s Body Wash Brands

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B ar soap has been a staple in men’s shower routines for decades, but these days more and more guys have started waking up to the concept of body wash (and dare I say, the loofah). 

No shade to bar soap, but body wash really does have a lot to offer, like a rich lather, nourishing ingredients, and a wide variety of masculine scent options. 

(And the fact that body wash doesn’t sit in a soap dish collecting bacteria is an added bonus.)

Of course, not all body washes are created equal. 

As a man, you want a formula that’s uniquely crafted to meet the needs of your skin, which tends to be thicker and oilier than women’s, with larger pores, rougher texture, and more oil production — you can thank testosterone for that!

A good body wash not only removes dirt and excess oil that can lead to acne, but it’s often also more moisturizing than bar soap, which can be harsh and dry out your skin.

Plus, several personal care brands now offer body wash made from natural ingredients that are free of preservatives like parabens and phthalates, two common chemicals that have been linked to hormone disruption and certain cancers

But with so many options on the market, figuring out the best way to get clean can actually get pretty messy (ironic, no?) 

Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work for you. 

We’ve scoured the internet, examined the labels, and read the reviews to put together a list of the top men’s body wash brands on the market. 

Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, body acne, or just want to smell like the forest, you’re bound to find a new body wash brand that’s perfect for you. 

The (Absolute) Best Body Wash For Men

Rounding Up the Best Men’s Body Washes for Guys who Want Clean, Healthy Skin

Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack Products

Every Man Jack is one of the first mainstream skincare brands to offer high-quality, eco-friendly men’s products at drugstore prices. 

Their plant-based body washes contain natural ingredients, such as coconut-derived surfactants, for a gentle yet effective clean, that won’t dry out your skin. 

And their fragrances like Juniper Sage and Cedarwood will leave you with a woodsy scent, like you just finished a hike.

Check Out Every Man Jack ➤


Harry's Body Washes

Harry’s is known for their high-quality razors and shaving cream, but their nature-inspired body wash collection has gained recent popularity with men. 

Infused with earthy ingredients like charcoal, sandalwood, white birch, and lotus flower, these body washes leave you feeling clean and refreshed and lightly scented. 

And at around $8 for a bottle of their body wash, it’s a good choice for men looking to save a buck on their grooming regime. 

Check Out Harry’s ➤

Oars + Alps

Oars + Alps body wash

An ideal brand for those who want an eco-conscious approach to grooming, Oars + Alps offers natural, vegan body wash infused with a unique blend of antioxidant-rich botanicals. 

Their products are free from harmful chemicals and contain ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. 

Plus, the scents are fresh and not overpowering, making you smell like you just stepped out of the ocean or went for a hike. 

Check Out Oars + Alps ➤

Jack Black

Jack Black body wash

You’d be hard pressed to find a roundup of men’s skincare products these days that doesn’t include Jack Black.

This brand has been a staple in men’s skincare and grooming products for nearly two decades, offering high-quality, effective products that are easy to use and make men look and feel their best. 

Their sulfate-free body washes are loaded with skin-healthy ingredients like jojoba protein, rosemary, coconut oil, and shea butter, as well as masculine fragrance that lasts for hours post-shower.

Check Out Jack Black ➤


Aesop body cleanser

If you’ve ever stayed in a bougie boutique hotel and thought, “Damn, this body wash smells f*cking amazing!” chances are, you were using Aĕsop. 

This luxury brand makes popular (albeit expensive) body cleansers made from premium natural ingredients like coriander, castor oil, rose petal, and black pepper that will leave you feeling clean and smelling, well, rich. 

Despite being fragrance-forward, these formulas contain gentle cleansers, making them a great choice for sensitive skin. 

Check Out Aesop ➤

Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra body wash

Developed in collaboration with the US military, Bravo Sierra offers high-quality personal care products specifically tailored to the needs of active men — like those who tend to shower twice a day.

Their gel-to-foam body washes are designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, using natural ingredients to wash away body odor, bacteria and sweat, while soothing and hydrating parched skin. 

Fragrance options are limited to two (both are cedarwood-based), but they’re fresh and masculine without being overpowering. 

Check Out Bravo Sierra ➤

Nivea Men

Nivea Men Body Wash

Another trusted drugstore brand, Nivea offers a range of men’s body washes specifically formulated to provide long-lasting freshness and hydration. 

Each fragrance and blend is designed to address specific skin concerns and preferences (for example, the Active Clean body wash contains natural charcoal to provide a deep clean, while the Sensitive body wash is fragrance-free and gentle on sensitive skin). 

And while they’re formulated to be gentle enough for all skin types, they still provide a stellar clean. 

Check Out Nivea Men ➤

Method Men

Method Men Body Wash

Method specializes in eco-friendly and affordable cleaning and personal care products, including a line specifically tailored to men. 

Their men’s body wash collection features three invigorating scents, Cedar + Cypress, Sea + Surf, and Juniper + Sage, all of which are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with naturally sourced ingredients.

And at around $7 for an 18 fl oz bottle, you can upgrade your shower routine without breaking the bank.

Check Out Method Men ➤


Defense Body Wash

For guys who frequently work up a sweat, Defense shower gel is the perfect addition to your post-workout routine. 

Developed by athletes and skin care experts, Defense body wash contains a proprietary blend of green tea and eucalyptus essential oils to wash away sweat and bacteria that can lead to skin conditions like body acne and jock itch. 

Plus, these products are plant-based, all natural, and paraben- and phthalate free, making it an excellent choice for guys who care about clean ingredients. 

Check Out Defense ➤

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner Organic Sugar Soap

If you love a multifunctional product, this is the brand for you. 

While not specifically formulated for men, Dr. Bronner’s soaps are a fan-favorite among guys thanks to their clean, simple ingredients, affordable price point, and the fact they can be used from head to toe. 

And like all of their products, their Organic Sugar Soap is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals. 

Check Out Dr. Bronner’s ➤


Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash

A drugstore staple since the 1940s, Cetaphil is known for its dermatologist-recommended, gentle skincare products suitable for sensitive skin. 

Their gentle body wash is no exception, formulated with mild cleansers and emollients that clean without causing skin irritation.

What’s more, Cetaphil recently reformulated a bunch of their products to rid them of parabens and harsh chemicals that are known to irritate skin.

Check Out Cetaphil ➤

Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care Body Wash

Available in almost any store that carries personal care products, the Dove Men+Care is a popular choice among guys for its moisturizing properties, gentle formulas, and, let’s face it, convenience. 

Their wide range of men’s body washes feature unique MicroMoisture technology, which activates on your skin to provide hydration without leaving a residue. 

Check Out Dove Men+Care ➤


Brickell Exfoliating Body Wash

The best thing about this premium personal care brand is they’re all about sustainability and transparency: 

Not only do their body washes contain naturally derived, organic ingredients, but they’re also made using 100% renewable energy.

We especially love the exfoliating body wash, with bamboo, pumice, and activated charcoal that buffs away acne-causing oils and dead skin cells without losing any essential moisture. 

And while the price point is a bit higher than the drugstore brands, they offer a subscription model that works with your schedule and saves you a bit of dough. 

Check Out Brickell Exfoliating Body Wash ➤


Bevel Body

A Black-founded brand poised to rewrite the script in men’s grooming, Bevel’s products are crafted for men of color, a demographic long overlooked by the conventional beauty industry.

For instance, their ultra-hydrating body wash formula is infused with charcoal, argan oil, and jojoba esters to effectively clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin.

And because no one likes toxic chemicals or residue on their skin, their products are free of alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.  

Check Out Bevel ➤

Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas Body Wash

Although they just hit the men’s skincare scene in 2022, you’ve likely already heard this brand mentioned in a number of podcasts and YouTube videos.

Like all of their products, Blu Atlas body wash boasts a science-backed formula (they even have an advisory board of medical dermatologists) and all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. 

But cutting to the chase, this body wash provides a rich lather and intoxicating scent, and thanks to ingredients like green tea and aloe vera, it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. 

At $25 per bottle it’s a bit pricey, but they offer a 100% money-back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

Check Out Blu Atlas ➤

Baxter of California

Baxter of California body wash

This iconic west coast brand has been elevating men’s grooming since 1965 with premium skincare and grooming essentials. 

Their sulfate– and paraben-free body wash comes in two signature scents, and easily works into a rich later that makes your skin feel clean and hydrated while also invigorating your senses. 

Check Out Baxter of California ➤

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Thick Body Wash

This military-inspired brand caters to the needs of men who value quality, functionality, and a no-nonsense approach to grooming. 

Their famous Thick High Viscosity Body Wash lives up to its name by containing plant-based thickeners, for a dense, rich formula that won’t just wash down your drain. 

But don’t let the brand’s uber-manly persona fool you: 

Their body washes are formulated with skin-healthy ingredients that hydrate and protect your skin, while also being paraben-, phthalate, and cruelty-free. 

Check Out Duke Cannon ➤

18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made Body Wash

With packaging inspired by prohibition-era liquor and scents that invoke a swanky speakeasy, it doesn’t get more masculine than 18.21 Man Made. 

But tobacco and mahogany aromas aside, these 3-in-1 formulas deliver a gentle clean and intense moisture that’s ideal for all skin types.

And while $26 may seem steep, this product triples as hair, body, and beard wash, so it may actually save you money in the end. 

Check Out 18.21 Man Made ➤

Old Spice

Old Spice Body Wash

Not just your grandfather’s after shave, this classic brand now offers a line of moisturizing body wash, perfect for men who want hydrated, clean skin. 

You’ll get a rich lather for an all-day fresh feeling, along with intense moisture that hydrates cracked, flaky skin. 

And with addictive scents like Fuji, Timber, and Bearglove (whatever that is), Old Spice may just be some of the best smelling body wash on the market. 

Check Out Old Spice ➤


Native Body Wash

You’re probably familiar with this brand’s aluminum-free deodorant, but their natural body wash products are equally as awesome. 

Native body wash is unisex, but it’s free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it a great option for men who want a gentle, clean formula. 

It’s worth mentioning that many of the scents, such as Sea Salt & Cedar and Citrus & Herbal Musk, have a fresh, versatile fragrance that works for a lot of guys. 

But they also offer a fragrance-free formula for those who don’t want the added aroma. 

Check Out Native ➤

Hardworking Gentlemen

Hardworking Gentlemen Body Wash

A brand built on authenticity, HWG is founded by hard working guys who wanted to make uncomplicated grooming goods for men. 

Like all of their products, their Pinewood-scented body wash is with clean and natural ingredients and without parabens, phthalates for fillers. 

What’s also cool is that their stylish packaging is made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials in an effort to help reduce environmental damage. 

Check Out HWG ➤

American Crew

American Crew Body Wash

American Crew is a brand known for their quality grooming products for men. 

Infused with ingredients like tea tree oil and sage leaf extract, their body wash cleanses and refreshes while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin. 

Perfect for daily use, American Crew body wash leaves men feeling clean and invigorated without any harsh chemicals. 

And for guys who like to multitask, they offer a 3-in-1 formula, too! 

Check Out American Crew ➤


Cremo Body Wash

Cremo is a barber-shop inspired brand with a mission to create high-quality and effective grooming products for men who care about their skin.

Infused with moisturizing ingredients, Cremo rich-lathering shower gels deliver soapy goodness with a famously long-lasting fragrance.

Their products are on the pricier side (around $20 a bottle) but a little goes a long way. 

Plus, they get bonus points for stylish packaging that looks cool in your shower. 

Check Out Cremo ➤


SheaMoisture Men Body Wash

This popular Black-founded brand has been providing natural and ethically made personal care products for over 100 years. 

Their products are famously made with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, which provide deep hydration and nourishment to a man’s skin. 

Like all of their products, SheaMoisture’s body washes are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making them perfect for sensitive skin. 

Check Out SheaMoisture ➤

Art of Sport

Art of Sport body wash

Designed by athletes and repped by NBA star James Harden, this brand prides itself on high performance formulas that defeat sweat and grime.

If you’re looking for a super deep clean, their activated charcoal body wash gets the job done, and without the use of sulfates, parabens, or phthalates.

However, this formula may be too intense for those with sensitive skin, so if you need a gentle cleanser, skip this one. 

Check Out Art of Sport ➤

Key Ingredients 

Breaking down some of the most common natural ingredients used in men’s body washes

Almost all of the body washes listed above have some combination of the ingredients listed below.

But knowing what’s in a body wash is one thing; knowing what the hell those ingredients do is very much another.

To help you sort things out, let’s take a look at some of the most common body wash ingredients to understand how they work, and why they’re included.


Glycerin is a natural humectant that helps to moisturize the skin. It attracts water to the skin, keeping it hydrated and soft.

Activated Charcoal 

Known for its ability to absorb impurities and toxins from the skin, it helps to unclog pores and remove dirt and oil, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.

Aloe Vera

This natural ingredient is best known for its soothing and healing properties. It helps to calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation, so you’ll often find this one in sensitive skin formulas. 

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps to kill bacteria, making it a popular ingredient in formulas for oily or acne-prone skin. Another good thing about tea tree oil is its refreshing scent that leaves the skin feeling clean and invigorated.

Shea Butter

Famously moisturizing, shea butter is a common ingredient in formulas for dryness, as it helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. Plus, it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help to protect the skin from damage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural emollient that helps to soften and smooth the skin. It’s also rich in fatty acids that help to moisturize and protect the skin.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural fragrances that are derived from plants, which is why you’ll often see essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus listed in your body wash ingredients.

They provide a refreshing and invigorating scent, and in some cases, additional benefits to the skin, such as reducing inflammation or promoting relaxation.

How to Choose the Best Body Wash for Your Skin Type

Having a general understanding of body wash ingredients will give you a better lay of the land and help you sort out the high quality body wash products from the cheap (and potentially harmful) posers.

But finding the best body wash product for you means considering the unique needs of your specific skin type.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the most common skin types, and find out which ingredients can help keep you clean without causing irritation or other issues.

Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, it’s crucial to find a gentle body cleanser that’s free from harsh chemicals or fragrances. 

You may also want to stay away from formulas continuing citric acid and some essential oils, as well charcoal’s powerful purifying properties. 

(Body washes containing natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, are likely a better option.) 

Oily Skin

Guys with oily skin may benefit from a body wash that helps to regulate oil production and cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

Look for ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and activated charcoal, which can assist in combating excess oil and preventing breakouts. 

Just try to avoid using overly harsh cleansers, as they can actually contribute to increased oil production.

Dry Skin

The best soaps for dry skin types are those that have moisturizing and hydrating properties. 

Ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, vitamin E, and natural oils can help restore your natural skin barrier and lock in moisture, keeping the skin soft and nourished. 

(Following up with body lotions post-shower can help a lot, too!) 

Combination Skin

Men with combination skin, which may exhibit both oily and dry areas, should look for a balance in their body washes. 

Brands offering products that cleanse effectively without causing irritation or over-drying will be the best fit.

In addition, you may want to consider a body wash with exfoliating properties to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking its best.

Acne-Prone Skin

Lastly, if you have acne-prone skin, consider a body wash that targets and helps to prevent breakouts. 

Body washes containing ingredients like tea tree oil or benzoyl peroxide can be beneficial in reducing acne-causing bacteria, while also helping to soothe inflammation and redness. 

However, make sure not to over-use these ingredients, as they may cause irritation if used too frequently — double check the label to make sure it’s safe to use on a daily basis. 

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